These workouts are FUN!!!!

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! I'm so excited.....we just returned from editing and we have finished editing all 4 workouts. :7

As exciting as this is, we are still plugging away because we have more to do. Be sure to check the blog for an update on that. Just wanted to tell you how excited I am to have the shows edited already. Let me share some highlightes with you.

As I watched each one, I was trying to pick a favorite. I really can't say I have one. They all have really fun energy and a style all their own. It really depends on what type of cardio you are in the mood for on a given day.

I just LOVE the MUSIC and the DRIVING ENERGY on Higher Intensity Step. And wow, there is A LOT of choreography and high intensity packed into that 30 minutes. I'm leaning VERY strongly as this being my favorite workout. I had a blast both creating it and filming it and today I even enjoyed editing it

Bootcamp is super high energy too. This workout is unique, different, and super intense. Even the warm up is heart rate raiser. Some drills are harder than others so that you are able to keep on going right to the end. There are so many neat new challenges and fun ways to move your body. This workout will keep you inspired for MANY workouts to come. What a blast!

Kickbox is really high energy too. The music is AWESOME...(actually I think my favorite of all four workouts...well maybe tied with Higher Intensity Step!!). I don't know about you but when my kickbox music is "right on" my workout goes through the roof. I made the warm up thorough, comprehensive, and intense as to suffice as part of the workout itself. After that you dive into a medley mix of some familiar moves mixed in with some new ones ....get ready to let the music take you on a ride. But my all time favorite part (the part that I believe was the most enjoyable to all watching too) was the punching combo at the end of the cardio segment. Your muscles are all warm, the music is pumpin, and now you just let it go and let the music inspire you to punch like never before. So much fun and holy smokes, what a core workout too :eek:

Lower Intensity Step is definitely a gem too. This is perfect to do in between some of the higher intensity workouts in this 4 day split series or anytime in general when you want a low impact workout. But don't think you're off the hook to an easy workout, ha. This workout is loaded with fun and challenging choreography that will definitely hold your interest from start to finish. It has intensity blasts laced throughout it's really a fun, fun, workout.

The weight work on each of the workouts have their own special qualities about them that make them feel unique and different. The sets are performed mostly in a slow manner, and at times, when the weights got really heavy, we went even slower to fight for that last rep. The key to getting the most out of these workouts, is finding out the best weight for each exercise from start to finish so that you get the right heat in the muscle to really work for it. This of course will take some time, but will be well worth it in the end. I also know that some of you like to train a bit longer than 20 to 30 minutes, so we will have pre-mixes to address all those needs too (hence why we are still editing :) )

I can't wait for you to have these workouts in your hands!!!!
Wow Cathe! You have me sold!! I'm looking forward to these also! I'm working on increasing my weights now so I can feel more accomplished with the weight routines. But the funnest part sounds like the cardio .... thanks for all your hard effort!! Deb

You are killing me. I want these workouts in my hand like yesterday. I am incredibly excited for these workouts and also excited for you and your crew. You have come so far and are just far above anyone out there. You and your crew strive for excellence and go above and beyond. Sometimes I wonder if you don't have clones because I don't know how you have a gym, teach classes, come up with new workouts, film, and are also a wife and mother. I don't know how you do and still look more radiant with each passing year. Congratulations on this round of filming being so much easier for you than the last. God bless and thank you for being such an inspiration for so many.
Hi Cathe,


You would think that after all these years I would be used to the excitement of it all, NOT. I am so excited for all of you and I can hardly wait for the release of these new workouts. You and your workouts get better & better.

You have raised the bar :D & have become a great mentor for the industry.

Happy B. D. and congrats on gaining another year of wisdom,


I am so excited about the new workouts and that you are working with NFL. I have been doing your workouts for 12 years and they just keep getting better and better. You have helped me in my fitness areas. I am so thankful that this seems to be your calling to provide us at home exercisers with such awesome workouts.

I will be on the RT. I can hardly wait to meet you and all of your crew. You have so much going on right now. I can feel your excitement with this new company you are using. Hopefully, we will get these workouts soon.

Being a mother of ten children, I have been working out at home for ten years now - so I don't have to bring the kids to day care. I work out in the morning before they wake up. I love the variety you offer.

See you soon (August 10!)

Wow, Cathe! Thanks for the post. I got so excited reading about them. I can't wait to have them in my hands too. Thank you so much for pouring a lot of your time and energy into creating these workouts. You are the best!!! :)
All I can say is WOW and thanks for all your hard work and everything you and the entire crew do for us! Very much appreciated!
Cathe, thank you so much for this posting & for EVERYTHING! I always
think, I couldn't possibly be as excited for the next group of workouts, but each time it's more & more exciting!

Everything seems to be moving fast & going well, & you are such an inspiration & SO beautiful. I can't imagine my workout life without you.

:7 :7 :7
I think it is awesome that you are taking us through every step. It feels like we, people who pre-ordered, are really apart of this. I am so excited to get these. You are so talented at this.:7
>You are killing me. I want these workouts in my hand like
>yesterday. I am incredibly excited for these workouts and
>also excited for you and your crew.

Ditto. And woohoo!


"The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself." -- Mark Twain
Hi Cathe, you talked me in to ordering them. I was thinking at first it would be fun to have songs instead of just music but you make these sound incredible. I can't wait to order these. It will definately be a challenge and something I will be able to work up to. As I get older it is harder to keep it off but I am doing great so far. Keep them coming Cathe. I love you. I can't wait to be able to take a sneak peek on the clips when they are up on the blog. It sounds like everyone is going to be getting in great shape. WOO---HOO.

We all love you and thank you

Debbie:) }(
What FUN news! I love the details! I cannot wait to see that punching combo. I know YOU ALL ROCKED! Thanks for all the time, effort and energy you put into everything you do. Now, I need to get healed so I can go at it when they arrive. THANK YOU for all you do!

Your-Friend-In-Fitness, DebbieH (AKA "Den Mother Debbie")[/img] If You Get The Choice To Sit It Out Or Dance, I Hope You DANCE!
The "fun" factor is extremely important in any workout - it sometimes is the deciding element in working out or not on an "iffy" day when you really don't feel like it.
Yippee!!! These sound even more fun than when you just had the idea on paper. :) I preordered the first day and I even have my order in for the workout clothes. I'm ready to roll. }( :)

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