New DVD Replacement Update – Nov 7th

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We thought it would be a good idea today to give you an update on where we’re with new DVD replacements.

We have been working on the replacements 24/7 since we first discovered the error that many of you are having. The freeze problem was caused by a “missing layer flag error” that is usually caused by a mistake in the authoring process. Strangely, this is not an error that is possible with the software Telenium uses to author our DVDs since the software will not allow masters to be burned if the layer flag is not perfect. Nevertheless the error obviously happened. As a test we have taken the same project file and outputted it using a different computer to a DLT tape instead of a burned DVD disc. The tape was sent to SONY and examined. Unlike the burned DVD master the tape was found not to have any errors. SONY is sending us check disc made from the new DLT master for us to examine and test. We expect and hope there will not be any problems, but the check disc will be examined and tested thoroughly. Telenium is also sending another copy of the master to a leading independent lab to be thoroughly tested for any issues.

We expect and hope to give SONY the go ahead to redo our production run by the end of this week, but that will depend on a positive test from the independent lab and from the check discs we examine. If everything looks good we will resend SONY DLT tapes for all the new DVDs. Once again check discs will be made and sent to us for review. We are also going to send several of you that have had some unique sound and other problems a check disc just to make sure we have corrected every issue.

How to get your replacement:

To get your free replacements you need to do absolutely nothing. We’re going to send replacements to every customer (including distributors) that has ordered from us by the US Mail. Inside the padded envelope will be your replacement discs and a prepaid and addressed envelope to return your defective DVDs. All you have to do is drop your current DVDs inside the return envelope and give it to your postman.

We’re sending replacements not just because of the freeze glitch, but also because we have found a mistake on one of the premixes in Butts and Guts and in the time listed for one of the premixes in LIC. We want these DVDs to be as perfect as we can make them. Though there is no such thing as DVD disc that will play perfectly on every player, these errors and problems are beyond the norm and certainly not acceptable.

We can’t tell you how sorry we’re for the inconvenience this has caused many of you and we’re working as fast as we can to get you your replacement disc. We will keep you updated on when replacement discs will be sent just as soon as we know ourselves. We hope and honestly do think we can get you your replacement discs by the end of this month, but we will know more by next week.
How will you know who to sent them too? Are you making a list or just sending them out to all of us?

Thank you sooo much for all the hard work you all have put into these workouts! It is greatly appreciated!!!
I just noticed that Shelley. I must have read too fast. I was thinking it was to those that had problems. haha
SNM and Cathe - I've always been impressed with your products and service, but this is truly outstanding!

By the way, I haven't had any problems with my DVDs.
Thank you Cathe!! I really appreciate the way you've handled this! Despite all the technical glitches, I am LOVING these workouts!
Wow - you could give lessons to some of the big corporations on customer service! Definitely above and beyond what would normally be expected. We all greatly appreciate your efforts and your dedication.

Thank you!

"Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." Satchel Paige
WOW - that is amazingly above and beyond!!!! You and SNM are SUCH class acts.

I preordered the first day and will continue to do so for any and all upcoming projects.
This is absolutely the best customer service experience I have ever had!

One question though, will the Cardio Fusion DVD also be replaced? I have heard there were reports of some problems with that DVD as well.

WAY TO GO! All of you are doing an amazing job. Thank you for all of your hard work and all your efforts toward customer service. You don't get enough credit for the good stuff, nature of the beast, I guess. So here is a big round of applause- APPLAUSE APPLAUSE APPLAUSE, you'll have to imagine it since I don't have the appropriate smilie (someone help me out here).

GREAT JOB on your part,

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