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Attention Cathe Live subscribers: Thursday, April 15th, 2021 at 9:30 am EST we’ll be doing “Total Body Band Blast” LIVE! On your mark, get set, blast off!!! This high-energy workout alternates between low impact Hiit moves and total body band exercises. A great workout for when you’re traveling or those days you want to use minimal equipment to get the job done.
Equipment needed:
A light or medium tension resistance tube (or both if you have them).
A light or medium tension fire walker loop (or both if you have them).

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aqua girl

OK, love this one....I figured out where to start, fast forward & stop to make 2 "perfect" 30 min. or so
workouts with this one. Yay ! Can't wait to try !.


Battle of the Bands is what I called this workout!
Light vs. Medium
Red vs. Blue
This one is bound to peak your pecs, back, arms and legs not to mention your cheeks - :)
The rock and roll began when the DJ uttered "Let's Go":
Sumo Squats with a loop but it doesn't stop there cuz a few slow pulses are needed for a grand effect. Straight into galloping jacks, left than right for a zinger. Pec dec rotations with a red band had us at a stand still! And the Hammer Down Reach Pulls - well "lower" she commanded because demands are contraband. She held our arms in a row for a Double arm tricep extension as I shriveled in displeasure. Only to reward us with a Heisman Triple Run!
Grab your bands and let's go!

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