Strength in Numbers

Pam Great job on GS C&T! Sorry the disc worked for you. I have been waiting 5 months for this day. This is the first holiday we get off from work since the new year.

Cheryl Great job on S&H B&T! That was good thinking to take a break from working out before the regatta. Hope you had a great day for it!

Friday I did a heavy weight, core, and yoga workout and then did lots of cleaning and meal prepping. Saturday was a run in Romania and some yoga and then DH and I did a little more cleaning and spent the day outside because it was in the low 70s so it was perfect for sitting on the deck with the dogs. I ended up getting a little burnt but it was worth it. Sunday was my lazy day and Monday I did a heavy weight for upper body, core and yoga workout. This morning was heavy weights for legs, some mobility and core work.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great job on S&H Bis and Tris, housework, and dragon boating! How did the regatta go? This was the first one of the season, right?

Julie Great job on your heavy weight, core, yoga, cleaning, meal prepping, run, and yoga. It sounds like a gorgeous day to sit on the deck with the dogs! Great job on your heavy upper body, core, yota, legs, mobility, and core workouts too! I forgot about how all of the holidays are loaded into the last half of the year. It used to be nice to have a break at Easter, but IBM had stopped that a long time ago so we were in the same boat of waiting almost 6 months for a holiday!

Thursday night we went to an outdoor concert to see Little River Band. it was just gorgeous outside and the show was really fun. By the end of the night I was feeling like I was starting to come down with a cold though. Overnight I had a terrible headache and sore throat and just felt terrible in the morning. I got up and gave the kittens their medicine and took some ibuprofen and went back to bed for awhile ad then wasn‘t feeling too bad. We were supposed to be having some friends over on Saturday though so I decided I should take a Covid test and it came back positive . So we called off the get together and gave away our tickets to see Top Gun at the Imax on Sunday and spent the last few days hanging out by the pool as DH started having symptoms on Saturday. My fever was gone by Saturday night and I haven’t been feeling bad. I did Fit Split Mixed Impact Cardio only this morning and it was hard. I was thinking I was easing back in, but should have gone a bit easier. Now I just have the annoying lingering cough. DH is supposed to be leaving for a golf trip today so he’s taking a test to see if he can go or not . Have a great day.

Julie Great work on your heavy weight, core and yoga workouts, your run in Romania and yoga and your heavy weight for upper body and legs, and your mobility and core work. The low 70s is the perfect temperature for sitting on the deck. Sounds like you enjoyed your long weekend.

Pam No this wasn't the first regatta of the season. The first one was the same day as my brother's wedding so I missed it. I am glad that you enjoyed the Little River Band but it sucks that you got covid. Great work in doing FS Mixed Impact Cardio, but that was probably a bit too hard after being sick. I hope that your DH doesn't have covid and can go on his golf trip.

Saturday was a crazy day. I was suppose to paddle on two teams the women's and the mixed team. Normally that would work well since the women race their first races and then the mixed race their first races and it keeps alternating like that. Well I guess they didn't get enough teams registered so everyone was all mixed together. It also didn't help that about 4 people tested positive for covid so they couldn't go and then one other person injured herself when she fell down her basement stairs Friday night. So the women's team had enough paddlers but the mixed team was short. Because of this the mixed team had to forfeit because we were not able to help them because we were slated to compete in the same race. That would have been a bit hard unless we could straddle the two boats :p. Anyway we didn't get much of a break since they marshaling the races very quickly because it was a bit windy. We did come third in our division though. Sunday I was pretty pooped so I just went to the farmers market and then took it easy for the rest of the day. Monday I did RWH Upper Body Circuit and then went dragon boating that night. Today was Butts and Guts but I didn't have time to do the whole thing so I did the timesaver premix. Then I went and got groceries and then did some work outside.

Have a great day.

Pam Oh no! I am so sorry you came down with COVID. Sounds like the worst of it didn't last long but I remember having that stupid lingering cough for weeks after I had it. Hope DH was still able to go on his trip. Great job for doing FS MIC!

Cheryl It sounds like there were quite a few kinks in the regatta preventing it from going smoothly. I am glad you got to do some racing though and came in 3rd! Great job on RWH CUB and B&G! That one is so long so it is good there are some shorter premixes.

I did a bike ride in MT and some yoga and core work this morning. This morning was a rainy drive into work but I am hoping it clears up by the time I leave to do grocery shopping. I hate loading my groceries into the car in the rain.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Wow, Saturday sounds like it was a really chaotic day, wow! It’s great that they were able to pull of the women’s race at least and congratulations on your third place finish! Great job on RWH UBC, dragon boating, and B&G!

Julie Great job on your bike ride, yoga, and core work. I hope that the rain stopped in time for your grocery shopping.

DH didn‘t get to go on his golf trip because his test was positive. He tested again this morning to see if he could drive to meet them today, but was still positive so didn’t go. I’m not sure if he’s going to try to make it for the last two days or not. This morning I did Step Blast. It went much better than FS did yesterday. I had decided I would stop if I wasn’t feeling good, but I made it through the whole thing so I was happy, I didn’t do the air jacks And tuck on the very last round of the challenge, but I was happy to get that far. Have a great day!

Julie It was a crazy day. The person who did a lot of the organizing died suddenly so there were different people looking after it. Great job on your bike ride in MT and yoga and core work. I hope it stopped raining by the time you did your grocery shopping.

Pam It was chaotic, hopefully next year will be better. I hope your DH gets over his covid symptoms soon. Good work on Step Blast and that you are feeling better.

This morning I did X10 Cardio Blast and Lite Extended Stretch 1. Then I got some meal prepping done and then in the afternoon we did some errands. Tonight I went dragon boating.

Have a great day.

Pam Yes the rain did stop so I could get my grocery shopping done! What a bummer for your DH having to miss his trip. Great job on SB! So glad it felt better than FS the day before.

Cheryl Great job on X10 CB plus LES1! Oh that is so sad about the organizer's sudden death. I am sure the people that took over were doing the best they could and probably were exhausted afterwards. Always feels good to get some meal prepping done!

This morning I did a heavy upper body workout and some mobility and yoga. I then had to drop Benny off at the vet for an ultrasound so they can try to figure out why he keeps getting UTIs. I felt so bad not feeding him. Then poor Cam had to go in his crate for the first time. I kept checking on him on the camera when I could and he was not happy, panting/pacing, pawing at his bed in there, barking. I ended up pushing my speed a little too much and ended up getting pulled over and getting a ticket. :rolleyes:

Taking tomorrow off work. Hopefully it will be nice weather so we can sit outside some. Have a great weekend!
Cheryl Great job on X10 CB and Lite ES! I hope you had a good dragon boating session.

Julie Great ob on your heavy upper body, mobility, and yoga! Poor Benny, I always feel so bad when I can’t feed them. Oh poor Cam, and what a bummer about your ticket! I think that cop should have been more understanding about you needing to get home to your dog. I hope you get some nice weather to enjoy on your long weekend!

This morning was ICE Metabolic Total Body. It wasn’t too bad, but I was glad when it was over. DH got to leave this morning to salvage the second half of his golf trip. He was happy about that, but not too happy about having to leave at 4:30 am. I have a feral cat living in my bathroom at the moment. A rescue took the kittens and wouldn’t take the mom or even take care of THRing her . So our rescue is getting her fixed and either releasing her or getting her adopted if she is adoptable. It’s really hard to tell right now because she is so scared. This afternoon I’m going to pick up another kitten that someone found in their driveway. Kitten season is soooo bad this year ☹️. Have a great day.

Julie Great job on your heavy upper body workout and your mobility and yoga work. That is so hard when you can't feed them but hopefully they can figure things out about the UTIs. That sucks about getting a ticket, cops should be more understanding. I hope you get some nice weather this weekend.

Pam Good work on ICE Metabolic Total Body. That is great that your DH got to catch the end of the golf weekend even though he had to get up at 4:30am. If the cat is truly feral she wouldn't be adoptable but you never know maybe she is just scared. I wish people would get their pets spayed and neutered.

So this morning I was really tired so I just did some yoga. In the afternoon we went for a short walk. While we were walking I got a call to say our dragon boat coach collapsed at work today and now he is in hospital in a medically induced coma. My seat partner and myself tried to get hold of as many people as we could to let them know so they wouldn't come tonight. We did go down there at practice time because we knew we missed some people and we could get their contact information. I think it is safe to say that we won't be doing any more practices or regattas this year because it is going to take him a while to get his health back.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Great job on yoga. That is terrible news about your dragon boat coach! Do they think he is going to be ok? So scary!

This morning was Rockout Knockout. I still haven’t figured out if the cat in my bathroom is feral or just scared. She is letting me pet her but won’t come out from behind the toilet. She went totally ballistic when we got her out of the trap, but again was really scared so we’re giving her some time to see. The other kitten I picked up is very sweet but had a pretty bad URI. I started her on antibiotics and she has already improved quite a bit. Have a great day!

Pam It looks like he will be OK. It was a heart attack and he has had 3 stints put in to help. One of my dragon boat friends and myself were trying to make sure that everyone knew on all of the teams that he coaches today. We will need to see what the doctor says on how long it will take for him to get back out on the water, but I think it will be a while.

This morning I was incredibly tired. I didn't sleep well at all worrying about our coach, so I didn't workout at all. I did go to Costco and it was a mad house but I got what we needed. I only managed to get some laundry done and chili made. I hope I have more energy tomorrow.

Have a great day.

Cheryl I’m so glad to hear that your coach will be ok. I hope you were able to sleep better last night!

This morning was Circuit Max. It went ok, but I was glad for it to be finished! Have a great day!

Pam Yes I did sleep a bit better thanks. Great job on Circuit Max.

So I decided just to take the weekend off from working out. I will get back to it on Monday. Saturday our friend wanted to go to the small home expo that was happening nearby, It was interesting seeing these really small homes which were maybe 600 square feet. They were really nice but I don't think I am ready for that yet. This morning I just went to the farmers market. It is another rainy and dreary day here.

Pam He was a younger cop. I think older cops are more laid back and more readily would let some things go. Great job on ICE MTB! Glad your DH got to salvage part of his trip. Oh poor kitties. I wish more people would understand how important it is to fix their pets. Great job on RK and CM!

Cheryl Great job on listening to your body and doing yoga when you were tired! Oh no, that is awful scary about your dragon boat coach. I am glad they are saying he will be ok but sounds like it might be a while before he gets back out on the water. That was so good of you to try to make sure all the teams knew what was going on. Sounds like a smart idea to take time off with all that stress going on. I have been looking at tiny houses for when I retire. Definitely like the idea of less to clean.

Friday I did a heavy weight, core, and yoga workout and then did some cleaning. Saturday was a run in Romania and some yoga and then a little more cleaning. It was nice Friday and Saturday so I was able to sit out on the deck most of those days with the dogs after cleaning. Sunday was my lazy day and this morning was a heavy weight, core, and yoga workout.

Have a great day!
Cheryl It sounds like you needed a restful weekend after the week you had. The tiny houses sound interesting, I would love to see some of them in person.

Julie Great job on your heavy weight, core, yoga, run and cleaning. That’s great that you had some nice weather to hang out on the deck with the dogs. Great job on your heavy weight, core, and yoga workout!

Yesterday was my rest day and I mainly just took it easy. This morning was Crossfire. I decided to finish the last week of the May rotation that was interrupted by Covid. I was happy I was able to get through it and it didn’t feel harder than usual. Have a great day!

Julie Great job on your heavy weight, core and yoga workouts and your run in Romania and yoga. That is nice that the weather was nice enough so you could sit out on your deck.

Pam Good work n Crossfire and that it didn't feel any harder than usual.

This morning was Step Sync. Then I got the carpets cleaned and some housework done. It feels weird not going dragon boating tonight.

Have a great day.

Pam Glad you had a pretty easy and relaxing rest day. Great job on CrossFire! That one is a tougher one so it sounds like you are pretty well recovered from Covid.

Cheryl Great job on SS! And on all the housework and cleaning the carpets. It always felt so nice to have the carpets cleaned when we had them.

This morning I did a heavy weight workout and some yoga and mobility. I have been working on my front splits and I think I am about 2-3 inches from being able to completely touch down. I have always heard the last couple of inches take the longest to get through.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great job on SS. I bet it feels great having the carpets cleaned.

Julie Great job on your heavy weight, yoga, and mobility workout. Wow, 2-3 inches for completely touching down in your front splits is amazing!!!! You must be feeling so good about that.

This morning was slow and heavy biceps and triceps. It was tough and there was a lot of moaning and groaning happening, but I got through it. The new kitten I got last week is over here URI so i vaccinated her and she is having a blast running around with the other kittens. Have a great day!

Pam Great job on S&H Bis & Tris! Oh that is so cute about the kitten being so much more energetic! I am feeling good about the splits; especially since I pulled my hamstring last September doing them and I was able to rebound from that.

I did an easy bike ride in Utah today with some core and yoga! We had an afternoon appointment yesterday and had to put Cam in the crate for a few hours. I was watching him on the camera while DH drove and he was barking and pawing at the crate and trying to chew at the door. Poor guy. I hope he gets used to being in there since we will need to go places from time to time.

Have a great day!
Julie Great job on your bike ride, core, and yoga. Oh that must be so hard watching Cam trying to get out of the crate like that. Hopefully he will get used to it.

Yesterday was a nice day so DH and I went for a bike ride. It was our first ride in about a month and first post Covid ride and it was really hard! I was a little worried because I’m leaving Sunday to go on a bike trip with some girlfriends. We are just doing daily rides each day and I don’t think any of them are too long, so hopefully it won’t be too bad. This morning was ICE Chiseled Lower Body blast and the blizzard blast. Then I was supposed to take the feral cat to the vet for her spay, but when I went in the bathroom to get her she had pushed the door open to the bedroom next door. I put the food and water in there when I took them away last night and she had eaten the food, pooped all over the room, and was hiding up inside the box springs. :mad:. I had visions of never being able to get her out of there, but I went up a little later and she was under the dresser. I tried to grab her and she ran away and ran back into the bathroom, so I closed the door. I had to cancel her spay since she had eaten though. Another foster is picking her up later and will take her for her spay next week and then decide if she is going to be released. The people who found her said that she can be released there and they will feed her.She doesn’t seem to want to have anything to do with people so I’m thinking that is probably what will happen. What a way to start the day! have a great day!


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