Video Clip of Cathe's Advanced Fit Tower Legs, Glutes & Core


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Today we wanted to share with you a video clip from Cathe's low impact advanced Fit Tower Legs, Glutes and Core workout. We also want to remind everyone the our current pre-sale prices will end June 15,2017. You can pre-order now at:

Legs Glutes and Core (Low Impact ) Details
Warm Up (5:36) Main Program (34:14) Stretch (6:03) Total (45:53) Bonus Abs Details Total Workout (11:26)

Equipment Needed

  • Fit Tower™
  • Medium Tension Band
  • Mat

This lower body core fusion workout focuses on using methods of Pilates, ballet, yoga and barre to shape and firm all areas of the hips, thighs, glutes and core. We will be using the Fit Tower for alignment and stability as we lengthen our muscles and strengthen our centers. Don't let this workout fool you—you will be feeling the sting for sure!

To get the most out of your workouts and to reach your fitness goals, visit and download the free Fit Tower Advanced User’s Guide, which includes a Quick Start Guide. It also includes workout cards, a list of equipment you will need for each workout, and numerous Fit Tower Advanced workout rotations you can follow for 30 or 90 days. Make sure to visit our discussion forums at for any questions that you have about using your workouts.

Basic Premixes

  • Legs and Glutes with Bonus Abs: Replaces All Core Exercises with Bonus Abs 44:40
Timesaver Premixes

  • Legs & Glutes Only: Excludes All Core Exercises 33:15
  • Legs & Core Express: Eliminates Some Exercises 28:24
  • Core Only: Core Section + Stretch (No Warm Up) 18:41
Mish Mosh Premixes

  • Double Legs and Core: Double Legs & Glute Exercises, Core Done Once 67:28
  • Glute Max: Warm Up + Glute Exercises + Stretch 36:23
  • Core First: Warm Up + Core Exercises + Legs & Glute Exercises + Stretch 45:52
  • Double Trouble: Warm Up + Main Routine + Main Routine + Stretch 80:05

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