Turbo Fire

Where did you order it from? I just called Beachbody and they said it wasn't being released until the first week in July! I'm confused.
I can't wait to hear reviews on this! I am so tempted but trying to watch my spending.:eek: I been a bad, bad shoe-shoppin' girl lately!:D:p Let me know how you guys like it!
I have absolutely no control when it comes to videos so not only did I order, but I ordered the deluxe, with 2-day shipping. I am weak :eek: and I don't care:D
DEFINITELY post some reviews once you get it!!! I want this soooooooo bad but I need to watch my spending too, esp with the Cathe RT coming up next month!
Ugh, I've been going back and forth all morning about this set!!! I really really really want it!! But I really don't want to spend $200!! AAH, what do I do!!!
I have absolutely no control when it comes to videos so not only did I order, but I ordered the deluxe, with 2-day shipping. I am weak :eek: and I don't care:D

I'm with ya! I said I would only order the basic....
but I ordered the deluxe- dvds only package.:cool:
I really want this, but I'm going to wait a few weeks, I don't think I would use it all that much right now, and last time around, right after I ordered Insanity, I received a 10% coupon, I had signed up on the beachbody site for updates on the product. I'll give it a month to see if any discounts come out.

I also want to hear some reviews, although I suspect the reviews will be more favorable than not.
Just ordered the complete system this morning! If you call customer service you can do the payment plan instead of one full payment. It's 149 for the first payment (with 2 day shipping) and 79 a month for 2 months after that.
I too, am dying to get it, but I'm trying hard to not to get it yet till I hear some reviews about it. Plus, I'm in some rotation till August, so I won't be able to do it no matter what.

Dela, if you hear something about the 10% off, please let us know.
I know I'll probably cave and get the basic set, but I'm holding out for reviews.

The greatest thing about TurboFire being released is that it managed to make me get my butt back here after a few months to check out reviews. :D

I've been anxiously awaiting the release of Turbo Fire~ I saw the post yesterday that it was available through a teambeachbody coach via totalfitnessdvds.net. I ordered just the basic kit. I figure if I decided I love it and want more I can always order just the advanced Turbo Fire dvds for $59.85 later. I can't wait now that I've ordered no doubt stalking the mail person until I have them in my hot little hand. LOL!

Turbo Fire Happy Dances all around,


I was sure I was going to order this the minute it was "released." I am now holding back. On one hand I would like a dishwasher, on the other hand is TurboFire. Dishwasher...TurboFire...Dishwasher...TurboFire... I hate not being rich!

I just ordered tonight! I decided to get the basic system and the deluxe DVDs so it's a little cheaper. :)

LOL - I'm with you...I hate not being rich too!

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