Deanna - I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it so you wouldn't have to go to work. I remember the Monday blahs very very well !!!

Stacy - looks like a good rotation plan. I agree with your book about not snacking. I know that many many diet books recommend 5 or 6 small meals per day, but I'm finding that when I stick with 3 meals... properly spaced throughout the day.... that I'm better off. My problem is that I can stick with that plan all day.. until about 8 or 9 in the evening. Then I lose all controla and that's when I start snacking... and it's not because I'm truly hungry... it's more a habit and emotional eating thing than being hungry.

I'm late this morning. It's a rainy Monday here and I overslept. I had better get over to the gym before the morning is gone...

FnV - how's that speech class coming along? Do you have to give a speech each week?

Michelle - how are the workouts going???

Make it a great day !!!!

ohhhhhh... almost forgot.... I blew yesterday.... Went to Cracker Barrel for brunch at 10:30 and that set the tone for eating for the day. Bad bad bad eating day and no workout..... BUT... I was good mostly from Monday thru Saturday... sooooo

Progress, not Perfection :p


Sorry, this will be quick as I am on my phone. Busy last few days with a party, etc and cannot log on from my computer as I got a worm from the forum so a bit scared to log on till the webmaster addresses it. Fnv was getting what sounded like the same warnings.

Still doing sts Lis. Lis total body tri upper tonite.

Hope u r all doing well.


What a long and kinda depressing day. I work in the medical field and today was just one of those days where people were getting diagnosed with cancers, and fatal illnesses, then I come home and turn on the news and some teenager got shot and killed at a school near Cleveland this morning. Then I find out that a friend of mine since high school just got admitted to the hospital with either a heart attack or stroke. Makes you realize how fast things can change. Don't mean to be a downer.

But made me stop and think about how my crappy eating could lead to my demise in the blink of an eye. I'm sure my arteries are clogged with the sat'd fat from my pizza nights and potato chip cravings. The book I'm reading talks about how carbs are addicting b/c they release Dopamine from the brain. I really do consider myself a carb-addict, the same way someone might be addicted to cigarettes or even alcohol, maybe not that extreme but similar. I have alot of addictive behaviors in my family such as alcoholism, drug addiction, etc, cigarettes. Mine just happens to be chips! I know that sounds kinda silly, sounds silly me even typing it. I wish they made a potato patch like they do a nicotine patch!!

Anyway...I've still got Turbo Barre on tap for tonight, once I stop yawning! Tomorrow I've got a routine mammogram scheduled, those always are a bit anxiety provoking waiting for the results. Breast cancer runs in my family at a young age, so that's always a thought in the back of my mind.

Sorry for the introspection and reflective mood, but helps to get it all out!

I'm going to relax a bit, have some coffee to wake myself up and do Turbo Barre in about an hour! Then I think a soak in the tub....


Hi, I'm hesitant to use the forums, my antiviral tells me that it is blocking a malicious url (directmarketingblahblah..) when I come to cathe nation. : / Legitimate websites get hacked all the time, Primal just did, too. Anyone else having issues? I know another cathete who is getting same message...I had just told my kids I need Parental Controls so I don't spend so much time on the, be careful what you ask for, I guess.

So...I did MIS on Sun...omg, my shins were sweating! Luxury of knowing a workout, no breaks to figure out what you are supposed to be doing. Anyway, that was my sub for TBTUB and and STS Legs, so there, nyah , Mon became a rest day and today I taught a bellydance class.

Speech class pretty good, I have two more to do this semester. Overall an easy class except for the public speaking aspect. Progress, not perfection, Susan, hang in there!!

Stacy, I think of my food issues in an addictive light, so it didn't sound silly to me. OMG, I love the idea of a chip patch. Sadly, i have two friends dealing w/ uterine ca right now.

OIc Michelle mentioned the worm, too. I use AVAST (free and recommended by my computer guy) and it seems to be blocking it, but still, I hope they can fix soon. I will continue to lay low.

Hi to Ms Deanna- I hope you are able to make it to your gym classes this week and get all your stuffles done at work.


No viruses/computer problems so far here. Do you have a PC or a Mac?? I have a Mac, supposedly less viral trouble with them.

I've finally figured out what has been making my shins burn during my walks...Turbo Barre!! That's THE only new type of workout I've been doing, and tonight while doing I felt some of the same muscle burning in those muscles. My next walk is next week, we'll see how it goes. If I still have some troubles, I'm going to take TB out of my rotation until after the half-marathon walk.


Computer not working. Windows is corrupted. Trying this from my iPhone. Cant do anything on puter because Windows won't load. Sigh

Otherwise - all is well. Food is olay but not great. Workouts are okay but not great

Stacy - i am most definitely a carb addict - wheat and sugar. Even having a timy bit and i lose all control

More later. Must figure out how to get computer fixed


LIC done on Tues, I usually do the cardio only pm and I did it flat out as circuit so it felt a little different. Today I did AT but switched it up to the Leg Cardio express pm for time, I usually don't work out on Wed.

I'm not getting warnings today so hopefully the website has been fixed. I am glad Avast caught it. Ugh, don't have time for a computer take down. Yes, Stacy, i've heard Apple not as likely target for virus b/c they create them more for windows os. Or maybe apple just a better protected OS?

chat more later maybe. Whoa, new month starts tomorrow! How are we looking, girls??


I stayed away yesterday, I got the computer virus warning! Hoping it's better now, so far no warnings today!

I did Turbo Barre Monday night and had to pause a zillion times, just felt fat and tired, but I got it done. It wasnt pretty.

Tuesday I did Afterburn for the first time, didnt use the discs though. Today I have major lower body DOMS, had trouble getting in and out of the car!! But, no knee pain :)

I got an odd compliment yesterday. I had a routine screening mammogram yesterday and the nurse was showing me the pictures on the computer screen and pointed to the screen..."that's your latissimus dorsi muscle, those are hard to see. Do you workout??" :)
Good thing they didnt include the lower body, that'd be the opposite question "Have you ever worked out, ever??"

Today was a stressful and long work day, I'm going to relax. See you in March!!! I'm ready to get rid of my chip addiction and the lbs that go along with it!


Hi Ladies,

Still only feel safe to go on forums from phone.

Good job keeping up with ur workouts, love it!

I am tweaking the rotation as I have some other commitments so will do sts total body tomorrow, stretch next week then tweak the next month as needed based on my schedule.

TGIF and have a great weekend!


Hey Michelle, forget to mention we start a new thread every month, you'll find us at "Progress not Perfection March!!"

Happy tweaking!

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