It has been years


Today I brought my weights, barbells, step, mini step, risers and floor cushion mats in from my garage because I am going to do Cathe workouts again. I ordered After Burn because I need to modify. I cannot run amy more either. I used to live in these forums. I wonder who from the old gang still hangs out here?


Hi Bobbi,
Good for you for dragging everything out again! I have stuck with Cathe since the old days ( I originally joined this site in 1999), but haven't really been active on these forums in years. I was never very active anyway, but I think I remember you... Did you used to have a little chick in your signature, with "Chicks rule" along with it?

Not sure if anyone other than Debbie H. is still here from way back when, but again, I'm not here very often so I could be way off on that!



Hi Bobbi, and welcome back!

Good for you for re-starting. I can't count how many times I've taken long breaks from working out and then made my way back.

It's the getting back that matters. I was out for about a year and re-started this time in June with a LIS rotation. July is 4DS (how I love that series!). I'll start the 6.5 month STS the first full week of August.

I've been here a while...not part of the original group...but long enough.

Plenty of folks just getting started or returning to fitness one way or another these days. It's great to see.

Enjoy the DOMS! :D


Hi Bobbi:

Yes, of course I remember you. I used to be marthasmum, somehow that got changed to younger daughter's name at some point. Who knows.

It's good to take breaks from the forums and from certain styles of working out. Sometimes you just get so bored with it all and need a new outlook. I think I took a break for about a year after some particularly nasty exchanges with a man who could not be called a gentleman and whose name I no longer remember. After a while, you see the same questions and battles and differences of opinion that will never be resolved and you need to just leave and do something else!

Do whatever you want and whatever brings you joy. Move because it makes you feel good. There is much life beyond running. Have you made your peace with that?

Have fun!



Hi Bobbi! I remember you! I've been on these forums since at least 2001, and I think we were on the Daily Check In together. Good for you for pulling out your equipment again! If you haven't been following Cathe's products for a few years, you're going to be quite impressed with what she's released recently.

Good to see you again and Welcome Back!


Hey there Bobbi

Hi Bobbi - I remember you so well. You INSPIRED me with your Skinny Fat plan some 8 years ago. Which, incidentally, I referred back to over many years. I lift weights all the time now and what an improvement. Thank you for providing the plan that set me off on the right road. I don't post on here anymore but I keep abreast of what's going on. It's so good to see you there.

I know you'll get right back into the workouts! You go girl :)

Coco Loco
(formerly Cheshire Cat)


Hi, everybody!

I found Cathe and the website in 1999-2000. I fell in love. My husband died two years ago after a long battle with alcoholism and pain killer addiction, failed rehab and my life fell apart. I rather did too. I have been in the depths of despair and depression and am finally battling my way back out and I know this is a good place to be. I have amazing equipment and DVD's and I start tomorrow, fresh as a daisy, I hope. I have to modify because I have a collapsed arch and a tendency for plantar fasciitis. I am very excited. I bought After Burn and have all the Low Impact and Kickboxing DVD's laid out but I am starting with Cross Train Express. I got into yoga a few years ago and got quite advanced at it but in the past two years, nothing. You are witnessing my rebirth. :)


Chicks rule!

Oh, yes, I was the Chick's rule person and I loved to post in the forums. I laughed so much and it is always so wonderful to be part of something like The woman here are fabulous. It has exploded. I love Cathletes. Thanks for the warm welcome. I feel quite at home. I used to have every single Cathe DVD but I see there are some I am going to have to earn now. I work -after 21 years as a full-time mom - at Marana Unified School District as a lunch lady and I am in a Medical Assistant Certificate program at Pima Community College. Straight A student so far! Pharmacology scares me though. It feels great to be back even though navigating is a little different now.


Hi Bobbi!!! I remember you and Welcome back! So sorry to hear of your husbands passing and battle with alcohol and pain killers. What you have gone through cannot be easy...sending (((HUGS))) your way. Sorry about you not being able to run, but Cathe's low impact workouts could be an awesome way for you to go now....:)...I don't really hang out here much, but read posts every few days. I love Afterburn...Good luck on the new job and getting your certificate at college...Enjoy your workout tomorrow!



I pulled out Cross Train Express but tomorrow I am doing Low Impact CardioSuperSets because I can't go high and I suck at step and hi/lo. I retained nothing of my former advanced abilities and I was surprised. I am spent now and will be sore tomorrow. I plan 21 days of workouts because my daughter told me last night 21 days to make a habit. I am determined to be fit again.
My husband's last years were brutal and I am only now feeling recovered from his end stage alcoholism. I got very depressed and it's been life changing. I am going to be the sole provider for the first time in my life. I am excited and scared all at once. I am getting a Medical Assistant Certificate from Pima Community College and I have found my equilibrium at last. Yay! It was hard to just let go of all that went down and not being able to save him or myself for a time. He was 52 years old, the father of three wonderful children and he just couldn't stop. It boggles the mind. I will be 50 in December and here I go!

Fidget Queen


I remember you and am happy to "see" you! I used to be sblordita. We had a couple of checkins together.

I'm so sorry about what you went through. :( Unimaginable, but I'm so glad you're fighting for happiness again. I wish I knew what to say.

I've been a perpetual beginner for the last few years after a severe run-in with mono. We'll both get there :).

Take care of yourself! Big hugs!


Hi Bobbie,
So glad you are getting back to the good life with Cathe and everybody:D

I recently had to start going low impact for the most part so I can relate to your new requirements, and the Low Impact Series is Fabulous! I'm an intensity junkie - I guess everyone on the forum is - and LIS has it!



Another old-timer here. Good to see you back, Bobbi! And I am so sorry to read what has happened. You are a strong person and you will make it.


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