So, what was the LAST concert you saw?


Hmm, was it Goo Goo Dolls? Or was it Matchbox Twenty? Or maybe it was Tori Amos? I saw them all about the same time. Obviously, it's been a few years.


Rush! (last summer)

My next one is the Tragically Hip...and the next one is U2 (if the tickets are legit)! :D:D:D
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Rolling Stones at 3Com park -

If only I had half the energy Mick has -

great show with Metallica opening.

Took the ferry there and back to avoid grid lock in The City. Beautiful mid night ride across the bay with other Stones fans.


Saw Beck with my ds in San Jose...Beck puts on a GREAT show.

Saw BB King and Jeff Beck (not to be confused with Beck) at Konocti Harbor - it too was a great show.


America - about a month ago.

Oh, wait, I went to the Santa Cruz Blues Fest a few weeks ago and saw BB King. But I'm not sure that classifies as a concert as I also saw some other great artists.



Rush! (last summer)
I JUST LOOOOOOOOOVE RUSH!!!! :cool: They are 3 INCREDIBLY talented musicians & lyricists that put out some MAJOR sound!! I saw them 3x last yr. and 2x the yr. before! Great shows!! Of course, I try not to miss any Bon Jovi show if I can help it :eek: and..... I saw Bruuuuuuuuce this past April. Do you think I enjoy going to concerts?! hehe. Good thing Cathe workouts keep me fit enough to handle all that dancin' & fist pumpin'. ;)

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