Index of Cathe Rotations April '03 - Jul '08 (CatheNation Links)


Index of Cathe Rotations April '03 - April '10 (CatheNation Links)

April '03 - Current
(Listed in chronological order)

April ’03 – Muscle Endurance

May ’03 – Variety Training

June ’03 – Muscle Strength

July ’03 - Fat Loss and Definition

Aug ’03 – High Intensity/Low Intensity

Sept ’03 – High Intensity Cardio & Muscle Endurance

Oct ’03 – 4 day Split

Nov ’03 – All Circuits

Dec ’03 – Body Blast Series

Jan ’04 – New Years Resolution

Feb ’04 – Cardio & Weights

March ’04 – None posted

Apr ’04 – Power & Strength

May ’04 – Jump, Pump & Stretch

Jun ’04 – Double Header Beg/Int & Adv for New Series

Jul ’04 – High Intensity

Aug ’04 – Body Fat & Legs/Glutes

Sep ’04 – Fitness Conditioning

Oct’04 – None Posted

Nov '04 4day split w/ cardio

Dec’04 – None posted

Jan '05 New Years Resolution Weight Loss

Feb '05 Cardio Blast

Mar '05 Hardcore Series Celebration

April '05 Building Strength

May '05 One Body Part per Day

June '05 Cardio, Strength, Endurance & Flexibility

July '05 Weekly Total Body/Summer Express

Aug '05 Bootcamp

Sep '05 Butts & Guts

Oct '05 Upper Body Bliss

Nov '05 Fat Burning Focus

Dec '05 Timesavers

Jan '06 Lets Work! (90 minute workouts, heavy cardio)

February 06' Rotation: Keep It Going

March '06 Rotation: Strong like bull

Official Cathe Beginner Rotation (March 2006)

April '06 Lower Body Bonanza

May '06 5 Day Split

June '06 Rock Bottoms Rotation

July '06 Keeping Summer Fit (w/ Butt Blaster Bonus)

August '06 Primarily Muscular Endurance

September '06 Rotation - Standard Rotation (primarily muscle endurance and cardio)

October '06- Strength Gains

November '06- Shock Your Body!

December '06- Fat Loss and Strength Building

January '07- New Year Rotation

February '07- Cardio/Muscle Endurance

March 07' Intermediate Rotation

April '07- Intense Cardio/Heavy Lifting/Clean Eating

May '07- All PreMixes!!!

June '07- Strong Lean Muscle and Cardio Rev!!!

July '07- Timesaver Workouts

August 07' Lower Body Solution

September 07' Circuit City

Oct 07' Back to Heavy

Nov 07 ....4 Day Split

DEC 07' Rotation (60 minute or less)

Jan 08 rotation

Feb 08' Rotation (cardio/weight rotation that celebrates the "max" workouts)

March 08 Rotation (burning fat and calories, conditioning the heart, and developing muscle strength and endurance)

April 08' (overall conditioning with emphasis placed on lower body endurance)

May 08 (focus on overall strength)

June 08 Rotation

July 08 Rotation (muscle endurance along with a bit more punch on the cardio)

August 08 Rotation (moderate to heavy weight workouts mixed with moderate (in frequency) cardio)

September 08 Rotation (little more emphasis on total body conditioning and cardio output)

October 08' Rotation (focusing more on developing lean muscle mass)

November 08 Rotation (focus on heavier weights)

December 08 Rotation (focus on variety and some shorter workouts)

January 09 Rotation (burn extra calories and body fat while increasing lean muscle mass)

February 09 Rotation (focus on strength supplemented with shorter bursts of cardio. Also includes a QUICK FIX CARDIO Bonus)

March 09 Rotation(focus on cross training)

April 09 Rotation (focus on moderate to heavy strength training and cardio)

May 09 Rotation (focus on a mix of heavy weight and moderate to heavy weights with a little more focus on lower body)

June 09 Rotation (focus on Muscle Endurance and Fat Loss using a mixture of the STS workouts & some of Cathe's other workouts in her collection)

July 09 Rotation (the focus will be on Butt's and Guts)

August 09 Rotation ( a fitness pyramid :) one week of endurance, one week of moderate to heavy strength, one week of heavy strength, and one week of power and strength )

September 09 Rotation [focus on 4 day splits (2 upper 2 lower)]

October 09 Rotation ADVANCED(undulating STS - designed for ultimate muscle confusion)

November 09 Rotation (One week lighter, one week moderate to heavy, one week heavy and the final week is a circuit mixture.)

December 09 Rotation(Timesaver)

January 2010 - Cathe posted a 3 month STS Strength & STS Shock Cardio Rotation which is Sticky on Rotations forum :)

February '10 Rotation (tough, time efficient 50min or less, including a 1 per week double shot alternating Cardio & Weights to SHOCK the body)

March 2010 Rotation(combo of total body weight workouts, split weight workouts, and body part per day weight workouts, and circuit workouts; )

April '10 Rotation (combo of heavy weight training workouts from STS Meso 3 and the Gym Style Workouts)

May '10 Rotation

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Thanks Beth - this took me some time to gather all the info.

Here's hoping it gets a sticky or something :eek:


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Just giving this thread a lil bump so folks can find the current links to monthly rotations


Just added the August 08 rotation to the listing although I can no longer edit the heading of the post.

A Sticky would be nice - hint hint

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