Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Mau 2019


Today was Kelly Coffey Cardio Sculpt Fitness cardio mix with abs, 39 minutes, heart rate 132 average, 170 max, met 8.3, 279 calories, 3,006 steps. Coffey Fit Raw 6 and 6 metabolic, 34 minutes, heart rate average 112, max 147, 172 calories, met 7.8, 978 steps, Body Design Yoga 13 minutes, 37 calories, met 2.7, 50 steps. Total time was 72 minutes, 451 calories, 4,034 steps. I hope everyone had a nice weekend and mothers day.
6 and 6 is six rounds of 6 moves and I used 12's and 15's for the workout. They are compound moves for most of it other than squats and lunges. It has side lunge to overhead press, plank rows with push ups, ski arms (swings with two dumbbells, dumbbells together on floor doing triceps push ups.

Doreen, I have some TRX circuits that use the TRX and kettlebells that are really good ones that I got from TRX. Nice sounding workout. I bet you had fun with your son.

Debbie, I have to really pull in my abdominal muscles to help protect the back when doing the monster walks. I have done that workout and I remember the body builder woman. My husband would not like me to build that much. I guess she knows how to put on muscle ;) Nice work today.

Doz, I did not get in my usual stretching Sunday and eating the whole weekend was off since my husband took me out and then mother's day dinner. Back at it today though :) You can do it. Nice work on losing some weight.

Jolie, I try to not do anything but fairly light weight intervals or something before a heavier weight day. I need recovery time. Nice work with the changes. I bet you are looking forward to your son's return for a visit.

Belinda, good job on getting the workout in today ;)
Just checking in to let you guys know that I’m sick.....started yesterday by evening I was done, sore throat, cough, and runny nose, argh......


Studio Sweat Spin Sculpt - Partner workout today. It was designed so that you and a partner would switch off between the bike and weights. I just followed the main trainer until near the end when she got back on the bike and I wanted to do the weight circuit again with the other trainer. It was a fun format.

DOZ - yuck- sorry you are sick- hope you feel better soon!
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I didn't have much time to do anything this morning because I had to be to work early, almost done with this crazy schedule!! I jumped on my Max Trainer and did one of the 14 minute intervals. Had a great workout, that thing is HARD!! My legs burn so bad on it, I hope I get used to it. I want to do longer workouts, but it is seriously hard to stay on that thing doing these intervals. Love it, though. It works out great when I don't have much time.

Workout was 17 minutes, burned 122 calories (MT said 140), went .31 miles and did 828 steps. HR was 140/175. My HR gets up there with these workouts. It is incredible.

Great workouts everyone, once again I just do not have time for personals. Tomorrow will probably be the same. I should be good to go after tomorrow.

Have a great day!!
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Jolie Fit

Today I did Yvette's Hiit Cardio Step and Heavy weights. This workout focused mainly on cardio, using 3 risers with the step, emphasizing Biceps, Back and abs. At the end she uses a stability ball but I used my med ball instead. Workout was 1 hour and 14 minutes, I had to pause a few times I was so out of breath and I burned 749 calories. I like that Yvette does a nice stretch at the end of all of her workouts. My average heart rate was 132 and max was 179. This, as Debbie would say, a puke status workout!:) I had to modify and do lower impact exercises but it was still really great. When I modify, i do some sort of compound leg exercise or lower impact cardio.

DOZ, I am sorry you are sick. Get better soon!

Belinda, nice job on the cardio flow! I have never done that before.

Roselyn, how is your hip feeling? Great job with the workouts.

Debbie, nice short workout on your machine today. I love stuff that burns the quads, at least you know it is working on a muscle group:)

Diane Sue, Cardio Lite Party, what dvd set is that with? Cathe?

Doreen, that sounds like a fun workout! I love switching from one device or machine to lifting, alternating gives your muscles time to recover before you hit it again.

Have a nice Tuesday.


Today was the day I get together with the ladies to play games and visit. We had lots of fun and then I had a couple of errands to run on the way home.

Doreen, spin and sculpting sounds fun. So you did the weight work twice then and the cycling once?

Debbie, nice work getting in a tough, but short workout this morning. The tread climber always feels harder to me than being on a treadmill. The angle, the resistance on the treadles and then the speed. My legs get tired! My days are going to require more of my time with family over the summer months when school is out. I do love and enjoy it though, it is just juggling priorities to get things done.

Belinda, nice work on the cardio flow. Hope you get in a good stretch later.

Jolie, it is in Cathe's Lite Series workouts. I really do like Lite Cardio Party. It is fun with some boxing blended with other cardio, and not a lot of jumping. Also it is done on without a bunch of equipment. Great workout with Yvette today and calorie burn.

Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

We went to a different lake last weekend an stayed in a motel it was so cold and today it was almost 90 so I went for a walk. Found out we are in a high risk flood area an this weekend it’s supposed to be nasty.
I am really sick of our weather, 40's in the morning, 50's during the day and it seems like it will not ever stop raining. What happened to spring? We'll go from 50's to 90's overnight probably. Sick of this. My office is freezing because they shut the heat off in our building like a month ago. Geez!!

Today I did Cathe Live Leg Day from 2/7/19. I want to try to get some leg workouts in again. This was tough and I will be amazed if I can walk tomorrow. Fun, though, I enjoyed the exercises.

I have to leave in about 20 minutes so I will come back in here to type out the workout and do personals. Sorry I've been gone so much lately!!

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TRX Sculpt this morning. 5 exercises some on TRX some with dumbells done 3x - 5 different groupings. Fun workout- some tough core moves with the TRX in there!

Debbie - I hear you on the cold- and my office is always freezing as well!
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Hi everyone,

I had a doctors appointment for my hip this morning. They took x trays. He thinks its my hip. I thought maybe the pain radiating from my lower back. Had that problem years ago. Have to wait and see. DH and I did our workout before, we did legs today.

Debbie - I hear you on the weather. One day I have the heater on (it dropped into the 40's) the next day I turn on the AC. Great workout today.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me.
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Here is the workout I did this morning: Leg Day, Cathe Live from 2/7/19
I used a step with 3 risers

Squat off the Step (L then R): 12's - 16 reps
Static Lunges: 12's - 16 reps
Side Slide Lunges: 12# - 7 reps
Cross Tap Back Lunges: 12's - 8 each leg
Squat Toss: 10# - 48 reps
Sweeper Lunges: No weight - 3 sets
Elevated Lunges: 10's
Pick Up Sumo Squats: 12's
Cross Back Slide Lunges: 10's
Elevated Push Dips: 10#
Slide Rear Lunges: 10's - 16 reps
Single Leg Deadlifts: 10's - 12 reps
Single Leg Squat Abduction: 10# - 16 reps each leg
Squat to Deads: 15's
Alternate Front Lunges: 10's - 22 reps
Side/Cross/Side Lunge: 10# - 8 reps each side
Sumo/Lunge/Sumo/Lunge: 8# - 8 each side
Calf Raises: 15's - 30/25/20 reps

Killer. My legs feel it already.

Workout was 54 minutes, burned 350 calories and HR was 126/181.

Jolie - Nice job on your puke status workout!! Love those!!

Diane - Hope you had fun with the ladies. So nice that you do that each month.

Roselyn - Nice job with legs yesterday!! Hope your hip is feeling ok.

DOZ - So sorry you are sick, hope you get better soon!

Roxie - I'm with you on the cold and rain. It is the same here but no where near 90 yet. I'm sure that's coming.

Belinda - Great job with your workout yesterday!! Hope you get a good one in today as well!!

Doreen - It's funny, in the summer my office is as hot as hell, in the winter it's hot as hell but in the spring and fall, it's freezing. Great job with your workouts!!
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Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Step Drills and compound moves using 12# dumbbells, 37 minutes, 258 calories, met 7.0, heart rate average 135, max 175, 2,634 steps. I then did Lite Stacked Sets Upper Body mix with the abs, 46 minutes, 222 calories, met 5.8, heart rate average 105, max 149. This is not exact as I forgot to start my Fit Bit at first. Total time was 83 minutes, calories burned 470


I ordered the Step Boss workouts dvds and downloads. I couldn't see just doing dvds and paying for the shipping when the downloads are only a little more. I used my rebate money that I had transferred to Pay Pal. So that is like not having to pay for them :D So I wonder if fall means late fall, like almost winter again. Kelly has a couple of dvds that will be up for pre order in June. She never does pre-orders till she has already filmed them. I am watching for her Raw Kettlebell workout that she just filmed. I hope she gets it up soon. :)

Roselyn, good job on the workout.

Debbie, we have went from cold to hot to cold and loads of rain and today it is back up in the 80's. I am running fans right now. Rain is coming back though this weekend I think. I did have fun with the ladies. It is always nice to get together and tease each other and laugh. One of the ladies is coming over next week for me to show her some weight exercises for her upper body and to discuss fitness. She mostly just does the treadmill right now. That should be fun. Nice work on your weights. I guess I did not post mine. If I look at last time I did it, it would be the same, everything higher by a little bit other than shoulders which I just did Cathe's weights because I had just finished some shoulder work in the Raw workout with 12's. I did not want to overdo.

Doreen, I envy you the access to a decent place to hang your TRX. The workouts look fun. I wish I could use mine.

Belinda, I think that pain can radiate from various areas. I hope you can figure it out and take care of it. Nice that you got done with your workout before you went to see your doctor.

Doz, I hope that you feel better today.

Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

No workout today had my 6 year old grandson had a baseball game tonight, the team improved a lot since the first game Monday night they couldn’t hit the ball and tonight they won 5-1. In the 80’s here and humid.


Good morning,

D60 TB Core is done.

Diane - I agree. I had problems with slipped discs in my lower back. At first, I thought maybe I hurt my back, maybe it radiates on my right hip. My hip been very tight lately, to a point I can't hardly move. I been stretching my right hip a few times daily. When I sit down, the pain is worst. I am sure, I will hear something today. Hopefully it's only a pinched nerve or something. Not sure, if you read this KCM dvd's to dvd-r. I am still on the fence about Cathe's new workouts. I am not a big fan of IMAX, just not into HiiT workouts. I will wait to hear more details.

I will be back later.

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