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Attention CatheLIVE subscribers, Thursday, Sept 7th, 2023 at 9:30 am EST, we’ll be doing “Strong and Fit - Chest and Triceps” Live! This is the next in an ongoing series of challenging workouts that will focus on moderate to heavy weights at a moderate to slower pace. In this chest and tricep workout we’ll do a series of exercises that target the chest or triceps exclusively, as well as
compound movements that target both at the same time.

Equipment Needed:

Weights ranging from lighter to heavier (I suggest using 10’s through 20’s, or lighter or heavier if preferred)
A full-sized step with enough risers to act as a bench
A barbell with the ability to change from moderate to heavy weight
A light-resistance Firewalker Loop (if you’re using a Cathe branded loop it’s the pink one)
A mini mat or fitness mat of your choice
Lifting gloves, as well as microload gloves, are optional!

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I know, sneakers, I watched it, haven't actually done it, but I loved it. Hope to do it over the weekend!

ETA: She mentioned that next week is Core & Stretch……I sure hope she uses weight
plates for abs….those 2 in STS2 are my absolute favorite ab workouts!!! Need more
of the same! :)
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