Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for June 2020

My right elbow is really bothering me, I've been icing it since Friday. I'm not sure what I did, but like Diane said, it might be from boxing and kickboxing, I have been doing those almost every day. I need to not to those so often. I do think that I hyper-extended my arm doing one of the moves Lindsey has you do in Episode #11, the one where you are on all fours and you do tight kickbacks. I think I reached too far out because she makes you feel like you really have to do that and I think I pulled something. But I'm not sure and I still love her workouts, I just think that and boxing have contributed to this. It feels ok today and I was able to lift a bit and not feel pain.

I'm watching episodes of Coach right now and LMAO. I love this show!! Do any of you remember this show? Hayden, Luther, Dobs. OMG, so funny.

Today I did RAW Weights Circuit #1 and had a really good workout. I like this one, Kelly moves from one exercise to another doing each exercise for 30 seconds - Jolie, you'd like this one. This is how it went:

Dumbbell Flies: 17.5's
Skull Crushers: 10's
Pledges: 10's
Alternate Overhead Press: 12's
Alternate One Arm Row: 25# (I like how she does these)
Double Arm Kickbacks: 5's
Deadlifts: 30# barbell
Plie Squats: 30# barbell
Dumbbell Flies: 17.5's
Skull Crushers: 10's
Pledges: 12's
Alternate One Arm Row: 25#
Lateral Raise: 8's
Deadlifts: 30# barbell
Plie Squats: 30# barbell (I did regular squats)
Dumbbell Press: 20's
Tate Press: 20's (I don't like these, they hurt my elbows so I did Close Grip Bench Press)
Hammer Curls: 15's
Alternate Overhead Press: 12's
Barbell Row: 30#
Kickstand Deadlifts: 30# barbell
Plie Squats: 30# barbell
Dumbbell Chest Press: 20's
Tate Press: 20's (I did Close Grip Bench Press)
Alternate Lateral Raise: 8's
Alternate One Arm Row: 25#
Kickstand Deadlifts: 30# barbell
Barbell Squats: 30#
Chest Flies: 20's
Alternate One Arm Row: 25#

Love this one!! Workout was 34 minutes, burned 222 calories (I used the "Weights" mode this time, maybe I'll keep using this mode instead of "Workout", HR was 127/158.

Also walked on my treadmill for 24 minutes, burned 148 calories, went 1.18 miles and did 2849 steps. HR was 116/125.

I also did Lindsey's Safe Stretches.

I ate like crap this weekend, had bags and chips several times and I NEVER do that. Woke up with a hellasious headache and I know it's all MSG related. I need to clean up my foods for the weekends, this is crazy. I'm eating all vegetarian today.

Belinda - Me too about the new Kelly workouts, I will just wait until they get posted on her website. I have so many DVD's that just sit and get dusty. I am going to Maynard's today and I'll look for hand soap there. So ridiculous that simple things like that can't be found anywhere. How hard is it to make soap?

Jolie - Nice workout Friday. Hope you had a good weekend!! I think you asked me last week why I don't run and it's because my knees have been bothering me and I just don't have the motivation to do it anymore. Isn't that weird? When my hamstring hurt I wanted to run so bad, now that its been so long I don't feel like doing it anymore. Now that I might have to give up boxing for a few weeks I may start running a bit again.

Diane - You might be right about the boxing, I have been doing that ALOT. I always do this, I find something I love and just keep doing it until I injure myself. I need to figure out which cardio workouts Kelly does that doesn't include boxing moves. She does it in almost all of her cardio workouts. I also think I might have hyper-extended my elbow doing that tight tricep exercise she does in 11. Good idea on using a small pillow for those eagle arm stretches, I might try that next time. That is a real hard move for me to do on my left side. I've been drinking the marine collagen but the taste is awful even though it says it's unflavored. Yuck. I've put it in water with my NUUN fizzes and though it's better, I still can taste the nasty fish flavor. I was thinking of putting it in my protein shakes but don't want it to change the flavor of that. Nasty. I want to keep taking it, though, I'm curious to see if it helps my knees. I will do Lindsey's #8 soon, I was going to do it today but it's over 30 minutes. I might do it tomorrow. Great job on all your workouts since Friday!

Doreen - Nice workout today, love that workout and I hope you had fun with your canoe trip.

Roselyn - Hope all is well! Nice job with shoulders!

Roxie - Hope you and your family are doing ok, been thinking about you.

Have a great day everyone!!


I also did Jane Adams Standing Poses = 20 min. Need to keep up with my stretching.

Debbie - I actually was considering canceling my Cathe preorder. Decided to keep it since she is posting free workouts on FB. Cathe is very generous and I like to support her. If you can't find soap I can sent you some. Have you tried Costco? They always have liquid soap. I don't get why we can't find soap, TP or hand sanitizers. From now on I will grab those items since DD can't find any. Your circuit workout looks really good. Nicely done.
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Jolie Fit

Good morning! I had a great weekend with my parents but I was hung over yesterday so I couldnt workout. All of us sat around a bon fire and drank wine and margaritas and had the best time but I cant drink more than one drink or I die the next day, which I did. Anyway, my dad is 87 and that's what he wanted to do so I did it.

Today I did Cathe Live #10 Upper Body Sculpting and had a great workout. It was 55 minutes and I burned 422 calories. This workout included ABS and core at the end. I will be doing this workout again soon. Average heart rate was 116 and max was 173.

Debbie, The workout you did today does look like a workout I would like to do! I cant believe that it only took 33 minutes, it looks like a longer workout. Great job getting a walk in after lifting. I ate like crap as well, but I made turkey chili on Saturday night so that was healthy. I ate a lot of chips too, that is my weakness.

Belinda, I am not doing a leg workout by itself till I get in better shape! I could barely walk for a few days after I did that workout. I am going to incorporate them into total body workouts till I get past the sore stage and then I will do that workout with you! :) Nice job on your workout today. That was nice that your kids surprised you and your hubby this weekend!

Diane Sue, I am glad you and your family had a good weekend, at least you got to workout on Saturday, I had to skip the whole weekend.

Doreen, nice workout today, and how fun to go to the lake. We have kayaks and love to use them in the ocean, but I am so scared of sharks that i would rather go to the lake!

BBL to read your posts. Have a wonderful day.
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Today I had so much to get out and do and slept late as I woke at 4 am and spent a couple of hours trying to go back to sleep till I finally succeeded. I just did Lite Pyramid Pump timesaver Pyramid Up which is still long, but not 80 minutes plus writing the weights down. This was 74 minutes with stopping to write and at one point I had to make some adjustments. heart rate 95/154, 161 calories (Fitbit just does not give me much for workouts that are not jumping or running all over the place) 1200 steps. I went higher on almost everything except shoulders.
Lower Body
rear slide lunges 12,10,8 reps 8,12,15# dumbbells
step ups (high step 3 risers) 12,10,8 reps 8,12,15 # dumbbells (wasn't sure how my knees would feel at first)
side slide lunges 12,10,8 reps 10,12,15# dumbbell
elevated lunges (high step 1 riser) 12,10,8 reps 10,12,15# dumbbells
sliding cross back lunges 12,10,8 reps 10,12,15# dumbbells
deadlifts 12,10,8 reps 12,15,20# dumbbells
calf raises 30,25,20 reps 12,15,20# dumbbbells
Upper Body
back supersets
pullover on stability ball 12,10,8 reps 10,12,15 # dumbbells superset with
standing single arm back fly 12,10,8 reps 8,10,10 # dumbbell
Chest supersets
chest fly on the ball 12,10,8 reps 8, 10,12 # dumbbells superset with
incline press on ball 12,10,8 reps 10,10,12 # dumbbells
Triceps supersets
standing kickbacks 12,10,8 reps 8,10,12 # dumbbells superset with
lying on stability ball 12,10,8 reps 10,12,15# dumbbells
Biceps supersets
standing sweeper curls 12,10,8 reps 10,12,15# dumbbells superset with
incline curls on the ball 12,10,8 reps 10,12,15# dumbbells
Shoulders supersets
overhead press 12,10,8 reps 5,8,10# dumbbells superset with
incline front raise 12,10,8 reps superset with 3,5,8 # dumbbells

Debbie, nice work today. I really do like that one too and had looked at it this morning. With feeling rushed I probably should have done it instead of what I did, but I have had the one I did today sitting out for awhile wanting to do it again. I think sometimes we forget and get too aggressive with our workouts. I keep having to remind myself with boxing to keep my shoulders down and back as I tend to want to hunch when punching hard. Yes, Kelly does use boxing in most of her workouts. I try to cross train so that is why you see me switch up types of workouts. You might try her 30 minutes to fitness cardio quick fix. I love that one and you can do it on raw. Her newer cardio workout cardio/tone has less boxing, just step is mild. Try leaving off gloves for awhile. I particularly have been avoiding the ones boxing with weights, or just use 1# dumbbells instead of gloves that I can pick up for the moves that do not bother as much. Maybe you just aggravated what was already bothering you when you tried to put more into that portion of episode 11 of Lindsey Samper. I usually do tighten up trying to stretch it out straight with that one, but it has not bothered me. Boxing has bothered my shoulders and I have to really concentrate on the body doing more of the movements and not just the shoulders. I love boxing workouts. Too many step workouts hurt my knees, too much jumping hurts my knees and sometimes feels like it is aggravating my neck. I have to switch them up.
You sound like me on the food. I had way too many chips and just junk and then we went out to eat. I am dragging today and sleep was terrible. So, back on track today I hope.
I found 1 bottle of foaming dove hand soap at the dollar store yesterday. It is crazy. When we pulled up a woman was struggling with several large packs of toilet paper. I told my husband there goes a hoarder. It is crazy. I put that fish collagen in my coffee in the mornings or mixing in a shake should be okay. The just fish one has more of a fish flavor. I don't notice a lot if any with the Ancient nutrition multi collagen. Particularly the strawberry lemonade is a nice tasting drink. If you put banana in a smoothie I would think that would get rid of the taste. I have only rarely noticed it because I mix it into things. Not just water. So far I don't think I care much for Nunn taste personally. At least not the blueberry tangerine immunity. I am trying another one for exercise, but not the caffeine one.

Belinda, I have some of Jane Adams Yoga workout episodes I purchased off Amazon Prime. There is one where she is standing out in the grass and an ant or something is crawling on her foot. She acts like it is not there, but I want to shove it off for her. They had hand soap and hand sanitizer in Sprouts today. I didn't buy any as I bought some spray sanitizer recently and just bought soap. Maybe I should have picked up some. I sure wish people would give their fear a rest, then there would be enough for everyone.

Jolie, it sounds like you had a nice visit with your parents. Chips are my weakness too and everyone bought some chips and I already had purchased some. No one took them home!!! I guess a lot of us had a not so healthy weekend :) It doesn't hurt once in awhile except it sure gives the body a need to get back to normal after we over do it. It looks like you got a good workout in today.


Doreen, nice job on Sculpting RX. Kelly does well at putting together some workouts that even not long, she uses the time efficiently .

Belinda, that is nice that your kids surprised you with a visit. I think the media is trying to put out a scare for people on more corona cases so some people are starting to stock up again. I also think it is probably more political than anything else to scare people to stay at home. I am so tired of it. I saw this lady at the UPS store standing outside with her mask pulled down getting some drags on her cigarette and smoke flowing. She took a puff and pulled it up over her face to get in the car and I thought, ewww!! It probably didn't bother her, but cigarette smoke generally sets me off coughing even if it is not up close. I will be interested in what Jessica Smith comes up with next.


Good morning,

L4 Week 6 Day 2 Back/Bicep 50/50 is done. I also walked 2.5 miles outside.

Jolie - you are in great shape :) You kick butt with your workouts daily. Make sure you get a good stretch in after your weight workouts. Let me know when you want to do that workout. I will be ready, lol. Great job yesterday.

Diane - the Jane Adams I am doing is her Beginner one. I bought it for DH, he never uses them. I haven't noticed anything like that on that workout? Maybe it's on one of her other ones? I am working my way through there collection. That makes sense people stockpiling again because of the news. I am also sick of the mask wearing. I hope we will get back to normal by next year.

I will try to be back later.
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This morning I did IMAX3 and modified the crap out of it :p I only used the step top and then used modifications she shows in other videos for all the jumping! Not quite the same as a good old IMAX session but much friendlier on my knees!
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Today I did what Diane recommended, Coffey Fit Quick Cardio #1 - the low impact one. That was really fun and only a small section of boxing moves but really, it was nothing. I enjoyed it a lot. I tacked on RAW 6/60 for abs and instead of pushups I did the scapula press. I'm trying to get the muscle underneath my shoulder blades stronger, that seems to help with that knot that keeps coming back.

Workout was 43 minutes, burned 289 calories, did 3283 steps and HR was 125/163.

Then I walked on my treadmill for 24 minutes, burned 143 calories, went 1.16 miles and did 2835 steps. HR was 117/130.

Should have done a stretch workout but was running out of time, I have a lot to do today.

Belinda - I ended up finding hand soap at Maynard's yesterday, thanks for offering to send me some, that was sweet of you. They were down to the bare bones as well, WTH? Great job with Back and Biceps today!

Jolie - Yes, that workout was non-stop. Kelly just goes from one exercise to another and it's fun, love her workouts. I guess we all indulged this past weekend, the good thing is, all of us are good at getting back to eating well. And I don't know why you say you are out of shape, how on earth can you be out of shape? I do know what you mean about an all leg workout, though. I almost can't do those anymore, I get so sore I can hardly move and it seems to take my body forever to recover anymore. Very frustrating. Nice job with your CL workout yesterday.

Diane - I enjoyed the Quick Fix Cardio today, good call. I did Cardio/Tone as well and might do that one again this week. Doesn't that one have weights in it, though? I could do that on Friday because those are the type of workouts I'm doing on Friday's. I'm surprised your stores are letting people buy so much toilet paper, our stores all have limits of 1 or 2 and we are never out of any type of paper product anymore. They should do that everywhere. Why are people still stocking up of TP? Stupid. I put that collagen in my protein shake this morning and didn't taste it at all, I guess that is what I will be doing from now on. I hate fish and that is what that is. It was way better that way. I love NUUN drinks, they are refreshing to me. I drink the hydrating ones, they have flavors like strawberry lemonade and grape. I get mine from Amazon, I can't believe how pricey they are.

Doreen - Just seen you posted. Great job on IMAX3, I have a real dread factor for those workouts anymore. Used to love them.

Have a great day everyone!

Jolie Fit

Today I am taking the day off. Yesterday in the afternoon I started to feel a bit under the weather, like I have a touch of the flu or something. Today I feel a lot better but I am really tired and run down feeling. I have to look at three houses with my realtor so it is the perfect day for a REST day. This week I just may workout every other day to give my body some down time.

Debbie, great workout today! I swear doing a whole hour of just legs damn near kills me anymore. How on earth did we used to do those types of workouts!? I am going to start doing more total body workouts just to get in some legs during the week besides walking and using my elliptical and rowing machine. I love Cathe Live Vertical Loading workouts, I think there are two or three of them so far in her library. If I can get in a few leg exercises per workout I should be good. The days of looking like a fitness model are WAY over!!!! We used to be maniacs in the gym 10 years ago. I have a lot of muscle but I have way too much fat so that is what makes me feel out of shape these days. I have to loose this Menopause weight that I have acquired over the last year. I even have Hot Flashes today :(

Belinda, way to go with this rotation, you are sticking to it and doing a great job. If I do Legs and glutes I will have to sub out some of the lunges and either do my leg extension machine or my leg curl machine. I just cant do lunges anymore, my knees will be screaming if I do! How are the knees right now?

BBL to read all of your posts for the day. Cloudy and cool at the beach today. I am ready for some summer sun!



I also did Jane Adams UB Strength & Flexibility = 20 min. This one had good shoulder/neck stretches.

Jolie - great idea to listen to your body. Good luck with the house hunting. I like sticking to a plan/rotation. Thank you for your kind words. My knees are not doing so well lately. When I do lunges, I stay shallow. I don't go down deep. Luckily there aren't that many lunges. I read if forward lunges hurt your knees, do back lunges instead. I think I will try that next time.

Diane - here is the link for the Jane Adams Beginner workouts I am doing right know. I skipped workout 1. I will do that one later this week. She is standing in the grass, didn't see anything.


This morning I did Raw Cardio Tone cardio portion only, 19 minutes, heart rate 144/166, 114 calories, 2,049 steps. I skipped the toning as it is all on the floor and upper focus and I am sore after yesterday's workout. I then did Jessica Smith Dance Walk workout 2, 171 calories, 31 minutes, heart rate 134/180??, 3,201 steps. I also did Step Boss Abs 2, which was kind of painful as the front of my shoulders are sore and their are side planks which I did on my elbow rather than straight arm, and the planks with hands off and on the steps I dropped to just the riser. This was 10 minutes, 20 calories, heart rate 97/122, 89 steps. I finished with Lindsey Samper episode 7 using a sofa pillow under my torso and to sit on when cross legged, 16 minutes(14) I did a bit of lower stretching, 15 calories. Total time was 76 minutes, 320 calories, 5,399 steps. I need to try and fit episode 11 in soon. I have to go out again the next two days. I only have a 30 minute window to get a large veggie dish over to the church for a family after the funeral. Need to shop for whatever I will make. Maybe some sort of corn dish? I don't know. Corn is not a veggie though, but treated as such and I would mix in some real veggies and maybe some black beans. I slept way to late today. Here it is 4 oclock and I just finished my workout and shower. No food as yet. I have not slept that late in ages, but was exhausted. Only 6 hr and 28 minutes though, but pretty solid sleep. I have to try and hit bed early the next two nights. I will be back in awhile. Going to go find food.


Debbie, here is the rundown of Cardio Tone. The boxing is not too much really. I remember you did not like the side lying triceps that much on the tone part, but there is no weights in this.
Raw Cardio and Tone 31:19 minutes
20 minutes cardio and then 10 minutes floor toning and stretch
warm up 2:45
cardio is 8 moves done for 45 seconds each then repeated after a rest an some jacks
achey feet
8 jabs/ circle bob right and left
lunge front /switch switch/ back step (think that was it)
speed bag high low/ squat shuffle right and left
jab cross/kick/set/ switch
rest and jacks repeat cardio with a few changes
Floor upper work
from floor push up to down dog
side lying triceps on right
explosive sit up knee pull
side lying triceps left


Belinda, this is the Jane Adams series that I have 4 episodes from
It is just funny that she is standing there in the woods with a bug crawling across her foot. I would have been trying to kick it off LOL. I just purchased episodes as I was ready to try one. One is pretty much all lying down and one is a chair workout although she stands for part of it. I like the energy one and there is one there that is nice for the shoulders and neck area. I would like to try Lindsey Samper's sweat yoga workout which is an hour on Amazon Prime and is free. It did have a short preview video.

Doreen, that is a tough workout as is. I can't believe there was a time where I did the extra long versions, what is it the terminator , gauntlet and something else. I just know my knees would be throbbing after I was done. I think we are better at finding modifications than years ago. Learning as we have to.

Debbie, it is funny because I put off purchasing the Cardio Quick Fix because I thought it would be really easy and I just did not need it. Then one of my check in groups I noticed someone doing it quite a lot, and she does some pretty tough workouts and long Peloton workouts. She really recommended it and liked it so I finally broke down and got it. Wish I would have a long time ago. There is a section on the end as a bonus that is ab and hip work like bridges. I am trying to remember the moves on Amped Up Cardio Live. This is another fun one, but there is some boxing in it and also with it on the streaming no premixes so you would have the drills. Each workout has I think 3 sections where you do drills 2 times. Not real difficult, but I know one is down to the floor and doing the planks with shoulder touches and one has long jumps with walk backs. They are generally 10 reps only for those. But, I find it fun and it was a go to workout for me for a long time when I couldn't make up my mind. I had wondered why Kelly wears gloves in a lot of her workouts and one time I asked her if they were weight gloves and she said no. Only weight gloves if she says it. Yesterday she posted on the facebook group something about having renaud's disease and had posted something she saw for warmth. She mentioned her fingers and I thought maybe the gloves help keep her hands warm. I read on Mayo clinic that wearing layers, gloves, and heavy socks help.
I have been incorporating those scapular squeezes in workouts a lot. Also this morning when I was doing my stretches while reading my Bible on my tablet I did some of those squeezes where Lindsey has your arms close to the side and opens the hands out to the side while squeezing the scapular area in back and holding. It sure makes a difference and over time I have learned to notice and use those muscles more when working out.

Jolie, I hope that you aren't coming down with something. Usually when I feel like that I try to get more rest and sleep and up my immunity supplements. I hope you find something that you like.


I did this body type test and I come out with two body types and suggestion to not do long weight workouts and to go heavier.


Diane - I only did the 2. Standing Poses and the Upper Body Strength Flexibility. I like both. The UB is a good neck/shoulder stretching workout. I like Lindsey Samper's too. Need to go back and try more. Great job today.
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Today I did Build & Burn Upper Body Supersets. Had a great workout, love this one. Couldn't figure out which RAW workout to do so I looked at the 30MTF workouts and decided on this. I should do this one more often, it's a good one.

SS #1
Reverse Grip Press: 15's/12's/12's
Lateral Raise & Extend: 5's
3 sets/8 reps no rest

SS #2
Pulse Curls: 10's (these hurt my right elbow, I did hammer curls instead)
Pledges: 10's
3 sets/8 reps no rest

SS #3
Seated Overhead Triceps Ext: 15#
Tate Press: 10's - ( again, these hurt my elbows, I did skull crushers instead)
3 sets/8 reps no rest

SS #4
Reverse Grip Bench Press: 15's (I did normal bench press, couldn't feel these in my chest)
Connected Dumbbell Press: 15's
3 sets/8 reps no rest - KILLER!

SS #5
Seated Rows: 15's (I like how she does these)
Standing Cross Row: 15#
3 sets/8 reps no rest

Alternate Upright Rows: 8's - 30 seconds
Double Arm Kickbacks: 5's - 30 seconds
Alternate Hammer Curl Runs - 8's - 30 seconds
Run Rows but only 1 weight: 8# - 30 seconds (need to go heavier)

Workout was 32 minutes, burned 154 calories, did 883 steps and HR was 108/157.

Then I was going to walk on my treadmill but I seen a 30MTF next to the one I did above and it was called 30MTF Start Here. It is a light cardio workout with some burn moves with 5's at the end. I loved it. Diane, you might want to check this one out, it is fun and my HR didn't get really high, but high enough for what I was looking for today. I used 3's at the end, not 5's and those gave me a great burn. Fun workout!!

Workout was 33 minutes, burned 198 calories, did 2982 steps and HR was 116/158.

I also did Lindsey's Episode 11, really needed that.

Jolie - Hope you are feeling better today, getting sick at all during this time is scary. Usually the flu is gone by now so make sure you don't have COVID. I'm sure you don't, but don't be lax about it either. My husband's assisted living facility is having all their residents and employees tested this week, I'm eager to see the results. They have not had an outbreak there yet, in fact, they haven't had one person with symptoms yet. Did you find any good houses yesterday? Yea, I wouldn't do an hour of legs anymore either. Heck, an hour of upper body is too much for me. Sometimes I feel like such a weakling, very frustrating from when we were kicking butt lifting heavy and all. Oh well, such is life. My hot flashes are uncontrollable right now, I can't stand it. I'm taking Change O Life and that isn't helping at all. I hate this.

Belinda - I will check out those Jane Adams workouts too, they look good. Good job with your workouts yesterday.

Diane - Thanks for the breakdown of Cardio/Tone. I did do that one once and it was a good one. It does have a lot of boxing moves in it, though, so I might hold off. I have my thermal imaging breast exam tomorrow so I can't do any strenuous workouts tomorrow, I'll probably just walk on my treadmill. I don't have any of the Amped up workouts, those are Cathe's right? I did a body type test a long time ago, I'm a mesomorph. What are you?

Got lots of yard work to do today so I gotta get going. Have a great day everyone!

Jolie Fit

Today I woke up feeling good and decided to workout, but by half way through the workout I felt like vomiting. I continued the workout and ended up doing ok for as bad as I felt. I think I might have a touch of the flu? I will be taking tomorrow off again to get better. Today I did CL#194 Vertical Loading #2 and loved it. She uses the ball but I used a bench. This one is higher reps than the first workout she did, I think I like it better because you use lighter weights. Workout was 1 hour and I burned 427 calories.

Debbie, nice workout today, that one looks great! I love doing burnout exercises at the end, Tony Horton used to do those in his One on One workouts, which i should pull out again and do, they are awesome. I have hot flashes too, I am so sick of them, my sheets are in the washer right now!

Diane Sue, I am going to take that body type test today, thanks for posting!!!!

Belinda, I hope you have a great workout today, killing it!!!!!!

Roselyn, Where are you?

Doreen, Have a nice workout today. Are the fires out yet?

BBL to read your posts.

Make it a great day.


Debbie, thanks for the heads up on Start Here. Another one I have never purchased or done. I thought Amped Up Cardio was on the 30 Minutes to Fitness on Raw. Like I said though, there isn't the premixes. It is a mixture of types of moves, some boxing, some just aerobic moves, and then the drills that are meant to be a toning move. No weights required. Nice choices today. I want to get in some more weight work this week. I have to go out again today and be done early tomorrow so getting everything in that I would like to is a bit difficult. As I speak I need to get started :) Oh, and I came out a combo ectomorph/ mesomorph
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Hi everyone,

I wanted to do Step Sync today. Instead of using my dvd I wanted to use the download today. My dvd player is in my basement. ChuChu isn't doing so well these day's. I wanted to workout upstairs to keI never downloaded that workout, got all the others. I tried the code, it expired. I did ICE Low Impact Sweat instead.

Debbie - you are welcome! I think you would like Jane Adams yoga. They are not too long. Great job today.

Jolie - I hope you are not coming down with something. Great job with your workout. Hope you feel better maybe get some rest .I am dragging today. I just finished my workout.

Diane - thanks for the link. I will check it out this afternoon. Great job with your workout.

Happy Hump Day everyone.


I did this body type test and I come out with two body types and suggestion to not do long weight workouts and to go heavier.
Diane - I have that set too. I never noticed, lol. When I am done with the Beginner I will do that one, lol. Have you heard of Merge Yoga on Amazon? Those are pretty good too. I own a few, haven't done them in a long time. I like doing an hour yoga on the weekends. I have more time.

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