Turbo Fire

Turbo Fire 45 was off the charts FUN!
OMG, the energy is amazing and the music is fantastic!

I'm so happy I have this set.:D:D:D
Hi all- sorry if somebody already asked and answered this. How does TF compare to Insanity? From what I have read here and from my TJ workouts, the music is amazing and FUN!! I had a total blast with TJ Cardio :eek:Party!!! haven't tried the other workouts yet in TJ.

Does anyone think the deluxe dvds are worth owning for another 60.00 plus shipping or is the basic the way to go. Thanks!!!!! :) Linda
What is Turbo Kick? I went to bb's site but didn't find it & have no heard of it!

Turbo Kick is produced by Powder Blue Productions, Chalene's company. It is mostly to train instructors to teach in clubs. You can find it at www.turbokick.com Most of the Turbo Kick products are only available to instructors and frankly they aren't that fun to work out to, they are meant to train instructors to teach Turbo Kick. I thought I read that she had released some remixes for anyone to buy, someone else probably knows the answer for sure.

Thanks everyone for the reviews. I just ordered plus the extra DVDs:p

Hey Denise, your rotation looks awesome, I will probably try it when we get back from vacation in August:cool:

Have fun everyone and again, thanks for helping me decide to add to my library:eek:

Hi all- sorry if somebody already asked and answered this. How does TF compare to Insanity?

TF is not Insanity intensity. Take TJ and kick it up two notches. It is faced paced, and your heart rate gets up there, but you can talk (say level 3 cardio coach). The Fire workouts have 1-3 (I think)Fire Drills. The Fire drills are Hiit, but they only last a minute each round. TF Hiit workouts are Insanity intense, only much shorter workouts

Chalene says TF is made to do year round, where Insanity is suppose to be done in 60 day intervals with rests in between cycles.
I did Turbo Fire 55 EZ today and was shocked that it had 2 back to back fire drills in the middle of the workout! TF 45 EZ didn't have any fire drills so I wasn't expecting any in the EZ workout....I wonder if it was mismarked and should have been TF 55?! Anyway, I loved it and burned 453 calories according to my bodybugg. I think it might be my favorite (at least I think, lol!). I also did Core 20 and loved it! Great core work using the resistance band. I also did the 40 minute stretch and enjoyed it. It is mostly "yoga" stretching and I thought Chalene did a good job with it!!

I LOOOVE Turbo Fire. I knew I would. Turbo Jam was my fun go-to w/o for days I didnt feel like working out. It got me moving and if you really put your all into it is a great w/o! esp the fat blaster. I was hoping they'd come out with Turbo Jam xtreme or something haha! Here it is.
Well I've only done the Fire30 and Hiit15 so far. But I can tell what I'm in for. Chalene is fun as usual and motivating. The moves and music are great! I love it so far and I'm sure I'll love the rest.
The fire30 was more like typical turbo jam style moves kicked up a notch. They have "fire drills" for the turbos. Hiit15 was more of plyometrics with a little turbo jam twist. They did a low intensity example then the high intensity where you go all out. hth
Jury still out!

Fitt44 is right, I've watched 5 of the DVD's (at work, was delivered today) and it's Turbo Jam in fast forward. Not sure how I feel about that.

The HIIT programs are all Turbo rounds, so that looks pretty rough. If you have Chalean extreme, there is also a workout calendar combining the 2 programs, along with the regular Turbofire calendar as well as a beginner calendar if you arent ready for crazy intensity. Lot's of stretching/yoga classes in it as well.

The nutrition program is basically a clean eating diet, the rest and recovery shake is orange flavored (eww). The journal is pretty cool though.

I'm not as excited as I was, just previewing the DVD's. So far it looks like Insanity has more intensity and variety, but I will start the program and decide. This might be one I use the 30 day guarantee for.

So I've done a week with Turbofire and it is fun, but I am still undecided if it was workth purchasing or just starting my Turbojam DVD's again.

I have lost 2 pounds though, so definitely intense.
I've joined the TF club and ORDERED TODAY!! Had to post it everywhere!! Is it here yet? How about now? Hurry, hurry, hurry and gimme gimee gimmee!!

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