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Today I will do lower body using total body giant sets. Both PHA and Total body giant sets have separate upper and lower premixes. I will also do some sort of cardio. My neck is much better.
Today I did 4DS Biceps & Triceps. Had a great workout. This was a tough workout, I went quite heavy so I really felt the exercises. Even the band work.

Round 1
Slow Dips
- 8 reps (stretch)
Seated Tricep DB Extensions - 15#/20#/25#/30# - 12/10/8/6 reps
Standing Hammer Curls w/Twist - 10's/12's/15's/20's - 12/10/8/6

Round 2
BB Lying BB Triceps Extensions
– 35# - 8 reps; 2 ct. down, 6 ct. ups
SS w/
Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extensions – 10's - 8 reps/3 sets partial reps

Barbell Crazy 8’s – 30# - 8 full/8 down/8 up
SS w/
Reverse Dumbbell Curls – 12's - 10 reps

Round 3
Stability Ball HS Dips
– 8 reps/16 high end reps
SS w/
Tricep Incline Pushups

Inc. Hammer Curls w/Twist – 15's - 12 reps
SS w/
Hammer Curls – 15's - 8 reps

Round 4
Tricep Pressdowns w/Band

SS w/
Kickbacks w/ Band
Hanging Concen. Curls
– 20's - 12 reps (don't like these much)
SS w/
Wrist Curls - 8's - 16 reps (these hurt in a bad way)

Workout was 37 minutes, burned 235 calories. HR was 122/151.

Walked on my Treadmill for 22 minutes, burned 125 calories, went 1.09 miles and did 2682 steps. HR was 87/129.

Diane Sue - I'm glad your neck is better!!

I'm sorry everyone, I don't have time for personals, I am knee deep in a project at work. I hope you all have great workouts and a great weekend!!!
Walked on my treadmill for 1 mile.
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Jolie Fit

Today is a forced rest day for me. I had planned to go for a long walk but the Santa Ana winds are blowing so hard I could barely take my dog for a short walk. I also have a house showing so I have to totally clean my house to make it look nice! I am over this and my house has only been on the market for less than two weeks.

Debbie, nice bi's and tri's workout today!

Diane Sue, I hope you have a nice workout. I am glad to hear that your neck is feeling better!

I will check back in to see what you all do for your workouts.

Happy Friday.


This morning I did Cathe Ice Bootcamp no upper body, 31 minutes, heart rate average 114, max 143, 2,014 steps, met 5.8, 224 calories. I then did PHA mish mosh lower #2 each exercise done 3 times before moving to the next, met 5.1, 174 calories, 1,017 steps, heart rate 108 average, 136 max. I finished off with Suzanne Bowen Barre Amped Power Stretch, 23 minutes, 51 calories, 29 steps. Total time was 89 minutes, 449 calories, 3,060 steps.
PHA weights step with 3 rises
Squat off end of step 15# DB , 12 reps, 3 sets
Side Lunge 15# DBS, 12 reps, 3 sets alt right and left counts 1 reps
Step Ups 15# DBS, 12 reps, 3 sets
Cross Back lunge off of step 15# DB, 12 reps, 3 sets
Deadlifts 25# DBS, 12 reps, 3 sets
Standing Squats 25# DBS , 12 reps 3 sets

Debbie, excellent workout today. I like the press downs with the band for triceps. Hope work isn't too hectic.

Jolie, maybe your house will be sold quickly and you will not have to get it ready too many times. The potential buyers are generally the ones that come back to look again. At least that is what I have found each time we sold our houses. The worst lookers we had stayed 2 hours and had come more than once. Later we found out that they had bought family and played pool on our pool table. Meanwhile we were up the street sitting in the car with our two dogs waiting :( They did not buy the house.


Good morning,

DH and I are back home since last night. DH and I decided to break up our RT due to all the rain, everywhere. We had plans to drive to Nashville it will pour rain. Wednesday we spent walking on the beach, I added up with 18K steps. The weather was perfect for a beach walk. VA beach is very nice, the beach is only 2 hours from DC. We definitely plan to come back. We noticed a lot of dogs on the beach and the hotels, they allow dogs in the hotels and the beach, they were well mannered. Thursday we went to Williamsburg, it was a lot of fun to experience how they lived in the old day's. We spent all day walking around, every enactor actually works for, builds, designs, and makes everything they need to survive in the town, and everything the they sell in shops. The food was authentic and delicious, many of them live on the property as well. It is impossible to put into words, well worth the trip. The weather wasn't to bad a little chilly at times. Friday we went to Williamsburg VA, Jamestown and Yorktown, amazing interactive museums in each town, all of the sites were well designed and maintained. DH and I have to come back...so much to see and not enough time. It was pouring yesterday we did 2 museums which were inside/outside. It was fun to see but not in the pouring rain.

Today's is my DH birthday. Not sure what I will do today?

Great job everyone with your workouts. I will be back later.


This morning I did Rock Out Knock Out, 58 minutes, 371 calories, heart rate average 134, max 164, met 5.8, 4,533 steps. I have my grandson coming in a bit so will have to come back to read.

Jolie Fit

Today I did BACK. Workout was 36 minutes and I burned 297 calories. I liked this workout and will be doing It again.

STS Warm up

Wide Grip Pull Downs-
60# x 12, x 10, x 8
50# x 8 Drop Sets
40# x 8

BB Underhand Rows- Progressive Set
40# x 15
45# x 12
50# x 8
50# x 8
45# x 12
40# x 15

1 Arm Rows-
25# x 12, x 10, x 8
20# x 8 Drop Sets
15# x 8

Narrow Grip Pull Downs-
70# x 12, x 10, x 8
60# x 8 Drop Sets
50# x 8

45# x 12, x 10, x 8
40# x 8 Drop Sets
35# x 8

Belinda, sounds like an awesome trip! Happy Birthday to your husband. Enjoy your day with him!!!

Diane Sue, nice workout and have a good time with you grandson. Cooking something good today, just not sure what!? College football today so maybe some good turkey burgers minus the buns.

Happy Saturday.
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I ended up having my two younger grandsons today. We played games and looked at the Amazon toy catolog. Along with watching our bedlam football game. My daughter has season tickets so I watched her son. It was such a close game. I don't envy them sitting outside in the cold all of those hours. I need to do some cooking and make my dog her dog treats. Maybe tomorrow.

Jolie, nice workout. Yesterday I made an Instant Pot Asian sesame chicken form Whole 30 slow cooker. It had the chicken with a sauce and steamed broccoli. I made enough so I could have some today for lunch. Dinner was a Paleo Creamy Chicken Stew. Turkey Burgers sounds good.

Belinda, Williamsburg sounds like it would be really enjoyable getting a glimpse of how they lived. I like visiting museums. Your trip sounds really enjoyable and relaxing.


No workout today. Just a rest day and trying to get over a cold. I see Kelly has her new Coffey Fit Raw cardio/sculpt overload workout. It is 40 minutes with weighted vest optional cardio and moderate dumbbell work between. I skimmed through it. For some reason when I try to watch the new videos on my laptop there is no audio. I noticed this with the last one, but it was fine with the Roku.


Good morning,

Yesterday I did a SBF lower barre workout with my DD. I am thinking signing up for BB.

Diane Sue - we really enjoyed Williamsburg. We are defiantly going back when the weather gets nicer. I hear you on not sitting outside in that cold. Glad you had fun with your grandson. Hope you don't get sick. I usually stream through my laptop without problem. Sometimes SBF videos freeze.

Jolie - thank you on DD birthday. We did had a lot of fun. Great job on your weight workout.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me.

I will be back later to report my workout. BBL!
I decided to do some workouts from the Strong & Sweaty series and this morning I did PHA Training. What a fun workout, I have never done this one and I've had this series for a year or so now. I thought it was a cardio and weight workout but then I viewed it last night and realized it was not. Had fun with it, I can see all different ways this could be done in the future.

This is how it went:

Squat off the End of Step: 12# - 12 reps
Overhead Press: 15's - 12 reps
Side Lunges: 12's - 12 reps each side
Upright Rows: 15's - 12 reps
Step-Ups: 12's - 12 reps each side
Release Push-Ups - 12 reps (I did not find these to be very hard)
Repeat these exercises 2 more times - used step w/2 risers

Cross-Back Lunges - 15# - 12 reps each side
Bicep Curls: 15's - 12 reps
Deadlifts: 25's - 12 reps
Pullovers: 30# - 12 reps
Standing Squats: 20's - 12 reps
Lying Extensions: 12's - 12 reps
Repeat these exercises 2 more times

Workout was 50 minutes, burned 286 calories and HR was 115/183. This workout kept my HR up and I broke a pretty good sweat towards the end.

Diane Sue - Nice jobs with your workouts on Friday and Saturday!! The premixes you did for PHA sound pretty good. Glad you were able to spend time with your grandsons. And yes, I seen that workout from Kelly too, she is really cranking them out there. I can't keep up!

Belinda - Glad to hear you had a good trip and are back safely!! I know I've been to Williamsburg but I was so little I don't remember much of it. Need to get there again with DH. Great job getting your workouts in!

Jolie - Nice back workout! Those look like so much fun, I really need to do them again with you. I'm having fun doing different workouts right now but when I'm sick of it, I will be doing yours again. How is the house selling going? Have you found one yet that you want to move into?

Roselyn - Hope you had a good trip as well. You are a woman of so few words. LOL!! Good job with your workout!

Roxie - Hope you had a great weekend!

DOZ - Ok girl, where are you? It is a new week, get some workouts in and report back here!! We are keeping you accountable!!!

Have a great day everyone!!! God bless the people in those fires, what is going on in CA?? Happy Veteran's day as well!


Lift4 W1 D1 chest/triceps is done. DH and I liked it a lot. You can go as heavy as you want. He does weights first, than Hiit cardio ( he has a modifier) + abs. The weights workout was slow and controlled. Can't wait to do D2 tomorrow. Workout time was 40 min. Not bad!

Debbie - PHA training is a fun workout. Great job this morning.

I will be back later.


Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Cardio/Sculpt overload, 41 minutes, 265 calories, met 5.8, 1,969 steps, heart rate 110 average, 160 max. I finished off with a Sarah Beth You Tube Morning yoga, 16 minutes, 35 calories. total time 57 minutes, 300 calories.
Raw Cardio / Sculpt Overload Kelly wears a 6# weighted vest (optional) I used 12# and later in the workouts she mentions a 12#. She uses a light pair of dumbbells 8# and a 12# pair of dumbbells 30 seconds each exercise done 4 times This is all low impact.
cardio heel dig push
squat press 8# dbs
lateral raise reverse lunge 8# dbs (I used 5#)
cardio heel cross lateral leg raise
side lunge biceps curls 12# dbs (I think she light but picks up the heavier weight)
cardio football runs curtsy lunge
scale(1 leg dead lift) biceps curl 12# dbs
cardio crescent side kick step in
front lunge/squat/lunge press 8# db
cardio hamstring curl double inside toe tap
crunch with punches

I will be back in a little while. Snow outside today and it is cold.
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Jolie Fit

Ok Wow about these fires!!! Every year it is devastating! Today I did Chest and some Legs. I did 3 sets and the last set To Failure. Workout was 42 minutes and I burned 269 calories. It is so dry here my skin is going to crack! I had to cut my workout a tad short because I have to go to the Doctors to start the process for my tooth implant. I am so scared to have that drilled into the bone! Debbie, I recall you had this done last year. Was it bad?

STS Warm Up

Chest Press warm up- 15's x 16

Chest Press- 25's x 12, x 10, x 8, x 10 TF

Chest Flies- 17's x 12, x 10, x 8, x 13 TF

Incline Chest Press- 25's x 12, x 10, x 8, x 11 TF

Leg Ext- 50# x 20
60# x 12, x 12, x 14 TF

Leg Curls- 20# x 20
30# x 12, x 12, x 14 TF

I wanted to ABS but I ran out of time. I am sure I will be sore again tomorrow.

Debbie, Nice workout, I have never done that one before. I think I would die!!!

Diane Sue, you are so lucky you have snow! It is 85 degrees here today! Nice job on the workout.

Belinday, nice workout today!

I have to run, i am short on time so I will come back later to read more posts.


My husband was off today and we watched movies and I made some collagen and protein bars. Hoping they come out well. I made a chicken recipe from Whole 30 Slow Cooker following the Instant Pot directions. I think it would have been better with cashew butter rather than the Sunflower butter. Besides my sunflower butter tasted kind of stale. I am glad I made enough for 2 rather than 4. If the nut butter was different it would have tasted sort of like the Cashew Butter Chicken soup from Clean Eating. I always loved that one. No beans in the chicken stew I made has sweet potato in it rather than beans. I tried to not overcook it because I don't like mushy sweet potatoes that are overcooked. So far the recipes have been pretty good though.

Roselyn, nice job getting back into the workout.

Deb, nice work on PHA. It is like the old Firm that I believe Pam Cauthen did that was periferal heart action alternating lower and upper. I like that there are options so it can be done doing more sets with the upper and lower premixes. Total Body has some nice premixes as well.
I liked the workout I did from Kelly's Raw workouts today. The use of the vest does up the intensity a bit while doing the cardio moves and weights. She offers suggestions for upping it a bit if you use no vest and things like if shoulders are a problem just do the lower moves. I like how she does this so you can make the workout work for you.

Belinda, nice that your husband did the workout with you. I have not heard of that workout.

Jolie, I do not remember so many fires when we lived out there. I remember once in awhile when I was a child living in Apple Valley and seeing the fires in the mountains glow while we were sitting outside in our yard at night. It always worried me, but then I was 6 years old. I don't remember it being that hot out there as much as it seems to be either. Maybe I am just forgetting? My husband and I would go to the beach and walk around at night. I am hoping there is no ice tomorrow because I need to get out and do some banking and shopping. I hope things go well with the dental implant.

Roxie, I hope things are going well for you.

Doz, how are the workouts going ??


Diane Sue - Lift 4 is from BOD. DH signed us up. Here is the breakdown of the workout. Slow and controlled. Hope you enjoyed your day with your husband today. Mine is off a few day's too. We went to the Amish Country in Lancaster PA today. We had a lot of fun.

D1 W1 Chest & Triceps 50/50:
10 reps/3 sets
Chest Press
Skull Crusher

10 reps/3 sets
Chest Fly
Close Grip Tricep Press

10 reps/3 sets
Rotating Chest Press
Tricep Pushups

Cardio/HiiT: 60 sec/15 sec rest
Soccer Ball Kicks
Mountain Climbers
Catcher Squat (burpee to a catch squat)

abs: 30 sec/3 sets
Rope Climb
Windshield wipers

Jolie - great job with your weight workout today.

Time to relax. Good night, everyone.
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Good morning,

Lift4 D2 Biceps & back Circuit = 35 min is done. He packs a lot in 35 min. I was a sweaty mess.I also did SBF abs.

10 reps/ repeat all 4 exercises 3 x
Wide Double Arm Row
W Curl
Double Arm Row
Hammer Curls

10 reps/ repeat all 4 exercises 3 x
Bottom Curl (like the crazy 8's but bottoms only)
Reverse Fly
Top Curl (like in crazy 8's top curls only)

Burn out set: 30 sec/ 3x
Bicep Curl

Abs: 30 sec/3 x
Setup with a twist and alternating legs twist
Plank hold


I will be back later.
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Roxie 1965

Good Morning,

I did Coffeyfit Raw Compound Moves on Saturday then StudioSweat Spin Steady Breath Steady Burn w/Brooke and 3 Week Yoga Retreat Take 10 Am Sunday and this morning Coffeyfit Raw Kickboxing & Olympic Lifts good workout.

Belinda-I am seriously considering signing up for that

Jolie Fit

Today I did Biceps and Triceps, including Progressive Sets and Back Off Sets. Workout was 42 minutes and I burned 285 calories. One minute rest between sets except for Progressive Sets and BOSets.

Bicep Curls- Progressive Set
12's x 15
15's x 12
17's x 8
17's x 8
15's x 12
12's x 15

Lying Triceps Ext.- Progressive Set
8's x 15
10's x 12
12's x 8
15's x 6
15's x 6
12's x 8
10's x 12
8's x 15 ( I added two more sets because I didn't go heavy enough! ) Tuff Stuff!

Hammer Curls-
17's x 12, x 10, x 8
12's x 16 BOS

Cross Body Ext-
14's x 12, x 10, x 8
12's x 10 BOS

Incline Curls-
15's x 12, x 10, x 8
12's x 10 BOS

10's x 12, x 10, x 8
8's x 12 BOS

I pulled a muscle in my hip yesterday working out and I have no idea how or when I did it. I think I must have done it while doing leg curls. I am having a hard time moving around today. It is so hot and dry out I feel like my skin is going to split! The winds are high today again, fueling the fires. God Bless these poor people! I am so sick of fires.

Belinda, what is BOD? Is that Body Beach on Demand? I want to check out what you and your DH are doing for workouts!

Roxie, good job on the workout today! I ate some left over candy from the holiday yesterday, not good for the diet! :(

Debbie and Diane Sue, I hope you both have good workouts. I will check back later to read your posts.

I have dental surgery for my implant the Monday after Thanksgiving and I am so scared. The idea of drilling into the bone and screwing in an implant scares the shit out of me! I suppose I wont be working out for a few days and wehn I do it will have to be light and easy.

Have a great day.
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