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Getting our November check in started. No workout today. We got up early to do an early voting since my husband is often home after the polls close on election day. I may do some stretching later or try to do a quick workout in the morning before church.

Jolie Fit

I am going to wear my "Make America Great Again" red hat to the polls to vote on Tuesday!!!!

I had an awesome workout today, I did Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps. I did it in a tri set style, 4 sets and the last set to failure. I ended with leg ext. workout was 1 hour and 5 minutes and I burned 479 calories.

Warm Up STS

Shoulder Press DB's- 20's x 10, x 10, x 10, x 12 TF
Bicep Curls- 20's x 10, x 10, x 10, x 11 TF ( these were tuff stuff )
Lying Triceps Ext.- 15's x 10, x 10, x 10, x 11 TF

1 Arm Lateral Raise- 12# x 10, x 10, x 10, x 13 TF
Hammer Curls- 17's x 10, x 10, x 10, x 16 TF ( could go heavier next time )
Kickbacks- 10's x 10, x 10, x 10, x 13 TF

Rear Flies- 12's x 10, x 10, x 10, x 12 TF
Incline Bicep Curls- 15's x 10, x 10, x 10, x 12 TF
Cross Body Lying Triceps Ext.- 12# x 10, x 10, x 10, x 16 TF ( could go heavier next time )

Leg Ext.- 60# x 12, x 12, x 12, x 13 TF

I must say, it feels really good to lift a little bit heavier than I have been lately. I don't like the way I am looking lately, I have lost a lot of muscle and look blah!!!! Time to step it up with the weights!

We are having two open houses this weekend so I have to get showered and out to go look for a house to live in. No offers yet, they wanted to wait till we got through out first open houses.

Have a wonderful day, it was 90 degrees here yesterday! I want Fall to come!

Don't forget to change your clocks back an hour tonight!


Jolie, nice workout! I never liked open houses. My husband usu a lly said no because it was mostly just lookers and not buyers. Great idea wearing a MAGA hat :) it is chilly here today. We had to stand outside for awhile this morning waiting to go inside.


Diane Sue - I do enjoy all the choices of workouts. So many too little time. I do miss workout sheets and good premixes. I am downsizing my huge dvd collection and everything I own. We are not moving any time soon, I want to be prepared when we do. I already have so many dvd's that collecting dust. We owned a smaller house in TX, loved it. Cleaning was a breeze. I am getting older not younger for all that cleaning. Great job with your workout today.

Jolie - nice workout today. I don't like open houses. Hope you get an offer soon.
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Good morning,

SBF Stretch 5 = 25 min is done. This one is a great lower body stretch. I need to stretch more, my hips are tight. My abs are sore this morning. He thinks it's from the crawl move we did yesterday. I didn't go down on the floor, I modified.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone.
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This morning I did Fit Split Cardio Shred cardio time saver, 29 minutes, heart rate average 135, max 170, 195 calories, met 6.1, 2,431 steps. I did not do the push ups on the squat thrusts to push ups, instead I did 2 squat thrusts. My neck and shoulders are very painful, mostly the right side. I think some plumbing work we did along with my cold and hard coughing has really aggravated things causing inflammation all over. I finished off with Barre Amped Upper Body Stretch, 13 minutes, met 2.0, 29 calories, 39 steps. Total time was 42 minutes, 234 calories. Last night I did a Youtube yoga for shoulders and neck by a different instructor than my usual one. I had a particular posture workout I wanted to do that I thought I had saved to watch later, but under time constraints and couldn't find it. I will have to find it again today and save it.

Belinda, I always dread the dragging the heavy Kerby vacuum up and down the stairs. Someday I am going to get a vacuum for upstairs. Downstairs is mostly tile and wood except the master bedroom. I am needing more stretching lately.


Good morning,

ICE Chiseled Lower Body is done.

Diane Sue - great workout yesterday. I also hate dragging the vacuum upstairs.

Roselyn - great job with CF.

Have a great Monday and workout, everyone.
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I was going over my workout sheets this weekend just trying to get them organized and I came across 4DS. Like Belinda said, so many workouts, so little time!! There are so many I want to do. I will do 4DS this week, they are fun. Today I did 4DS Back & Chest. Had a good workout and went heavy, pretty much what Cathe did.

Round 1
(warmup): hate these but did them anyways
One Arm Rows (warmup): 15#/16 reps
One Arm Rows: 30#/8 reps
Pushups - Full/Partial – 7x’s
One Arm Rows – 30#/8 reps
Pushups – 8 singles/8 bottom/8 top

Round 2
Underhand BB Rows
– 50#/2 sets-7/8 reps
Incline Dumbbell Flyes – 25's/12 slow reps
Underhand BB Rows – 50#/2 sets-7 reps
Incline Dumbbell Flyes – 25's/12 slow reps

Round 3
One Arm Rows Palms Back
– 25#/12 reps
Decline Pushups – 12 reps

Round 4
Incline Pullover
– 30#/8 reps
Incline DB Chest Press – 30's/12 reps

Round 5
Back Pulls w/Band

superset w/
Y’s w/Band
Around the Clock Pushups -
Love this exercise!

Then I walked on my treadmill for 1 mile.

Workout was a total of 60 minutes, burned 405 calories and went 3262 setps and HR was 125/188. Last time I did this workout I did the same thing, same weights and a 1.4 miles walk and only burned 268 calories. Why the huge difference? Weird.

Jolie - Nice job with your workout on Saturday, hope your Open Houses went good.

Belinda - Nice job on your stretch workout. I really need to start making time to do that. Weekends would be the perfect time to get some stretching in, especially now that it's getting colder outside. Good job this morning as well!!

Diane - I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well and that you are having neck pain again. I sure hope that goes away soon. Nice job with your workout yesterday despite all of that!! I think I would haveopted for the day off. Nice job and hope you feel better today.

Roselyn - Nice job with Crossfire!!

Roxie - Hope you had a great weekend!!!

So I've been thinking a lot about what I eat and seriously, I usually always eat 99% clean (except weekends). I make some sort of soup and whatever I will have for breakfast at work on Sunday's and then I put it all in containers so I can just grab and go. But then when I get to work I warm them up in the microwave. What is that doing to the nutrients in my foods? I've read many things that says the microwave strips foods of it's nutrients so what's the point of taking 2 hours every Sunday to do all this good clean cooking if in the ultimate end I'm getting no benefits from it? So I've decided to buy a hot plate like the kind college students buy. I should be getting it tomorrow. I will keep it in my office and warm my stuff up with that. I'll probably have to start it about an hour before I eat but that shouldn't be a problem when I am in my office and don't have any meetings. I will try it and see. I'll let you all know how I like it. It's got to be better than microwave cooking all the time.


Belinda, when we had our largeer home I had a vacuum for both floors. I bought a battery operated Hoover Linx, that was so light and great for the stairs and all of the wood floors upstairs. I still have it and it is 6 years old. The only thing is the battery doesn't stay charged as long and the roller for carpet quit turning long ago. I just use it for quick pick ups. I want to get another eventually. The battery costs almost half the full price.

Roselyn, nice job getting crossfire in.

Debbie, 4 Day Split is great for shorter weight workouts that work well and divide up body parts. Still allows enough time for cardio. My aunt who is 75 told me once that she got very sick, which is rare, and it was because microwaving the food was removing the nutrients from it. She pretty much lives in her RV. She quit microwaving. Also microwaving in plastics is bad and puts toxins in your food. I freeze soups in glass bowls with lids and sometimes partially thaw in the microwave to get it out of the bowl and dump it into a sauce pan. I have also tried to cut out using Teflon for most things, I think society relies too much on microwaves. The hot plate sounds like a great idea, or heat it in the morning and use a thermos.


Debbie - I love Susanne Bowen stretches. She added 2 stretches a week into her current rotation, my body really needs it. My hips are so tight lately. Did you pre order Cathe's new workouts? I pre ordered but will cancel soon. I am on the fence? I have so many dvd's that collecting dust. I should do what I already have. Great job with the 4DS CB this morning. Impressive weights! I don't like using the microwave, for the same reasons you mention. I have one but hardly use it. If you reheat meat it gets dry. Let me know how the hotplate works out.

Diane Sue - I hope your shoulder/neck feel better soon. We do have 2 central vacuums, but I still have to put it away every time I use it. The hose is so long, the only good thing about it is...I don't have to plug it in in every room. DH and I thinking about getting rid of all the carpets. Well, I only have carpets upstairs. I do use the central vacuum to clean the downstairs floors.
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This morning I did Kelly's new Coffey Fit Raw Step 2, 40 minutes, heart rate average 131, max 162, 256 calories, met 5.8, 3,563 steps. I followed this with her new 6&60/core workout, 13 minutes, met 3.5, 50 calories, and finished with Linda Woolridge Barlates Posture workout for neck and shoulders, 21 minutes, 46 calories, met 2.0. Total time was 74 minutes, 353 calories. I am hoping that that band work on the posture work does not set off the pain more in my neck area! Not sure how I felt, my elbows pull away from the wall when doing the up against the wall moves. It is supposed to help with neck and shoulder pain.
I really liked this step workout. The first half is step moves then she does a quick lower focused cardio segment followed by boxing drills and ending with standing ab work which all still keeps the heart rate elevated. When I was done I discovered there was the additional core workout to add on to other workout.
The core workout is done in 60 second ab exercises alternated with 10 rep push up variations
Basic crunch
10 pushups from the floor
leg raises
10 push ups from knees
twisted crunch all right side
10 dolphin push ups
twisted crunches left side
push ups with off set hands right
seated knee pulls
push ups with off set hands left
frankinstein sit ups (arms straight up to sit ups)
10 push ups

Belinda, it seems the central vacuum would be nice. I want to get rid of the carpet upstairs in the workout room. I would like to put in rubber flooring, or something better to workout on. It is over the garage so I know it won't be a noise problem. We want to put new carpeting in the master bedroom. We almost did that when we did the flooring. Upstairs is probably the carpet that was originally in the house. Ugly carpet!! It took me forever to get it cleaned up halfway decent.

Jolie Fit

Today I will start doing one body part per day, except for arms ( one day ) including one progressive set and then Drop Sets for the remainder of the workout. I forgot to set my Fitbit so I have no idea my stats. I loved this workout and cant wait till tomorrow to try it again on another body part.

STS Warm Up

Chest Press Warm Up- 15's x 16, x 12
Chest Press- Progressive Set
15's x 15
20's x 12
25's x 8
25's x 8
20's x 12
15's x 15

Chest Flies
17's x 12, x 10, x 8
Drop Set- 15's x 8

Incline Chest Press-
22's x 12, x 10, x 8
Drop Set- 17's x 8

Incline Flies-
15's x 12, x 10, x 8
Drop Set- 12's x 8

Close Grip Chest Press-
17's x 14 ( go heavier next time ), 12, x 10
Drop Set- 15's x 10

Debbie, nice job on the 4DS split workout today. I love those workouts! I tell you, the leg workout is an absolute killer. You could run for a half hour and do one body part per day as well if you want to get in more cardio. I have done that workout that way and I enjoyed it!

I will come back later to read your posts. I have to get my son to the oral surgen to get his wisdom teeth out now. He refuses to be put to sleep so he is just doing it with the shots!!! OK...

Have a nice day.
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Jolie, that looks like a really good workout plan. I did not have them put me to sleep when I had my wisdom teeth out. They did two one time and then I had the other two taken out. First time was terrible and the second time was a breeze. My husband has to have his out and says he is not going to let them put him to sleep. It is just two of them. The only problem is he can't get off work to go to the dentist. We need a Saturday dentist.


Debbie, I just logged into MFP and it worked fine. I usually do it on my tablet.

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