Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Mau 2019

Morning :)

This morning, I did Cardio Coach #2 and STS Back & triceps. Tomorrow I shall rest my sore muscles :D

Jolie- OMG hope your dog recover from the shock, so sorry. This is my worst fear, I have to little puppies, they’re only 16 months. My backyard is so beautiful BUT I am SO afraid to put them in the back. Even when they are in my front yard, I watch them like a hawk; which is another issue argh........My worst fear
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Today I did Cathe Live Pumped Upper Body - I really like this one, although I had to pause a few times because Cathe is in a race in this one. Great workout!!!

3 times through each round.

Warm up w/5# dumbbells
Sweeper Curls: 17.5's/17.5's/15's - 10 reps
Upright Row: 15's/12's/12's - 16,12,8 reps

W Curls:
10's/10's/12's - 8 reps
Front Raise: 12# - 12 reps
3 times
Isolation Curls: 10's - holds and various counts

32 reps
Close Grip Bench Press: 17.5's - 8 reps alternating/8 reps together
Rear Delt Fly: 12's - 10 reps w/ 8 reps chaser set (last time she did 8 and 8)
Pullovers: 30# - 8 reps

Push ups
using step variations all 3 sets
Chest Fly: 17.5's - 10 reps and 12 reps final set
Seated Overhead Press: 12's - 12 reps and 10 reps final set
Lying Triceps Extension: 12's - 8 reps with partials and final set 5 partials

One Arm Row:
25# - 16 reps
Lateral Raise: 5's - 32 reps

Reverse Crunch
Leg Shooters (V-Ups)
L Crunch
Leg Chasers

2 times but last set was shorter

Love the ab work in this one, very doable but I can still feel it big time.

Workout was 57 minutes, burned 413 calories and HR was 139/199. Did 1229 steps.

Jolie - How is your dog today? I'm glad you took him to the vets and got the rabie shot. I hope you are all recovering from that and I hope you didn't damage yourself more than you did!! So amazing what we do for our pets and loved ones when pushed.

Roselyn - Not sure I commented on your surgery, but I think it's good that you can wait until after your schooling done. Don't give up on that.

Doreen - That workout you did today sounds interesting.

DOZ - Great job this morning!! Killing it!!

Belinda - Great job with your workout!!! I am not preordering Cathe's new workouts. Not sure I need more workouts at this point. LOL!!!

Diane - I definitely want to try the R&R that goes from bike to weights, I seen that one, I think it's March. She comes up with some great workouts!!! Nice job with your workouts yesterday!!

Have a great weekend everyone. So glad it is Friday!!!
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Jolie Fit

So, I have a puncture wound on the bottom of my left foot where the ball of the foot is. Ouch! I am feeling better today, my knees are swollen from the impact but nothing terribly wrong that a little Aleve cant help alleviate the pain. Rusty is doing really well, just freaked out. I just took him for a walk and he cried a lot, scared of what might be in the bushes. I carry a stick now so I cant beat them off if they come to close. I also put a temp. fence up till my husband can put something more permanent up this weekend. My son in college ordered Coyote traps, small like bear traps to put down on the hill. Also, they say wolf urine works well to spray around the yard so I ordered that yesterday. My landlord is going to have all of the bushes up to the house trimmed to the ground so they cant lurk in them and hide. I am putting up motion detector lights up on the deck and yard because they don't like bright lights. Last night they were howling so loud it sounds like there are a 100 of them right by the house. It is amazing there are so many near the ocean but there is a lot of open land for them to live on. Today I am going to Walmart to buy a high powered pellet gun. I cant use a real gun of coarse, so I will hit em with a nice big pellet instead! I don't want to get in trouble with the Law:)

Of course I am not working out today. Thanks for all of the well wishes for Rusty! :) He is so important to me, he is my third son :)

Belinda, that was such a wonderful picture you painted of your dog!!!! I love it.

DOZ, great job on the Cardio Coach and STS today.

Doreen, what program are you doing? I don't know what that abbreviation means.

Roselyn, i think you are making a wise choice on finishing school before your surgery. You have worked so hard already, you must get your license because you will be so great at doing hair!

Debbie, I hope you have a great workout today.

Diane Sue, I hope you have a great workout today. Yes, the coyotes are very aggressive because the vet says they are hungry and they have babies to feed as well at this time of the year.

Have a wonderful day. Happy Mothers Day on Sunday!
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Jolie Fit

Debbie, we posted at the same time. I did that workout yesterday and I really like it. I pause it too, and lift heavier and slower. Those upright rows after the bicep curls are killer!
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Jolie - I subscribed to Studio Sweat on Demand (SSoD) and have been trying workouts from there.


I did Lite Body Weight and Bands Calorie crush time saver skipping the stretch, 14 minutes, heart rate average 130, max 168, 99 calories, met 7.70, 1,154 steps, followed by Lite Metabolic Blast mix that includes the calorie crush, 53 minutes, heart rate average 117, max 158, 2,514 steps, 314 calories, met 6.7 met(my met) ending with Coffey Fit Raw stretch 18 minutes(I did not really have time to finish), 35 calories. Total time was 85 minutes, 448 calories, 3,668 steps.

Belinda, I will have to resize some painting

Doreen, that sounds like a unique workout format. I bet that it was fun to do. Great workout.

Doz, well done today. Resting your sore muscles seems like a good idea to m ;)

Debbie, I have done that workout several times when I had live. Yes, the abs are doable. I am finding some things are harder on my neck and back. Today's Metabolic Blast had swimmers in it and this time I skipped it and did some of my own ab work in place of it. There is something about superman type work that can set off my back and that one has feet and arms off the floor and arms swimming. I am tired of doing something that is supposed to be good for posture and the posterior muscles and then having pain. Not doing it. I think all of the Ripped and Rides do the bike and some weights except the May one. Kelly just comes up with some new ways of doing the workouts. She really does come up with some nice ways of doing the workouts. Her metabolic workout is tough. It is not like Cathe's. I like that she does different things that are new for me. I need to make notes on the Ripped and Ride workouts so I know what they contain. After awhile I will be confused on which one is which. I think I did the March one recently on the Tread Climber. I was thinking it was one I missed and it is a different format than whatever I have done so far. I think I did January, February ,March now and May, so possibly not April. I need to look at them. I guess if I looked over my logs I would know.

Jolie, have you had a tetnus shout recently. I hope you mend quickly. I imagine you and your doggie have some fear when you go outside after all of that. My daughter has a right to carry permit and has a gun. Where they live, it is needed. They lost all of their chickens due to coyotes or something. They let them roam during the day and lock up their coop at night. It happened one time before and they just lost a couple. Some had managed to get high enough into trees to be safe. This last time they were all gone. They have cattle and chickens. Then they have the two Labs. They have snake problems as well. My daughter had me take my stuff inside and came out with a gun to check out the snake that went under my car. Under hindsight, I should have backed up and ran over it. It was about 5 foot long. The thing is they have poison snakes and good snakes like rat snakes. You do not want to kill the good ones. I don't like snakes and I don't think I would find it ideal living out in the country. I am glad that the owner is helping out some too. Good idea with the motion lights and fencing. You have to be able to be comfortable out in your yard. Our pets become companions. I couldn't imagine not having Gertie not hanging out with me as I move in and out of the house and work out.

I was thinking it would not be long before I order Step Boss. Now I may be in the market for a new microwave hood combo oven. I opened the door and a flash went off and shut it quickly and then it kept running and I could not stop it. I had to climb on the counter to get inside the cabinet to unplug the silly thing. Talk about frustrating.


Here are some of my paintings. The top one and bottom one are at families homes. The bottom one was for my granddaughter that was asking for one and it is from their deck out to the windmill where they live. I had a hard time with that one. I was trying to get the lighting as it was daybreak and the sun was coming up. So, things were somewhat dark. Also those were not framed yet. They were still on my art table. I know they are amateurish, but I find it fun to do.


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Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

I haven’t worked out in a while just emotionally down right now we haven’t seen sunshine since Sunday and it’s so cold winter will not go away. I am hoping to get a workout in tomorrow before we go to the lake for the weekend. I really need to do something my weight is out of control.

Doreen-I love StudioSweat I have a subscription and the spin workouts are tough not a fan of the weights.

Jolie-coyotes are something not to be messed with. I lived on a farm an the took a couple of our dogs during the night.

Debbie-thanks for the kind words.
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Good morning,

D56 booty workout is done.

Jolie - thank you!

Roxie - glad your back. Good job!

Diane - beautiful pictures. You are talented.

Have a wonderful Mothers day, everyone.

Roxie 1965

Good Morning,

Ice Rockout Knockout TS Punching Combos short workout but better than nothing. We are headed to a lake that is a couple hours away because the ones around us have to much water in them then we are spending in the night in a motel so we can go back tomorrow.

Jolie Fit

Diane Sue, your artwork is amazing!!!!! My mom and sister a big time artists, painting, sculpting and sewing or whatever. I don't have that in me but I am very creative in other ways. You could sell those and make a lot of money!$$$$

Today I did Yvette's Moderate impact step cardio emphasizing Biceps, shoulders, triceps and Core. I had and awesome workout even though I am really sore and my back is out and needs to be adjusted from my jump the other day. Workout was 1 hour and I burned 689 calories. I had to pause a few times to catch my breath and I did a few extra exercises at the end. Average heart rate was 127 and max was 173! That is good for a moderate impact workout! The workout goes as follows: This is what Yvette used, I went lighter.

This is a 3 circuit format Cardio, Strength and Core.. 12 to 15 reps which means lighten the weights some. I used 25's for biceps, 20's for shoulders and 1- 25 weight for triceps.. Also used 10s for raises. Spri bands were also used. As the title says this is a more moderate class not considered high impact

Yesterday I took my dog for a long walk down at the beach and he loved it. There are so many people walking their dogs on a safe path so that is what i am going to do again today. It is partly cloudy and should get to about 70 degrees so I am going to take advantage of it.

What are your plans for Mother's Day? We are going for a beach walk and then put up a really good fence to protect Rusty from those damn coyotes.

Diane Sue, I must have gotten pricked by a bush with shape thorns because my finger is really red and swollen. It is very sore I can barley push on it, kind of like when you get a rose thorn in you finger. I havent had a tetnus shot in years, I should probably make and appointment to do that soon. Any suggestions for my finger. I got up in the middle of the night and poured Peroxide on it.

Great workouts today ladies!!!!!

Enjoy your day.
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Today I did Kelly's new Raw workout Step Drills and Compound Moves, 41 minutes (actual 37), as I wrote down the weight work. Heart rate average 127 max 175, 248 calories, 2,468 steps. I followed this with Kelly's Cardio Step Kickboxing, horizontal mix skipping the abs, 39 minutes, heart rate average 145, max 181, 3,345 steps, met 9.3, 263 calories. I used the 8 inch step for this today. I ended with Lite extended stretch #2, 13 minutes, 35 calories. Total time was 93 minutes, 546 calories, 5,868 steps.

Raw Step Drills and Compound Moves (uses step and Kelly uses 12# dumbbells) 37 minutes
3 minute warm up
squat high/high pull
side lunge rows

reverse lunge/curls right
plank rows
repeat doing the left

1 dumbbell preacher curl right in plie position
split squat/butterfly with two dumbbells held together
repeat doing left

close stance squat/hammer curl
curtsy lunge off step/lateral raise

clean from the hip
side step/snatch right
repeat doing left
cardio finish
2 minute cooldown

I see all of the flaws in my art work and find myself worrying that when I do them for others they may feel like they "have" to display them. I guess the confidence is not there. I started taking pictures of them so I can go back and look at what I did. I have so many that I barely remember doing. I have been trying to learn some other mediums.

Roxie, we have had so much rain. I think we may get sun tomorrow for Mother's day. Funny that a couple of weeks ago it was up to 81 and now I am cold. So, many flash floods and rain here. I will say, our lakes are full. Maybe you will have some sun and it will make you feel better. Nice job on the workouts.

Belinda, thanks on the paintings. Great job getting your workout in.

Jolie, I bet after that jump you really do need an adjustment. I had a rose thorn piece in my finger and it hurt and swelled up so bad. I soaked it in epsom salt and warm water several times a day and put bacitricin on it. That took care of it. Epsom salts in the warm water will help draw out any toxins. That sounds like a good workout format. Thank you on my art work. I have so many projects around. I got into some scrapbooking and bought tons of stuff. Now I have a few pages done and it has been quite a few years since I have worked on it. I crochet, knit. There just never seems to be enough time for the projects.
I am sure that you will feel much better once that fence and everything is up. That is nice that there is a safer area where other walkers go. I guess the coyotes do not venture to that area then?

Debbie, the one waterscape I did for my granddaughter for graduation. She had dreams of going to the beach for graduation and her parents took her on a cruise. She had asked for a painting when I did one for her cousin, so I came up with that one. Thank you :)

Roselyn, I bet that was fun :)

Have a wonderful mothers day tomorrow. :) I have family coming over. My son in law and son are making the dinner. We are also celebrating my 5 year old grandson's birthday. My husband took me to dinner tonight and to the store to buy some new jeans. He also bought me a new purse.


Good morning everyone - hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was busy with the kid's soccer and then my son took me mountain biking yesterday and then a picnic.

This morning I did a Total Body Sculpt with TRX - 55 minutes. 3 circuits on the TRX, 3 with dumbells, 2 on the TRX, 2 with dumbells or something like that.
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Today I did Cathe Live Glassboro Road Trip 2018 workout from 7/28/18. I really love this workout. Paused quite a bit because I went heavy and she went from one exercise right to another and that is hard to do with heavy weights. Plus dangerous. That bodybuilding woman on there scares me. LOL!! She's huge!!

Each giant set is done 3 times with 8 reps each.

Giant Set 1
10/10/10 reps on step
Chest Flies: 25's
Close Grip Chest Press: 20's

Giant Set 2
30# - 6 reps at 4/4 count
One Arm Row: 35#
One Arm Rear Fly: 15#

Giant Set 3
Upright Row:
Shoulder Press: 17.5's
Lateral Raise: 12's

Giant Set 4
Standing Overhead Extensions:
Kickbacks: 10's
Dips: 24 reps

Giant Set 5
Dumbbell Curls:
Hammer w/Twist: 15's
W Curls: 12's

Monster Walks
- (Did weighted sit-ups w/8#)
Lying Leg Lifts - Used 8's

I did the abs this time but did weighted sit-ups on place of the Monster Walks. I hate those and they hurt my back.

Workout was 56 minutes, burned 497 calories!!!! and HR was 159/195. Did 1276 steps. I can't believe that calorie burn. Holy smokes!!

I don't have time for personals, but will try to be back later.
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Hey everyone :)

This morning, I did Cardio Coach press play, that’s it. Later abs. Really need to work harder. Lasts week, I lost, 2.8 lbs. picked them right back up, argh.......it’s so hard for me to stay my course, when my GK’s are here, dang, from Friday to Sunday ate, like food was no more lol, I know right. BUT, today I am back focused, on my goals, this week will drop 3 lbs, or my name ain’t DOZ o_O I know I can do it.

No workout Sunday, my GK took over my basement, they were sprawled out everywhere, didn’t want to wake them. I check back when I return from my errands.
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Jolie Fit

Today I did Cathe Live, 2018 Glassboro Road Trip, just like Debbie! I switched things up today, I went heavier and did more reps, the workout is starting to seem too easy, so I fixed that problem. I put on 2 pound weighted gloves and did the same weights as last week, but I did the rep pattern of x 16, x 12, x 10 for all of the exercises. I did pause the program a lot so I could get my reps in. I liked the workout a lot this way and I changed the ABS at the end and used an 8# med ball and did a bunch of different exercises with that and I was feelin the burn! Workout was 1 hour and I burned 429 calories.

Debbie, It is so funny that we are on the same page with the lifting workouts!!! We have done that a couple of times now, I do love this workout. The woman body builder may not really be a woman. I thing there is something going in there:) To each is own...……. You lifted heavier than I did today, I went higher reps to change it up because Yvette only does heavy weights and I am doing that tomorrow.

DOZ, Dont worry about the weight gain it is probably water weight. All you can do it is start working out again. I have a huge piece of coffee cake this morning because I felt like it. I know it is bad but I don't care, I want to live a little too, not just be in shape. I have given up most bad things besides chocolate and coffee cake and so be it, I just have to workout a little harder so I don't gain weight. We all have to have some little pleasures in our lives:)

Doreen, sounds like you had a great workout and a great day yesterday!

I will check back later to read your posts.

Have a nice day. My son comes home from college late Wed. night for a week and a half before football season starts again. I am so excited :)
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