Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 10/15


Human nature to complain about what we've got at the moment. It was so dry this summer it was scary. not as bad as California but bad enough. this is the first week of fall rain. we will get enough rainy days to make us wish for dry again. probably windy too leading to power outs. leaves are still on the trees making it worse.

we are moving equipment back into the exercise room today. gave up the idea of selling the home gym. we rearranged things and maybe we will use it more in a new spot. new paint makes it look so much brighter.

Judy I enjoyed yoga classes a lot. I was surprised I could do so many things incorrectly! it was a fun, social atmosphere, not dull and tedious. a 7 am class got things rolling early. it was sad when they couldn't renew their lease and the two owners split up and went separately to new locations. I only went to the new place one time and didn't like the building. small room with low ceilings and a large group made it feel stuffy and claustrophobic. previous classes had been in a large high ceiling room and felt cool and airy. one was an old barn, another an old church.

20 years is pretty old for a kitty. our last little guy was about 15. I'm still unsure about getting another. I'm torn between wanting one and realizing this makes travel a lot easier. I miss him so much.


Hi, Judy, and to all the wonderful ladies here. Yesterday, I did close to 8 sets for my legs, and it is easier now to do the squats and deadlifts with forty pounds. I climbed up and down one flights of stairs 12 times, and I aim to do more today. I am doing everything freestyle, as all my DVD's are packed. I walked to the library today, and I came back with a huge bag of books for only five dollars. I also lost one more pound for a total of 8.

I know Anthony loves me very much: however, when a man is in love, he will promise very many things. For example, he said he would take me to get an allergy shot every week, but he works, and he has a seventy mile communte to his job. I am lucky because he is also so nice to me, and, if he takes me foodshopping, he does not let me carry any bags. I have to renew my personal traning certilfication next year, and I prefer to do a weekend class, but I do not know if I can find one. I think I will do AFAA again.


This morning I wanted to get in the weights I missed yesterday and to catch up I did the premix of combined workouts with bonus core from Kelly Coffey's Muscle Up. This was 68 minutes but took me 76 minutes with a couple of stops and I paused after each round of supersets to write the weights down and set up for the next round. Kelly does give a bit of time to switch weights though. heart rate was 100 average, 141 max, 1,276 steps, 335 calories, coming in at a met 4 according to workout manager.
Weights today all are super sets done with dumbbells and core was tabata rounds repeating each exercise 4 times and pretty challenging
workout 1
underhand rows 2 dbs 30,30,30 8 reps super set with
bench press 20,20,20 8 reps

lawnmowers 1 db 30#, 35, 35 8 reps super set with
dumbbell fly 20,20,20 8 reps

pullover 1 db 35,35,35 8 reps super set with
push ups 8,8,8 reps

arnold press alternating 20,20,20 8 reps super set with
crunches on the bench 20 reps, 20 reps

lateral raise 2 dbs 12,12 8 reps
boxer toe touches on bench 20,20 reps

bent over lateral raise 2 dbs 12,12 x 8 reps
superman across bench 8 reps,8 reps

workout 2
sumo squats 2 dbs 30's, 30's 8 reps super set with
bridges 1 db 30# 16 reps, 16 reps

lunges 2 dbs 25's, 25's 8 reps super set
stiff legged dead lift 35's,35's 8 reps

curtsy squats 2 dbs 20's, 25's 8 reps super set with
praying frog squat no weight 16 reps

flip curls/pledge curls 2 dbs 20's, 15's (those pledge curls are hard with a 20 so I dropped weight) 4 of each on right and left for total 8 reps
skull crushers 2 dbs 20's,20's 8 reps

side curls seated 2 dbs 15's, 17.5's 8 reps super set with
overhead triceps extension 1 db 25#,25# 8 reps

hammer curls alternating 2 dbs, 22.5's, 22.5's 8 reps
kickbacks 15's, 15's 8 reps


Lori, I get good results with Kelly's workouts. I think it is just that I have so many and sometimes hers get set aside for awhile. Gertie is excited when we go out for a walk and I end up stopping and correcting for awhile before she settles down to walk with me. I don't do it enough though. I usually head for the woods first then back out and up the street. By that time she is more cooperative.

Deb, I thought that you might like one of the lesser cost Fit Bits. I am not sure if all do sleep monitoring though. Something to check in to. I am pretty sure the HR charge does.

Judy, I think that was a wise choice on the yoga :) I found that melatonin gave me nightmares along with leaving me groggy. Many of the supplements do that to me. I was trying the tea with valerian in it and it was leaving me groggy so I quit.

Carolyn, I detest all of those recalls. When I took my car in recently he went over the list to see if I had all of the recalls fixed. There were 4. Fortunately the last one was a change in the manual on the type of oil to use. I would think they would have had things right the first time.

Caitlin, do you teach or train? Or do you just get the certifications for yourself? Nice work on being able to use 40 lbs.


Good evening ladies,

This morning was a lightweight bbs upper body workout but I used the pink band. I am going to wait a bit longer before I start with weights. Right now the bands feel really good. Even though I was ok’d to start with light weights going to wait a few more days. Figured it can’t hurt. I leave Thursday for the Cape and will be doing bands for my workout anyways so makes sense just to keep using them until I come back I followed up with the same 3 segments from JS quick 10 dvd that I did over the weekend and again used the rebounder. It is my mission now to try all her walk dvds that I have on the trampoline. I bounce the moves rather than walk and this is why I love them so much.

Deb...I woke up several times last night. I am really curious now about my sleep patterns. Going to try the app I have over the weekend and see what it says. I can see how you were tired after your day with your friend. How did she hold up today?

Judy...good choice of workouts. With all this biking I have been doing I have told myself I need to use my spin bike. Once the winter is upon us and we can no longer bike outside I am going to use it. Well that is the plan anyways!

Carolyn...I need to watch a clip of Cardio Supersets. For the life of me I can not remember it. I know I have done it bit it seems to be blending in my mind with other workouts.

Valerie...I agree! Sometimes moving a piece of equipment makes you want to use it more. Plus all the painting you have done. You need to take pictures!

Diane Sue...great workout!!! I like Kelly a lot and have a few of her workouts. I really want to do them but I just never do. My style of workouts have really changed over the past couple of years. If I do a heavy weight workout it needs to be a Cathe one for me to feel like I have been worked! Funny I am like that. I do more highreps, bounce and barre and this combination has been good for my body type. I am fussy too with my barre. I have tried several instructors but always go back to SB. Just like her style. I gues we like what we like!

Caitlin...a bag of books for 5 bucks is a great deal! Good for you. I have gone up and down stairs for a workout before. Makes a great workout.

Have a great evening all!


Lori, I think I may have done a couple of Jessica Smith on You Tube. That is great that you liked them on the rebounder. I have used the rebounder for quite a few different workouts. Cathe does work you well, but I think KCM has come up with some that really make me feel worked. Doing the all both workouts together and adding the bonus was plenty for me. I was tired by the time I got to the bonus core. I need to get more SB workouts.


Good morning,

No workout yesterday. A lot on my mind. My friend saw a pulmonologist Monday and they want to do a procedure that puts a stent in her airway…the tumor has shifted and is causing her airway to close so her breathing is getting worse. Because of the situation, she is considered “moderate to high” risk. She had to decide asap whether to do it. She is pretty scared about possibly being on a ventilator permanently. She was supposed to call yesterday and set it up for Friday. I am praying that she did. I don’t see an alternative.

Judy, nice workout at the gym! I am going to look at the FitBits especially for the sleep monitoring. I know that I do not get the sleep I need.

Carolyn, those recalls can be annoying, but at least they are good about notifying and getting them dong.

Valerie, I bet the room looks great with a new coat of paint. I have a weight bench with a squat rack and leg extension piece that takes up a lot of room in my workout area. I want to get rid of it, but it holds all kinds of stuff don't know where I would put the stuff if I got rid of it. :)

Caitlin, good workouts, and without DVD's :) Great deal on the books.

Diane Sue, nice getting those workouts in, all in one shot!

Lori, good that you are taking it easy. Another trip to the Cape? Nice!

Taking my friend to her chemo treatment this morning, so no workout today. Agility class later (fun!)and a club meeting after( ugh)…

Take care,


Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I did a premix from Yoga Relax, a short ab workout and a Linda Wooldridge lower body band segment.

Deb-I'm so sorry about your friend :( You should try a Fitbit. It helps me focus on getting more sleep, even though I'm still not getting enough either.

Diane Sue-Melatonin gave me strange dreams too. I have some Valerian root capsules but I haven't tried them yet. Great job with Muscle Up! I need to do more KCM workouts.

Caitlin-I didn't know you were a personal trainer! That's great!

Valerie-I like the social aspect of doing a yoga class in a group. I like the yoga DVDs and I feel like I am getting benefits from them but I think I would enjoy doing a class too.

Lori-I'm going to put a Garmin Speed and Cadence sensor on my spin bike this week. I ordered one from REI. That way I can use my Garmin watch to record my rides. I need to do some maintenance on the bike too. Hard to believe it's almost 5 years old!

Carolyn-I don't think I've done Cardio Supersets before. It sounds like a good workout.

Hope everyone has a good day!



We hauled everything back into the workout room after washing . (Defrosted the freezer at the same time.)Even the rugs got washed. We shifted the placement of things and are setting up the new tv and Apple TV this morning. Hopefully will find streamed things to watch when I’m not using a dvd.

Deb that sounds like a difficult spot your friend is in . Very kind of you to help her and take her. Sometimes friends disappear when things get tough. sounds like a hard choice but being on a ventilator would be worse than anything.

not getting the TV done this morning. we have the appt with apple around noon and need to get some other things done in case we have a power out with the rain/windstorm. the yoga class used to be a lot of fun. you can learn from watching other people, and there were quite a few 2 person things we did. the drive is more than I want to do for a 7 am class now.

the more I stew about getting sleep, the more trouble I have. did not find that melatonin or valerian did a thing. better for me to go to bed when I'm tired and get up when I wake up. I use Advil PM a lot of times after I get up at midnight. I need to read or do a puzzle, and usually sleep until 5-6.
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Deb, I am praying for your friend. Did they say the procedure was safe and wiuld give good results? I understand your worry. It is good that you are there for her. Just having someone there is a great help.
That double workout left me pretty sore today. I am going to do cardio and yoga today.

Judy I have started writing down my sleep patterns in my agenda calendar and notes on how i feel to get an idea as to what is working and what I did that seemed to help. Your body repairs itself in those deep and rem sleep cycles.
You get a lotbof use out of your spin bike. Setting it up to use with your Garmin watch should be fun. At least, I find that sort of thing fun :)
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Today I did D26 Plyo Legs for 54 minutes and 316 calories burned. Average heart rate was 121 and maximum heart rate 153. This one was exhausting because it is very cardio like.

I had my car service done but I had them bring me back home instead of waiting at the dealership. It took about 4 hours and I didn’t want to sit there that long. Cardio Supersets is one of my favorites from the LIS. It is low impact floor cardio with some use of the sliding discs. You do two exercises then repeat them before moving to the next set.

Deb, that is sad news about your friend. It is hard to make a big decision like that on such short notice. I hope the procedure is successful if she decides to do it.

Lori, I can see how Jessica’s workout would be good on the rebounder. They are easy to adjust intensity based on your individual needs.

Judy, I enjoyed the social aspect of group exercise classes. I have thought about looking for a yoga class for that reason. A friend from work and fellow WW member is going to one that she really enjoys. There are plenty of yoga studios around, but I don’t want a long drive with stressful traffic. That would defeat the purpose for me!

Diane Sue, you have some impressive weight workouts!

Hi to Valerie and Caitlin.


Hello to all,

Yesterday, I did my arms, and I noticed that I really can't do concentration curls with 15 pounds. I tried, and it was too difficult, so I went with 12 pounds. It is boring doing the stairs, but I did it I also have to obsessing about my weight, and I think I weigh about 115 now. I am not going down to 100 pounds to get a BMI of 20. I think 110 will do, and muscle weighs more than fat. I am leaving on Friday so Anthony can show me a place in New Jersey on Saturday, There will be no workous for at least 4 or 5 days, and the trip to Staten Island is very long, cab, Amtrak train, ferry and bus. I would never want to drive it.


Today I did workout 1 from Kelly Coffey Live amped up cardio, 31 minutes, 205 calories, heart rate 134 average, max 157, 3,033 steps. I then did Barre Amped Bounce arms and abs, cardio bounce, and stretch, 39 minutes, 194 calories, heart rate 120 average, 190???? max(I doubt this) 1,940 steps. I finished off with Les Mills Pump Flow for additional stretching, 22 minutes, 49 calories. Total time 92 minutes, calories burned 448.
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the good news is the screen protector was the only thing that broke. I didn't try to take it off as I didn't realize they are thin brittle things but now I know. so I can pick up another one at Costco tomorrow.

wow I am feeling like a lazy little slob. I did 25 on the elliptical, some push ups and abs from high reps. that will have to do for the day ran out of time.


Good evening ladies,

This morning was a couple of SB’s streamimg bounces then a bellicon squat workout that was more intense than I expected! Tonight I did JS 30 min fat blaster on the trampoline. Loved it as much as I did the other day. I am not near my phone so I can not tell you how long my workouts were. Going by memory the morning workout was about 45 mins and this evening was 30.

Deb...I am so sorry about your friend. I hope the procedure goes well. The annual board meeting for our time share is on saturday. My son and his GF like to come with me and we stay a few extra days. We have done it a few times and always have a great time. His birthday is the 26th so we make it a bday weekend for him. Leaving tomorrow from work and come home Sunday.

Diane Sue...I can see why you were tired after that workout. Once again I am bringing my trampoline to the Cape and my bands. :) I like the arms and ab SB bounce from her dvd. Love doing the pullups.

Carolyn...I loved Plyo Legs!!! And yes a tough workout. You are doing so well with STS! Good for you! I would like to take a barre class and a rebounder class just to try it out. Nothing close by where I live. Maybe it is better for me to look around my office. This may makes more sense.

Valerie...Lol!! You a lazy slob!!! Hahaha never!!! But I get what you mean. All the working I do when I take a couple of days off I feel that way too. That is great news about your phone. Easy and cheaper fix!

Caitlin...I sometimes use 15 and sometimes 12. Just depends on how energetic I am. I have been to Staten Island once when I was about 8 or 9. My mom had friends we were visiting. Hadn’t thought about that trip in years. are you liking Linda Woolridge now that you have done a couple of her workouts? I think she is great and I really like her personality. Can’t wait to hear your readings from your Garmin. You new bike is 5 years old? Wow that flew by!

Have a good night ladies!


My family came in just as I was logging so I had to come back to read everyone's posts.

Today was another day that I have hardly had time to get on the computer. Tomorrow the repair guy will be here to put the new belts and walking board on the tread climber. In the afternoon we are going to go see a movie there are several we would like to see. We do not go very often at all.
Yesterday my key start did not work right away again and the warning light came on. I ran home and left the car running so the code would not go off and put my groceries in the house and cold stuff up and took it in. It is still not fixed :( They said the code says to recode the key. They are thinking it might have some underlying cause like the navigation system and stereo my son put in. It seems odd that would have anything to do with the key. Warranty would not pay for that. I am going to let my husband deal with it. They made sure my car started for me to leave. I wish they would have just went ahead and did the recode for the key and system. It wasted a lot of my time sitting at the dealership.

Valerie, having everything clean and fresh will be nice for your new workout space. I had my tempered glass screen protector crack a few minutes ago. They are pretty fragile. At least it saved the phone screen. I need a new one again because I just pulled the one I have off of the last replacement phone since I was tired of ordering new ones everytime I got another phone. When I switched it from the old one I got a little chip on the glass around the home button. Nothing big though. I am glad that is all it was for you. Tempered glass works so much better though, it is easier to install without bubbles and does not get the film and scratches on it like those plastic ones do.

Carolyn, I have always felt that Plyo legs was more cardio. I did LIS Cardio Super sets recently. I had kind of forgotten what the format was since it had been quite some time. I have never been to a gym or yoga class.

Caitlin, I find that body fat has the most impact on how I look. I can have the same weight and look leaner than at other times and it is all body fat percentage and maybe some fluid retention will make a difference. I never thought BMI was a real good measurement for those who workout hard. I don't worry excessively about it. If I notice a bit more body fat I adjust my diet.

Lori, today I did not set the Fit Tower Up with the weights. I just got off the rebounder and did the pull ups and abs from the floor from most of it. I don't really hold onto it when I do the cardio work. I wanted to see how easy it was to do without the bar attached to the rebounder. I jump and do a lot more movement than they do through the cardio portions. I only used 3# for those upper body moves. That one is more than just arms and abs.


Good morning,

Yesterday I spent a good portion of the day with my friend who was getting her treatment.

Judy, I have both melatonin and the valerian root capsules. Neither did much for me. I also have 2 types of valerian root tea that seemed to work at first, but that didn't last long. I should try the tea again.

Valerie, your new workout area is going to be great when you are done. That is good news about the phone.

Diane Sue, probably a good idea to keep track of what was done the day/night before a good night's sleep to see what is working. My friend is at a higher risk because she is currently on oxygen, and she has COPD. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Your car situation has to be so frustrating!

Carolyn, Wow, you are up to disck 27 already! agree, that if you have to go through stressful traffic to get to a yoga class....that would defeat the purpose :).

Caitlin, I hope you like the place in NJ.

Lori, that sounds like a fun weekend for the 3 of you.

Hair cut and color today....not that I am looking forward to 2 hours in a salon chair....but hey, you do what you have to do right? LOL...

Take care,


This morning I only had time for Party Rock'n step 1, 56 minutes, 358 calories, heart rate average 139, max heart rate 180??(again I do not think this is right) . The calorie burn is right though from what I have had in the past, I just think it is giving some spikes that I don't think are there. Maybe I need to shut the phone and watch down again and maybe turn off blue tooth. The fitness repair guy is here now.

Deb, that is a tough decision for your friend with the COPD! I think that I have mentioned before that I do not like sitting in a chair in a salon. It is always such a relief to leave. It was good for you to be with your friend through treatment.


I will hit Costco today. groceries and a new phone screen cover. I was not at the phone kiosk when this one was installed, and thought it was similar to the one on my android phone. flexible plastic, but always had bubbles. such a relief when the apple guy lifted it off and no damage underneath. felt a little stupid about the trip to apple! my first thought was it was the cover that cracked, but DH, who dropped it, insisted it was the screen and I didn't lift it off to see, thinking if it WAS the screen I might damage things further. I stuck it back on the phone even though it is really completely cracked now....... just to keep the screen clean. I will look closer at the new screen to see if it is tempered glass. hopefully the crew there will put it on for me. I want to see how they do it ... straight and no bubbles.

we already are shifting equipment around. DH didn't like where the spin bike was, so swapped it with the elliptical and put treadmill in a corner. treadmill doesn't need as much space as we'd been giving it. then a wheel cover came off the elliptical and it was a whole lot of adjusting to get it back on right. will see how this floor plan works. more floor space this way. we are leaving some gear right outside the room. it is a finished room in the basement. we put glass doors on it so when we do dusty projects (sawing or sanding) we can keep the dust out of exercise area. gear shifts in and out of there depending on what we both are using.

diane sue, I would be ready to leave the car there until someone gets a plan organized to address the problem. electronics are lovely until they don't work right.


Hello to all the wonderful ladies,

Since I am not marking things down, I am getting a bit mixed up. I have the Cathe Calendar, and I should be doing it. I did my upper body today, and I stayed with 35 times for the stairs. I can feel twinges in my glutes from it. I do not know if I did my upper body twice in a row. I am almost all packed. I know that the stair climbing does not burn that many calories, and my weight has stayed stationary at about 115. I only plan to lose about another 5 pounds, and that will be good. I am not listening to the BMI table which states that I have to be 100 pounds as I know muscle weighs more than fat. Hi to Judy, Diane Sue, Traildoggie, I do not know your name. I have decided that I should write your names down. Hello to Deb, also. I hope I am seeing it on Saturday because Anthony works and that is the day he can take me. The photos look very nice, and it is close to the Cherry hill Mall.

I agree that body fat is much more important than BMI. I have calipers, but I can't do my triceps by myself.
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