~*~We're In This Together~*~ Oct-Dec

Hi everyone,

Hope you ladies are doing well. I just finished the "before" test for Nia's program. I found a way to do inverted rows. I'm using utility rope that I can hang from a the railing inside my home. I think it works well. Since I don't have a TRX, a rope will do for now. :)

Tomorrow I will start the program. I joined Nia's private FB group but I haven't been checking the posts. :eek: I'm excited to see how this program works for me.
It's time that I get back into working out on regular basis.

Have a good night!


Where's everyone???? Are you all on vacation at the same time? ;)

So I did my first work out last night. It was quite a challenge. I cannot do L Sit for the life of me. I have to find something to help to elevate and do the tuck first. I tried doing it on the floor and just did not work.

This weekend I have to research on a squat rack and purchase a jump rope.
Natasha, do you have a picture of a squat rack that you think will be good for Nia's program?

ok, hope you ladies come back soon. It's really quite here. :)

Have a good day!

Hi everyone!

This week is my de-load week. My w/o was:

1) 4x10R goblet squats
2) 4x10R push-ups
3) 20R KB swings
4) 4x10R inverted rows
5) 30sec plank

Working at an easy 65% 1RM :cool:.

Just to let you guys know, Nancy's brother passed away :(.

WTG on starting Nia's program! I'm not doing the program you are, so I really have no clue what L-sit progressions are. The best squat rack for you (I think) would be one where you are able to do pull-ups and dips with. Something like this: Amazon.com: Powertec Fitness Workbench Power Rack, Yellow: Sports & Outdoors. I know this is expensive, so maybe you can shop around. In all honesty Justina, you could do EVERYTHING on this piece of equip (squats, inverted rows, pull-ups, bench press, ect). I really wish I would have purchased this years ago instead of some of the items I bought, like the TT :(. I think I rushed into that purchase, when I should have really thought about how versatile it would actually have been for me. Oh well :(. What I have learned is that all the body weight compound stuff like chin-ups, dips, push-ups, rows, squats, deads, are amazing at improving strength and body composition! Along with eating more food (And I mean A LOT more) I am seeing muscles and changes in my body very rapidly. The food part was a big thing for me because I have come to realize that I was underestimating how many cals I needed to BUILD muscle. It's such an important part of the equation, so don't forget to properly fuel your body!

Gotta jet! Hope all you ladies are having a great week :)
Quickie check in to say hello!

This week has been my back off/recovery week so I've been focusing mostly on Ultimate Yogi. I did do a workout for the first time that was a less intense than my usual steady state cardio called Body Strikes 2 by Ilaria Montagnani. Awesome workout! Then I had to go out of town yesterday for CE and I had a physical this morning before work so these last 2 days have seen no workouts at all. Tomorrow will be Ultimate Yogi: Flexibility.

Oh oh oh!!! Speaking of UY, did you guys know that it was on sale on Amazon for $65??? :eek: For anyone that doesn't have it that is a SCREAMING deal! :eek: Amazon.com: The Ultimate Yogi: Travis Eliot, Jason Reim: Movies & TV Aw damn, I see it went up to $83...still a great deal but you can also buy a set used on Amazon for as low as $46! Let me tell you guys, this set is SO worth that price!

One bummer thing this week...I found out on Tuesday that an old boyfriend from high school died on Monday. :( He apparently fell and fractured his skull leading to bleeding in the brain. The memorial is tomorrow so I may try to go to that. I haven't had many people I know pass away except for grandparents and older people, especially someone I was intimate with at one time. :( Even though we hadn't seen each other in over 20 years we talked here and there on facebook. He was a very artistic, creative, sensitive guy but also unfortunately struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. He was just getting his life together though and, if you can believe it, Monday was his birthday AND the final court date for his full custody case to get his son (the mother is a drug addict). So heartbreaking. :(

Justina- I'm so sorry about your friend and the cancer. :( How fortunate they caught it so early, though. Positive vibes being sent for your friend!

Sarah- I always get urinary flare ups when I travel. I think it's a mixture of stress and dehydration. I hope you feel better soon!

Okay, I gotta fly...Waving hi to every one else! :)
Hi there,

Thanks Natasha! You have such great insight. I will definitely check out the power tower. It is pretty expensive. I will have to save to make this purchase.
Maybe once you got good use out of your tower you can sell it on ebay or amazon and buy the rack you really want. I'm sure you are eating wholesome foods. My problem is snacking on junk food. :D I am trying to cut back on it though; baby steps!
I'm enjoying Nia's program so far. I'm not using music yet because I wanted to focus on learning and getting used to this style of workout. I'm going to make myself a workout sheet so I can keep track.

I read on a check-in that Nancy updates and found out about her brother. :(

I'm so sorry to hear about your old boyfriend. :( He did get clean and got his life back on track. In a way, he beat his addiction. I'm sure it was not an easy thing to go through. I have people close to me who struggle with addiction. It is heart breaking. I hope his son receives great care from other family members. Too many sad stories like this one.

My friend is in great spirit about her illness. Her attitude is : now I know I have this illness, let's fix it. She's being strong for herself and her family. I really admire that. It's not easy news to digest.

I'm about to do Nia's workout 1 -day 2. Still can't do L Sit. I'm going to send her an email and ask for modifications.

Have a good night!

Hi ladies!

It snowed over here today :eek:.

My w/o yesterday was:

1) 4x12R RDL
2) 4x10R dumbbell shoulder presses
3) 4x10R reverse lunges
4) 4x10R chin-ups
5) 30 sec side planks

Again, working at approx. 65%1RM

I'm sorry to hear about the passing of your ex :(.
How are you feeling? How did the physical go?

Regarding the food, my diet is not very strict TBH. Recently, I have added a lot more carbs back into my diet from bread, rice, noodles, potatoes (lots of those!) and I feel fantastic :eek:. I enjoy my "treats" daily and I try not to fuss over it. If anything, my results seem to be far superior than when I tried to adhere to a "super clean" diet most of the time. Bumping my calories by 500-700cal/day has been the key for me! We have to all find out what works for US, so don't ever get discouraged. And I could care less of sporting a 6-pk anyway ;). Here, take a look at what Streaky from Lift Big Eat Big eats on a typical morning! Breakfast with streaky - YouTube. I LOVE HER!

Hope everyone is doing ok :)
Hey all-

Sorry so long time no check in. Been busy doing I don't know what lol. We had a wedding last weekend. It was good but a very long 10 hour drive to Missouri. I felt so bad for B. I mean that's a long drive for an adult let alone a baby. He did ok though. I was working it with the workouts before we left and then didn't workout for the two days we were there and then we got back and my laziness kept on going for another 3 days. I hate when I get out of the groove. Back at it now though. I did CF yesterday and PRS2 today before work. Going to keep the groove going for tomorrow and get something in before work. Not too much else going on. We have a busy week coming up with lots of fun mom/B time :) Love my mommy time :)

Natty- Nice job with the workouts :) Snow yup- we got that here the other day too- oh lovely :( I miss my walks already. Hate the cold. I'll let my other check-in know you're available for questions about Nia's program- they'll like hearing that. Thank you!

Colleen- So sorry to hear about your ex. It's so hard when someone you used to be close to passes away. Kind of a shock feeling I bet.

Justina- I'm glad you're enjoying Nia's program.

Sarah- Hope the school is routine is getting better. Is the online school something they always do in Alaska for kids that age? B was an owl for Halloween and a super cute one at that lol :)

Nancy- So sorry to hear about your brother :(
Hello My Fit Friends!
I finally arrived back in town last night and am back at work today. My awesome boss has told me to gently ease back into things and not worry about trying to put in full days right now. He is amazing.
Needless to say, this past week has been very trying emotionally and physically. I did not eat very much and had zero energy for even push-ups :eek:. I tried to do some bodyweight stuff, but I just didn't have the fuel to power myself.
My brother's service was perfect and the outpouring of support was astounding. He was the kind of guy that had no enemies; always volunteering to help others and always making everyone feel good about themselves. The stories that people told about him made me feel proud and lucky to have had in my life.

Today my DH surprised me by stopping in where I work with a picnic lunch: turkey and havarti on a whole wheat croissant, MacIntosh apples, and sea salt & pepper potato chips (a very rare indulgence). It felt good to get something in my stomach...and something yummy at that! It was pleasant to sit outside in the sunshine with the autumn colors still hanging to the trees.

I'm going to head home a little earlier than usual today and pick up with Bret's Strong Curves. I'll try not to overdo it, but I am so anxious to get back to it! I've been considering doing just the glutes with Bret and using Cathe for everything else.

Well, that's about it for now. I just want to thank all of you for your heartfelt condolences and healing thoughts. I'll have to read back through your posts and see what I've missed: Tasha is probably dead-lifting her couch by now! :p
Hi ladies!

I totally utilized my de-load week to the fullest. I only did 2 official w/o's in addition to my daily walks. I was SO ready to give 110% to my w/o yesterday!

1) 6x4R deadlifts @ 105lbs!!!!! Left a few reps in the tank, but I feel like could have easily DL 115lbs :eek:.

2) 6x4R chin-ups superset w/
6x4R barbell overhead press @ 45lbs! I'm DEFINITELY getting stronger from when I started this program.

*beach work*
3x10R barbell curls
3x10R lying tricep extensions
3x10R lateral raises

I have always admired moms who take long car ride with their babies. You seem so chill and relaxed and patient, so I'm sure you could handle that type of stuff well. I'm borderline control freak-anal-uptight, so I avoided long car rides like the plague LOL :p. It didn't help that Bella hated the car (and still does :mad:).


I responded to you at the other check-in. DL the couch? LOL hmmm...perhaps I should try :eek:;).

Have a good night everyone ;)
Hi guys! I am so sorry I have been MIA. I feel like I have three little toddlers again. They literally take up all my time. I don't even shower regularly anymore, TMI. From 8 - 8 I am doing school work. The only room I have unpacked was the kitchen. Everything else remains untouched. It's not realistic for me to keep this up thats for certain. They can go to public school, but they don't want to and the schools aren't very good. I don't know if I'm not giving it enough of a chance or what.

Nancy- I sorry to hear about your brother.

Marie - I didn't get see any pics of B as an owl.

Nat - I want to be on the boat your on. ; ) You go girl.

Colleen - Both of the UTIs' happened when I was traveling. I went in and they said my urine was fine but sent it in for further testing and went ahead and gave me antibiotics to take when they got the second results back and in the meantime gave me pain pills. Then they got the 2nd results back and said it was fine and not to take the antibiotics they wouldnt do anything anyway. Well I took them regardless because I was still having all the symptoms. Guess what? Within 2 days gone. Back to normal.

Sorry to hear about your boyfriend.

Justina - My snacking is out of control too, and 100% stress related from 2 moody 12 year girls and 1 lazy 10 year boy ; )

Jen - I had my first experience with shoveling snow and it SUCKS.

PS Just writing down my thoughts, makes me feel better.

Hi ladies!

Despite it being TTOTM, I'm feeling very strong and energetic these days :eek:. Not sure if was that nice de-load week I had last week or what :p. Maybe it was the lasagna I made yesterday :p.
My w/o today was:

1) 8x4R front squats @ 75lbs. If anyone has ever done front squats, you guys KNOW how tough those are :eek:. I video'd myself from my laptop just to check my form (LOL it was funny to see myself "in action"). I did the same with my deadlifts, and my form looks pretty good! I'm using my high step to gauge my depth, which is set at 10inch. That height is slightly below parallel, which is OK, but eventually I would like to really hit a lower depth. Baby step :).

2) 6x4R push-ups (15lbs vest) superset w/
6x4R inverted rows

3) 3x20R hip thrusts @65lbs

It totally left my mind that you were home schooling the kids! I truly admire that you are even giving it a chance. Do whatever you feel is best in your heart. I think how you are feeling is completely normal, btw. How do you know the schools are not very good?
Loved the pics of the kids in their Halloween costumes and Tristan in the snow! You guys got SO MUCH snow already :eek:.

Have a good day everyone!
Hello ladies!

Let's see...workouts. :) Sunday I did a bonanza of a workout. :eek: LOL After my recovery week (where I only did gentle-ish workouts 4 times instead of my usual 5 day workout week), I felt the need to go HARD! Hey, when your in the mood for a marathon, might as well scratch that itch, right?? :p I started off with Crossfire w/u + fitness blast/firewalker tabata, then I did 100 rep hip thrusts with my barbell at 81 lbs (resting 1 minute at 30 reps, 3 x 20 reps than finally the last 10 reps). I decided to experiment with doing hip thrusts before lower body work. I'm on the fence with whether I liked this approach or not. On the one hand, it affected my performance with Pyramid Lower Body (which I did after the hip thrusts). OTOH...DOMS big time yesterday! :eek: My glutes and hamstrings were oh so sore! :D After that I putzed around a little and, still being in my workout clothes, I decided to do Ruthless: Lunatic Intervals (~20 minutes). It wasn't as hard as it sounds, although it was a good workout. I am so glad I caved and got this Ruthless set. It is SO worth the $30! :)

Yesterday I took off, thank goodness! lol Then today I did HoCo August Year 2 Hardcore. I love me some HoCo, but I have to admit this one was not a favorite. I love 95% of the ones I have but I guess they can't all hit it out of the park. This one used the ball and so many moves just felt awkward so I didn't really get much out of the workout. Oh well!

Sarah- Oh man, you should totally look into the symptoms for interstitial cystitis. Interstitial cystitis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia That's what I finally came to realize I have rather than what I thought was recurrent UTI's. My urine was always sterile and I'd have problems whenever I would travel or be stressed out (or eating poorly, not drinking enough water, drinking too much coffee or alcohol). I came to realize between my stomach ulcer and the IC that I had to cut out coffee and other acidic foods/drinks (including green tea, orange juice, salsa, etc). I found I can tolerate small amounts of alcohol, but my days of drinking more than one glass of wine in a sitting are over. Which is just fine with me, actually...I am TOO OLD for hangovers! LOL :eek:

Man, I sure hope the home schooling works out for you. That's a bummer about the schools in your area. Mark and I always talk about moving to Florida and how great it would be but the schools down there aren't as good as the schools in Wisconsin (from what I gather anyway). So...not until the kids have graduated, at least!

Nancy- I am so sorry to hear about your brother. How devastating. :( Hopefully the workouts will help you cope with the grief and loss you are going through. {{hugs}}

Natty- WOW on your deadlift numbers! I tried to load my barbell to 100 lbs the other day to see if I could do it, but nope. :eek: The most I can deadlift is 91 lbs with only a few reps. I could do 81 lbs during PLB and do the full 12 reps, but I found I really couldn't increase the weight despite lower rep numbers. :confused: Of course, I'm not working on a strict program of increasing my strength in any kind of organized way. I'm just fine with that though...I am a cardio and variety junkie!! LOL I love what I do and how I workout at this point. Some day, though, I swear I am going to focus on some kind of organized strength progression just to say I did it. ;)

Waving HI to Marie, Justina and Jen! Gotta fly for now. :)
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Nancy. Sorry to hear about your brother.

Sarah. Miss the snow now & would
shovel it for you but not in Feb.

Natty. Love your pic on FB.

Marie. Your baby is adorable & growing so fast

Hi Colleen & everyone.

About done shopping at IKEA. My apt feels more like home now. No longer on the phones at work now doing tax processing and got to choose my hours.
Walking away from someone I care about to learn if he feels the same way. Decided when I moved to Texas I was going to change things that I did to hurt my own self esteem. My family has been supportive, at least, my parents. My siblings haven't but my life is on my clock not theirs. Praise God, moving down here, my life is heading in the direction I want it to be & things have come together.
Have a great night.

Hi ladies!

I just did Day 4 of Nia's program last night. Loving it so far! :D I already feel stronger and more fit as in performance. I no longer struggle doing 10 pushups on my toes at a time (5 sets). My husband actually watched me do the pushups and said he knows men who cannot do 10 pushups. :D My challenge now is to find a creative way to do L Sit. I looked around the house and cannot find anything that would do the job. Last night I did L sit using an arm chair. Not exactly the correct form, so I have to figure something else out.

Hi Nancy,
welcome back. :) I hope eventually you will pick up on the workouts and start to feel better. I'm happy that your family received so much support and love through this tough time.

Hi Natasha, LOVE your new picture! you're superwoman. :D I signed up for Nia's private FB page. You know, I'm a bit embarrassed to say this; I don't know how to use FB! I'm sure it sounds crazy because everyone on earth is posting now. My 14 year old daughter said she will teach me FB. :eek:
Nia's group is great. The women there are awesome just like this one.

Hi Sarah,
You dedication is inspiring. When the school is not good, it would pain me having to take my kids there on daily basis. Right now I'm having an issue with my daughter's high school. I don't have an option to home school my kids because I have to work full time. So it's great that you can home school your children. :) How do you come up with your lessons?
My snackig habit is also related to boredom. When I'm bored I go to the kitchen. I really should be hitting the weights when I feel bored. :D

Hi Jen,
Happy that you are making a change. I think we all at one point in our lives had to make change to get back on track. I am sending positive energy your way!

Hi Colleen,
Wow, deadlift 91 pounds is no joke! you should be very proud. I'd like to be able to do that one day.

Hi Marie,
None of my kids enjoyed long car rides. One year we drove to NY from GA and it was a complete nightmare. Actually Jackson does a bit better than the girls when they were young.

I don't usually write long posts. I think I hit a record here today. :D
Have a good day everyone!

Hi ladies!

I just did Day 4 of Nia's program last night. Loving it so far! :D I already feel stronger and more fit as in performance. I no longer struggle doing 10 pushups on my toes at a time (5 sets). My husband actually watched me do the pushups and said he knows men who cannot do 10 pushups. :D My challenge now is to find a creative way to do L Sit. I looked around the house and cannot find anything that would do the job. Last night I did L sit using an arm chair. Not exactly the correct form, so I have to figure something else out.


Quick reply Justina,
I do L-sits with my hands on yoga blocks. MUCH easier for me than using the floor! ;)
Hi everyone :)

My w/o today was:

1) 8x4R squats @ 85lbs

2) 6x4R parallel bar dips superset w/
6x4R barbell rows @ 75lbs

*Beach work*
1) barbell curls 3x10R
2) lying tricep extensions 3x10R
3) lateral raises 3x10R

SO happy to hear life is going well for you in TX! I have subscribed to a lot of fitness dudes on youtube and coincidentally they all live in TX. Looks like such a cool place to live :).

I'm glad you are loving Nia's program! WTG on the 10 push-ups :eek: that's friggin' awesome! I'm telling you, you are gonna get HOOKED with her program. If you love lifting heavy as much as I do, it's amazing how excited you get when you can add more plates to the barbell or perform more body weight exercises! Just be patient with yourself and have confidence in your body and it's amazing capabilities :).


I know you are a cardio endorphin junkie :p. We all gotta love the exercise we do, bottom line. I know for me, my heart and my spirit loves the IRON lol :eek:. And honestly, I don't ever feel like it's a chore or something I have to do, you know? I LOVE IT :D. Just keep doing your thang cuz' you're awesome :eek:.
WTG on the hip thrusts w/81lbs!!! THAT'S AMAZING :eek:.

Have a great day ladies!
I forgot to add...

Which deadlift version are you doing? Are you doing straight leg? I'm doing conventional, where the bar is set on the floor (actually 2 steps w/6 inch on each side, to make the bar a few inches below my knee cap). The reason why I ask is because Cathe does NOT do that deadlift version. You could probably do that one or the sumo one Elliott demonstrates, with a much heavier load...that is if it was a goal of yours. I know that I absolutely CANNOT do straight leg with 105lbs! NO WAY. The beauty of the conventional and sumo with heavy #'s is that is really works the entire body SO well. I actually don't feel conventional deadlifts in my legs as much as my core, back, UB. That's why I usually tack-on hip thrusts on my DL day :p.

Ok bye bye for now!
Since I’m easing back into my routine, I took last night as a rest night (I worked out 3 days in a row and was ready for a rest ;)!). Tonight is Strong Curves BB Week 3 Workout C. Tomorrow I’m going to attempt Flextrain :rolleyes:. Yesterday I did BW walking lunges at work and got a great glute/quad burn going! I can do 42 one way down the hall outside the lab, so round trip I got in 84. I got some interesting looks from folks, but several joined in. They want to know when we’re going to do in again! It’s great to get people fired up about moving their bodies :D! One of the students brought in her bands and asked if I could show her some stuff (boy, can I ;)!!!). I just got done watching the video from Nia about the push-back push-ups and am rarin’ to give them a try! I bet you’ll love adding those on to your shoulder work, Tasha!

Justina, still feeling like Super Woman???:p

Have a great workout today ladies!
Today's workout was Ruthless: Drip (~20 minutes). Short and sweet! I am LOVING this Ruthless set!!! Did you guys see my post about it on OD? Yesterday I did Kettlebell Kickboxing: Cardio Lean (~28 min) + Horizontal Conditioning 101 January Year 2 (~35 min). A great combination. Kettlebells and plank work compliment each other so well!

Natty- When I did the 91 lbs on the barbell I had to strictly do the sumo deadlift that Elliot demonstrated. I couldn't lift the barbell and do regular straight leg deadlifts at all. lol :eek: Somehow I was able to hoist the barbell with the sumo since it's kind of a power move, though. With the slow and controlled deadlift, though, 81 lbs was the max I could do. I couldn't do as many reps as Cathe was doing in PLB so I think I did 10 to Cathe's 12 (IIRC...). I think I may try putting the barbell on the step like you described next time so I'm not starting from the ground...I bet that would help! :D Honestly, I probably should have gone a little lighter that day to properly follow Cathe's reps in PLB, especially since I pre-fatigued my glutes with those hip thrusts! TBH, my form suffered on some of the moves like the step ups. Knowledge for next time ;).

Nancy- I LOVE that your co-workers joined in with you on the walking lunges! :eek: How cool of you to inspire them! :D

Justina- great job on the push ups! It feel so fantastic to do those, doesn't it? My husband is so impressed I can do them on my toes, too. :)

Jen- I can't imagine missing the snow! I'm trying to picture it, me missing it and...yep NO. LOL I know I would miss fall though. There is nothing like the changing colors on the trees, the apple orchards and pumpkin patches. It's sort of interesting that my favorite season is quickly followed by my most hated season! :p

Marie- Are you still loving Cathe's new step workouts? They are getting such rave reviews on VF that even I'm tempted to try out Party Rocking #2! :eek: I already traded the first (more complex) one but I'm thinking...heck why not give it a shot???

Sarah- How are things going with the homeschooling? Are the kinks working themselves out so you can settle into a routine with them? I wish you luck!

Have a great day ladies!

ETA: Oh I forgot to mention...I just bought Cathe's Slow and Heavy today!! Did you guys know it's on the deal of the day today? $19.97 plus $4.95 shipping. :) Can't wait to try it out!
Hi everyone :)

My w/o yesterday was CCC...but not really lol :p. I only did 1 round of the exercises and for the "core" I did jump rope instead (with an actual rope). Came out to approx. 25min and felt more like a hiit w/o. I truly think my dread for the w/o stems from the repetition because I honestly don't mind the exercise moves. Still, I'm much more happier and in my element lifting some serious iron :eek:. Me and my barbell have a beautiful, loving relationship ;):D.

Have you guys seen Elliott's recent vid about walking? He is a big fan of walking for health (as you all know, so am I :D). Here is the link if anyone is interested: Out of Shape? Just Do THIS - YouTube.

You go girl! Walking lunges are one of my fav's :eek:. And good for you that you did it at work and had other's joining in! The body is def built for movement.

Glad you are enjoying your new Ruthless set!

Have a good one guys!

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