Hello again :)

Fnv - Yes, I am recovering from the 10K. Actually, I am going to participate in another 10K on the 25th. :) No hills! As for my son, he said he would do one with me, but he would need to make it home before 4am to participate.

Starting Monday 2.13.12, I am going to TRY an kick my work out up at the Gym. Listed below are my class choices. All classes are 1 hour except Core, which is 30 min., and Boot Camp which is 70 min. My intention is to work out a minimum of 2 hours, so I will take a minimun of 2 classes per day 3 - 4 days per week.

Monday Zumba, Body Pump, Core or Kickbox
Tuesday Muscle Resistance Training ONLY
Wednesday Body Combat & Body Pump
Thursday Zumba, Boot Camp, Kickbox or Muscle Resistance
Friday Body Combat, Body Pump or Zumba
Deanna, I vote for any Zumba day you can. Not that I've taken Zumba, but it sounds like a fun cardio workout. : ) Yes, your son would probably have to get home earlier than 4 in order to get up and run in a race so I guess stick to the evening jogs and enjoy those with him. Sigh.


I've got TB on today, but I think I might sub BG. YOu just did TB, Stacy, do you think a reasonable sub? My rotation may be -3 month "fave LIS only" /sts with TB and TBT UO being the two most likely to be subbed. Or maybe to keep cardio and met factors, I can do a BG TS and maybe a high step or leg drill...I will let you know.

Sleeping til 6 instead of 5 is new plan, I don't workout early am anyway plus I need more REM than coffee and computer, well, at least more than computer, lol.

Have a great Mon., workouts, water and eat some plants!
Good morning my friends !!!

Sorry to have been MIA all weekend, but I decided Friday night (late) that I needed a complete break from the computer. I've been spending WAY TOO MUCH time on the computer for the last month. While I was sick, it was about all I wanted to do and that has carried over unfortunately. It's so easy to get engrossed wandering all over the Internet and not getting anything else done. So I decided to turn the computer off and not go near it for the whole weekend.

It was refreshing and hopefully broke the cycle :D

Deanna - 10 K ????? Fantastic !!!!! Wow !!!

I'm off to the gym... coffee is finished.. just need to get out of my jammies and get moving.. lol

I fell off the wagon over the weekend on my eating plan.. but today is a new day... progress, not perfection.

Wheat and sugar are addictive for me. I had said that I was allowing myself some English muffins. That did not work out well :p And overdoing the English muffins led to a huge craving for sugar.. specifically chocolate.. sigh... not good. I need to stay 100% away from both wheat and sugar.

Make it a great day !!!

Progress, not Perfection !!!!
Morning Ladies,

Susan I am glad to see you are feeling better and off to the Gym. :)

I baked a Roaster full of Chicken yesterday, to take for lunch this week along with salad or some type of veggies.

This is the week I am going to TRY to kick-up my work out. I previously posted Group Classes at the Gym that I would be able to attend. These classes are between two Gym's that are near my job. I have decided to go to the larger Gym this week and take the following classes.

Monday Zumba, Body Pump -
Tuesday Muscle Resistance Training OR Treadmill
Wednesday Body Combat, Body Pump
Thursday Zumba, Boot Camp, Kickbox
Friday Body Combat, Body Pump or Zumba

This will be my 1st time doing Zumba. I have the DVD's at home and did not like it. I am going to try it in a Group setting to see if it is as fun as everyone says.

Off to work
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Hi Ladies,

I am like Susan, I am limiting my online time so my check ins will either be quick and/or every other day.

Great job on the workouts!

I did Turbo Barre LB yesterday and my glutes and calves are feeling it today. I have LIS AB on the agenda for tonight and the STS in the rotation for tomorrow.

FnV - The Gracious Pantry recommends Health Warrior chia seeds. Here is a link: Health Warrior Premium Chia Seeds, 16-Ounce Pouch: Grocery & Gourmet Food. If you check around that link or others for the same product, there is a coupon or special. After reading all the reviews for this particular brand, I decided to go with it vs. others.

And maybe we can plan for a cup of coffee or tea some time.

Have a good one ladies and have a great workout today.

Michelle :D
I didnt get home til late from work (11 hr day), and had a headache when I got home, so now it's 8pm and I've just finished dinner but have to workout. I want to stay on a schedule, but geez, some days I just feel like there's not enough hours in the day for work, eating, sleeping, working out and just some general veg out time!

Diet had a few bad things today...potato chips, 4 peanut butter crackers, half a Twix bar...but I had some good things too (too bad they dont cancel each other out)...almonds, carrots, celery, red peppers and had stuffed tomatoes for dinner with ground beef, scallions and parm cheese.

It's looking as if my workout may not happen tonight :(
Evening Ladies :)

I DID NOT LIKE ZUMA!!! Body Pump was okay. I will be going back to the other location on Monday's and taking the Core & Kick Boxing class. Kick Boxing is soooooooooooo fun and energetic.

Tuesday is Muscle Resistance Training. :)

I will see you guys in the morning for coffee.

LOL, Deanna, at least you know you don't like Zumba for sure! And you sound really excited about KB, so enjoy!

Susan, hugs! Nice to see you but I understand about computer time. If I spent as much time chopping veggies and working out as I do online, I'd be rockin.

Stacy, I didn't work out either and I think working an 11 hour day doesn't leave time for you to take care of yourself in all the ways you need (sleep, social, etc). You hit it hard when you can, but somedays you won't be able to. Plus you got some healthy snacks in.

Michelle, sounds like ur off to a great start on the rotation! Thanks for the chia seed info. Let me know how you usually consume them when you get a chance.

Have a good one all, try to eat some veggies and move the bod!
Quick checkin....Just finished my 6 mile walk. Took the incline down to 0 and bumped the speed down a tad b/c my shin was burning again when I started, after about a mile and a half it started feeling better.

I'm hungry...
Quick check in....

Great job Stacy on your walk. After an 11 hour workday yesterday, I can understand no time for a workout then, but you got in a good walk today.

FnV - I follow the directions on Health Warrior's site for preparing the chia seeds. Basically I used RO water, add one tablespoon of chia seeds, stir well then let it sit for 5-10 minutes to allow the seeds to absorb the water. I then drink it each morning -- started last Monday. You can also add a splash of juice or citrus. This has given me sustained energy throughout the day and I don't need as much caffeine. I want more caffeine, but I am not relying on it for energy as I was I am only drinking one cup of tea or coffee a day. Mostly tea, though. I also drink the chia with water before a strength workout. I didn't see the need for it after AB last night and I did fine. I just think it gives the extra endurance for lifting. The website and Amazon reviews give other ideas on how to drink. Hope this helps.

Deanna - I'm with you on Zumba. I know alot of ladies love it and that is great for them, but I am like you, it really wasn't for me.

Susan - Hope you are doing well.

Disc 2 was on the rotation for tonight, but honestly, I am not feeling motivated since it is V-Day, I just want to relax. I will see how I feel when I get home.

Happy Valentine's Day, Ladies.

Just getting home from a 2 hour stent at the Gym. Took two classes Muscle Resistance Training and Pilates. No Gym tomorrow, but I weill be back at it on Thursday.

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Awesome Deanna, sounds great. Did you like Pilates?
Thanks for the chia info, Michelle, I will get some to try. Sounds like there are different ways to use them. I'd love anything that gave me energy. ha ha, I'll prob put them IN my coffee. : )
Stacy, good job on tm. Glad your shin did better and you can tweak your workout as needed.
Waves to Susan
Busy Wed for me, ttyl
Morning Ladies :)

Fnv, yes I enjoyed Pilates. The Instructor who teaches MRT also taught Pilates.

Working on the following Rotation:

Monday - Gym - Core & Kickboxing 90min both classes
Tuesday - Gym - MRT & Pilates 120min both classes
Wednesday REST
Thursday - Gym - MRT & Pilates 120min both classes
Friday & Saturday - Work Out from Home/Brisk Walk Outside
Sunday REST

Off to work, will check in later.
Hi Ladies,

How is everyone? Workouts on your agenda for tonight?

I did LIS LIC pre-mix this morning. I got up late and it was my first time working out in the morning in ages so it was tough, but I did most of it. Since it was my first time, I didn't know all the combos, but I still got my heart rate up some and will get better at it. I LOVE step so it was fun.

I have to make up STS Back and Tris either tomorrow or Fri, then will need to find a way to get LIS AT in, will try, but not sure there are enough hours in the day before my new rotation starts on Sat. If I can get up early tomorrow then I can get both in this week.

Have a good one and TTYL.

Michelle :)
Sorry for the quick drive-by's lately, but been busy and tired from log days...

Did KCM's 30 Min to Fitness's, tri's, shoulders and abs.

Good job everyone!
Stacy, sounds like you are at least getting your w/o in so that is good. I have friend on other check in who is doing a lot of KCM and likes it. So many like her, she is one I feel like would be worth trying out.

Michele, I love step, too. Also hard for me to work out first thing am.

Deanna, kick some butt at the gym tonight.

Bad sleep and sad mood for me this week, I'll take a fresh look at things this weekend. Hi Susan if you are out there.
Morning :)

It's almost Friday and a 3 day weekend.

Thursday - Gym - MRT & Pilates 120min both classes. Today is my last day at the Gym until Monday.

Where is my Susan???????????????

Will check back this evening after work and the Gym.

Did a "just do it" workout this morning before I head off to work.

32 min interval program on the recumbent bike, kicked the resistance up a notch from last time, was sweating my buns off! Then followed up with a shot ab workout.

FnV...I really like KCM's 30 Min to Fitness series. She's my next fav instructor after Cathe and she really packs a decent workout into 30 minutes.

Deanna...your gym workouts sound fun!'s life?

Michelle...what's on tap for you today??

Off for another grueling day in the rat race of life that is my job!
My co-worker (Kristy) who I attend the 5 and 10k's with called and asked if I would attend a Boot Camp class with her on Monday (Presidents Day). This class is taught by the MRT Instructor Zoe. Kristy reasoning was, I know you like Zoe and she is teaching a Boot Camp Class at 11am on Monday. :confused: I had to remindKristy how old I am, I have her by 10+ years. I was planing on going to the Gym in the evening from 5pm - 6:30pm for the Core and Kickbox class any way. Kristy also takes the Core class with me, which means she wants to go to the Gym twice in one day. :eek: Kristy is in great shape, in her 30's been working out for years, no children. Me on the other hand, I am pushing up on 50!

Hi Ladies,

Stacy - I am proud of you for not skipping the workout and getting it done!

STS Back and Tris on the on the agenda for tonight. LIS AT tomorrow morning if I can get my butt up earlier enough.

Deanna - you go girl with that schedule!

FnV- I hope the rest of the week and weekend will be better than the week has been for you.

Susan - Hope you are doing well.



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