Hello again Ladies,

Stacy - I am with you on the unclean eating. I was ready to check in and confess my dirty deed and see I am not alone. It is hard because I love food, probably a little too much and the love runs on all sides of my family and family-in-laws. I do good for awhile then fall off the wagon so to speak. LOL. But I do have a strong desire to eat clean and I feel so much better when I do. And I really want to be balanced - eating clean 90% of the time. My dinner wasn't too bad, some leftover steak (after doing STS tonight, I felt okay with that and that is really not totally unclean). I had to finish off the rest of the guacamole so I can start my clean eating plan again - again, a clean food in moderation, but I ate more than one serving. BUT THEN, I had some semi-healthy chocolate granola bars (made with oatmeal, peanut butter, honey, chocolate chips and coconut oil, but still I didn't need it and ate too many pieces). So I would like to be held accountable for my eating too. Not just so I can be lean and defined, but for health and I'd like to avoid the consequences of poor eating. So let's hold each other accountable, then.

As for the workout -- it was great! My arms were shaking afterwards and I am sure I will have DOMS in the next day or so. I made a chia drink which gave me some serious endurance so I am drinking it before every workout from now on. Have you ever eaten or drank chia seeds? If not, I highly recommend it. Many runners and athletes use it for endurance before training and I know from experience it works. I had it this morning too and with only 6 1/2 hours of sleep I made it through the day and worked out tonight, so there is something to those little seeds.

FnV - The first thing I thought of when I walked in from a hard days work was my guacamole and semi-healthy blue tortilla chips and skipping the workout, but I knew I told you ladies I was starting the three month rotation today (accountability) and I can't put it off because then it would mess up my whole week or I wouldn't get the workouts in. And I too don't have my 1RM done and I actually need to purchase some heavier weights (but hubby may not take to kindly to that as I just spent so much on LIS and STS), so I couldn't push as much on some sets, but like you said, we did it. Something is better than nothing. So you go girl! You didn't let the excuses keep you from doing it.

Deanna - I am with you on the water intake. As you know, we are supposed to drink .55 in oz of our body weight plus more if we work out/sweat. I just installed a Reverse Osmosis System a few weeks ago and am loving it. I love the taste of RO water.

Susan - I hope you were able to connect with your friend.

Alright, I best get to bed. Nite nite, Ladies.


Got to keep it quick and dirty this morn.

TBT LB on tap for today. I think I want to sub Butts and Guts. Yesterday felt so so as far as effective (unfamiliar workout/ not right amt of wts in many places, etc). My history with TBT LB is not lovey glowing and I don't want my first week of the rotation to be filled with misfires. Do you think a fair substitution?

Want to add that despite the Mounds style yogurt, yesterday I did eat:
spinach and fruit smoothie
soup (a version of the weight watchers veggie soup- cabbage and other veggies)
spinach salad with baked beets and tomatoes. (see, I'm eating up my produce)

Hmm, intrigued by Chia seeds now....

Maybe this week we can all share what changing out bodies would do for us? What is the motivation? What would we gain by being fit and getting rid of our "junk in da trunk".



Gooooooooood Morning Ladies, and welcome Michelle. :)

Kickboxing class lastnight was soooooo fun! There was soooooooooo many people in that class and so much energy. However the female instruction was not much to look at, her stomach and inner thighs was disgusting. :confused: She taught both the Abs class which I did not like and the Kickboxing class. Her energy level in Kickboxing was crazy, very fun.

Will check back later



Got my old engine started this morning and made it to

Brought my Gym bag to work, thinking about going to the Gym to do 5 or 6 miles on the Treadmill. I am doing another 5k on Saturday.

Stopped at the store as usual and filled up my 100oz water container.

Back later
WATER........WATER......WATER........WATER......WATER........WATER ;)


A thumbs UP to me for finishing my 5 mile walk (took 88 minutes).

A thumbs DOWN for eating chicken tenders and chips & salsa.

If I would actually coordinate my working out and eating clean I'd be looking like a super model...well, probably not, but only b/c I'm short ;)


Hi Ladies,

I am feeling DOMS right now in my chest, tris and shoulders from STS Disc 16. I am sure tomorrow it will be more intense.

I am doing Tri Set Lower Body tonight, then if I have the energy, I will add in some LIS CSS (can't do cardio tomorrow, so will try to add on tonight, or Thu), but only a pre-mix due to time.

Stacy - way to go on your 5 mile walk!!! You must have been booking it to make that time!

I did well on my meals today, but I ate chocolate. LOTS of it. My job has been overwhelming and stressful lately and I let it get the best of me.

Let's keep on aiming to make better choices. Tomorrow is a new day, right?

All the best to my fitness buddies. Have a good workout, if you have one planned for tonight. I will check in again tomorrow with the results of mine.



Good evening my friends !!

Sounds like everyone is kicking serious butt !!! Go Team !!!

Quick update.. then I need to go find food :p healthy food.. lol

Yesterday I did the upper body premix of Muscle Max.... you know I love that workout !!!

Today, I managed most of STS Total Body lower workout.... I say "most" because I couldn't do all the squats... my thighs were burning half way thru ..

Food has been so-so..... I'm still doing well on lean protein at each meal... and still doing well on a big salad for lunch every day... and a nice variety of colorful fruits..... BUT.... my no wheat/grain plan... after about 4 weeks of being real good, fell off the tracks today. While in the grocery store, I couldn't resist a box of Wheat Thins... then came home and ate half of the box and now I feel awful... I mean really really awful. Wow !!! The wheat really hit me hard... amazing.

Michelle - FnV and I and Stacy somewhat also, have been looking into the Paleo/Primal eating plans. I am feeling really good eating that way.. and this Wheat Thin "experiment" really made me realize that the Paleo/Primal is making me feel better....

okay... off to find food.....

see y'all for coffee in the morning...

I did not go to the funeral.. which was today.... I know that today was a difficult day for my friend. Losing one's mother is never easy... no matter your age.. it's your Mom....

Go get 'em Team !!!

We CAN do this... we ARE doing this !!!!

Progress, not Perfection !!!


Attended another class at the Gym today, 60 min of Muscle Resistance Training. I wanted to walk on the Treadmill but they were all occupied. I will try again tomorrow.

See you all in the morning for coffee. :)



Good Evening Ladies,

I wasn't planning to sign on tonight, but had some time. I did Total Body Tri-sets Lower Body and LIS CSS Step Express tonight. Tri-sets kicked my butt! Those one-legged cross over squats are killer. I have to gradually work my way up on these to ensure proper form and avoid injuring my back.

How did everyone else do tonight?

Susan - I have done a little research on Paleo. I even noticed Cathe does a modified version adding in quinoa, sweet potatoes and something else I cannot recall to meet her needs. I have considered it, but not sure it would work for me. I am still open, though. I read in a review that Primal allows 80/20. Is that just during the transition phase or overall? I could do 90/10 regularly and even somewhat follow that now with lots of fruits, veggies and nuts/seeds other than my chocolate fixes when under duress :D.

BTW, in case you are interested, I wanted to share some links for cracker recipes that would fit with your Paleo diet. I actually looked up one blog I intended to share and you wouldn't believe it, but she has a recipe for gluten free "Wheat Thins." The other I ran across last week and the gal follows the Paleo diet.

Wheat Thins | Gluten Free Cracker Recipe | Elana's Pantry

Caveman Food: Grain Free Almond Crackers

I haven't tried these recipes yet, but I intend to. I have Elana's book and want to try more almond flour receips. The type of arthritis I have feeds on starches so I am supposed to stay away from grains, beans and bananas. I cannot say I always follow this, though.

FnV - I agree with you, maybe we could all share what our goals are concerning our health and fitness. I will give it some thought and share soon.



Morning :)

Been up this morning since 4am, I do not have to be at work until 7am. I was not able to do Laundry over the weekend, due to my son 19th Birthday and the Superbowl, so I started the Laundry lastnight after the Gym and finishing up this morning.

Good job on your 5 miles in 88 min Stacy. :) I am schedule to do another 5K/10K Saturday 2.18.12.

I have my Gym bag packed to go to the Gym. However, when my son came home this morning he asked if I was going to the Gym and I said if he is going to be home, I will come home and he and I can go for a Walk/Jog.

I am off to a good exercise week. :) Attended two classes Monday, one class Tuesday, Walk/Jog today (Wednesday) at Gym or from home. Thursday is another Muscle Resistance Training Class, Friday & Sunday will be my rest day and a 5K/10K Saturday. I am sore, not as sore as I have been doing Cathe workouts nevertheless I am sore.

Okay, I am going to finish my coffee and get out of here will check back after my Walk/Jog this evening.



Quick drive by.... I'm late.. and off to the gym for some treadmill.

Stacy - great job on your 5 miles !!!
Deanna - I am soooo happy you are loving the gym !!! I love being able to do both.... Cathe DVDs at home... and interesting stuff at the gym !!

Michelle - you are doing great on your workouts !!! Don't get me started on the subject of chocolate... :p The 80/s0 "rule" for Paleo/Primal isn't really a rule... just a guideline that many on the Paleo and Primal message boards say that they do. I haven't tried any of the gluten-free substitutes for wheat products. Thanks for the links. I'll take a look. I'm just afraid that a substitute for a wheat product would make me crave the real thing more....

FnV - you got me on TBT LB ... lol. I know LB is lower body.. what's TBT? ohhhhhhhh... wait.... Total Body Trisets !!! ah ha !!! You and Michelle are doing the same rotation right?

off to the gym... more later...

My goal this week is consistency. Do some exercise every day..... eat as clean as possible all week. Moderation and consistency !!!

I have very simple goals for eating right and exercising.

To feel limber and agile and healthy and.....
most important at my age..... to stay healthy as I get older and stay as independent as possible for as long as possible. And I intend for that to be well into my 80s !!!!

Go Team !!!!!


Deanna, just one thigh??? What the heck?? Either way, you are doing a great job this week, high fives I am so happy for you to be getting your workout groove.

Good news, I did my speech today. Bad news I didn't get my LB in yest and now I have to scramble to catch up. That being said, I need a nap before I go do chem tutor and interact anymore with other humans.

I'll see what I can do to fix the situation later on.

I'm interested in the preorder and maybe Ab Circuits or the Rythmic Step or Step Moves, those are just about the only Cathe's I don't have except the kickboxy martial arts ones and I don't care for that type of workout.

Hugs and Hi's to all, bbl when I can think again.
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I ate a vegetable for lunch!!!

More news later, off to throw some stuff in a pot for some soup!

Good job to everyone!! High 5's all around!


Hi Ladies,

Great job, everyone!

I am so sore today from STS 16 on Monday and I'm feeling in the my legs and glutes from TBT LB the CSS Step Express premix last night.

I did cardio with strength last night since I cannot workout today. I may have to double up on Friday too since hubby is home tomorrow night. We will see how it goes.

Susan - FnV and I are both doing STS. We both started on Monday. YIPPEE!!!

FnV - I have Step Moves. It was the first Cathe DVD I bought and I LOVE it. It has dancy moves, but it is more steady state. I found intensity was higher in the beginning and waned off in the end, but I still love the choreography.

Stacy - Way to go on your clean eating!!!

I had a clean breakfast, snacks and lunch, but I did have some chocolate again -- STRESS. Not as much today, though.

I was considering the preorder too, just concnered about the impact level. I like high impact, but my body needs low impact. Do you ladies have any suggestions for existing DVDs? I have most of LIS, LBB and STS and Ab Circuits.


Have a great night, ladies.



Well dont cheer me on so soon....

Had potato soup for dinner and then half a box of Cheezits :(

Then, I was too full to workout :( :(

I feel a food funk coming on which usually gives way to a workout slump, but I'm trying to fight it off! I, however, really had zero motivation to workout tonight knowing that on Thursdays I workout in the morning, so we would be talking about 10 hrs btwn workouts. I was going to do upper body and abs tonight and then cardio in the morning. So, since I skipped tonight's workout I'm going to do a circuit workout in the morning and try to hit everything.

Someone throw me a life preserver!!


Stacy, how about making definite effort to drink water since you already feel a food slump, plus the sodium from the crackers might have less effect if you flush flush flush?
Just a thought. PS, I think a circuit workout is a good idea.

OK, I might do a workout in am before work to get back on track, depends on when I can force myself to get to sleep. I hate to wait until the weekend to get caught up.

Nice to see everyone.

Oh, and I was thinking about my fitness goal question. The question- what am I NOT getting in life, what do I have to gain- if I shed my body "clutter" to borrow an expression from Fly Lady.

I know I'd like to fit into my job interview outfit. I'd like to feel like someone who seems fit and capable and Hireable! In other words, a skinny me might equal a better paid me!


What kind of experience have you had w/ sts? I've just owned it but have only done the one dvd we did on Mon.
How often does core come up in the rotation, have you noticed?
How do you like ab circuits?
Thanks for the feedback on Step Moves, that bumps it up in my wish list.
Re suggestions for you, what areas in your workout collection would you like to add? more step variety? circuits? Hiits? boot camp?
My standard faves are the no name non series LIC, BG, BM2, DM. Newer loves is the Intensity series.

Stacy, did you get your circuit in? I slept til 530.

I'll just have to do TBT LB late morn when I get home and see if a run with intervals can sub for whatever else I've missed on either Wed or today.

Deanna are you working out your soreness?

Susan, what is on tap for today?


Good morning, finishing up my coffee. This is going to be one of those "just do it" workouts. I really want to stay and bed. I'm fighting hard not to slump. I'm just a bit disappointed in myself and in general with the fact that I havent lost a single pound nor does my body look too much different after having been so consistent with The Susan Rotation. I'm just going thru one of those "why do I bother moments". It'll pass, but it's not fun when it's happenin'.

I'm planning on doing Cardio & Weights, it's usually my go-to workout when I dont feel like working out.

I'll report back later, probably much later b/c today's my extra long day at work, hence the morning workout time :(

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