Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Mau 2019

This morning I did Cathe Live's In the Ring. Such a fun workout, I love it. It starts out with kickboxing punches and leg drills, then she goes to the bag for about 10 minutes and then she does some Hiit which I actually did all of it as is and it felt great. My knees are a bit sore from yesterday's leg workout, but I was able to do all the jumping without any issues. Loved it!!

Workout was 42 minutes, burned 312 calories and HR was 137/196. I did 4340 steps so not bad. I love Cathe's boxing workouts.

Belinda - Sorry to hear about your hip pain, hope the doctor finds out what is causing it. Great job on your workout today!

Diane - Is Step Boss Cathe's new workouts? I need to look into them, are they only step workouts? I'm excited to hear Kelly is putting up a kettlebell workout. Love those!! I wish she would do more kickboxing/boxing workouts.

Roxie - Congrats to your grandson and his team!!

Roselyn - Glad the hip is holding out! Great job with your workout.

Doreen - What does TRX stand for? I probably should know the answer! LOL!

DOZ - Hope you are feeling better.

Jolie - Where are you? How is Rusty doing?

Have great workouts everyone!!

Hope you all have great workouts!
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Debbie - thank you! I just hope it's a pinched never or something. I figured I needed to get it checked out. Been keeping everything light and low impact. Great job with your workouts. Sounds like a fun workout.

Roxie - congrats on the new grandson.

I am going for a walk with my friend. I will be back later.
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I did Rev'd Up Rumble this morning - outside! My first outside workout of the summer! I'm so excited! Except my husband ordered fill dirt for our yard and garden and had it dumped on our little concrete slab that was for our basketball court and where I did my workouts. He's been on that project for a couple weeks now and I doubt I'll have that space back anytime soon!

Debbie - the TRX is a brand of suspension trainer - I actually have knock-off brand but it works the same.
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Jolie Fit

No workout yesterday, I had so much to do before my son came home from school. Pouring rain today! WTF! You all killed it yesterday on your workouts. Debbie, I just have to try that leg workout, it looks awesome. I love doing leg workouts using a step, that is why I like Yvette's workout so much. I am now going to do Cathe's Upper Body Core Crush and will be back later to report stats.
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Jolie Fit

My workout is done. I have to say that I did pretty good even though I had the worst nights sleep. Anyone else's husbands snore like a freight train? I typically cannot sleep with him, I end up going to the hospital from lack of sleep to where I cannot function and then I get tremendous anxiety and chest pains. The funny thing is, he is the problem and he gets mad at me because I cant sleep through it! I wear ear plugs and I just cant sleep it is so loud. He also moves around so much I am then constantly woken up from that movement. What is a girl to do!?!? Anyway, I did Cathe Live Upper Body Core Crush and I really like this workout. I did the same weights as before so I will not post them again. I love workouts that include ABS, since it is summer right around the corner. Workout was 1 hour and I burned 402 calories. Average heart rate was 115 and max was 162. I like Yvette's workouts, her warm up is 10 minutes long and I usually burn 100 calories before the workout begins. Just an easy way to get more calorie burns:) he he he...

Doreen, I love to workout outside too! I have a deck right off my new gym room so I open the door wide and it is like being right outside with the ocean breeze. Great job on the workout.

Belinda, I hope you are feeling better.

Roxie, congrats on the new grandson!

Roselyn, I am glad your hip is holding out for you!

Diane Sue, I will check back later to read your post. I am too interesting in knowing what Step Boss is? Do share :)

Rainy days and Thursdays get me down. Have a nice day. I have a fire in the fireplace and my oldest son is home from college snuggled in his bed, i couldn't be happier.:)
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Today I did Lite Rev'd Up Rumble Extreme Double Calorie Crush mish mosh #1, 57 minutes, 378 calories, met 7.5, heart rate 137 average, max 166, 5,270 steps. I then did Lite Abs # 1 , 10 minutes, 40 calories, 50 steps. I finished off with Lite Extended Stretch # 1, 35 calories, 13 minutes, 32 steps. Total time was 80 minutes, calories burned 453, 80 minutes, 5,352 steps. I need to clean out the cabinet over the stove so we can install the microwave/convection/hood oven. It is heavy so our son is coming is coming over to help.

Debbie, Step Boss is a Low Impact I Max step workout, a PHA Step workout, and Stepsync is a choreographed step workout with a bonus 20 minute intermediate step routine on it. Also two bonus ab routines and two extended stretch routines. The individual workouts will contain different bonuses on them.
Kelly says the workout will be up this weekend for the kettle bell. I would like a just kickboxing as well. I just like to have a few cardio options that are not weight oriented as well, for when I am sore. I Guess that is why I like the Lite Cardio Party so much. It gets my heart rate up, it is fun, no step or weights needed.

Belinda, I had something that I swear was a pinched nerve or something years ago. I remember taking an ice pack when driving all over to pick up grandchildren and having to sit long periods in the car. I would raise up my hip and stick it under the one side to sort of numb the pain. It was worse when sitting. It went away on it's own after quite some time of dealing with it. Even just sticking something under me enough to lift the area up a bit from the pressure of sitting on it helped some.

Doreen, it looks like we did the same workout this morning. Maybe your husband will get his project done this weekend so you can have back your concrete space :)

Jolie, if I opened up the door all of the mosquitos and bugs would come in. LOL on getting 100 calories from the warm up and it is easy. I remember getting that with some of the Insanity workouts warm ups. I always felt like I needed a warm up before the warm up. That is nice that your oldest son is home. A fire would not be happening here. It is 87 degrees here today. I just set the air units to not let it go above 82. Too hard to get anything done when it is humid on top of it.

Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

Tonight I did KCM Build and Burn Kettlebell Kickbox Fusion. It’s 94 here right now.

Belinda-I don’t have a new grandson just one starting baseball he is 6. My hip was bothering me the other night after my walk had trouble sleeping.

Jolie-my husband is just as bad I used to be able to turn him on his right side but that isn’t working either thankfully we only spend the whole night together on Tuesday and Sunday he goes to work between 1:30 and 2 am the other nights.


Good morning,

D61 Cardio core is done.

Roxie - Ops! Sorry about that. It's been a busy/stressful few day's. I hope your hip is feeling better. Mine been bordering me for weeks now.

Jolie -lately I been having trouble sleeping too. I wake up at 2 a.m every morning, can't fall back asleep. My husband snored like a freight train. I made him go to a sleep study. He has to use a CPAP Machine for sleep apnea. My husbands snoring was so back I slept in an other room at end of our house in Germany so I couldn't hear him and get some sleep. He didn't liked me sleeping in an other room without him, he went to get the study done. I couldn't take his snoring anymore. I was awake all night long. I am glad he finally went, it probably saved his life. They found out, he stopped breathing during the night, I am so glad he went. He sleeps better and so am I. Have your husband go to a sleep study. It's not good for your heath either if you go through this night after night. I know how you feel. He has to bring the CPAP everywhere we go if we vacation, it goes on the air plane with us too. I always make sure, he doesn't forget to bring it, lol. I need my sleep :) Make him go to a sleep study, it will change both of your lives.

Debbie - thank you! I don't think it's something serious. maybe it's all those butt workouts in 80Days? Great job yesterday.

Diane - I had trouble with my lower back years ago. Slipped disc a.s.o :( I had my share. My back always bordering me, I also have arthritis in my lower back. At first, I thought it was my back, the pain spread in my buttocks, groin, outside/inside hip joined and my hip is very tight. I been doing lots of hip stretches, but I also have to make sure I am not overstitching. I haven't heard back from the doc, I assume it's a good sign nothing bad. I will call today (keep forgetting to call) just to make sure.

I will be back later.

Today I did Cathe live Awesome Upper Body. I had a great workout. I like this one but once again, she goes way too fast. I paused a few times to catch my breath.

Giant Set 1
Triceps Dips:
32 reps fast
Standing Overhead Triceps Extensions: 12's - 10/8 reps
Pushups off Step: 16/8 reps
Close Grip Chest Press: 17.5's - 20/16 reps
Chest Flies: 17.5's - 8/10 reps
Close Grip to Chest Flies: 17.5's - 4 sets
One Arm Triceps Pushups: 16 reps each side (I did regular triceps pushups)

Giant Set 2
Standing Overhead Press:
15's/12.5's - 8 reps (but using 1.5 lifts)
Lateral Raise: 5's - 12 reps
Iron Cross: 5's - 8/6 reps
Rear Flies: 5's - 12 reps using 1.5 lifts
Upright Row: 12's - 16 reps

Giant Set 3
25#/30# - 8 reps (1.5 method)
One Arm Fly: 10# - 12 reps
One Arm Row: 22.5# - 12/16 reps
(the fly/row were put together on one side then the other, 2nd time exercises were switched)
Dumbbell Curls: 15's - 8 reps
Crazy Eights: 10's
W Curls: 10's - 8 reps
Reverse Curls: 10's - 16 reps

Workout was 45 minutes, burned 377 calories and HR was 151/209. My HR seemed to be elevated this morning, not sure why? Ever since I've been wearing my FB looser, I've been burning way more calories.

Doreen - So how do you workout outside? Are you in a secluded area? I would NOT want my neighbors to watch me workout. LOL!!! Nice job on Rumble!!

Jolie - That leg workout is fun, I enjoyed it. I want to start incorporating one leg day a week now that I'm not in pain anymore. My husband snores, but so do I. We take turns keeping each other up. Some nights are worse than others. If I were you, I'd find another room to sleep in, a lot of people do that because of this problem. Maybe start out sleeping together and then when the snoring begins, go to the other room. Do you have an extra bedroom at you new house? I like the Core Crush workout too, nice job with it yesterday!

Diane - Is Step Boss by Cathe? I've never heard of it before. Is it fun? Looking forward to Kelly's new workout. I can't keep up with her! LOL!!!

DOZ - Great job with your workout and glad you are feeling yourself again! I hate being sick.

Roxie - Nice workout, I like that one. Need to get it out again and do it.

Belinda - That is scary about your husband and his snoring but I always wonder how many people actually die from sleep apnea? I know it isn't good to have but can a person really die from it? I've never heard of one being reported. Does he sleep good with that machine attached to him? I would hate that.

Hope you all have a great weekend and workouts!!!


This morning I did a Bootcamp Circuit from SSoD outside. I should have looked at the description closer as I needed a resistance band but didn't have one. So I had to try to mimic with dumbells but I would have worked better with the band. This one she really hit the shoulders hard! I can't really find any on the app that really hit the lower body. Cathe is the best for that I think.

Debbie - I have a fenced in backyard. There is a cement slab that was for the basketball hoop that I can use otherwise I just have a mat to lay on the grass. Sometimes I walk up to the park and workout on the cushy playground flooring.

DOZ - glad you are feeling better!!

Jolie- A fire sounds nice. Your indoor/outdoor workout space seems nice too!!

AND..... after I posted I checked the daily deals and STS Total Body was on it!! So today was the day- My STEP BOSS pre-order is in. I also got STS total body as the deal of the day and order fit tower total body to get 15% off both DVDs. Agh- I really don't need new DVDs but who cares! I think what I need to do is purge the ones that I know I will never return too and keep the best.
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Hey guys :)

This morning, I did Cardio Coach with the lovely Candace, my strength is picking up a bit, but, yesterday’s workout, truth, I could barely finish it, stopped several times; to catch my breath or cough argh....I am feeling better, but I still got this terrible deep painful cough :eek:

I preorder, the new step workouts along with IMAX 2, for the free shipping.

Really enjoy reading all your workouts, you guys are awesome. If only I had a smart TV, I’d purchase some, I been eyeballing her workouts, and I like.

I’m sure I loss a few lbs, all I drank was green tea and honey, and had a few bowls of chicken soup. I can tell my appetite is back with a with a vengeance, after my workout this morning, I was starving lol. Well off to eat and clean up a bit. Have a wonderful day all, see you Sunday:)

Jolie Fit

Today I did Yvette's step cardio/heavy weights and core circuits and had a kick butt workout. Why, you ask? Because I made my husband sleep in the guest room and I had a great night's sleep! :) Workout was 1 hour but I did a few extra exercises at the end for legs. I love this workout, it is 1 minute cardio, 45 seconds either Chest or triceps, and 30 seconds of core for 1 hour. At the end she does 20 seconds of cardio with 10 seconds off for about 10 minutes. I was dying by the end. I burned 739 calories, average heartrate was 125 and max was 180. I used 3 risers instead of two.

Great workouts everyone! Killin it! So I had so many boys over yesterday playing beer pong! My son is home from college and all the football players stopped by for a long time and had so much fun trying to shoot the coyotes for me LOL! If I were a coyote, I would be truly scared at this point. :)

Debbie, great workout and I am incorporating legs into every workout now and my legs are finally looking good!

Belinda, good job on the workout and I will speak to my husband about the sleep study ASAP!

DOZ, great workout!

Doreen, great workout today, I don't like using resistance bands, I don't know why but I don't :)

Roxie, great workout and boy is it hot where you live, high of 72 here today.

Diane Sue, I hope you have a great workout today.

We are celebrating Mothers Day and my dads 86 birthday this weekend since my son is home from school. My parents are coming to stay the weekend so I am not sure if I will get a workout in or not.

Have a great Friday.
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Today I did Raw Just Step, 24 minutes, 2,211 steps, average heart rate 145, max 182, 170 calories, met 8.3. I then did Cathe Lite Pyramid Pump Lower Body, 51 minutes, heart rate average 105, max 147, 1,093 steps, 219 calories. I finished off with Raw Foam Roller, 24 minutes, met 2.0, 45 calories. Total time was 99 minutes, 434 calories, 3,431 steps.
Pyramid Pump Lower
all 12,10,8,10,12 reps
rear slide lunges 8,10,12,10,8 # dbs
step ups 10,12,15,12,10 # dbs
side slide lunges 10,12,15,12,10# dbs
elevated lunges 3 risers high step 10,12,15,12,10 # dbs
sliding cross back lunges 8,10,12,10,8 # dbs
deadlifts 10,12,15,12,10# dbs
calf raises 10# dbs 30 reps, 12# dbs 25 reps, 15# dbs 20 reps. 12# dbs 25 reps, 10# dbs 30 reps

Debbie, great workout today. Step Boss is a pre-order for new workouts that Cathe just started. They will not be ready till late fall.

Belinda, I too have had back issues, stress fractures in my back and arthritis. I understand dealing with it. Hopefully you get positive news from your physician.

Roxie, nice work. I like that Raw workout. I think my husband and I both snore and I can bet he loses sleep from me and coughing all night when allergies hit, which is most of the year. It gets so bad sometimes, that I go sleep upstairs since he has to get up and go to work. It has been hot here for a couple of days now, but rain is coming in. I went out with some cloud cover today and mowed before the weather changes. I finally turned the air on yesterday. It was so hot and humid, it was hard to clean.

Doreen, nice work even if you did not have the bands. Band work that really fires up the shoulders will make my neck and traps start hurting big time. Cathe does have creative ways of using the bands though. I like them for lower body though. Nice that you finally got to order STS total body with your pre-order deal.
Doz, glad to see you back and going at it again. Sorry that you were so sick. I think as long as your television has an hdmi port you can get a Roku or use a laptop to stream Cathe's workouts or download to a computer and do them from the computer when you purchase the downloads.

Jolie, great workout. LOL on the guys shooting the coyotes. I guess that is with the pellet gun? It sounds like you will have a fun houseful this weekend :) I always get so much better of a workout in when I get sleep. That hasn't happened this week and I have been dragging and not all that excited about my workouts. I hope this does not happen next week. I have grandchildren that I will have around and am helping a friend with some beginning weight work that she can get started on. I do not want to be exhausted!!

Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

I did KCM Build and Burn Trim and Tone Intervals after work. 88 and humid waiting on some bad storms to move in.
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Roxie 1965

Good Morning,

I did Lite Cardio Party and once I learn it I think it will be fun. Lots of rain last during the night.
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Hi everyone,

I did Day 62 Booty this morning. We are going and met up with friends. I will not be around much today.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.
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This morning I did Kelly Coffey Raw Kettlebell workout that she just put up. She put it under cardio, but it has strength work as well. I am sore today so dropped weight a bit on some stuff. This is 42 minutes (51 me for writing the moves down) met 7.0, 310 calories, heart rate average 112, max 153, 1,364 steps. I followed this with 21 Day Fix Extreme Yoga, 31 minutes, met 3.0, 75 calories, 90 steps. Total time was 82 minutes, 385 calories, 1,454 steps.
Kettle bell Raw 20 on 10 off tabata 4 rounds each move Kelly uses 20# and 30# kettle bells, but does drop to a 12# dumbbell for triceps after starting heavier
basic swing 20# 4 rounds
scale dead lift 30# right, left right left (I used 25#)
single swings 20# right, left, right left
squat upright row 30# (me 25#)
20# alternating swings 4 rounds
curls right, left, right ,left 20# (I used 20# rt, lt, 15# rt, lt)
figure 8 's 20#
overhead triceps extensions 20# (Kelly drops to 12# me 15 on 3rd rnd then she does triceps extensions with the 12# dbs final rnd I stayed with 15)
double swings 30# 2 rnds then 20# 2 rnd
1 arm row 30# right, left, right ,left
reverse lunge pass through alternating 20#
plank holds holding horns of kettlebell ( I lay mine on it's side to spare my wrists)

Roxie, the rain started this morning here. It was raining like a big bucket was dumped. I love Cardio Party.

Belinda, nice work, enjoy your weekend :)

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