LOVE LOVE LOVE the new menu!


It seems like a lot of thought has gone into making it functional for the home exerciser & I really appreciate that kind of dedication to us.

Can't wait to hear more...


Keep smiling & sweating!
I second that. This new series looks terrific! This is why you are now the only instructor I workout with. You go above and beyond expectations:) I'm soooo excited about this new series and sooo glad I pre-ordered.
Thanks you so much for the blog update. I'm trying to make up a rotation for the 4-day split and this helps. Now if only I knew what the premixes pressure. ;-)
I also think that the addition of what equipment is used is awesome. I have found that I spend more time trying to figure out what weights to start with sometimes!
Want to add my thanks too Cathe. That is the best idea to add what weights are used at the menu point. Even if I've done a workout a gazillion times, I don't always remember every prop used. Thank you soo much. I really appreciate the thought and work you are putting into these workouts (and all the other workouts too!) Now I just have to get myself up to speed so that I don't kill myself when they get here! LOL
Everything looks wonderful! I'm so excited to get these new workouts. Thanks for all of the hard work!
Glad you are all enjoying this feature. It takes a bit more time but we are now seeing that it is very worth it to you so thank you for the feedback.
I love the weight sizes on the menu, that does serves as a guide for which weight to use on each exercise. I am not quite there with ya, but some exercise I am pretty close. This is a major accomplisments within itself for me! Thanks for the feature. Annette
I love this, too! I have been keeping a notebook since the Gym Styles came out, but yesterday I dusted off Legs & Glutes ... it definitely took a little longer to get the weights right, and my memory was zilch.

By the way, I do so love this workout ... I usually do GS Legs, but Legs & Glutes is very comprehensive in just 50 minutes. Thank you!
Will you be also listing the time for each premix? I rarely get to do the entire workout at one time but the premixes with the times listed have helped me to get in as much as possible with as great a mix as possible. The idea of the weights used is a good one but for me, the time is more important.

Can't wait for the new workouts to come!
Wow! 'Just read more of your blog...these workouts are going to be fantastic! So many options...this is why you are STILL #1 in my book! Woo hoo!!!!!
I agree with the above - this is GREAT - love the times, formats and equipment required. It makes the premixes so easy to use. Love, love, love it - thanks to you and your team for such a stellar effort :)
> You go above
>and beyond expectations:)

Exactly. As I read the blog, I was thinking, "she's gone above and beyond the call of duty with these workouts!" Really, Cathe, I thought your previous workouts were so awesome, but it looks like you'll actually manage to top yourself! :7

Just another one who can't wait to get my hands on these!


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Oh, My Goodness! This is perfect! I couldn't think of one more thing to add. This is going to be such a help to me. Thank you so much!:)

Anyone who doesn't preorder is going to be kicking themselves.;)

Cathe and SNM, it's hard for me to imagine what else you could possibly add to make these workouts complete. You weren't kidding when you stated in the blog that you listened and tried to include all the features your fans have requested, unless maybe you could do a handstand, springing off the step into an air jack or something like that:p
The more I see about this series, the better I like it! I almost didn't preorder because I was afraid there would be too much high impact - I love it but have problems with it right now. Anyhow... I did preorder, and now that I see all these amazing premixes, I'm so glad I did!

Cathe, you and your team have thought of everything! If I didn't own one other Cathe workout, this package would probably be enough to keep me fit for life. Thanks so much for all the effort and creativity you put into your workouts!

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