Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for May 2021


Roselyn - thank you for your kind words. They like your family members.

Debbie - thank you for your kind words. I am so thankful we had him for all those years. We adopted him when he was only 8 weeks old. I miss him so much. My house feels so empty.
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Belinda - So sorry for your loss...I bet the house feels empty. We got Zion at 8 weeks and I'm already so attached to him I can't imagine.

This morning I did KCM Strong and Lean. Then I turned on a Penny Barnshaw pyramid style. And Surprise there was no music!! I wasn't prepared to play my own so I just called it a day!
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Jolie Fit

Belinda, I am so sorry for your loss. I just found a tumor growing under my dogs tongue yesterday and have to take him to the animal hospital at noon today, I am so scared what they are going to tell me it is! My dog is 14 and the best friend I have and I cant imagine what you are going through right now! Hugs to you!!!!

Today is an active recovery week, so I did a TM workout, 60 minutes uphill, 6.0 incline, 3.2 speed, traveled 3.2 miles and burned 582 calories. I am drenched and it is cool outside in my gym room today. Heart rate was 135/178. I think this week I will do a lot of TM and Elliptical work along with Cathe's Muscle Meltdowns for each body part lighter weights.

Doreen, nice workout today!

BBL to read your posts for the day. Pray for my doggie, he needs prayers right now.
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This morning I did CDorner's 30 minutes Super Fun Cardio, no equipment, no jumping options which was pretty fun. I had to be at work early so I only had a short 30 minutes to workout. This was perfect. This was a workout she did 2 weeks ago I think it said. Fun music in it and I liked the things she did. It got my HR up a bit but I didn't break a sweat.

Workout was 31 minutes, burned 181 calories (Chris said she burned 375! WTF?), did 3174 steps and HR was 116/155.

Belinda - I orderd the China Study recipe book and I think I should get it today. Can't wait to see it.

No time for personals, hope you all have great workouts!!!
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It is getting late and I should be in bed. I thought I would do a quick check in. My workout was short as I needed to take the grandchildren to the store between zoom classes and school work. My granddaughter needed a new apple charging cable and I picked up a couple of things.
I did CDorner's Step Aerobics Int/Adv slower paced workout which she says something like bpm 127 max. I got it up quite a bit higher, but I added intensity to it. I almost quit, because it felt slow at first, but she sped it up and it was better. Also I did not care for the music. This was 39 minutes, 223 calories, heart rate 139/165. I added some jumping and faster paced steps etc.. 3,504 steps total. Wonder what her calorie burn was?? She always seems to come up with quite a bit higher than I get. My neck and shoulders hurt today for an unexplained reason. Unless all of the crawling under the built in gas grill outside cleaning and scrubbing it aggravated it. But, that was Saturday. We went to my granddaughter's for her graduation party Saturday. Her husband went all out with decorations and front lawn decor. It was a come and go 3-8 party. This evening we watched her graduation via the OU Sports network. They made a last minute switch to do it indoors since it has been raining, but really sun came out this afternoon. We are supposed to have rain all week. I was so proud of her. She now has her law degree. They did the 2020 and 2021 graduations together. Not so many 2020 students were there. So sad for them.
I will check back tomorrow.

Belinda, I am sure your house is very quiet. We get so used to that fur baby family member being there. My heart goes out to you.



I am still here. I don't feel good at all. With everything that is going on, I got a sinus infection. My throat is killing me. I called my doctor he wants to to get a covid test tomorrow before I go to the clinic for blood test. He doesn't think I have covid but he wants to rule it out. I know it's my sinus/ear/RP. I really don't want to take any antibiotics. I don't know what would help like antibiotics does? Any help would be appreciated.

Yesterday Chu Chu got cremated :( I miss him so much. All his things are still in the living room, can't move it.

Today I got up and went for a nice long walk, than I did SBF LB barre.

Debbie - let me know what you think about the book?

Jolie - oh no! What did the vet say about your dog? I will pray for your dog.

Diane - thank you! We sure get used them them. We had ChuChu almost 17 years.

Doreen - thank you. They are like your kids.

Roselyn - nice job yesterday and thank you!
This morning I did CDorner's #115 - Step & Strength w/Weights workout and it was excellent. I really enjoyed it. Light weight workout, I used 8's, 5's and 3's and got my HR up pretty good. The time flew by, I will do this one again for sure.

Workout was 50 minutes, burned 250 calories, did 3537 steps and HR was107/149.

Again, no time for personals. Had a Young Authors event this morning and now I'm closing all that out. Last event of the school year. YAY!!!

Have a great day everyone!!


Today I did Step Jump and Pump step premix followed by Step Blast Challenge and Blasts with the stretch, 44 minutes, 211 calories, heart rate 126/167, 3,589 steps. I also did CDorner Mobility Stretch # 47 28 minutes, 40 calories, heart rate 78/111. I really needed the stretch. For some reason I really hurt all over this morning. Total time was 72 minutes, 251 calories. I did not check the steps for the stretch which I am sure was not much. I had to stop for the zoom class before doing the stretch.

Jolie Fit

Today I did another uphill walk on my TM, 80 minutes, 6.5 incline for 3 miles and then 5.0 incline for 1 mile. I traveled a total of 4.3 miles, pace was 3.0 to 3.2 and I burned 721 calories. I was drenched when I was finished and I feel amazing. I cant believe how much energy I have had lately so I am taking advantage of it while I can. Heart rate was 126/178.

So my dog has a cancer tumor in his mouth :( I do not know if it is Malignant or not, they will have to do a biopsy to find out. I have no Idea what to do for him, he is old and I dont know if he could make it through surgery to remove it. If I dont remove it, it will continue to grow. I am heart broken but I will fight for him since he cannot do it for himself. I have a call with a surgeon on Thursday afternoon so I will know more after the call. I think the surgery will cost thousands of dollars :( I just dont know what to do about this situation. I mean, I love this dog more than some of my family members, he is my soul mate.


Belinda, I cant imagine how you are feeling right now. Also, now your sick on top of it, your stress caused your immune system to drop so you should go get an IV drip with a ton of vitamins, especially vitamin C! It would help you a lot. Take B vitamins too for stress.

Debbie, have a great end of the year event at your school! Nice workout today!

Diane Sue, way to go on the workout today, I hope your neck area is feeling better today.

BBL to read your post for the day. I hope you all have excellent workouts today.
Belinda I feel so sorry for you, when we lost our furbaby, Cole, I swear I heard his nails clicking on our hardwood floors. It took us over a year and we adopted Gus, I said never again but he brings so much love and laughter to us. I still miss Cole to this day he was one of a kind and I am sure Chu Chu was one of a kind for you:(

Today I did Flaming legs Caroline!!
This morning I only had time to walk on my treadmill, had to be at work early again for a meeting with the music directors from the schools I do events for. We had a great meeting, I love working with all the music teachers, they are wonderful people. Our schools are lucky to have them, too bad they don't appreciate them.

Walk was only 25 minutes, burned 148 calories, went 1.25 miles and did 2981 steps. HR was 111/138.

Belinda - I hope you are feeling better, that is all you need! When it rains it pours. I hope you are getting better emotionally as well. Believe me, I know what you are going through. I still miss Bear every day. I still can't think of him and not cry sometimes. :( I looked through the entire cookbook yesterday and wow, what a lot of fabulous recipes are in there. The only thing that I didn't like was all the recipes with Tofu in them and there are a lot. I can't eat Tofu, it doesn't like my body like soy milk or chick peas. But maybe I can replace tofu with white beans. We'll see, there are may other recipes that don't even that in the recipe. I can't wait to try a few. Thanks for letting me know about the book, it is great!!

Diane - I am going to do SJ&P one of these days. I'll have to do a premix because I remember it being a pretty long workout. Your workout looked really fun from yesterday.

Jolie - I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. Poor thing. :( I will keep him in my prayers.

Have a great day everyone, gotta get back to work!


Today I did CDorner Kickboxing Tabata, 40 minutes, 224 calories, heart rate 139/166, 2,821 steps. The music was fun and some of it was fun. There was two tabata drills that had thruster moves or an alternative and more time on the floor and my hands than I wanted. My wrists were bothering me last night. The last drill was down to the floor doing ab as v sit punches alternated with a side plank hold, this was at 30 minutes. I also did her newest Cardio Mobility, 30 minutes, heart rate 91/114, 231 steps, 67 calories. I don't think I liked this one all that much. It kind of reminded me of moves in a cardio yoga I have with Brook Benson and some of the moves with budokon. I find it uncomfortable doing lunge hops into other poses and that sort of thing. She even ends this with roll backs and coming up onto the feet with legs crossed. I felt like I really still needed a stretch. I was hoping for movement, but not that sort of working movement. Total time was 70 minutes, 291 calories, 3,045 steps. Tomorrow will have to be a short workout if I get one in as I have to have my granddaughter on the other side of town for a dentist appointment.

Debbie, I pulled out another older Cathe dvd to do workouts from. I get a kick out of the music teacher from my grandson's school. I like her, but he sure doesn't as she had high expectations from the children for music and also was his reading teacher for awhile and gave lots of writing assignments on paper. She always seemed kind of serious, but then she was hilarious doing dance moves and exercises on music and PE class with the coach and wearing costumes. You see another side to her. She obviously spent more time on lessons for the children than some of the teachers and grades came back same day on turn ins with virtual school. I do not like tofu and I really always avoided soy for the most part anyway. I tried different recipes and no way. I did like tempeh in recipes like chili's and stuff. I just read a whole article about the pitfalls of vegan diets. It says that Seniors eating plant based diets can lead to sarcopena (muscle loss, frailty, lower bone density and in children affects the brain development negatively. They seem to come up with scare tactics for whatever we eat. There is a video documentary called "sacred cow" by Diana Rogers that I gather was recently put out. I tried fried tofu, tofu in soups etc.. I will say I made a lower carb dessert that I have a recipe (sort of mine with changes I made to the original) that I used tofu in and it had a cinnamon apple topping. My husband loved it. It was so much work, I have not done it in years though. Soy gives me stomach cramps.

Jolie, I hope that your dog can get surgery and be okay. Decisions like surgeries for pets are hard to make especially when they are aged. Praying that it will not be as bad as it sounds. Poor dog.
You got a great workout in today.

Belinda, I hope that you are feeling better. I am sorry you are not feeling well and have had to go through so much at this time of loss. Sending prayers out to you!

Roselyn, Flamingo legs is an interesting title for a workout :)

Jolie Fit

Today was a rest day for me. I went to a Thrift Store to get some books to read this summer and bought two dvds, Turbo Jam Punch, kick and jam by Chalene Johnson at Beach Body and the other one is 12 Rounds of Boxing Bootcamp. I want some cardio to do so maybe I might like these workouts, shoot, they only cost $1 a piece, that's a real bargain.

Debbie, way to go on the walk today. I love that you love your job! That way, you never work a day in your life!

Diane Sue, nice workout today. I cant believe that is all of the calories that you burned in that amount of time!

Make it a great day.
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Today I did P30 UB plus SBF 10 min HiiT plus stretching.

Had to wait an hour to get the results from the Covid test. I knew I don't have covid. I have a sinus infection. My throat hurts, I am losing my voice too. I was allowed to enter the clinic to get a blood test. To see if I get all the vitamins on a vegan diet. Should be interesting to find out. My doc also gave me medications to help my throat/sinus. My eye are all swollen from the pressure.

Roselyn - thank you! DH and I still check when we leave the house if Chu Chu is safe and got everything until we return from the doctor. We both realized he wasn't here anymore. We are so used to taking care of him, it's a habit. I miss him not greeting me when I come home. We kept Chu Chu in the living room when we had to run errands, he couldn't walk up the stair anymore. We were always afraid he could fall down the stairs and break something. DH and I took turns sleeping on the couch so we could keep an eye on Chu Chu.

Debbie - thanks for your kind words. I miss ChuChu. We are getting his remains tomorrow:( I still can't believe his is not with us anymore. Today before we left for the test, I ran back in the living room making sure everything was safe for Chu Chu. I realized I he wasn't here. It will take some time to get back to a routine without him. Glad you like the book. I am not a big fan of tofu either. I eat it but not very often. I think it has GMO? Or something! I would use beans instead of tofu. Glad you like and appreciate the music teachers.

Jolie - great find! I think you like Turbo Jam. I love Charlenes workouts.

Diane - thank you! It has been a lot lately. Maybe the stress triggered my sinus/ear infections. It's been a rough year.

Good night.
This morning I did a really fun workout: RAW Cardio Sculpt Overload #2 with Kelly and Noelle. Such a fun workout and it went by really fast. Kelly does a cardio interval with her weighted vest (I did not wear my vest), a compound move using 8# dummbells (I used 5# dumbbells) and boxing segment with eggweights (I used my 1# sand weight). She does about 4 different sections with this layout.

I put on my weighted vest and within 2 minutes my upper back and neck started to burn. WTF?? So I took it off right away. I still got an excellent workout without it.

Workout was 45 minutes, burned 290 caloires, did 3662 steps and HR was 124/167.

Diane - I was going to do that Kickboxing Tabata workout but seeing there were thruster and floor moves I decided not to, I just can't take that anymore. I know I can modify and I usually do, but just knowing those moves are in there made me not want to do it. So frustrating to be limited in what I can do, I know you feel the same. Yep, tofu is a big no for me. It messes with my hormones believe it or not. Same with soy. Has something to do with the estrogen that it naturally has. What is tofu anyways? I need to look that up. Probably fermented soy. Yuck!!

Jolie - Hope you enjoyed your rest day. Thinking about you today, hope the doctor has a bit of good news for you about your fur buddy.

Belinda - :( So sad about Chu Chu. Makes me want to cry for you. I know exactly what you're going through. Time will heal, you'll see. You should get another rescue dog so you can help make his/her life fabulous, just like you did for Chu Chu and Browser. :) Some little furry friends needs a good home.

Roselyn - Good job with your workouts lately! You rock!!

Have a great day everyone!!

Jolie Fit

Today I did ICE Muscle Meltdown Shoulders and Triceps and had a great workout. I ended it with ICE ICY Core 1 and boy are my abs weak. I have not done ABS in a long time so I really had to work to get through this work today. Total workout time was 45 minutes and I burned 325 calories. I added 3 leg exercises at the end just to kick my workout up just a notch.

Overhead Press- 15's x 12 ( 3 rounds of the Giant Set)
Upright Rows- 12's x 12
Lateral Raise- 8's x 12
Front Raise- 8's x 12
Rear Delt Flies- 8's x 12

Overhead Triceps Ext.- 12's x 12, x 12, x 10's x 12 ( 3 Rounds of the Giant Set )
2 Arm Kickbacks- 10's x 12
Cable Triceps Pull Downs- 30# x 12
Lying Triceps Ext.- 12's x 12
Close Grip Chest Press- 15's x12

Ice Icy Core 1

Debbie, your workout today looks fun! I take my dog to the animal hospital today at 4pm for a Surgeon to look at him. I know he is in a bad situation but I am praying everyday the God chooses to spare him from this sickness. I hope it is Benign. Tofu is Soy and Soy is the worst thing you could possibly consume, it will make you Estrogen Dominant which creates Cancer in the body.

Roselyn, I love Dana Lynn Bailey! She posts some tuff workouts. Isnt that girl strong!!!

Belinda, nice workout today. I hope you are feeling better, Sinus Infections are tuff stuff. I used to get them all of the time because I worked out too hard and my immune system would be compromised so I would get sick. I dont get them anymore because I obviously do not workout hard enough :)

BBL to read the posts for the day after me.


Today I did CDorner Step Cardio #115 which is 50 minutes, but took me 62 minutes as I started her new dance workout called levitation something and I changed my mind and went to the one I did. Also wrote the moves down. I used 8# dumbbells as I think that is what she was using and the step with 2 risers on each side, heart rate 134/177, 322 calories, 3,767 steps. I also did her Full Body 20 minute stretch whic took me 25 minutes because I added a bit more to it, 40 calories, heart rate 80/99, 40 steps. Total time was 87 minutes, 362 calories, 3,807 steps.
CDorner Step and Strength 115
45 seconds each move done in a round with cardio before each round then the same moves are repeated and so on
deadrow 8# dbs ( I did pick up 10's on the first set and decided to play it safe with 8's as whatever she used was 1 digit.
on step curtsy lunge off ends with a front raise ( I did not always do a front raise and did curls or extra curtsy lunges)
using step squat off step with dbs curled and lower as you step up and repeat other side alternating
triceps dips with a toe reach or alternate is just do kickbacks (I did the dips two sets and the rest I did kickbacks)
lying on step knees up crunches
repeat all and move on to another cardio segment (cardio changes each round)

Debbie, tofu is soybean curd. Soy products do not taste good anyway. Kelly does stay you can do those overload workouts without the vest. I have avoided the newest one. Just the thought of egg weights and vest worries me. My neck and shoulders is off and on problematic and I just don't feel like hurting. My 4# vest generally does not bother me all that much. The older Cathe one has always bothered me. It slides around too much. My two that I purchased when she did those workouts fit differently and crosses in the middle of the torso and straps around the waist. Much better fit and does not drag on my shoulders and neck. The only time it bothers is with the 8# one if I am doing jumping. The 4 # is my go to one.

Jolie, I had those workouts and gave them to a friend to use. I remember liking them and Chalene can be fun with her workouts. I have a lot of her others and those were not as intense so that is why I gave them to my friend who was just wanting to start working out. Those muscle meltdown workouts are good ones and you can go as heavy as you want and get a good workout in a short amount of time.

Belinda, I hope that you can fight off that sinus infection without a lot of meds. I am sorry. I figured you probably did not have covid as well. You are very good at taking care of yourself and taking precautions.

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