Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Mau 2019

Jolie Fit

Diane Sue, stay safe and I am praying for you that the storms this season are mild.

Today I did Yvette's, HIIT Cardio Step/ Back/ Biceps/ Core circuit. 3 risers, she uses 2, and I sub the burpees with leg exercises, like squat presses ect. Workout was 1 hour 15 minutes and I burned 726 calories. I added a few extra cardio exercises and bicep and shoulder exercises because my son was teaching me some new moves :) he learns at football. Boy, he has some cool ways of using the KB. I was dripping by the time my workout was done.

Debbie, I love the PHA workouts, they are set up with 3 rounds, doing each round twice and you do one body part per exercise. They are set up to get your heart rate up and it really does work. Try any of them, I like #1 and # 3 the best.

Doreen, good job on the workout. You do some that I have never heard of, I have to check this instructor out that you did today.

Roselyn, good job on the Xtrain yesterday.

Belinda, bummer with the arthritis. My inflammation is way up, I have tennis elbow right now and other issues. I supplement big doses of Turmeric and MSM and Vitamin C and that works well. I wont take meds, I always try to solve the problem naturally. Ask Diane Sue, she struggles as well and has a bunch of natural things you can take.

Doz, nice job on the workout, that is such a tuff one! I am surprised you can to it coming off not working out for a while. Your a beast!!!!!

Roxie, nice workout yesterday.

My treadmill isnt working since the move. I am getting an error code so I have to have someone come and service it. Thank goodness i have my elliptical.

Going out to buy 10 pounds of meat and a couple dozen eggs, my son will eat all of it in two days!!!!! Living with football players is really expensive.

Have a wonderful day.


Diane - stay safe. More prayers are coming for you. How scary! What do you do for arthritis? I believe you mention having arthritis in your hip too?

Jolie - I was excepting arthritis in my hip....bummer! I thought about Turmeric too, can't take it. It will stain my Invisalign yellow. What is MSM stands for and what is it? My hip hurts really bad, I will take the meds for a few weeks. I just don't want to stay on it. Great job on Yvettes Hitt workout today.

Debbie - I was thinking the same thing? I workout to stay heathy, WTH? Good thing, I keep everything low impact. I don't think I will renew my subscription. Need to do something else, my dvd's collection dust. I also want to sign up for Cathe Live. Great job today.

Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

We are in the middle of tornado warnings they are all around us we are out at our daughters house she has a basement.
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Good morning,

D65 Legs is done. She is very chatty in this one :rolleyes:

Roxie, Roselyn and Diane - I hope you all ok.

Getting ready for my walk. I will do a nice stretch later too. BBL!
Today I did PHA 3 from 2/8/18 because Jolie told me to :) and had a great workout. I did like it, it moved quickly and my HR stayed up pretty much through the whole thing. I paused a few times to get my weights ready and take a breather but I mostly followed along with no problems. Had fun with this!

Cross back lunges to squats: 10# - 20/16 reps each side x 20 each side
Barbell Curls: 30# - 16/10 reps
Front Lunge w. leg lift: 10's - 16/12 reps
Overhead Press: 12.5's - 16/16 reps
DB Squats with low ends: 30# BB - 16/16 reps
Rear Delt Flies: 10's - 18 reps (this was only done once for some odd reason)

Toes Elevated Deadlifts: 35# BB - 12/12 reps
Triceps Overhead Extensions: 25# - 12/10 reps
Side to Side Lunges: 10's - 16/12 reps
Pushups: 6 sets
Squat Toss- 10#/8# - 16/16 reps
Lateral Raise: 8's - 16/16 reps

Heels elevated Front Squat: 25# BB - 16/16 reps
Upright Row: 25# BB - 16/16 reps
Rear Slide Back Lunges: 10's - 12/12 reps
Hammer Curls: 15's - 16/12 reps
Plie Squat: 25# DB - 20/20 reps
1 Arm Row: 25# - 16/16 reps

Workout was 52 minutes, burned 361 calories and did 2002 steps. HR was 132/182.

Diane - I hope you guys are ok.

Be back later for personals.


Roselyn, Roxie - hope the storms passed without damage. I grew up in Iowa and remember several times spending hours in the basement with my Dad watching from the top of the stairs.

I got my DVDs from my pre-order so I did STS Total body Compound moves only premix. I liked it.

Jolie - did they disassemble it during the move? Maybe they just plugged the electronics in backwards? Hopefully it will be an easy fix!
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I am sorry I have been missing so much. So many things going on. When I went to pick up the grandchildren yesterday so many roads still had the road closed signs up. When I went I thought I was good till I hit shallow water across the road and then it turned up to the whole road had erupted and it was me driving my little car around trying to find the smallest holes. So on the way back with them, I kept having to back track. I followed one car past a road closed sign that was turned sideways, but we both had to turn around. I did come from that way because when I lived out there I had the experience of two fields meeting looking like one lake. There was even a whole tree uprooted lying in the road. Even when I did finally find a road that I could go through, I had to drive around cars that had obviously stalled out during the flooding and one was just in the middle of the road. I guess someone had not came back yet to retrieve their vehicles. Then, I had grandchildren here and later my husband and I were looking for a warranty deed on our house and I ended up tearing apart the whole file cabinet. Now it's clean :) More rain forecast for the next three days. They have closed down at least one lake so no memorial day for people out there. That one is by one of my daughter's. I had a nice visit with my friend yesterday and we lifted some weights. I sent her home with several. She wanted to preview the Metabolic workout while we ate lunch and thinks her husband will like doing it with her. I also wrote her up an upper body workout up she could follow if she wanted to. I also loaned her Body Design Kelly Coffey since those are short and she can try out some boxing with light weighs and stuff there and they are not to long if she wants to split it up.

For me, today, I did Cathe LIte Calorie Crush from Metabolic Blast with the warm up, 18 minutes, heart rate 138 average, max 169, met 7.60, 144 calories, 1,627 steps. I then did Lite Calorie Crush from Body Weight and Bands ( I am getting used to wearing the band for the cardio now) 9 minutes, met 8.0, 72 calories, heart rate average 140, max 170, 837 steps. I finished with Fit Split Metabolic Conditioning + Abs, 45 minutes, heart rate average 110, max 151, met 6.0, 239 calories, 915 steps. Total time was 72 minutes, 455 calories, 3,379 steps
I used Cathe's weights or a bit higher on a few moves. I am dragging today. I think all of this rain has stirred up mold allergies. I was doing fine till this all started, now I am a mess. Hardly sleeping is catching up.


Belinda, sorry about the arthritis. I have flare ups off and on where everything hurts. This week it is better so far. I am taking it easy with some lighter weight workouts this week doing metabolic and intervals. Check Out arthritisfoundation.org Then go to natural treatments. They have lists of supplements to use with which arthritis type they work for and what they do as well as any warnings with mixing with other things. What prescription did they give you? They gave me hydoxychloraquine, (Paquinel). I only am using half a dose (1 a day instead of 2) They make me feel lousy so I take it late before bedtime. Some days I skip them. I read an article by Chris Kressor who is a functional med doctor and took up stuff from his list that match up with Arthritis foundation. Seventaro Cats Claw in the morning that has no TOA as he says and arthritis foundation says. I am currently using Vimerson Curcumin which was recommended by Cancer doctor that has written some books. Just can't think of his name off the top of my head. He has a website called the caveman doctor or something like that. Not all curcumin/tumeric supplements work that well. I like capsules. They shouldn't stain your invisaligns if you are swallowing them. Fish oil, I use Schiff Omega Red Ultra as the recommended dosage on Arthritis foundation is pretty high and it keeps me from have to take a whole bunch of capsules if I get the 800-900 mg capsules. I recently added back in a Hyaluronic Acid Capsule which has some Chondroitin in it which I think is what finally has taken the pain way back down. I kept going over what I had left out of my supplements and it was that and L Glutamine which helps with body producing gluthione which is beneficial to the joint recovery. So, I feel like I am swallowing capsules all day long, but, it works and I am trying to use more natural means as opposed to prescription meds. If they wanted to move me to an immune suppressing med, I would say no!! He mentioned another, but when I asked about kidney and liver issues he said I would have to come in every few months to have my blood drawn to check for that and I told him I would stick with what I had. I don't always even take 1 tablet. If I want to feel my best for a busy weekend or something. I don't take it.

In addition to all of that I take a good quality multi vitamin. Ancient Nutrition or Vitamin Code for older women, vitamin C, methyl B 12 (to try to change some of my blood markers from what I read in the report), and magnesium + calcium from Rainbow, but two tabs instead of 3 a day as I get those things from food and my multi as well.
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Roxie, usually we have some rain and it gets pretty hot and dry. I am tired of the rain and storms. But, then everything is sure nice and green and the flowers are blooming. I ran out this morning to do some more errands since they have some chances of rain in the forecast for this afternoon. Stay safe. They are saying more chances for tornadoes. When they were talking about how full the lakes were, I mentioned to my husband that what if the dam breaks above us. He said to go upstairs o_O Well, at least we are up the road a little bit from the lake! At least cooler temps cut down on the chance for tornado activity.

Roselyn, stay safe as well. I do hate these storms. Nice work with the X train weight work.

Doreen, I remember going to camps as a child in Co. and snow being on the ground in the summer time. I bet it does mess up plans. Your area is beautiful though.

Debbie, that would be frustrating when you have paid for a subscription. I like that Kelly Kickboxing workout. She has an older one that I liked somewhat better though. I wish she would do a raw just kickbox workout. So far I have liked all of the PHA workouts and am looking forward to the next one on dvd.

Doz, I have been wanting to do I Max 2 again. I just want to make sure my knees are ready for it ;)


Jolie, is there a reset button somewhere on your treadmill ? I bet it is something simple. I know my tread climber has different codes for different things. I was thinking of Yvette when I was showing my friend some balancing weight moves on the bosu the other day. That is cool that you get have your son show you new moves. I should do more kettle bell workouts. I have quite a few and an assortment of weight increments. I really enjoyed Kelly's new one on her Raw channel. No impact and I felt great afterward.


Diane - at last know I know why my hip is hurting for weeks. Thanks for taking the time to explain and write down all the vitamins and meds you are taking. I really appreciate it. I wasn't expecting arthritis in my hip, more like I hurt myself from all the butt workouts in 80Days. I am taking Diclofenac/Miso(ARTHOTEX 75 mg twice a day. I only been taking it since Monday, I am already feeling a difference. I took a 3 mile walk after my workout this morning. My hip isn't hurting at all. I am not good with taking medications at all, I usually forget or don't take it. I have a very sensitive stomach, I hope the meds are not making it worst. My husband keeps reminding me to take it every day, lol. I will try to take the meds my doc gave me for a while and see how that goes. Wonder if I can only take one a day? I never thought about adding natural meds with it either? I will write down all the natural stuff you mention and see if I can take it too. I rather take a more natural approach.

I am glad the storm passed and you/family are ok. Must be scary in the car with your grandchildren. I hope the rain will pass. That's a bummer about Memorial weekend. I think it's a great idea to start your friend with lighter workouts. Thanks again.
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Belinda, here is a link for the arthritis foundation
I am looking for the article on what to take for RA from Chris Kressor. I think I have it downloaded as I have one of his books and had a link to download booklets for different things and more recipes etc..
By the way, when you take Curcumin, take it with fat. The body uses it better. Never take it on an empty stomach. Sometimes I take it and a spoon of nut butter or coconut butter. With a meal would be good as well. It helps to know which supplements are fat soluble and which are not.
Also, according to my doctor I have osteo arthritis, gout, Rheumatoid arthritis and some other words :( You would think with all of the healthy eating and supplements I would be in top shape. I guess for the most part at almost 67 I am still in better shape that most people my age.


Diane - thank you so much for the link. I will check it out. I had no idea to Curcumin, take it with fat? I am afraid to take Curcumin with my tray's. A few weeks ago, I ate at a vegan restaurant had jackfruit, it had a little curry in it. Although I brush/floss/rinsed my teeth right away, my Invisalign stained yellow. I had to wear them for a few day's before I could change into another tray. I have to wear my upper tray for 3 weeks/lower tray for 2 weeks. My husband takes it, not sure if he knows to take it with some fat? I can't remember what arthritis he said? I was little shocked when I found out I had arthritis in my hip :( I agree, you would think with all that heathy eating/exercising we would be in top shape. I thought exercising was good for me, lol. I am 56. You are in top shape for your age. I am falling apart.
I needed to get my steps in today and DH is working late so I got my treadmill and walked about 1.25 miles to get to 10,000 steps. I haven't been getting all my steps in since I stopped running. I hardly walk at work with my butt in a chair all day working on the computer. :(

Jolie - I did PHA 3 at your recommendation - loved it. Why do you not care for #2? What makes it different than 1 and 3? Weird about your workout, I hope you can get it fixed. I am itching to run but my hamstring still isn't right. So frustrating. Great job on your workouts!!

Belinda - You will love Cathe Live, it is so fun. And for only $9.99 a month, it's so worth it.

Roselyn - I hope the weather is calmer there now. So scary what is going on down south. I worry about your girls.

Diane - Hope the storms are over, wow on all that water in the roads. I knew you got hit hard. I'm glad you and your family are safe. I wish Kelly would do a RAW Kickboxing workout as well, I need to email her again - she said she would. There is a move she does on the one I did yesterday where she moves her knees back and forth, sort of like a hockey move where you block a puck. It sort of hurt my knees so I won't be doing those again. Weird move for a kickboxing workout.

Roxie - Hope you and your family are ok. Check in when you can.

DOZ - Nice job on that workout. Holy smokes!! You rocked it!!

Doreen - I love STS Total Body, such a fun workout.

See you all tomorrow!!
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Belinda, curry stains like crazy. I mixed tumeric powder in a Ninja container that is hard clear plastic and I thought that was never going to come out. It took a lot to get the color out. I thought is was ruined. But, capsules shouldn't do that, I understand your worry. When I eat curry dishes I don't use my electric toothbrush because it stains it for awhile, till the whitening toothpaste manages to get it out. It is not quick to get out. I just use my regular toothbrush so I can throw it in the door.

Debbie, my husband was let off work a little early today again because there is/was a couple of tornadoes spotted in the area of the city where a lot of them live. I can understand them being worried since that is where they had tornadoes hit a couple of other times recently and several children in a school


Belinda, that medicine they give you is a type of insaid. Anti inflammatory with the misop..... stuff to help gastrointestinal tract. What I read is it is something like Motrin. I would not think that they expect you to take it all of the time?? What I am taking is actually used for Malaria, but they have found for some reason it helps with Rheumatoid arthritis and may slow the progression down. The main side effect of what I am taking is that it can mess with your vision, so that is why the eye check is done. Another thing about Curcumin that I have found is not to take it at night as it can keep me awake because most of them have bipepperine in them to help it absorb.

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