Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Mau 2019


This moring I did a Sydney Cummings Legs and Abs workout off youtube. First time I have tried her. She posts almost everyday. I like she uses heavy weights. I'm never fold of abs but it worked because it was recovery for your legs.
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Quick check in. Had a lot of fun with my friends yesterday. Today I am taking a rest day.

Have a great evening, everyone.
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Doz, nice work. I find a lot of the old vhs tapes are not as great as they were when they were new.

Roselyn, nice work using Yvette's workouts.

Doreen, I like working abs. It would be nice for a break between the weight work ;)

Belinda, enjoy the rest day.
This morning I did Cathe's Live new workout, "Upper Body Core Crusher" from 4/25/19 and had a great workout. I like this one and even though she moves fast (as usual), I was able to keep up.

Each segment is done two time through.

Chest & Tri's
- 16 reps
Close Grip Bench to Press: 17.5's - 12 reps
Triceps Pushups off Bench: 8 reps
Dumbbell Flies: 17.5's - 12 reps
Dips: 24/32 reps

Shoulder Pushups:
3 sets
Overhead Press: 12.5's - 8 reps (1.5's)
Rear Flies: 12's - 10/16 reps
Lateral Raise: 5's - 32/24 reps
Hip Huggers: 12's - 16 reps

30# - 10/8 reps
One Arm Row: 25# - 16 reps
T-Band Pulls: 32 reps
Dumbbell Curls w/Tubing: 5's - 24/16 reps
8-Point Curls: 12's - 2 times threw
Hammer Curl: 15's - 8 reps

Abs - 8# with some exercises

Not a fan of this ab work, too hard on the lower back. She does a couple with the rags and I had to use paper plates. Did some of them, but paper plates don't work too well with them. Wish she'd go back to normal ab exercises, maybe I should just use a different ab routine instead. Probably would be better.

Workout was 56 minutes, burned 411 calories and HR was 139/193.

Great workouts everyone!! I've read all you have been doing but I don't have time for personals. Hope to be back later!


This morning was KCM Cardio Kicks- Stepboxing Vertical step pre-mix. This has the kneeling abs section at the end.

Debbie - I love standing abs if I'm going to do ab work. I agree the rags are hard - and hard on wrists to do all that in plank.

DOZ- Love IMAX 2- haven't done it in a long time! So you ordered a DVD to replace your VHS?

Roselyn - I keep saving Yvette's workouts to a playlist to do later! Good job keeping up with her.
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Jolie Fit

Today I did Cathe Live PHA 3 and loved it! I did really well with the weights, went heavier than last time and added ABS at the end of each circuit. Workout was 1 hour and I burned 482 calories. Afterwards I jumped on my elliptical and ran 1.6 miles, 15 minutes interval mode and burned 158 calories. Total Calories burned was 640 calories. Tomorrow I plan to do an Yvette workout, not sure which one yet.

Debbie, I like that workout too, but I do my own ab exercise all of the time because I cant stand all of that plank work, kills me so I do basic ab exercises instead.

Doreen, great workout today, I do think I know what workout you did, it doesn't sound familiar.

Doz, way to go with the IMAX 2, that is a killer!

Belinda, I cant believe how fast you are going through those workouts!

Roselyn, nice job on Yvette's workouts, they are now my favorites!

I hope you all have wonderful workouts today, be back later.
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Evening everyone :)

This morning, I did Legs & Glutes Xtreme o_O And MIS abs. My workout was long for some reason.

Nice work everyone, see ya tomorrow :)
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Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Step Drills and Compound Moves, 38 minutes, met 8.2, 247 calories, heart rate 136, max 173, 2,743 steps. I used 12# dumbbells which is what Kelly used for this. I then did Coffey Fit Raw REal Raw #3, 38 minutes, heart rate average 118, max 155, met 6.0, 191 calories, 1,491 steps. Total time was 76 minutes, 4,234 steps, 438 calories.
I had to run to Sprouts for some things since tomorrow is a busy day and there will not be time. They are saying extreme weather coming in. Big chances for tornadoes and hail as large as baseballs. I hope they are wrong. They always give the worst case. Schools closed all over. It has rained some, but the bigger storms are late afternoon and tonight. Still storms in the morning. I am hoping for not too much flooded roads when I go pick up the grandchildren. When I lived out there I remember trying to find a route to get around water. It ran across the road from one field to another. It looked like one large lake. That is the road I need to go down. I may drive out of my way to come in from another route. I will see what happens.
REAL RAW #3 38 minutes
Each muscle group worked one side at a time to elicit more core/balance work and focus. Some cardio interspersed to keep up the energy. Kelly uses 10,12,15# dbs and 8's at the last finishing segment. 30 seconds work each set
1 arm rows 15# db
1 arm row slight change in position
1 arm row with leg held up behind balancing
12# db 1 arm bench press
12# db 1 arm bench press with opposing leg lift
12# 1 arm bench press with double leg lift
12# 1 arm biceps curl
12# db1 arm biceps curls balance 1 leg
10# dbs lateral raise both arms
10# dbs 1 leg balance
no weight single leg squat
15# dbs single leg squat
15# dbs side to side tap squat
10# dbs double arm kickbacks
10# dbs double arm kickbacks 1 leg
10# dbs double arm kickbacks opposite leg
cardio bench hops butt kick, bench hop butt kick hops landing on 1 leg, bench hops feet off and on bench like in Melt down
Finisher done twice changing some of the moves 8# dbs
chest standing lift out and front/ second time pec deck
running biceps curls/ second time running hammer curls
front raise alternating right and left/ second time through Kelly holds dumbbells together and lofts laterally like chicken wings
overhead triceps extensions

Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

I did KCM Stepboxing the original workout 1. It has been raining here all day the rivers are really coming up and all the lakes are closed we do not need anymore I doubt we will be able to use the boat all summer.
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Diane - Be safe!! I hear there are tornadoes coming in all over where you are. It's serious when schools close. Prayers to you and all who live out that way!!!
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Good morning,

D64 Cardio Flow is done.

I did get a phone call from my doc yesterday. I have arthritis in my hips. He wants me to continue to the the medication. I am not good with meds, need to looks for something more natural. Now I feel really old :(

Jolie - I can't believe it either. It went by so fast. I am looking forward doing something else soon. Great job yesterday. Did you order Cathe's new step workouts.

Roxie - great job on Stepboxing. I have this workout, never done it "(

Roselyn - great job with your weight workout.

Doz - sounds like a killer leg workouts. Nicely done! IMAX2 is one of my favorites Cathe workouts.

Debbie - those Cathe live workouts look amazing. Maybe I sign up after I am done with 80day. Great job! Did you order Cathe's new workouts? I am on the fence. I am afraid it will be too much jumping/or crawling on my hands.

Diane - nicely done yesterday.

I will be back later.
We had 80+ degrees this past weekend and it was very humid. I wake up this morning and it's 45 degrees!!! WTF? What is going on with this weather.

This morning I did my Max Trainer fitness test again as I realized Saturday that the subscription I paid a ton of money for wasn't on the Max Intelligence app. After fixing that problem I had to retake the test so I did that this morning and then I did one of the 14 minute interval workouts.

Workout was 30 minutes total, burned 190 calories, went .68 miles and did 1600 steps. HR was 129/170.

Then I did KCM's Total Body Kickboxing from a DVD I bought and I don't think I've ever done this workout before. I only had time to do like 15 minutes but it was fun. I will do the whole thing one of these days.

That workout was 20 minutes, burned 162 calories, did 1723 steps and HR was 144/193.

I cancelled Beach Body on demand for now, no sense renewing if I'm not using it much.

Doreen - Nice job with your workout!! I agree, the rags (or plates) are hard and my wrists do not like that. Oh well, I'll just do my own thing from now on. No sense in hurting myself. Back in the day I could have done all that but now? No way!

Jolie - I haven't done the PHA workout yet, I need to check it out. When I have time I will preview it to see if its something I'd like to try. Great job on that yesterday!

DOZ - How are you legs today? LOL! I bet they are sore!! Nice job!

Diane - Great job with your workout yesterday. I hope you were able to stay clear of the storms. I haven't heard much about them today.

Roxie - It has been raining here non stop as well. Our lakes are so high that some of the beaches on Lake Erie are closed. Port Clinton has declared a national emergency there. Great job with your workout yesterday!!

Roselyn - Nice job with your workout. Kicking butt girl!!

Belinda - Sorry to hear about your hip, that sucks. You would think with how active we all are we wouldn't get arthritis. I ended up cancelling my Beach Body on demand for now. I'll sign up again later when I want to do the workouts again. I love Cathe Live, it is so fun. No, I haven't preordered her workouts, I don't want step workouts anymore.

Have great workouts everyone!!
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It snowed here last night and into this morning. So much for my garden and my outdoor workouts!! My daughter is supposed to have soccer scrimmages tonight so we'll see how that goes - I'm guessing cancelled because there is at least 4 inches of snow on the grass - it hasn't stuck to the roads much.

This morning I did a SSOD Kettlebell workout.

Roselyn - I have only done one of her workouts. She is encouraging without being cheerleady, the music is pretty generic and it seems like she executes good form. She actually uses heavy weight to film which I like. Overall I thought she did a good job with the workout.
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Hey guys :)

This morning, I did Cardio Coach ‘press play’ that’s it. I forgot my Jacob was scheduled for grooming today, so I’m off to drop him off.

Jolie- adore IMAX 2, which was on schedule for today, PHA3 gotta look for that.

Debbie - yep they are, lol

Nice everyone, gotta run 11;30 appt
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I am going to have to do a quick check in. We survived the worst of the storms. It went past us and we just got the heavy downpour all night. This morning I did Fit Split Boxing mix, 35 minutes, 248 calories, met 8.0, heart rate 138 average, max 167, 3,010 steps. I then did Fit Split Low Impact cardio, 27 minutes, 196 calories, met 8.5, 1,759 steps. Total time 62 minutes, 444 calories, 4,769 steps.

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