I did 40 minutes on the recumbent bike this morning using an Interval program. It wasnt my hardest ride but I did work up a sweat.

I'm feeling myself getting stronger. I definitely can increase the weights next time I do the KCM upper body workout I did last night, and next time I ride the bike I think I'll go up one notch on the resistance.

Looking forward to tomorrow's rest day. Not looking forward to a grueling day at work today!!


Good morning my friends !!!

Stacy - thanks for starting the new thread. I've completely lost track of what day it is... let alone what month ... lol

Finally, I'm feeling better..... yesterday afternoon I really felt like I could be a normal person !!! Yea !!! I wouldn't wish this cold on anyone. Stacy - it sounds like you are feeling okay !!!

Deanna - time for us to get back on track !!! I'm not sure how I'm going to get back on track. I feel so blech from being sick for 2 weeks.... tired and in extreme sedentary mode.... so... one step at a time. Not sure I'm ready for the gym yet... but today I will do some stepless step in my living room just to get used to moving around again. I think today is Thursday? If so, I'll plan on getting back to a full rotation Monday morning. Between then and now, I'll work up to it gradually with stepless step and some treadmill over the weekend at the gym.

FnV - you are still kicking butt girl !!! You and Stacy both are doing great on the workouts !!!

FnV - did you see the post on Mark's Daily Apple with the link to this video? It's 20 minutes but very very very worth watching. Sure hits home on the importance of lots of veggies. It was an eye opener. I was at the supermarket late yesterday afternoon with a full cart from the produce department.

I highly recommend watching this all the way through:

TEDxIowaCity - Dr. Terry Wahls - Minding Your Mitochondria - YouTube

Lots to do today.... so much to catch up on... laundry, cleaning, errands.... but I'm going to pace myself... don't want another relapse... :)

more later....

Go Team !!!!


Hi Susan! HUGS, glad you are starting to feel better. I'd watched about half of that link this morn before work and just finished now--very powerful. Also excellent motivation to eat mo veggies.

Stacy, I am feeling stronger, too.

Deanna, how is your outlook today?

According to my parenting/homeschooling lore- it takes at least 6 weeks and sometimes 12 for something to become habitual. (flossing, following schedule, shiny sink before you go to bed, composer study, math first thing, whatever).

Anyway, I was thinking this morning; I'm getting close to it with being consistent with my workouts now. I've been tracking on WM since mid Dec. and am just approaching barely kinda sorta towards getting to the shift... from forcing it--> to it just being a lifestyle habit.

I think that following the rotation has helped a lot. Off to get today's done.

Edit -->TBT UB done. I'm still not warm and fuzzy about this one, but it can take a few times to get in an effective groove with a workout.
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Yay Susan is back!!! I was worried about you!!

Take things a step at a time, I"m sure you'll be surprised at how quickly you're back at it!

Deanna...are you working your way out of your funk??

FnV...I agree The Susan Rotation has helped tremendously in getting me back to regular workouts. I think alot also has to do with this one just seems to work so well (or as well as can be expected) with my work schedule.

I almost feel like I havent worked out hard enough this week, maybe b/c not as much soreness or that I'm getting stronger and have to go up in weights. I do like sticking with the same few workouts so I can better gauge my progress.

Well I'm going to read a little. I'm on book 3 of the Larsson's Dragon Tattoo trilogy. FnV are you reading them all??


Stacy, I lost enthusiasm for the Dragon Tat at the end of the book and basically speed read the final part after they caught Martin. Did the girl end up with the financial journalist or did they just become crime solving partners?


Actually the 2nd book is better than the first and then it leaves you hanging so you almost have to read the 3rd. There are many more plot twists ahead! And so far the answers to your questions are Neither!


Good Morning, TGIF!!

Rest Day for me :) :)

I'm planning STS Total Body for Saturday, then I'm going to try one of Cathe's new ones on Sunday, I'm learning towards Low Impact Step Challenge.

Off to work!



I took a day off from work yesterday, I needed the rest. I am still trying to work my way out of this depression. When I took the dog for a walk the other day it made me feel better. I started to take her for another walk yesterday while I was off, but it was way to windy outside.

Tomorrow is my son 19th Birthday, I am going to cook him a good breakfast. Because I know he will not be around the rest of the day. I am very proud of him, he started Community College on the 23rd of January.

If it is not to windy tomorrow morning, I will go for another walk.

Time to get ready for work, will check in later.


Good morning my friends !!

The sun is shining, it's a beautiful day and I'm almost feeling normal ... lol !!!

Stacy and FnV - so glad you are enjoying The Susan Rotation.... I can't wait to get back to it. My plan.. at the moment.. is to do 2 weeks of upper body, lower body and low cardio (starting Monday morning) to get back in the proper mindset.. then start The Susan Rotation from the beginning. For the next 3 days, I'll just do light treadmill and some stepless step to try to regain some energy !!

Deanna - Happy Birthday to your son. I know you are proud. And you can be so proud of yourself. You have done a fantastic job raising him on your own !!!

I hope the wind subsides so you and your precious fur baby can get back to your walks !!!

I'm off to do some puttering around the house....


Make it a great day !!!

P.S. I haven't weighed myself... I know I've gained weight while sick. I shall weigh myself Monday morning and reset my weight tracker... lol


I was waiting til workout completed to post, but I got thru about 20 min and just pooped out...not enough sleep last night. It was Intensity, I don't think I've done it before or if I have, it was only once...but it was fun. i just ran out of steam.

Deanna, I dislike walking or biking in wind.

Stacy, maybe I will pick up the next dragon tat, I am curious!

Susan, sounds like a good plan.

Tomorrow is another day, whew, thank goodness.


FnV - 20 minutes is better than no minutes :) Good job... we just need to keep moving.

I broke down and weighed myself this morning... and it wasn't as bad as I had expected... lol. I have been back on my eating plan for the past 3 days and that's why I dared to get on the scale. I am 1/2 pound lighter than I was on January 1st and I'll take it !!! After blowing my eating plan for 2 weeks while I was sick... that ain't too shabby... lol

I'm eager to get back to my workouts. I may head to the gym today to do some treadmill.. we shall see. I am so far behind on laundry and cleaning etc etc etc.... I may decide to catch up on that stuff instead.

Deanna - do you have a 5K on the calendar this weekend?

Stacy - do you have to work???

FnV - hope you got some sleep last night !!!!

more later....

Go Team !!!!


STS Total Body just kicked my butt!! I should really start writing down what weight I use so I can track my progress a bit better but I feel myself getting stronger.

I'm not working this weekend, unless you count cleaning the house, and doing laundry!

Off to shower and start my chores!


Hi, I'm caught up on sleep, but don't feel like working out yet. And now I'm scared cuz of Stacy's post. I want to make some household management a priority so I will take care of that stuff first then get the workout in.

Today it feels opposite of what I said the other day about just being in a groove with my workouts and not having to fight or negotiate my way to them or thru them.

But I've had protein shake for breakie (w/o fruit, blender was still dirty from yesterday, see above reference to household management) and then for lunch I had a large portion of assorted peppers and some broc stir fried in coconut oil, and a little left over ground beef, plus an egg, all seasoned with Tumeric. Kitchen clean, next task to be determined.

Stacy, I think I'm going to read Zeitoun. I've already got it on my bedstand from last trip to library.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, longtime New Orleans residents Abdulrahman and Kathy Zeitoun are cast into an unthinkable struggle with forces beyond wind and water. In the days after the storm, Abdulrahman traveled the flooded streets in a secondhand canoe, passing on supplies and helping those he could. A week later, on September 6, 2005, Zeitoun abruptly disappeared-- arrested and accused of being an agent of al Qaeda.

Deanna, how was your son's birthday?

Susan, as you can see, I am with you on exercise ambivalence today. PS, yea for scale! Gotta love a clean slate.


I love STS Total Body !!!! It's funny because the big STS program does not appeal to me.... odd....

I am forever waffling between: workout then chores? or chores then workout?

I'm good on whichever one I do first.... then the problem is doing the 2nd part of the equation...

speaking of which..... I haven't done either yet today, so I'd better get moving...

got caught up in wandering all over the Internet.... easy to do..
It's a dark, cloudy, rain-is-on-the-way for the next 24 hours kind of a day. Good day to plop in a chair and read a book.

FnV - that video FINALLY convinced me of the importance of lots of veggies. I have always known their importance in an intellectual kind of a way... but that video has gotten me to really focus on veggies.

I went to Bed Bath & Beyond yesterday and bought a salad spinner so I can easily have lots of greens for my BA salad every lunch time. So far, it's working. I bought a head of Red Leaf lettuce, a bag of organic Romaine leaves and a plastic box of baby spinach. Makes a nice mix !!! and I can "spin" a whole lot of leafy greens and leave them in the spinner in the fridge for the next day. They stay nice and crisp !!! The spinner works okay.. not great.. you have to spin it many many times to get the water off the greens, but it's cheaper in the long run than using a ton of paper towels every day.

so the salad is my leafy greens, then I pile a bunch of colorful veggies on top of the greens and then at night I make sure to have at least one cruciferous veggie ....

Last edited:


Yaawwwnnn! Trying to wake up here with my morning coffee!

I have Low Impact Challenge Step planned for today. It'll be my first time doing it and I'll probably fumbling with the choreography but gotta learn it sometime!

I'll report back later!


Good morning Stacy !! I too am here trying to wake up with coffee :)

More housework, errands on today's agenda to get ready for getting back to my workout routine tomorrow !!! Yea...



Here's my workout routine for the next couple of weeks while I regain the strength needed to restart The Susan Rotation... lol

Monday - Upper body Cathe DVD and take a walk around the neighborhood

Tuesday - Lower body Cathe DVD, abs and stretch

Wed - Take a walk around the neighborhood

Thurs - Cardio at the gym - treadmill or elliptical

Fri - Upper body Cathe DVD and walk around the neighborhood

Sat - Lower body Cathe DVD, abs and stretch

Sun - step class at the gym



Checking in to say go team!
I will write a speech today for class.
I didn't do STS yesterday due to gloomy funk starting on Fri which is persisting today. I will let you know how it goes. Too bad b/c I almost did the entire rotation w/o unplanned misses/flaws.

Susan, I'd like a new salad spinner. I have two in various states of usefulness. Thanks for the reminder. It makes buying whole heads of lettuce much more practical, doesn't it? I should get some kale, too. That is one of my go to smoothies, kale, frozen banana and rice milk. (sounds carb-y but hopefully the large amt of kale trumps the sugar of the rice milk and banana)

Stacy, i don't think you will have a lot of trouble with LIS LICh, have fun. What rotation are you planning on?

Zeitoun has been a good story, I'm about half way thru. Funny, there was steady rain last night and I'm reading about a guy paddling thru flooded New Olreans. It was unnerving, I could already relate to much of the story. I kept glancing nervously toward the window, hoping the water wasn't rising outside, lol.

Deanna, I'm guessing you are struggling with motivation this weekend too??


FnV - do you have a brand/model of salad spinner that you particularly like?

I read a thousand reviews at and every spinner had great reviews and horrible reviews.... so I just went to Bed Bath & Beyond and looked and spun and picked one. As I said.. it's okay.. but not great.

I had a great spinner... back 30 years ago... lol. It was the old fashioned kind with a knob sticking up out of the top and you turned the knob clockwise around the top of the unit. This one is okay.. it's by Progressive and it's called the Ratchet Spinner....

but if you have a great one... I'm all ears !!!

Back to laundry and vacuuming... I'm making great progress !!!!

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