Turbo Fire

I don't need to be rich, just need a $250 monthly allowance over and above my paycheck to support my fitness habit that has become completely insatiable!

I WANT IT ALL - AND I WANT IT NOW!!!! :eek::eek::eek:
I REALLY WANT IT:eek: I'm trying hard to have self control here until I'm done with my rotation with Chalene Extreme which will be in Aug. If any of you ladies get it, would you mind posting how many days/week and approximately how long the workout is supposed to be for each day.

Someone at VF had a good suggestion of what they did so now I get TurboFire (in part) AND my dishwasher :)! She bought just the deluxe DVDs ($60) and then if she likes them, she'll go back and get the basic. I already have HiiT 15 from the basic set that came with One-on-One last month. SO.................I ordered!! WOO-HOO!!!

I MUST OWN THIS WORKOUTTTTTTT!!!!!!! :eek::eek: My son came in and watched the preview and said, "That is sooo your kind of workout!! You need to order this one!" I laughed and hugged him and he said, "Hey, I just know my mommy!" :D:D How well he knows me. It's my intensity level!

Must invest in another new fitness 'drug'! I will mix these up with Cathe's workouts for a fun combination!

I'll drop the Y! I'll sell the DVD's I don't use (NEVER any of my Cathe workouts, that would feel like betrayal! :D), I'll.... ummmm.... Oh- I know, I'll consign the clothes that are too big for me!! Yeah, that'll work!


Happy Friday!

After CLX and Turbo Jam, I will never order another Chalene Johnson product. She's not my cup of tea and I don't think she's all that fantastic at what she does. Just my opinion, and I'm pretty happy that that opinion has just saved me $200!
Mine is on it's way! I want the free Turbo Fire T-shirt!!
(check it out in the bottom right hand corner)

I just finished Meso 1 STS and this week I'm on my rest week and I'll be getting Turbo Fire. It will give me a chance to look it over and see how I want to incorporate the program (which doesn't look like anything is over 55 minutes in length) minus the 2 toning workouts into the rest of my STS cycle.

Can't wait to mix Turbo Fire with STS! ;)

I don't have my shipping confirmation YET but I am definitely going to do the before/after to get a FREE t-shirt!!!!
I almost accosted the UPS guy as he drove down my street even though I know there is no way it was on his truck
I don't have my shipping confirmation YET but I am definitely going to do the before/after to get a FREE t-shirt!!!!

Me too! I want the free t-shirt! Mine is OUT FOR DELIVERY! :) (coming from OH and I'm in Indiana, might be here tomorrow......)

I previewed Turbo Fire EZ 55 (55 minute workout). I haven't tried it, but just previewing..... First impression, this is a fast paced TJ.
If you are not familiar with Turbo Jam moves, this workout may seem frantic to you. If you are TJ fan, I think you are going to love this series! Chalene definitely kicks it up a notch, and the music is great! :cool:

I'm going to try Turbo Fire 30 with 10 minute stretch when my lunch settles. :D
I got mine today (nice surprise awaiting me on the porch when I got home). I haven't previewed them (won't have time tonight) but plan on popping one in tomorrow!! :)

Fitt44 is right, I've watched 5 of the DVD's (at work, was delivered today) and it's Turbo Jam in fast forward. Not sure how I feel about that.

The HIIT programs are all Turbo rounds, so that looks pretty rough. If you have Chalean extreme, there is also a workout calendar combining the 2 programs, along with the regular Turbofire calendar as well as a beginner calendar if you arent ready for crazy intensity. Lot's of stretching/yoga classes in it as well.

The nutrition program is basically a clean eating diet, the rest and recovery shake is orange flavored (eww). The journal is pretty cool though.

I'm not as excited as I was, just previewing the DVD's. So far it looks like Insanity has more intensity and variety, but I will start the program and decide. This might be one I use the 30 day guarantee for.
I just finished Turbo Fire 30....I had fun! It is VERY fast paced and if you do not know TJ moves, the workout would be extremely difficult to follow.
Nicole you are right, the intensity is not Insanity intense, but they definitely get your heart rate up.
FYI, Chalene cues the fire drills much better than she does in TJ, so that's a bonus. ;)
I've done the 15 minute Hiit workout and I really enjoyed it.

I'm very happy I purchased these!
I too, am dying to get it, but I'm trying hard to not to get it yet till I hear some reviews about it. Plus, I'm in some rotation till August, so I won't be able to do it no matter what.

Dela, if you hear something about the 10% off, please let us know.

So I got two emails today, one from beachbody to upgrade my shipping, then I received another from "Chalene" for 10% off, but you need to be a member of the beachbody club for the 10% off, I have a login on that site, but I think they mean the pay site, which I do not belong to. Oh well, I'll be waiting to hear some more reviews.

I don't know if this link will help, it's where I landed after clicking the email:

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