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Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! I'm here for most of the afternoon. If you have any questions for me regarding the new workouts, or any question in general...just shout out.

Have a great day! :)


Hi Cathe,

Can't wait to see you in April and I am also looking forward to the new workouts! Thanks again for all that you do.



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Hi Cathe

Hope your doing great. Just a quick question for you. I`m wanting to reduce bulk in my lower body and lean it out but still keep some muscle definition. What do you think would be the best way to go about doing this? Oh and I can`t wait for the new workouts!


Hi Cathe!

I have a couple general questions: I am in week 4 of the 3-month STS/LIS rotation. I have seen the scale jump 4 lbs from this past Monday, and this past Monday, I was up 1 lb on the scale from the previous Monday, for a grand total of 5 lbs gained since starting this rotation. Eating is clean and I work out 6 days per week and add an additional cardio on the STS/weight training days. Is this just water weight gain and nothing to be concerned about? Would you recommend a diuretic? I should mention I'm pretty sore throughout my body and have been since I started this program.

Also, I was thinking about skipping the active recovery week next week and the one next month and just continue through the rotation (want to finish the rotation prior to Chicago RT - yay!): is this advisable?


Hi Cathe!

The new workouts sound fabulous! But I'm wondering -- are there plans for a Turbo Barre 2 in the future?



Hi Cathe=)
So excited and unexpected to see new videos! What inspired these? When can we see some previews, so my heart rate can jump up=)


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Hi there,
I have been working out for 2 years now, my body has changed a lot and went from 30% body fat to 25% and lost 15 post baby pounds,but I think I have reached a plateau, can't lower my body fat percentage anymore, any suggestions?


Hello Cathe, Looking forward to the new workouts.

DH and I workout 5 days a week and we both love TB & circuit workouts (let me just say...Cathe's TB & circuit workouts only). We have both enjoyed Athletic training & Afterburn. We only have an hour at a time to devote to our workouts and feel that these type of workouts give us the most bang for our buck.

Your LIS Bonus step routine has been a life saver. DH has a tough time with the dancy stuff (ha ha...does make for an interesting workout).

Thanks for the MANY OPTIONS (DVD'S) that your provide. I believe we have just about all of them.

Just wanted to let you know our first purchase was STS (after P90x). Wish we had found you sooner. "Your STS blows P90X out of the water."

As long has you keep making DVD's....you will have an old married couple that will continue working out.

Again thanks and looking forward to your future workouts.



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Exciting Stuff!

Hi Cathe!

Can't wait for the new work outs...I have no questions about them because I am sure there will just rock like all the others

Question about the Chicago RT though...what workouts will be highlighted while we are there? We are all very curious! Thanks :)

Christie Morgan
Questions :)

I have two questions:

In the LIS series, in a facebook post you said there are two workouts we shouldn't do back to back. Can you remind me what those are? :) Cardio Supersets and Afterburn or Afterburn and Athletic Training? Can't remember and can't find the post. :)

On the NEW workouts, do you anticipate a lot of step or no step? I love all your workouts but love your DVD's where it's more full body weights, intervals and total body versus step.

Thank you!!!!


Hi Cathe! I just wanted to say that I am so very happy to have found you :)

I have a few questions. Regardless of the answers, I still pre-ordered. So psyched!

-Will the workouts feature Slide & Glide discs?? Please say YES
-Will the workouts have firewalkers & tubing?? Please say YES
-Barre Work???? Please YES!!
-Hi/low Hiit???? More please!!!
-Can I expect a visit from my dixie cups??? DOMS yeah baby!!

Also, I am starting to follow some of your other rotations since the LIS gave me amazing results. Am I able to substitute a high impact workout on the rotation for a low impact one? For instance, your Feb rotation has CCC. Can I sub Afterburn? My knee's tend to bother me on and off, and I would like to stick to the rotation but sometimes I need to modify. I do not want this to interfere with my results.

Thank you Cathe!!

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Hi Cathe! I just purchased a couple of your new Low Impact Series DVDs and LOVE them.....Afterburn and Athletic Training....my question is, I'm trying to lose about 20 lbs (mostly from my lower body) and want to lose fat and tone up my thighs/butt. So can the low impact DVDs be counted as "weight days" or is there another one of your DVDs you can recommend, preferably one that works upper and lower body in one DVD?



Hi Cathe!

I am very much looking forward to meeting you on my first Road Trip in July! Thanks for getting me into great shape all these years!

Also, I was just wondering about the impact of these new workouts.

I **could** be looking forward to these, just hoping for low to moderate impact. I ADORE Athletic Training and Afterburn, probably BECAUSE they are doable for me.. no modifications necessary and STILL serve their purpose. I'm hoping that these will be similar. I am not anti-impact at all, just hoping for the similar challenge of AT and AB without super-high impact.

I also say yes yes YES to gliding discs, firewalkers and all things dixie cup!
Hi Cathe,

I have a question about upcoming workouts.

I know it quite early but i would like to know what equipment so i can plan in advance.

Will we need a kettlebell for the metabolic training, pls say yes.
Will we need the barbell?

Kind Regards,

Hi Cathe!

I posted this question in the Ask Cathe Forum and I was just curious about your opinion.

Right now I am currently doing an STS rotation and I am currently doing Meso 2. One of the things I've noticed during the BACK/BICEP workout is after I am finished with all of the back exercises my arms are pretty much fried. When it comes time to start working the biceps my arms are so fatigued that I am having difficulty performing exercises at 70-75% of my 1RM. As a matter of fact, I am not able to perform anywhere near 70-75% of my 1RM after doing back work. I was wondering if it is best to do the back exercises and then rest up and wait about 1 hour or even wait until the next day before taking on the bicep work, in which case I could probably perfom at 75% of my 1RM? Or it is better just to go ahead with the bicep work and use a much lower weight that will still allow you to work to complete failure? Any guidance you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Cathe! You are awesome!


Hi Cathe - I recently did a couple of the newer workouts. I absolutely loved Cardio super sets! What a fantastic workout. I felt totally energized after that workout and cant wait to do it again. Last night was low impact challenge and challenge it was. I'm hoping to get that choreo soon. Will the next workouts be more cardio or weight in nature?

Also try as I might, my fingers are not fast enough to get to the new jersey road trip. Are there plans for another Florida RT in the near future?

No matter what workouts I do, I always feel more comfortable with you and tend to see better results working out with you. Thank you.



Hey Cathe,

How you be?

The new workouts are listed as "multi-impact" so... does this mean we will get to see some of our favorite high impact moves mixed in with these great new LIS moves..(maybe even discs)? I always knew that they would hit (HiiT :D ) it off if they got to know each other better ;)

p.s. any slide glide fun planned for Chicago?

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