Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for November 2020


Good morning,

Cathe Virtual Roadtrip was amazing. DD and I had blast. Last night at the a mock tail/cocktail party Cathe gave me another shout out. She ask me when I moved from Germany to the US. We talked about her mom and dad. I have a very, strong German accent like her mom :) I didn't like the beaks in-between classes. I thought it was too long. Yesterday my entire family went for a walk with the dogs. I loved all the 4 classes especially. The 3rd class Metabolic TB was fantastic. There was audio problems which was a little frustrating since I could hardly hear. The yoga mobility felt great after good afterwards. The flow was around 50 min. The music was amazing, she played real music. Cathe will have her new equipment line coming. She will come out with a workout with the fabric loops. As I mention before DD and I shopped our heart out. I figured I only can get it at the RT. Why not? I am really glad I did the virtual Roadtrip.

Diane - Cathe's parents are both from Germany. Cathe grew up speaking German. Cathe speaks in German to me. I don't know if you remember her and I spoke German here on the forum years back. She is so cute. Yesterday I could speak with everyone. I think I had it set wrong. Like I said, zoom is new to me. Glad my kids were here to help. There was a chat box which we all used during Cathe's workout when the sound was so low we all had trouble hearing.

Jolie - hopefully I can sick with plant based food or at least not eat a lot of meat maybe eat fish/turkey/chicken once or twice a week. I switched a long time from dairy to plant based products. My body just feels better. The Cathe Black Friday sale is already up. I bought so much at the RT already.

I will be back later today.


Today is a rest day unless I do some yoga.

Belinda, the Road Trip sounds like it was a lot of fun. I remember that Cathe's family was from Germany. I have seen her make comments in the past. Some of the ladies on Kelly's facebook group were talking about having purchased the fabric loops. I don't know where they got them. I got the email for her the items on her black Friday sale. I don't know why zoom does that to some people. It happens with school where some cannot hear or there is static. Also if two of the children in the same house get near each other with their school ipads it sets off squealing like having mics together. Also, I think someone in class or the teacher's classroom has a smoke detector that needs batteries as it keeps beeping. The first time I thought it was mine and went and checked it out. Generally I change the battery around the first of the year. Good luck with plant based. I don't eat a lot of meat myself. Just for heart reasons. I eat some chicken usually in soup or fish. Lately I have bought organic smoked turkey breast for sandwiches spread with avocado and on gluten free or a seed bread. I have days where I may just have some protein powder. I kind of miss eggs. I used to make poached eggs a lot.


Yesterday I did a youtube workout... This one was tough but I liked it.

Then I went for a bike ride with my son- about 5-6 miles. I was dead!

This morning I did P30 Mobility Basics and that felt good!

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Hi all! This morning I did Kelly's Cardio Pump #1 and had a great workout. I love this kickboxing workout, I've done it a lot and know it so I can really work it. I used my 1# hand weights, I did feel tightness in my upper back, especially the left side, but I stretched really good and I will not do KB again this week. My right elbow still really hurts, I wonder if I should get it looked at? I can't for the life of me figure out why it hurts so bad.

Workout was 30 minutes, burned 206 calories, did 3312 steps and HR was 129/158.

Belinda - the virtual road trip sounded like a lot of fun!! Thanks for sharing with us the breakdown of what you did. I remember Cathe is German, so cool that you can speak to her in German!! The goody bag had some really nice stuff in it! Lucky you!!!

Diane - I saw what you wrote to Jolie about the plant protein powder I use. I don't use Orgain, I'm not even sure what that is. I use ON Gold Standard 100% Plant Protein Powder and I get vanilla and chocolate ones. They are ok, the flavor could be better. I was actually doing to do a search to see which plant protein powders have the best flavor but haven't had time to do that yet. Good job with your workouts this weekend and I hope you enjoyed your rest day yesterday.

Doreen - Great workout yesterday, looks like fun!

Jolie - Glad your parents are all squared away and glad you dad got through the surgery so well! Nice job with your workout!

Have a great day everyone!


Good morning,

I did CL# 296 Touch Up Training: UB = 44 min. Had a great workout. Tomorrow I have an ENT appointment.

Debbie - you are welcome! DD and I did had a lot of fun. I am glad I did it. I would highly recommend it to everyone that can make it to an actual in person RT. If Cathe does another one I will defiantly sign up again. Yes, Cathe speaks perfect German. I do like my goody bag. You usually get a RT shirt. Cathe is coming out with some cool t-shirts. She was wearing them on the RT. Great job this morning.

Diane - we had a blast. I wished Cathe could play real music on her Live/dvd workouts. Wonder how Kelly gets away with it? My DD works on zoom a lot with her clients. She said, it's normal. Actually that Cathe had so many people on zoom, she did a great job. Like I said, I think she needs to keep the numbers lower than 110, IMO! I am going to try to go plant base for awhile to see if things change. I don't eat a lot of meat...mostly chicken, turkey and fish. We shall see.

I will be back later.


I did MM100 - #67 Downbeat strength this morning. Yes - I am skipping around - just wanting to see what the series progresses too and how hard it gets. I haven't tried the yoga or stretch portions of this series yet but should before my trial expires.

Then I switched to a new double step workout on YT by Giana. I did about 25 mintues of it - about 3 of the combos. In this one I'm paying so much attention to my steps I don't even remember what the music was!

I haven't purchased anything from Black Friday yet - I'll look at the new fitness equipment maybe. But for downloads I could get 4 months of CL instead of a few downloads... that seems like a better deal.


I am getting ready to choose a workout. I am still somewhat sore this morning.

Debbie, I guess I cannot remember who told me that Orgain was good. I have not found a plant based protein powder that tasted good to me. If I sort of dread the taste I am not buying it. I have a tub of chocolate Amazing grass that I hate. Even peanut butter does not help. Most seem to work better as a drink shake with banana in it to help with taste though when I force myself to use it. Anything with pea protein in it is disgusting imo. I just shop carefully for whey products. Some sweeteners cause digestive issues and I don't know why, but some just do not set well. Lately I mainly use Isopure the keto one in vanilla. This has some zinc added and uses stevia. I rarely by chocolate as I just figure I can add cacao if I want it. Vanilla works well with a variety of berries and add ins. I think I have been using for about a year now. I did try Bluebonnet recently and it set okay, I was just not quite happy with the vanilla flavor in it. Maybe kind of overpowering as I could smell it. Interesting I saw Sprouts now is selling Bluebonnet products. I usually have purchased from Amazon.

Belinda, good luck trying plant based diet. I hope things go well with the ent. It does seem like the more people on the zoom group the worse it would be. When we did family it was hard to get used to not all talking at once since we had not talked in a long time after the first covid shut down.

Doreen, I would be trying different types of workouts while I had the trial too. I guess you were really concentrating on the steps with double step:):) I do that with workouts and then try to think what the music was like later and if I liked it or not. To absorbed in the work itself.

Jolie Fit

Today I did CL # 302 Burn Sets Back, Chest and Shoulders and had a great workout. I did the exact same weights as Cathe except for the Chest Flies, she used 25's and I used 20's. Also, I did not do the pushups, I did chest press instead. I like slow and heavy workouts right now, there is no dread factor and I want to get back the muscle that I lost lately, so these will do the job. I think I may start STS after this week, I have the set so why not? Todays workout was 50 minutes and I burned 299 calories. I did 3 AB exercises at the end since this workout did not include any. Heart rate was 111/163.

I had to cancel my trip to visit my son, Nevada is going into a full lock down starting tomorrow so now my son is going to drive home instead :) My sons team won on Saturday they are one of the only remaining teams undefeated, they are #1 in their division! I am decorating my Christmas Tree today :)

I think I am going to get a new Fitbit for Christmas because mine is 3 years old and I think it is out of date and does not sync with my phone since the last update. Which one do you have and do you like it?

Debbie, great job with the kickboxing workout today. My right shoulder is bothering me again today as well as my neck. It is always something. Are you going to be able to have Thanksgiving with your mom? I will not be having it with my parents, My son is driving home after practice on Thanksgiving and wont be home till about midnight. I think this year is going to suck!!!

Doreen, nice workout yesterday and a bike ride too with your son!

Belinda, I like Touch Up Training, I will have to do that soon.

Diane Sue, I hope you have a great workout today. How are you sleeping lately? I am sleeping at least 10 hours every night and I didnt even have to get up last night to use the restroom, amazing right!

Make it a great day. BBL to read posts that are added after this one.


Today I did Live 223 Low Impact Blast Off Circuit 49 minutes (41 actual),164 calories, heart rate 106/149, 2,125 steps. I then did Perfect 30 Yoga Strength and Flexibility, 33 minutes, 41 calories, heart rate 83/109, 79 steps.
Total time 82 minutes, 205 calories, 2204 steps.
Low Impact Blast Off Circuit 41 minutes
Cardio 17 minutes with warm up with final move using 5# dumbbells for squat kicks
biceps curls 15# dbs 8 reps
overhead triceps extensions 12# dbs 8 reps

squat/ curl/ overhead extension 2x 8 times
lunge/crossback lunge 15# db 10 reps right and 10 reps left

upright row 12 # dbs 10 reps
9verhead triceps extensions 10# dbs 10 reps
repeat x then 3rd time 6 reps

front swings to goal post arms 8# dbs 10 reps

1 arm row 15 and 5# db held together 16 reps right and 16 reps left
rear delt fly 10# dbs 10 reps
lateral raise 5# dbs 12 reps

Static Lunges 15 reps right 15 reps left 15# dbs
deadlift 15# dbs 12 reps

no weights and use a mat
5 sit ups to 5 push ups 5 times ( I did only 2 sets of push ups and just did sit ups instead)

Jolie, no not much sleep for me. I wish I could sleep 10 hours. I have been trying to be careful about any beverages after dinner other than sips so I do not have restroom trips that break up my sleep. Nice job on the workout today. I bet you are looking forward to your son coming down. I am so sick of the covid virus stuff. My thought is those that are misdiagnosed as having covid when they were not really tested may be considered as having a second round of it if they really do get it. Then they will be saying we can get it more than once. I am sick of the politics using it. I have thought about getting out my Christmas stuff, but suddenly my husband thinks we are going to sell our house and move! I am not ready for that.
I was reading some stuff about the neck, traps, and delts and pain referral even into the arms and shoulders. It gave different reasons, but there was some part of it that those spaces in my neck can be opened up some with the proper exercises and stretching. It said a lot of people do not warm up well enough before a workout. Also not enough stretching. The neck can cause so much tension in the shoulder blades that it makes a knot. This is obvious. It also said often go back to exercising too hard and that gives us set backs. I pretty much agree with all of it. It is hard to have patience.
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This morning I did CL #295 - Stepped Up Bootcamp - what a fun workout that was. I had a bit of a dread factor with it (anything with the word bootcamp gives me the shivers), but this one was very doable for me and I only modified one exercise which was the plank work at the end. I will be back later with the breakdown of the workout, I think many of you would love to try it.

Workout was 44 minutes, burned 304 calories, HR was 135/180 and did 2050 steps.

I have a follow up foot appointment and they are taking my measurements for my new custom inserts. BBL!!
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Good morning,

My ENT doctor canceled my appointment for today, she is sick. I decided to do CL# 298 Touch Up Training: LB. Very good lower body workout. I am not allowed to use anything over 10 pounds for my lower body, still had a great LB workout even with 10's only.

Debbie - great workout as usually. I will give CL #295 a try this week. Glad you liked it.I have custom inserts they do take a little to get used to them. Now I don't even feel them anymore. I do't have PF since I am wearing my insets.

Roselyn - great job with P30 LB. How are you liking your new job?

Jolie - I like the Touch Up Training workouts too. Very fun! I love CL :)

Doreen - I was thinking the same when I looked at the downloads. I rather have 4 month CL :)

Roxie - hope you doing well.

Have a wonderful day and workout, everyone.


This morning I did 10 Rounds Upper Body from week 1. Just a straightforward lifting workout, single arm then double arm on all moves for chest, back, bi, tri and core. Joel really likes basic lifting I think- this would be a good format to repeat for a longer workout. That was about 25 minutes and then I finished working on the double step video from yesterday.

I'm not ready to start CL again (I had for 6 months at the beginning of 2020) but I will check out #295 when I do!! It sounds fun!

I just heard another family that is down with COVID and my husband's boss just tested positive as well. I think its just a matter of time before we all get it.
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Here is the breakdown of the workout I did this morning:

CL #295 - Stepped Up Bootcamp

5 Circuits - cardio, upper body, lower body and abs

Circuit 1
Cardio blast:
Jump on on Step, 2 jump ropes, jump down & touch step
Cross Back Lunges on Step: 8's - 24 reps each side
Decline Pushups: 16/8/8 reps
V-Ups on Step: 16 reps

Circuit 2
Cardio Blast:
Jump over step 6 times, knee off the back - repeat a few times
Step Ups: 12's 16 reps each side
Biceps Curls/Overhead Press: 10's
Knee in/out/in/jacks plank

Circuit 3
Cardio Blast:
Power 7/Box Lunges - 6 sets
Deadlifts: 15's 16 reps
Triceps Push Ups on step: 2 on knees/2 on toes - 4 sets
Side Bends: 8's - 16 reps (I didn't like these, it really hurt my neck and upper back. I held the weights at my sides and did side bends like that)

Circuit 4
Cardio Blast:
Over the top/Burpee or Over the top/Jacks (I did the latter)
Bulgarian Split Squats: 12's/16 reps each side
Reverse Crunch on step: tons of reps
Pullovers: 20# - 16 reps

Circuit 5
Cardio Blast:
Straddle Taps/Jacks
Sumo Squats: 20's - 16 reps
Drop Curls: 10's - 4 sets then 1 slow set, then 8 regular curls
Straddle Down Plank (I did Russian Twists w/8# med ball)

Very fun and doable.

Belinda - I forgot to tell you I have tried to eat as a vegetarian (not vegan) and it goes well sometimes and other times it's just hard because I have to make two meals each night - one for me and one for my husband. He wouldn't eat vegetarian style if I paid him. So if I make something with chicken, I'll eat it. If it's steak, burger, etc. I will make myself something vegetarian. I haven't noticed a difference at all in muscle mass on me - age is playing a role in that, but I don't think it's my diet. I feel great when I eat all veggies in a day and I have found some awesome recipes. I usually get them from forksoverknives.com but most of the recipes are for 8 or more servings so I have to either cut it in half or make it for an entire week - which I do sometimes. Anyways, I hope you find that you like it, there are some amazing stories from people who have had cancer that eating like this has cured them and many more ailments like that. I'm a true believer, but sometimes it's hard to just eat like that all the time. Good luck! I'm looking forward to my new inserts, I got fitted for them. They took a 3-D picture of them - crazy. I thought I'd have to step on something to make the mold but nope, I sat in a comfy chair and they just took video of my foot. Took only seconds to do. We'll see how the inserts come out. My dad had very flat feet and he had inserts. He swore by them.

Diane - Kelly hasn't had anything new on her channel lately. Not that there is already a ton to choose from! I wonder if she is on a break, do you know? I'll have to check out Orgain, I don't remember seeing that brand on Amazon. I have such a hard time with whey powders anymore, they tear up my stomach. I definitely do better using the plant based ones.

Jolie - Great workout, I want to do that one again but afraid I might injure my upper back again. I'm trying to slowly get back into lifting. So far it has been working. Yes, we are planning on having Thanksgiving with my mom. There are only four of us counting my mom so that isn't too bad. We will wear our masks and eat in separate areas of the house if she lets us. She is a real pain with social distancing. I take her to church and we wear masks and so far we have been all healthy. Hopefully that will continue.

Doreen - That is so scary. So far we have been good. I just want to stay home until this is over, can't stand it anymore. I hate listening to the news, that is all they talk about. I wonder what they will talk about when COVID is under control? Ridiculous.

Roselyn - Great job with your lower body workout yesterday!

Have a great day everyone!!


Today I did Cathe Live Love Me Some Kickboxing #272, 59 minutes, 322 calories, heart rate 131/156, 5,621 steps. I also did Perfect 30 Flow Mobility basics 33 minutes, 36 calories, 94 steps, 81/105 heart rate. Total time was 92 minutes, 355 calories, 5,715 steps


I have been making my house ready for pictures since I guess we are selling. This is not my idea. I thought I was going to be decorating for Christmas and enjoying a week off of school.
My neck is a little sore after todays workout. It was kickboxing then a heavybag segment and went back to kickboxing and had some burpees with jumps and jacks between the kickboxing moves. I did not hit the heavy bag hard. I really like that I can put those plastic protective covers over my Versa 2 Fitbit and wear gloves and it does not bother the readings. I figured that out by accident once when I forgot to remove the cover. I have an appointment as soon as my doctors office opens for my yearly check. No workout in the morning. I will see how it goes when I get home.

Belinda, that is too bad the ent appointment was canceled. You got in a good workout.

Debbie, Kelly has filmed some new workouts that she is getting ready to put up. One is Punch Out which is a total heavy bag workout. The other is Heavy Bag and Cardio that she filmed earlier in November. Her Facebook account got hacked and she was glad facebook let her back on. I noticed on her own page that she has posted a couple of things that you can't see. She posted a picture of herself and Noelle and Sammy together in the gym saying Sammy was back with them working out. Sammy had back surgery. She posted a video trying to encourage those that are feeling down to workout first then find some activity to do. She says she will go paint a room or something other than sit and worry over things. Also she posted pictures of the gym group and saying they need to open gyms so people can be healthy as covid hates healthy people. Also, Kelly put up some of her newest dvds.
I have done that bootcamp workout. I know some are okay. I used to always expect them to have lots of burpees and push ups and jumping, but they are not all like that. I have seen Orgain in Walmart and on Amazon. I just was hoping to find an individual pouch or something so I dont waste money. If it tastes anything like the others, I would rather just eat food. It is just that protein powder is easy and a good way to eat some berries with it. I do not care much for Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Powder in the keto form, actually most of the bone broth products. No matter what flavor they taste odd and texture is not exactly smooth. It tastes better than the plant based to me though. Also price affects it. I do not want to spend 50 dollars on a container of protein powder unless it is good and going to last a couple of months.
I guess us and my daughter's inlaws are like your mother. My daughter said we won't stay away. That is nice that you take your mother to church. We have a few at church that wear masks. We still distance, hand sanitizer at the door and on the tables. No hand shaking or anything. I miss all of the closeness. There are some I would worry about. One of the elderly gentlemen has had lots of surgery lately and lost so much weight. He was back Sunday. I don't blame your mother.

Speaking of elderly, got an email from my aunt and I felt sad for her. She is 80 and drives her RV pulling her car south for the winter all of the time. I guess her son is getting her home done in Wa. It has been a long project. She said he had to finish sheet rock and get the flooring in. She does not want to spend winter in her RV and she has lots of land, but winters are rough for her. She said they closed up the community group she got together with all of the time. Then she got to AZ and the park does not have there meeting place open either. She said she does lots of crossword puzzles. I think this is terribly sad. No one should have to be alone like that. I think she did find one other camper that wore a mask and went for a walk with her.

Doreen, I heard another lady that comes to our ladies group had family members that had covid. For the most part though, for most people that get it, it does not sound as bad as h1n1 was. My daughter had that and she is the dermatologist. She was terribly sick. I think the lost a lot of people with that. I still feel like if they protected those that needed protected and let it run it's course maybe it would be gone faster. The medical "professionals" seem to have differing views on it. I keep trying to figure out why offices would claim people had tested positive when they really didn't unless they are doing it for funding or something. It makes no sense. Just thoughts. I hope that you all stay well. I don't blame you for wanting to wait on Cathe Live for awhile. I waited till there were quite a few new ones to try out. I am sure after 6 months I will want to wait for a bit again.

Roselyn, nice job getting in Perfect 30 lower body today.

Jolie, I hope you are having a nice visit with your son home.
This morning I did a Max Trainer workout which was Max Performance Intervals 21 with Amy Dixon. Great workout and a hard one. I've done this one once before. My FB seemed to be working great, but then in the middle of the workout when my HR was sky high my FB showed 89 bpm. W - T - F? I moved it to a different part of my arm and it went up to 135. Geez. Anyways, had a great workout, this one is tough. It has 18 - 20 second intervals, 6 at a resistance of 4, 6 at a resistance of 6 and 6 at a resitance of 4 again. Tough stuff but loved it.

Workout was 25 minutes, burned 168 calories (MT said 235 so WTH?), went .68 miles, did 1676 steps and HR was 130/162. My HR was way more than 162 at times.

That was it for today, I am off from work but have a lot to do.

Roselyn - Great job with the XTrain workouts you did yesterday! Those are great workouts.

Diane - Why are you selling your house? Wow, didn't see that coming. Nice job on your workout, was that kickboxing workout good? An hour with KB is a bit much right now but I might do it at some point. That is crazy about Kelly and FB. I hate these media platforms, Twitter is just as bad. They are all one sided and shut people's accounts down for 30 days if something is said that they don't agree with. I wonder if that's what happened to Kelly? Anyways, I'm looking forward to her new workouts.

Jolie, Belinda, Roxie & Doreen - Have a great workout today!!

I'm not working out tomorrow so I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know it won't be the same as usual, but we need to make it the best we can. Hopefully next year we will be back to normal. Love you all, my workout family!!

Jolie Fit

I forgot to check in yesterday. I had to run errands all day since I changed my plans for Thanksgiving and I am now having it at my home instead of going to Nevada. I did not workout, I had too much too get done. My right knee is killing me so I have a chiropractor appointment this afternoon. Today I will do Biceps and Triceps, not sure what workout but I will find something good. I bought a new smart TV at Costco yesterday for my gym room so I am excited to get that set up so I can use my dvd player again, I want to start STS next week. Also, I want to do 4 Day Split again, those weight workouts are awesome! I still need to get a heater for my garage, that is why I havent been working out a lot lately, it is too cold!!!! I am a fair weather friend and when it is 50 degrees out I cannot workout in that kind of temp. Costco was our of them yesterday :( I will look on Amazon today. I bought lobster bisque and I am making crab cakes for myself for Thanksgiving, I do not enjoy turkey.

Diane Sue, why does your husband want to move!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, this is the time I had to show my house two years ago, it shows good with some holiday decor up.

I will be back later to post my workout and reply to your posts.


Good morning,

I walked this morning and SBF LB barre.

Diane - why are you moving? Didn't you just moved into your house not to long ago? My ENT doctor is deploying soon. They have no appointments for the next few month. They already squeezed me into other appointments. They will run a bunch of tests on me. I have another one set up for next week. It's all good.

Jolie - hope the chiropractor will help your knees. Let me know which program you are starting next week.

Debbie - I am going to try to eat vegan instead of eating lots of meat. I personally don't have a problem not eating meat. My DH on the other hand does. I will see how it goes.

I will try to be back later.

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