Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 10/15


Today I did 4 Day Split Kickboxing, 39 minutes, 239 calories, average heart heart 131, and maximum heart rate 153.

Deb, I hope the procedure went well for your friend. She is dealing with a lot.

Today I went out to lunch with two friends from work. Two of us are retired and one is still working. We had a great get together and I had a chance to see some other friends before we left for the restaurant. It was a nice day.

Valerie, it’s good that you phone was not really damaged. Your exercise room sounds like it will be more functional after your changes.

Diane Sue, that’s frustrating with the car electronics. I hope they can find out what is going wrong.

Caitlin it’s hard to learn everyone’s name when you first join a group. I am Carolyn.

Hi to Judy and Lori.


Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I did KCM Plateau Buster, Combined Premix and today I did Jessica Smith's new yoga DVD. The first session is yoga stretches to relieve back pain and is very gentle and light stretching. The second one is yoga to prevent back pain and is more active, kind of like Yoga Max. I liked both, but will probably use the second one more and save the first one for the times when I am having low back issues.

Deb-That's very good of you to help your friend so much. I hope she is doing better. I am keeping her in my prayers.

Diane Sue- That's a good idea to record sleep patterns and make notes about what is working. I really need to start doing that.
Yes, it will be fun to set up my spin bike with the Garmin sensors. I always enjoy doing things like that.

Carolyn-I agree about traffic stress defeating the purpose of going to a yoga class. Traffic gets really bad here and I try to avoid it as much as I can.

Lori-I really like Linda Wooldridge! Her band workouts are so tough! She seems very nice and I like her personality too. The last 5 years have flown by!

Valerie-I agree with Lori, no way would you ever be a lazy slob!! I feel the same way when I take time off so I understand.

Caitlin-I've been to the Cherry Hill Mall, back in the 90's when I went to NJ for work. I hope you enjoy your new home!

Have a good night everyone!



Valerie, tempered glass is really easy to put on. The main thing is to have the correct one for the phone and to line up the cutouts and edges. I always have had a hard time with those plastic ones and love the tempered glass. I took mine off my last phone and put it on this one and really do need to get another one. Odd, my phone case I use came with a tempered glass screen protector that was too narrow. I knew ahead of time because of the reviews on Amazon so purchased a correct fitting one ahead of time. They are definitely worth having. I have a tempered glass protector on my Fit Bit Blaze as well. They came in a two pack. I was trying to find that problem on the internet and ran across quite a few people who have had the same problem and it working fine for the dealer. One's story sounded exactly like mine. Some had other things quit working as well. Apparently a lot of the newer security systems work in tandem with all the other computer generated stuff in the vehicles so coding is not an easy thing and can throw everything off. My husband would probably just go get another car but this one is paid for and a little over 10,000 miles on it. I want it fixed. I left it there for two weeks before I finally went and picked it up, and that was after they updated the computer system.

Caitlin, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I am sure your weight is not too much for your height and fitness level. I have two different sets of calipers and an Omron, and a digital caliper, along with a body fat scale. I think most would be more of a guideline to see if you are gaining muscle and losing fat. I don't know why I have so many. When I start more of a bodybuilding program I start thinking about monitoring it,but most of the time I really don't worry about it. Everything fits the same and I can tell by looking if I am leaner looking or not. One of my calipers I have never used because they require a lot of measurements that I can't do by myself and I am not willing to ask for help.

Carolyn, that is another fun workout that I had not used for quite some time till recently. Nice calorie burn using it too.

Judy, I have Plateau Buster setting out and am trying to decide if I am ready to tackle it after Tuesday's full body weight workout with Muscle Up. My neck and shoulders are still sore. I think I should have went a bit lighter there. Have you done the bonus with the rest of it? I did that once it really was tough by the time I got to the bonus stuff.


Got my phone fixed today but while it was happening I got some odd messages and started to worry our cc had been hacked. DH blew it off. But I kept insisting he call about it because I was already doing six things at once and he was sitting doing nothing. Spparently cc tried to contact me but I missed the call. No one was there when I answered and it said s voice mail was there but nothing showed there either. So he looked at our account online and yes hacked again. Another cc hacked!! This is about three cards in three years-again I think it was at a restaurant. We started using a single card for groceries, restaurants and online purchases to isolate what we thought were the most likely places to get hacked.

New exercise room is good! Lots more open space in the center. I did high reps plus abs squeezed in right before dinner a messy day
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Good morning,

No workout yesterday.

Valerie, sorry to hear about CC being hacked. There is a great risk to relinquish your card to the waiter in a restaurant. My bosses' card was hacked at an Applebee's when we went to lunch there. They took it to run through etc, and later that day spent $1200 at a K-Mart that is in a plaza right behind the restaurant. In Canada they bring the little machine that they run it through right to your table so the card is never out of your sight. Glad your phone is fixed and it was not the actual phone that was cracked.

Caitlin, no problem on the posting....LOL...I just thought something weird happened to all of our posts for this week. :) wow, 35 times for the stairs is quite a workout for your lower body and cardio as a plus!

Judy, it sounds like the JS new yoga DVD is a good one.

Hi to Carolyn & Lori,

I will be at the hospital most of the day, I assume. This is supposed to be an out-patient procedure, unless there is a problem. Please keep her in your thoughts.

Take care,


Deb-I will keep your friend in my thoughts and prayers today. I hope the procedure goes well.
Thanks for the video link. That is very interesting.

Valerie-I'm sorry about your cc being hacked :( Chris had his cc hacked at a gas station a few years ago. That happens a lot in this area.

Diane Sue-I previewed the Plateau Buster bonus but haven't tried it yet. I think she has a premix that mixes in the bonus moves with one of the regular workouts. I might have to try that one, or maybe try the bonus first and get it out of the way before the regular workout. I'm not sure I would want to do it after doing the combined premix.

Hi to Carolyn, Lori & Caitlin,



Judy I think it happens a lot everywhere. this is at least #3 for us. guess it is getting "routine" when you can't remember for sure how many times you've been hacked. chip cards go down as quickly as swiper ones. Deb, we got hacked at an applebees too, a few years ago in lake Tahoe. as usual, you have a list of "suspects" a few places you last used the card but it seems no one does anything but block the card and issue you a new one. we again suspect a restaurant. we are not careless. hard to imagine how often this happens overall if this has happened so many times to us. and then the mess with equifax!

this is so funny.. I used to memorize the cc#'s and now I don't bother anymore. they don't last long enough.

we may try to do a ride this morning if it stays dry for a while. we are in a very wet weather pattern.

Diane sue I didn't realize those screen covers were tempered glass... I thought it was a hard plastic. nice and did the job.

ETA did a mt bike for 90 minutes. it was cold and wet with mud everywhere. yes, season has changed.
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Today I did Kelly Coffey's Plateau Buster Premix workout 2 with bonus buster. , 37 minutes, 239 calories, heart rate average 122, max 158, 2034 steps. I then did Coffey Fit Raw hips and glutes finishing it out since it stops suddenly, 37 minutes, 163 calories.
plateau buster 12 reps for all dumbbell exercises this is repeated twice with the bonuses mixed in
dumbbell squat with single front raise lift 15's
side lunge stance 15's
bonus buster pommel horse
cardio pendulum knee pops & pendulums
heavy dumbbells hip drop into high pull 15's
reverse lunge pause and bicep curl 15's
bonus buster weighted pop squat
cardio split switch and ski jogs
light dumbbell step out and alternate front 3 punch outs 8's first round 5's second time through
put one weight down and shake the paint 10# for me
I believe there is one cardio I do not have written don't have written down here that is a fast low in out jack with arms out to sides?
bonus buster pullover crunch 15's
Raw Hips and Glutes 30/10 timed
barbell squats 50# 4 sets 11,11,12,12 reps
bridges using step bench barbell 45# 10,11,12,12 reps
squats warm up 45# 9 reps
wide stance deadlift, squat,stand 45# 8,8,8,8 reps
I used the fit tower for the rest of the exercises and 5# ankle weights for the glute and hip work
pizza pusher 14 rt,14lt,14 rt, 14 lt
hydrant rt 15,lt 15, rt, 15, lt 15 reps
side leg raise alternating 14,14,14,14 reps
pizza pusher alternating 12,12,12,12 reps
core knee ins, 20,20,20,20
plank knee pulls 20,20,20,20

Deb, I will keep your friend in my thoughts and prayers today. Chilis has the little machine on the table where the customer pays for there meal with their card. We use cash a lot of the time. I will check out that link in a bit.

Judy, they have a lot of gas stations here that someone uses those skimmers to get cc information. When we went to a retired officer meeting they were saying we should go inside to pay and not use the pumps to pay. We have a 7 eleven thanks card that we use so it is not the typical cc. The premix I did today had the second half of the bonus busters mixed in both rounds. It was not quite as tough as doing all of them at once after the full workouts.

Valerie, I used to have my cc numbers memorized too. I can still remember those last 4 digits most of the time but they keep changing card. I have a new one I will be switching two next week and I was just getting used to the one I have.


Today was D 27 Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps. My time was 1 hour 16 minutes with 263 calories burned. Average heart rate was 102 and maximum heart 140. I am sticking with dumbbells for curls instead of the barbell since the barbell hurts my elbows. I want to be able to use 15s for curls and I am almost there!

Valerie, that’s very annoying with the credit card. It has happened to me twice in the last two years. Restaurants are such a problem these days that I stick with cash if possible. People are surprised to see someone paying with cash!

Apparently my screen protector is tempered glass also. I didn’t realize that until the discussion came up here. I looked back at my phone purchase info and there it was.

Hello to everyone and have a great day.


Good morning ladies from Cape Cod!

We arrived at about 6:30pm last night unpacked, went grocery shopping then it was pool and jacuzzi time. Was a very nice night. Weather is going to be beautiful this weekend and we have planned a full agenda. This morning I did one of JS walk workout from her 6 week transformation. It has a small step in it. Can’t remember the name. Was a lot of fun on the rebounder. I then did 2 BBS jumprope workouts again using the rebounder. The kids were finally up at this point Lol! So we did cathe live upper body express with core. My son thought it was really tough! We used bands and wow it was a good one. I am liking how over the years I have learned how to sub in bands in place of weights. Increases the variety in travel workouts for me.

Valerie, that is terrible someone got your card again! Good that you found out quickly. We never use our debit card for this very reason. We have 1 card we use and monitor closely. We have another card that goes unused as a back up in case the 1 gets hacked. Never want to be on vacation and find out you have no cc to use. We very rarely carry large amounts of cash so that would really stink! Glad your newly redone workout room came out nice.

Deb, Thanks for the link...going to make sure my husbnd sees this. Praying the proceduce went well today.

Diane son’s gf has tempered glass on her phone and she loves it. Thinking about purchasing a couple for me and my husband. We have never used a screen protector for any of our phones. Surprisingly, when time to trade in they are in excellent condition with no scratches and I mean none! I have a velvet case I always use when it goes in my pocketbook. Been using it for years. We have been lucky so do not take for granted we have been good for so long.

Carolyn...always so nice to visit with old friends. Sounds like it was a nice time. Almost did a kickbox today with my son but he felt more like upper body. I mentioned again about STS and after acruall doing a Cathe workout he may actually do it. We’ll see.

Have a great night all! Hi to Judy and Caitlin.


Carolyn, I find that certain moves cause discomfort with a barbell and substitute dumbbells. Funny I used to do loads of workouts that were all barbell workouts. When I did the KCM raw workout today she mentioned that you could use dumbbells , but I used the barbell like she did. I will say, I think the hip lifts lying back on the bench might have been easier with dumbbells. Although I didn't realize she was only using 22 lb. I started out with 50#. I am surprised I don't feel it this evening.

Lori, whenever I replace the screen protector on my Galaxy 12 inch tablet I will get tempered glass. My grandson was amazed at how well I got the screen protector on it that is the plastic variety without bubbles. It took a couple of them before I was happy with it. I have cracked one screen protector. I generally carry my large purse with two front pockets. I use one for the cell phone by itself and the other for keys and an ink pin. I do this to protect the phone even with the screen protector. It sounds like you had a good time working out today.


Good morning,

It was a sad day yesterday. The surgeon was not able to complete the procedure. :(. It was heartbreaking. The next step is to see if they can do something with radiation. I am so upset.

Judy, the workout in the link looked good, especially for anyone with back issues.

Valerie, not sure why in the US, they don't make the waiter/waitress process the card at the table. All the hacking is done behind the scene wherever they take your card to. We don't use a CC at any restaurants....unless we are paying for a large group/party etc.

Carolyn, good to switch to DB's instead of a BB...if it is hurting any body part!

Diane Sue, there is something that was posted, or a video that I recently saw showing how to test the credit card device at an ATM or gas station etc, to see if it has one of those card readers attached.

Lori, nice workout, That's great that you are able to use bands instead of DB's. :).

Agility class this morning....

Take care,


Lori we do the same thing. one card for major purchases and another card for lesser ones but always carry two when traveling. you are dead in the water without a functional card. It is way too awkward to use cash . personal checks aren’t accepted. We don’t eat out that much and use the same few restaurants This last place we’ve used for 20+ yrs for employee lunches so I hate to think it happened there. Pretty hard to be sure and no one seems to follow up. we use this card for groceries,online purchases and autopay things but those are stable repeating things not with new merchants. I’ve seen pics of skimmer devices but when you give card to the server it’s out of sight.

Deb that does not sound good. Hope she catches a break and something else works for her. People often lose weight because breathing requires so much extra effort.


My workout was cut short this morning at 11 minutes, so maybe tomorrow. I started Kelly Coffey Train Like a Contender mix of conditioning and boxing. Warm up and 1 round of lower conditioning and I burned around 69 calories. My husband came up wanting to see if we could get my car in this morning. Unfortunately, I got all showered and ready to go and he called them and here it is afternoon and we are still waiting for a call back. I think they are open to 5 on Saturday's . We don't think it is our radio/gps we installed. The problem started well after we put that in and the back up camera was done at a electronics place that also has a car dealership.
Since we have been talking about back , has anyone tried Kelly Coffey's Strong Back dvd? I have been curious as she worked with a therapist or something for this. I saw her post to someone on facebook about this. It peaked my interest.

Deb, I am so sorry they could not do the procedure for your friend. My heart goes out to her and you. I will keep her in my prayers. I never use the ATM , I will write a check to the bank and get cash. I don't even know what my ATM card password is. I think I have heard of some device though . I hate when they run off to the back somewhere with my credit card. Most places that you eat have such a big turn over of employees. None stay that long. My son says most of those skimmers at gas stations are put on the outside pumps and not the inner. They are less visible doing it on the outside pumps. I checked out that link that you posted. I don't know about those pull up moves. This stuff makes my neck and shoulder hurt and my doctor says the shoulders are at risky position. I can do them, but I don't do them too often. Maybe it is more because of the degeneration in my neck area. Yet they all want you to do pull ups.

Valerie, we put most of our cards in the safe when we leave on a trip. We just take what we need and some cash. There is a Shell station near here and I was reading on Next door Neighbor that a couple of people saw the person and an employee got a picture so they had multiple descriptions with a not so good picture. I think most places have some cameras here and there. It would seem restaurants would have a system where the employees are handling money and credit cards. I don't know if that would help much. I know most convenience / gas stations have them. For employee and customer safety. That is why you see those pictures on the news.


No workout today. I had an early appointment that ended up being canceled but I did not learn about that until I had driven to the location. I wasted an hour and a half of my morning but I refused to be in a bad mood about it.

Deb, I am sorry that the procedure couldn’t be done for your friend.

Diane Sue, I hope you were able to get in to the dealership today. I have looked at Kelly’s Strong Back dvd with interest also.

Hello to everyone and have a wonderful afternoon.


Diane Sue-I have KCM's Healthy Back DVD. It's a good back and core strengthening routine, and one that I probably should be doing regularly.
The first time I did it, I couldn't do some of the moves because I was having low back issues. It's probably not meant for someone experiencing back pain, but more for prevention.
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