LISCh made me sweat and I did fairly well picking up 75% of the choreography until I got to the last step combo! Cathe threw me a loop on that one, that'll take a few more run throughs. Some of the other moves in the other combo's I subbed in my own moves b/c I'm not into moves with pivots but I have a few standard moves I sub in with the same count so it had me on the same footing. Once I get the moves down I think I'll really enjoy this workout. The lower body blasts at the end were good too.

We're going to a Superbowl party later so I'm sure there wiil be nothing but "healthy" food for me tonight...

I'm still following the The Susan Rotation as far as the general layout. Here's what I have on tap for this week...barring any illnesses or work conflicts.

Monday---Lower Body, most likely just floor work to give my knees a rest + abs
Tuesday---5 mile walk (per my half-marathon schedule)
Wednesday---Upper body + abs (maybe BM2 Double UB premix)
Thursday---cardio of choice
Saturday---probably STS Total Body + abs
Sunday---cardio of choice

I accomplished very little cleaning yesterday and I'll probably accomplish very little today. I hate cleaning.

Have a good Sunday!


No superbowl sunday doesn't usually equal good nutrition!

Susan, I use my big broken spinner to thoroughly rinse/submerge wash and then drain the lettuce. It has a big solid outer bowl and inner colander but the spinning mechanism is broken. That one worked via a handle on top.

Then I take washed lettuce and put it in my little one that doesn't have an outer solid bowl and place inside the sink and spin, water flies everywhere but at least it spins dry.

Then I transfer back to the bigger one for storage, but frankly it is really too big for keeping in my fridge. (but good for the wash cycle. )

So, you see, I buy bagged lettuce most of the time and try to eat it before it becomes algae soup. : D Then we loop back to I think I need a new spinner, followed by, What? 25 bucks? I can use what I've got ....
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I'm already feeling some soreness settle into my legs from STS TB and then LISCh. I'm thinking I may skip the floor work tomorrow and give my legs a break altogether. We'll see how it goes!

I'm liking The Susan Rotation. I havent worked out 6 days a week for a very long time. I'm striving to do that, but I like the fact that I can listen to my body and take an extra rest day and still get in 5 workouts a week!


Sounds good, Stacy!

I finally completed a workout - Afterburn. Hopefully the fact that I am busting my ass to get thru it means I did OK b/c I sure as heck don't get all the reps in. I was saying on my other check in that I need the Bionic slow motion sound effects to go with my moves.


Hi Ladies. Is this thread open for new members? I am doing part of the one month rotation now and will start the 3 month LIS/STS trans on Feb 13. Would like to check in for accountability. Thanks.


Welcome Michelle !!!!

Jump right in and join the team.

Our motto is.... as you know.... :D

Progress, not Perfection !!

We do the best that we can, but don't beat ourselves up if we fall short of our own hopes and expectations.

FnV - I hear ya on the salad spinner... lol. Sounds like you have a system that works.

Stacy - have fun at the Super Bowl party. Just enjoy !!

Deanna - what's going on this weekend? Are you sleeping in????

I'm ready to start my new workout week tomorrow... it's been too long ..

See y'all for coffee in the morning... off to scrounge up some supper....


Thanks, Susan. Being an overcoming perfectionist, this team is what I need to push to progress and overcome the all or nothing mindset. Thanks!


yes, Michelle, welcome!

I'm planning on the 3 month rotation starting Mon...tho I considered the 1 month first.

For me, the 3 month will be a chance to use the STS which I own, but haven't done and also avoid total body workouts. (not sure I'm really avoiding any pain tho, those STS workouts are an hour long)


Hi Michelle and welcome, we're a small group of 4 but we've been together for over a year now (???) We're here for support and to also share ideas and thoughts on fitness and diet along the way.

I'm following "The Susan Rotation" which is a rotation Cathe posted for Susan a few months ago. Cathe listed more specific workouts but the gist is....

Monday--Lower Body
Wednesday--Upper Body
Friday--Rest Day
Saturday--Total Body weights

So that is my general plan, and I'm adding in abs about 3 times per week. We've all had our ups and downs with food/diet. Susan and FnV have read/been interested in Paleo and Primal Blueprint. I have the latter on my Kindle but havent fully read it yet.

I'm trying to fine tune my eating a bit, especially after the dreaded Superbowl food fest tonight!!!!

Again, welcome to our group!!


I didn't realize it has just been the four of u, r u sure I won't be intruding? I'm new to the forum so still learning the ropes.


Heavens no, you wouldnt be intruding at all!! We're a friendly group!! Have you been doing Cathe workouts a long time? Just starting? Are you new to working out? You by all means dont have to answer, just curious!! :) We're here to help in any way so feel free to ask any questions you might have. I have been eyeing the 3 month rotation but dont have all of Cathe's new workouts.

I've been doing Cathe workouts for about 15 years (????), geez I sound old, hehe! I have other instructors I use as well, but Cathe is my go-to girl!

I should be getting some sleep, need to be up 6 hrs for work, yikes!



I've got my STS disc 16 in as background. I'm gonna need to print out the wt cards and do my 1 rep max. Let's see how it works out. Wed are yoga days and Sun are off on this rotation.

Michelle, I'm on another check in (40's) and there are five of us there. I think 4-8 might be a common number of regulars on the check ins. Either way, you wouldn't be intruding and it would be great to have you. Unless you are living with my ex, in which case I am outta here, lol. (you have same name and initial)

My first Cathe was Low Max. I've been home DVD gal for awhile. (Leg warmers, stripe leo and Jane Fonda, yeah baby!) I work part time and am a student. I have two teens at home.

I'll be back later this afternoon. I have to finish speech still. Yuck yuck yuck. Yuck.


Good morning my friends...

I am somewhat discombobulated this morning... My best friend's mother died over the weekend and I've been scrambling to get in touch with her and order flowers and debating whether I need to head out-of-town for the funeral. I have not spoken to my friend yet, but have spoken several times to her husband. I probably will not go to the funeral, but I did just get flowers sent online. Her Mom would have been 85 next month and leaves her 86-year-old husband of 60+ years behind..... so difficult.

soooooooooo.... think I need some more java....

I have Upper Body on today's rotation. Am strongly leaning towards my all-time fave... lol... Muscle Max....

Michelle - jump right in !!! We are a very friendly and supportive and diverse group (i.e. they are young.. I'm old ... lol)

I'm the old lady of the group (66) trying to keep these young 'uns in line... lol

I have been active all my life ... well... until the last 10 years.. which is why this excess weight magically .. lol.. appeared... so now it's time to get back into good shape and health. I had been going to a nearby gym doing treadmill and elliptical and weight machines and step class, but figured I needed to add weight workouts if I was ever going to make any progress.

So last July I started googling for weight workout DVDs, found Cathe and the rest is history. I love love love Cathe's DVDs....

I own lots of them (it's addictive to buy Cathe DVDs), but I have not done all the ones that I own.. yet... but I will...

What's on your workout agenda for today???

Deanna - where are you???? Did you sleep all weekend????? :eek:

FnV - I remember leg warmers, striped leotards and Jane Fonda VHS tapes... lol..... geeze... you're older than I thought..... :p

Stacy - how does the work schedule look this week?

Go Team !!!

Progress, not Perfection !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks, Ladies for the warm welcomes and allowing me to be a part of your group.

Stacy - I started step aerobics in the late 90's and fell in love with it then felt I needed something more so I joined the Y and got really into weight training. I got away from it for several years only hitting it here and there and within the last year (with the exception of moving and the holidays) I have been pretty consistent.

I discovered Cathe when researching an aerobic step. So I purchased a couple of her Step DVDs and love, love, love her. I was doing strength training on my own and with a trainer, but decided I really want more freedom with my time so want to workout from home. I bought most of LIS then one thing led to another and I purchased the STS series (minus squat racks).

I have spinal arthritis so I have some limitations, but I like to be challenged so her workouts are great, but I know I must pace myself and do the best that "Michelle" can do, not trying to compete with anyone else.

I did STS Total Body last Thu and it kicked my butt. My glutes and hams are still sore (my trainer would never let me do deadlifts because of my back/spine issues, but I did them with the DVD with proper form and with a reasonable weight and had no back pain - YIPPEE).

FnV - I was going to wait till next Monday to start the three month trans rotation, but decided to just start it today. So tonight, it will be chest/arms.

And no worries, I am not living with your ex - LOL, living with my hubby and little fur baby.

Susan - you are not old!

I know, I like to workout from home too. I actually was working out once a week on my own and then once a week with a trainer to help with the arthritis. I could workout for free at the gym as my husband works at one, but I would rather workout from home. I like the freedom with my time and space. I love people, but when it comes to working out, I don't want to socialize, I am focused. Plus I can cook or throw in a load of laundry and be close to my little pooch while working out in the living room.

My workout tonight will be the first day of the 3 month - chest and arms, I think. I need to print out the workout.

Again, thanks, Ladies and I look forward to getting to know each of you.

Have a GREAT week!


Just a quick checkin for now...

5 hours of sleep, on my feet for 10 hrs at work, sore from this past weekend's workout means....extra rest day for me today :(

I need some coffee....


When ur body says rest, u need it. 10 hr shift is a long day.

I am getting motivated for day 1 of the trans. These check ins will keep me from procrastinating or making excuses.


I am here ladies :)

Remember it was my son 19th birthday Saturday 2.4.12 and I had been cooking and cleaning. Then I went to a Superbowl party, now I am off to the Gym to attend a Abs class and Kickboxing with the girls from work.

I will check back later, sorry I was MIA.


WATER, WATER, WATER....By the time the classes are over I will have finished my 100oz.


Hi Deanna!!! :) :) Glad to see you back!! How was the big bday weekend?? And, thanks for the water reminder!!

(Michelle, Deanna is always reminding us to drink our water and I for one, always need the reminder!!)

I finally got the cleaning done!! My husband got a work bonus so we're using it to hire an interior decorator, something I never dreamed I'd ever do!! We have an open floor plan design with high ceilings on the first floor and we've done nothing with the paint or carpeting since we moved in 10 years ago and with all the open walls I'm afraid of picking the wrong color! Not to mention no way I'm letting my hubby up on a ladder to paint! So I had to get a little cleaning done before she gets here! I'm excited to have a new color on the wall, and a bit freaked that it'll be way too expensive. I'd like to get a new surround for our gas fireplace and maybe see what else she has to offer as far as room flow, accent pieces, yet still be in the budget!

Tomorrow I have a 5 mile walk on the schedule in prep for my half marathon walk in May!

FnV...I finished the tatoo books, all in all I thought they were good, a little slow in places, but still glad I read them all. I have a few books on my Kindle, not sure what to dive into first!

Susan....did you get in your upper body workout??

Michelle...I'm expecting a full report on your workout ;)

I'm hoping to get a little more sleep tonight! I'll report back tomorrow sometime with my 5 mile progress and also with my house makeover update!


Ok, you all have free reign to cyber slap me! I've been good being accountable for my workouts, but my diet, lordy lordy! Just to clarify, Wendy's burger and fries are NOT good diet food and french fries are NOT a vegetable!

Starting tomorrow, I will be being much more accountable here with what I am eating. I really want to drop 5 lbs before I walk this race, less junk in the trunk to lug around!!



Good eve,

Well, I was waffling on my workout STS disc 16- it sounded like this- wah, I don't have one rep maxes done, wah its late, wah sts is complicated, wah its going to take too long

But I saw that Michelle was getting hers done so I did mine. I did fudge in some places because I don't have my 1RM done for most of the exercises but I think a wobbly start is better than No start.

Stacy I am excited for you! I have a friend who has redone her entire house (well, her husband did under her direction). They painted, added crown molding, gas fireplace, flooring, etc. She has a flow of harmonious colors from front door to upstairs and it is a big house (5 bedrooms 3 bath upstairs). I wouldn't trust myself to do that- even if it was nice, I'd second guess my own choices. Ha ha, when I moved into my townhouse, it was painted Foreclosure Peach from one end to the other. It will probably stay that way for a long time! (except dd has a lavender room we painted for her bd).

Yea! Hi Deanna! Nice to see you! ::glug glug:: drinks water

Susan how'd your Monday go? I am sorry about your friend's loss. Is she going to be taking care of her dad? Are they close by?

Gak, I'd slap you Stacy, but I don't have too much room to talk. Vanilla yogurt mixed w/ coconut and choco chips tastes a little bit like a Mounds Bar. Go ahead, ask me how I know.
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