LOVE LOVE LOVE the new menu!

I think putting the equipment on the menu is a great idea. Thanks so much for that. I rotate my DVDs so much I find it difficult to remember what weights I use with each one so this will save so much time!
I too am blown away!! The new series premixes and all your work with the equipment on the menu is amazing!! Thank you for thinking of those of us who like to do weights and then cardio! I was surprised and happy to find that premix on there! Love, love, love the new menu!!:)


>Glad you are all enjoying this feature. It takes a bit more
>time but we are now seeing that it is very worth it to you so
>thank you for the feedback.

Well, it is indeed well worth your time, Cathe. Thanks so we not only have great workouts, but with the menus and all the info you've included, I think we'll be able to make even more use of these workouts. Love the versatility and the user-friendliness:)

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