Deanna, I like how your friend thinks. I vote for whatever keeps you on track and what you have Fun doing!

Edited to add my TKD workout- jog ~ 1 mile, then 1 min sprint/1 min walk jog x 6, then 45 sec sprint/ 45 sec walk jog x 6, about 3.75 miles total, 2 rounds of dips, pushups, icky static lunges.
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60 min Muscle Resistance Traning and 45 min on Treadmill. Shared my Rotation schedule with my MRT Instructor and she told me I need to incorporate more Cardio, and if I could work out 6 days per week. That is something I will need to build up to, I am currently working out 3 days per week............I AM SOOOOOOOOO TIRED GOING TO BED.



Deanna, I hope you were able to get out of bed this morning.
I completed Butts and Guts (replace my Monday's TB). It had me talking to my higher power. Also started day w/ unsw. almond milk, frozen blueberries, .5 banana and some protein powder and 1 T coconut oil.
Have a good weekend all~


TGIF and its a 3 day weekend for me. :D

Yes Fnv, I was able to get out of the bed. No pain this morning so far. I slept pretty hard but not through the night, as usual. I was thinking about how the MRT Instructor advised me I should be working out 6 days per week.:eek: Then I got on the scale this morning and as usual it was depressing.

I am going to try and kick up my Rotation yet again next week, which will be as follows:

Monday 30 min Core Class
Monday 60 min Kick Boxing
Tuesday 60 min MRT Class
Tuesday 60 min Cardio
Wednesday 60 min Cardio
Thursday 60 min MRT Class
Thursday 60 min Cardio
Friday Rest
Saturday 60 min Cardio
Sunday Rest

The 3rd week is going to be the charm, I hope.:confused: I just need to get use to it.

Time to get ready for work, will check in later.
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Good morning, finishing up cup of coffee #2. Planning on doing the other KCM workout on the dvd today which is Back, Chest and Legs, it is also interspersed with standing ab workout which is her "rest" btwn sets. If I'm feeling energetic I may do a short cardio workout after that, maybe KickMax.

Yesterday I ate WAY too much. I'm afraid my February Focus on Food month has been just that!! I've definitely put back on the few lbs I had lost at the start of The Susan Rotation. I definitely know that my body packs on the weight when I eat too many starches and carbs, not sure if it's due to the carbs in general or just when I indulge in those I eat more calories overall.

I've been eyeing Jillian's new 90 day Body Revolution system. I like all the 30 minute workout options, but from the reviews they seem they may be overall too high impact, so I'l hold off until it's been out awhile and can read more reviews about modifications etc

Deanna....your workouts look exhausting, be careful not to overtrain!!

Susan...hope you're getting alot done with your computer hiatuses :)

Michelle...I cant remember if you mentioned, is this your first time with STS??

FnV...your past 2 workouts make it hard for ME to walk and I didnt even do them!!

Check back later!


Finished KCM's 30 Min Ba/Ch/Leg/Ab workout and followed it with 4 DS Kickbox cardio only.

Off to find some HEALTHY food!


ha ha, Butts and Guts gave me IOMS (instant) not DOMS but the run was just my regular walk/jog with sprints tucked in the middle. Do you do any Hiits or sprint work as part of your marathon training? I think sprints makes endurance easier (counter intuitively)

I subbed BG for TB and my run for one of the LIS cardios in the rotation this week. I was doing better on the Susan- right now, the LIS rotation requires a high energy of activation (chem term of the day) due to the length and unfamiliarity of the STS combined with the unfamiliarity and challenging positions of much of LIS.

Stacy, I am with ya on the food focus. I'm going to try something (old) this week, I will let you know about it if I am successful next weekend.

All that being said- I spent about 30 min Jillina Entrance Choreography, then premix 1 of AB, then abs from ME. I really enjoyed the shorter pm of AB, I was able to hit it hard and make it effective. Good night of sleep doesn't hurt either. Even with my subbing and changing, I'm still one workout behind in the rotation this week.

Deanna, enjoy the 3 day weekend, no runs today, right? Michelle, sounds like you are doing a great job on the LIS, good for you. How does it feel? Susan, I also hope you are thriving in real life land! I'm cutting back in cyber world, too. Stacy, did you add KM? I've never done that one. TTYL all


Hey Ladies,

Good job ALL on your workouts!

Stacy - I am with you on the food struggle too. I eat healthy much of the time, eat 5 meals a day, tons of water, but I have been giving into cravings mostly due to stress. I had a lot of sugar this week. If I could get this under control and just have one or two cheats a week (not days, but individual cheats) then I would hit my goal to be lean and defined.

Yes, this is my first time with STS. I am modifying to suit my needs and am sure I will still get results.

Deanna - I hope you enjoy your weekend. I wish my office was closed on Monday, but oh well, I have a job.

FnV - I like LIS since it is high intensity, but low impact. I definitely have areas I want to see improvement, but will plan for that in time. I like that Cathe says that in the workouts.

Susan - I hope you are well and keeping up with your goals.

I have STS Chest & Back on the agenda for tomorrow.

Have a great rest of the weekend.



Good morning/afternoon!

I just finished Athletic Step. It was my first time doing this one. I had heard that it was an easier workout so I figured it would be a good one to do today since I wasnt up for anything too hard intensity wise or choreography-wise. Holy smokes! While I didnt have much trouble at all learning the moves, I had to hit pause a few times to catch my breath! I'm either out of shape or the reviews were wrong! All in all, I really enjoyed this one. It was a bit higher impact than I'm used to so we'll see how my knees and feet feel tomorrow before I decide how often to incorporate this one into my weekly workouts! was Chest and Back?? I've always stunk at pushups, but I'm trying to not do them on my knees anymore, however I cant do many on my toes. I'm compromising by doing them at a slight incline by putting my hands on my aerobic step at the 6" height. That seems to be working out okay. I can do chest flies with 20 lbs, bicep curls with 15 lbs but a straight leg pushup eludes me! My sister, who is a smoker, never ever works out, but is much thinner than I am (mostly from poor diet) can knock off 15 straight leg pushups without batting an eye!! I'd rather be healthier but how frustrating is that??? Plus she has the good genetics in that she has defined arms and looks good in tank tops mostly b/c of her low body fat and I work my a** off and still have that layer of fat over my muscles so I dont feel comfortable in a tank top.

Okay enough rambling!!

FnV, Susan, Deanna...3 day weekend for you ladies??

Enjoy your day everyone!


I treated myself to new shoes this running shoes and new crosstrainers!! My feet are happy!


I did PS C,S,T and PS B,Bi (in place of two STS scheduled this week). First time for those workouts. Purty good. I'll take MW off and maybe Tues- we'll see. I'm keeping up on my veggies and water today.

Stacy, happy for you on the shoes. I think I like New Balance, they seem to fit me nicely. What did you get? Michelle, how'd the workout go? Deanna, don't get too comfy cozy with the 3 day weekend, you've got a fierce gym schedule coming up! My best to Susan in Susan land. : )


Hey Ladies,

I am enjoying my 3 day weekend. Rested all day Saturday and watched Whitney Huston funeral service, so sad. :( I then got up and washed my hair and went back to bed. :D

Sunday, got up and twisted my hair for the week. Now I am about to clean. My intention was to do some cardio Saturday or Sunday, and I did neither! Knowing my work out routine during the week is extreme, I decided to take advantage of my time off from work and exercise.

I sure do miss my Susan :( Susan and I started working out together about 6 months ago (August 2011) doing Cathe beginners rotation. Not seeing her chime in daily saddens me. :(

What is up with everyone deciding to stay away from the computer?

I am on my computer allllllllllllllllllllllllll the time. I have two screens at work I am normally chatting on one screen and working on the other. ;) And when I am home, my computer is next to my TV in my bedroom so I can just roll out of bed and listen to music, post on this forum, search for something, whatever. I love my computer. :D

Okay, I just wanted to chime in and say hello.


PS: Still deciding if I am going to go to the Gym twice in one day with my co-worker tomorrow. I am thinking NOT!!!!!
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Glurping coffee, no Pres day off for me. Mix of work, tutor, student and dance sub. teach today.

Nice shoes, Stacy! I love fresh clean sneaks- esp if they fit well. Deanna, I guess you've been liking the finger shoes? I love the look of pretty heels, but I'm glad I don't have to wear them. (heels comment random, sorry)

Stacy, maybe the fact that your sister is scrawny (yeah, that's what we'll call her) is why she can crank out the push ups. Just not much body wt to push around.

Deanna, for me, I enjoy the computer but then I'm not taking care of other things - I get sucked into La La Land....Oh look, here I am! : D


I'm taking a rest day today, or maybe just yoga, we'll see what I feel like. I'm kinda sore and tomorrow I have a 7 mile walk on the schedule so I dont really want to do too much today.

I took the day off today but have no plans, sometimes those are the best "plans"!

Have a good day everyone!


Good morning my dear friends !!!

All is well here... sorry I have been MIA, but I needed a break from the computer. And it was good.

I have found that in the last several months... particularly when I was sick for 3 weeks in January.. that I have gotten addicted to spending hours and hours and hours on the computer.... reading the news, wandering aimlessly and also posting on and reading message boards. In addition to working out, I also am trying to learn how to paint (watercolors) and I do genealogy. For both painting and genealogy there are hundreds of places to spend hours roaming around on the Internet.

What I have found is that rather than actually doing my workouts, painting and genealogy research, I am spending time on message boards reading about those things.

So I needed to re-group last week, re-assess my priorities, re-focus and get off my duff and get "doing" again.

I'm not leaving you... I couldn't.. I wouldn't... but I will just get on the computer first thing in the morning.. check email, read the news summaries, check in here with my workout buddies and give a progress report.. then get the H*ll off of the computer until the following morning :D

so.. that's where I am... and as far as working out and eating right... blech... awful.... but now that I have pondered my problems and options, I am rededicating myself to getting fit.

Monday - upper body
Tuesday - lower body, abs, stretching
Wed - cardio at the gym
Thursday - cardio at the gym
Friday - upper body
Saturday - lower body, abs, stretching
Sunday - cardio at the gym

Food - keep it simple :p

2 fruits
Healthy fats

and that's it.. no other food.... lol

I haven't caught up on all of your news from last week, but I will.

Thanks for being here my friends !!!

Progress, not Perfection...

Deanna - I am also rededicated to drinking my water :D

off to get busy.... yea.. I know.. I'm already late this morning... but have said my goodbyes on numerous boards this morning.

but this thread... never goodbye... see ya tomorrow morning for coffee with a full report !!!


Hi Ladies,

I needed to give my lower back a rest yesterday and didn't get up early enough so today is Chest and Back. I am going to modify lower back exercices from STS to some stability ball work so I can get it in, but not risk injury.

Stacy - the push ups from the last STS chest were killer. I had to modify most. I can do them on my knees, straight legged off a low table and on a stability ball, but for now with my neck, I cannot do many straight legged push ups. I still feel and can see my progress though. As for you vs your sis, you are making progress in so many other areas, that I applaud you :D.

Susan - Glad you hear back from you. I totally understand where you are coming from, I too am trying to cut down on time so I actually get things done.

FnV and Deanna - keep up the good work!




Nice to hear from you Susan! I totally understand about the need to get away from the computer, it can really suck the life out of you and just in general let life pass you by!! Checkin when you can, we'll always be here!!

I've been feel pretty flabbly and just disgusted by how I've let a few pounds creep back on. Starting tomorrow, I'm crackin' the whip on myself, and making some serious diet changes. Though I may not be able to do it long term, I need a bit of a detox. With my half marathon in May my goal is to try very hard to cut out starches, sugar, flour, fried food...basically all the bad stuff. I'm using the half marathon as my short term motivator with the hopes of it becoming a more permanent lifestyle change by then!!

I'll get you posted on my progress!!


Evening Ladies :)

I can't beleive I went to the Gym on my off day, I must be crazy or determined one. LOL

I did 30 min of Core and 60 min of Kickboxing killed me tonight!!

Off to bed, will chat with you all tomorrow.

BTW - Glad to see my Susan back.


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