Strength in Numbers

Pam Great job on STS 2.0 Body Parts Back and No equipment abs and RK! Oh no, I hope everything is ok with the kitties.

Cheryl Oh no, that is so awful that she was laying there for so long. I am glad she is ok. I hope she reconsiders wearing the necklace since she is falling more often. Great job on taking care of yourself and walking and foam rolling when you are tired.

Friday I did a heavy lower body workout and then did some chores around the house. Saturday I did a mobility workout and a hike in Southern Utah which is so much prettier than I would have thought. After that DH and I ran some errands. It is such a relief now knowing we can leave Petunia in her crate and she won't mess in it. Sunday I did a heavy upper body workout and this morning was another heavy lower body workout.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Oh your poor mom, it’s a good thing that you went over there. I’m glad to hear that she was ok, hopefully she will start wearing the emergency pull on her neck now. Great job on your walk and foam rolling.

Julie Great job on your heavy lower body workout, mobility workout, and hike in Utah. I think Utah is the prettiest state I have seen. That is awesome that you can leave Petunia in her crage without her messing in it now. Great job oin your heavy upper and lower body workouts!

Friday I spent the whole afternoon at the vet, but they really weren‘t able to figure anything out. I was pretty frustrated because they said to keep syringe feeding them, but said they couldn’t give them anything for the vomiting because they are too young. So I was just feeding them and then they would throw everything up, which just has to put extra stress on their little bodies. Saturday morning I talked to some of the people at the rescue and another woman who runs a kitten rescue and she gave me some meds for the vomiting, so I started them on that on Saturday. The smallest one died overnight on Saturday though ☹️. The last one is still hanging in there but still doesn’t feel well at all. I was a little bit hopeful yesterday because she did eat a very small amount of food on her own a few times and was even trying to play a little. The poor little thing feels so bad, but she still purrs and makes biscuits when I’m petting her. I took Saturday as my rest day and did a bit of attic clean out in between nursing the kittens. Sunday I did Imax 1 and this morning was STS 2.0 Body parts biceps and ME abs. Have a great day!

Julie Good job on your heavy lower body workouts, mobility workout and hike in Utah and heavy upper body workout. That is great that you can now leave Petunia in her crate and she won't make a mess in it.

Pam So sorry about the kittens. Fingers crossed that the last one will fight off whatever is making them sick. Great work on Imax 1 and STS 2.0 Body Parts Biceps and ME Abs.

Sunday I did some yoga and then went to the farmers market. This morning I did STS 2.0 Upper Body 1 and Standing Abs. Then I got a bit of cleaning done. In a bit we need to leave as DH has a dermatologist appointment. It is raining so hard here I don't want to leave the house but I guess I have too.

Have a great day.

Pam Oh that is heartbreaking about the kittens. I hope the last one is able to get healthy. Poor thing. I bet all this is added stress on you too. Good for you for taking a rest day. Great job on STS 2.0 BP Bis and ME abs!

Cheryl Great job on yoga and STS UB1 plus Standing Abs! Oh I hate going out in the rain (and cold) too.

This morning I did an upper body workout. It is deload week and boy am I feeling it. I used the same weights as I have been using but did half the reps and 1 less set and I am pooped now.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great job on yoga, STS 2.0 UB 1 and standing abs. Oh, I hate driving in the rain, I don’t blame you for not wanting to go out in that.

Julie It is so stressful just walking in the room worrying if I am going to find a dead kitten.☹️Great job on your upper body workout. How are you liking the program that you are doing? I keep wondering if I should try something different for a change.

So little Miss Crumpet is still hanging in there. She still isn’t eating on her own, but I think she might be just a little peppier today. She isn’t liking being in the bathroom and has been waiting at the door when I open it. She just walks out and sits in the hall, but I think she likes the change of scenery. This morning I did Body Max step and power circuits. Have a great day!

Pam Oh yea such good news about little Miss Crumpet doing better and that is adorable about her wanting a change of scenery. Hopefully she continues to better every day. Great job on BM step & power circuits! I really like this program that I am doing. I definitely feel I do better with paper workouts because I can go at my own speed. The program I am doing is really meant to be a powerbuilding program that focuses on heavy lifting but there is a bodyweight version for those that do not want to lift heavy. I've never done that version though because I love heavy lifting and trying to get stronger with the big lifts Squat, Bench, Deadlift.

This morning I did a short mobility session and a bike ride in Italy! Italy is definitely on my bucket list of places I would love to visit. This ride was in Tuscany and it was so beautiful. I hope I can get there one day but I know DH would not love it as much as I would.

Have a great day!
Julie Great job on your upper body workout.

Pam I love the name Miss Crumpet. I am so happy to hear that she is still hanging in there and that she is enjoying her change of scenery. Good work on BM step and power circuits.

Julie Good job on your mobility session and bike ride in Italy.

Yesterday morning I did not have a chance to workout as DH had an ultrasound appointment for his gall bladder early in the morning. He does have some gall stones that they are monitoring. So far nothing major to worry about. While he was at his appointment I went and got groceries. After that I went out to my moms to take her out. This morning I did STS 2.0 Lower Body 1. Then I went and met up with a friend for coffee. We were going to go for a walk but it was raining so hard that we just met at the mall and after our coffee went for a walk around the mall. Soon we are going to leave for dinner as I have a cousin who has been visiting from Australia with one of his sons and they are leaving to go back home tonight.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Hopefully DH can pass the stones without any issues. I hope your mom is doing well. Great job on STS 2 LB 1! Lucky you were able to walk around the mall after coffee. Our malls here are almost empty. So many stores have closed.

This morning was my sleep in day and it was wonderful until DH got up to leave for work and then I could hear him getting stuff from the closet. He tried to be quiet but I am just a light sleeper.

Have a great weekend!
Julie Do you feel like you can see improvements with the weight program you are doing? I feel like I’m stuck in a rut. I workout regularly, but I don’t feel like I get any improvements so that’s why I’m thinking about a change. Great job on your mobility session and bike ride in Italy. It is really a beautiful country.

CherylGreat job on STS 2.0 :B1 and your mall walk! That is nice that you got to see your cousin!

Julie Oh that’s a bummer that you woke up when DH was getting ready on your sleep in day. Hopefully it was still nice to have a longer time in bed!

Yesterday Ii did STS 2.0 Body parts shoulders and tripceps because they are both pretty short. My shoulders were SO weak though, I had to go down in weight for most of the exercises!. Then my DH had a colonoscopy appointment. They called and asked if he could come early because they had some cancellations, so we jumped right in the car and went over there. This morning was Step, Jump, and Pump and my shoulders are still really weak. I probably should have skipped the shoulder exercises since I just did them yesterday. Crumpet actually ate a very tiny bit of food on her own this morning so I was pretty happy about that. Yesterday was the last time she can have the medicine that prevents vomiting, so I’m hopeful she is able to keep her food down. We are leaving in the morning to go to Pennsylvania for a wedding, so another foster will be keeping her for me. Have a great day!

Julie Our malls seem to be doing fine, still lots of stores are open. Thanks my mom is doing OK, not steady on her feet but she does have a walker. Too bad that you woke up when DH was getting ready for work.

Pam Good job on STS 2.0 Body Parts Shoulders and Triceps and SJP. I have weak shoulders too and can't lift as much as Cathe can. I hope that DH colonoscopy goes well. That is great that Crumpet ate a bit on her own. Hopefully she is recovering from what ever was making them sick. Enjoy your wedding.

This morning was Step Moves, I was looking for an easy one since my legs and butt were really feeling yesterdays workout. I got most of the way through it but my legs were just too sore. I probably should have done some stretching instead. Now I am heading off to the SPCA to help with the transfer of our new animals.

Have a great weekend.

Pam Great job on STS BP ST and SJP! Hopefully your shoulders recovered from the double session. That is great about Crumpet; hopefully she did well while you were in PA! I do feel like I am making strength and muscle gains from this program. For example, I put 30 pounds on what I can squat and almost 15 pounds on my barbell overhead press in 6 months. This program has an app that logs all your lifts so it helps with making sure I am pushing myself. Hope you had a great time at the wedding!

Cheryl Great job on getting through most of SM! Hopefully the active recovery-ness of that workout helped your soreness some.

Friday I did a heavy full body workout! After that I did some things around the house. Saturday was my mobility day and then I went to my mom's to help her with some things. We cleaned out one of her junk closets and I had to carry several super heavy bags and boxes upstairs and out the garage. So thankful I have been working on strength training or I don't think I could have made it with some of those bags. Sunday I did an easy walk in Salem, MA learning about the witch trials. This morning I did a heavy lower body workout.

Have a great day!
Julie Great work on your heavy full body workout, your mobility work, your walk in Salem and your heavy lower body workout. Your weight training is definitely helping if you can carry heavy bags and boxes that far.

Friday I did P30 Yoga since I was still really sore. Then I got the housework and laundry done. Saturday I did LITE Cardio Party and Sunday I took as a day off though I did go for a walk in the afternoon. This morning I did STS 2.0 Giant Sets. Now I am going to brave Costco, wish me luck :eek:

Have a great day.

Cheryl Great job on P30 Yoga, LITE CP, your walk, and STS 2.0 TBGS! Oh I hope Costco went well.

This morning I did a short mobility workout and a ride in Italy! I really had to talk myself into doing it. I really really wanted to go back to sleep. Crazy weather here as we are going to be near 80 today.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great job on getting through most of Step moves with your sore legs. Hopefully that helped loosen them up some! I think it’s a harder workout than it seems too!

Julie Wow, that is some great progress with your workouts! I definitely need to look into making some changes. Great job on your heavy full body workout and mobility. It sounds like you ended up getting a bit of a strength workout on Saturday anyway helping your mom! Great job on your walk and your heavy lower body workout too!

Cheryl Great job on Yoga, your housework, LITE CP, and STS 2.0 GS! I hope that Costco wasn’t too scary!

Julie Great job on your mobility workout and ride in Italy, especially when. You weren’t feeling like working out! We are getting back to summer temperatures again too and I don’t mind it one bit!

The wedding was great and the weekend was a lot of fun. I ate way too much without getting any exercise though, so will have to make up for it this week. This morning was ICE Bootcamp and the Blizzard blast. It was a good level after no workouts for 4 days. I got Crumpet back last night. She seems a bit peppier but still isn’t eating much on her own so still has to be syringe fed and given fluids every day. She is keeping her food down though so that is progress! Have a great day!

Julie Great job on your mobility work and ride inn Italy especially when you weren't feeling up to it.

Pam Good work on ICE Bootcamp and BB after a fun weekend and wedding. It sounds like Crumpet is doing better which is a good sign. Hopefully she will be eating on her own soon.

Costco wasn't bad at all yesterday. I was in and out in about 1/2 hour. This morning I was suppose to meet up with a friend for a walk but it was very rainy out so we will try again on Friday. So this morning I did STS 2.0 Mobility 1 and Standing abs and floor. Then I went to get our regular groceries. Our summer weather is over. We will be getting down close to zero overnight and only into the 40s during the day for the rest of the week. Snow is starting to fall in the mountain passes and up north too :eek:.

Have a great day.

Pam So glad you had a great weekend at the wedding. It is nice to be able to indulge and relax a little from time to time. Great job on ICE BC plus BB! Oh that is good news about Crumpet.

Cheryl That might be a record for a Costco visit. Great job on STS 2 Mobility 1 and Stand Abs & Floor! We are still in the 70s the next few days but will dip to the 50s over the weekend. Ugh! Don't say the "s" word. I am not ready for that white stuff.

This morning I did an upper body workout. It was raining the whole drive into work. I hate driving in the dark to begin with but when it is raining it is so much worse.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Wow, in and out of Costco iin 1/2 an hour is amazing! Great job on STS 2.0 Mobility 1 and standing abs and floor. I am so not ready for wintry weather. it was pretty cold in Pennsylvania so we were happy to come home to warmer weather. Snow is definitely a 4 letter word!

Julie Great jo bon your upper body workout. Driving in the dark and rain is so stressful. Hopefully it will be better for your drive home!

This morning was P30 LI Hiit and Upper Body. Then I had to go by the Make-A Wish office to pick up some things for a wish this afternoon. Now that travel is pretty much back to normal most of our wishes these days are Disney trips. I’m kind’ve missing the shopping sprees. Have a great day!

Julie Good job on your upper body workout. I hate driving in the dark and rain too. It can be stressful since it makes it harder to see.

Pam Great work on P30 LI Hiit and Upper Body. Shopping sprees are fun but I love Disney, it is a lot of fun. I am just a big kid :D.

This morning was STS 2.0 Super Sets. Next I am going out to my mom's to take her out. I have no idea what we are doing today but I am thinking the casino will be involved.

Have a great day.

Pam Great job on P30 LI HiiT and UB! I bet some of the kids are excited to go to Disney.

Cheryl Great job on STS 2.0 SS! Hope you had fun and maybe a little luck at the casino with your mom.

This morning was my sleep in day. I feel weird saying that I'm excited to sleep in the day before the weekend starts when I get to sleep in anyway those three days but I'm not giving it up!

Have a great weekend!
Cheryl I would like the Disney wishes more if I got to go too . Great job on STS 2.0 SS! I hope you had fun with your mom and if you went to the casino that there was some winning involved!

Julie Oh yes, the kids are very excited about going to Disney! It’s just not as much fun for me because I don’t get to go with them . Sleep in days are the best, no matter when they happen!

This morning was P30 HI Hiit and Perfect Pump Lower body. Have a great day!


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