Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for June 2020

We had horrific riots in Cleveland Saturday night, they destroyed several businesses in downtown. It was awful. These poor business owners just recently opened and are trying to survive after COVID and now this happens. There is a cupcake shop and the owner and some employees went to the store to make sure they didn't get robbed - well, they did. They had to hide in the bathroom and these thugs smashed the front windows, hung on the chandaliers, broke the cupcake stand with one of their princess chairs and left nothing in that store by the time they were done. All the windows were gone, everything in the store is ruined. Several other businesses had the exact same thing done to them. I am heartbroken about this. How can any human being treat others this way? They had nothing to do with the death of that man in Minnesota. The authorities here are pretty sure that Antifa was to blame, but no one wants to say for sure. They arrested about 70% of the people who were doing this but not all. And they will probably get a slap on the wrist and sent on their merry way. Makes me sick. They also burned 3 police cruisers. Our mayor called the National Guard but it was too late as they didn't show up until Sunday morning.

I had not desire to continue on with Liift 4 (sorry Belinda!), I just don't like it as much as I did doing it with the trainer. So I did Cathe Live Glassboro Road Trip 2018 #208. I like this workout a lot and paused when I felt like I needed one. Cathe, of course, rushes through it like nobody's business. I went a lot lower in weights than the last time because I think this is the one that screwed up my upper back. I did the pullovers with a 35# dumbbell. Won't be doing that again!

Each giant set is done 3 times with 8 reps each.

Giant Set 1
10/10/10 reps on step
Chest Flies: 22.5's
Close Grip Chest Press: 15's

Giant Set 2
20# - 6 reps at 4/4 count
One Arm Row: 25#
One Arm Back Fly: 12#
(I only did 2 sets of these, upper back was feeling it)

Giant Set 3
Upright Row:
Shoulder Press: 12's
Lateral Raise: 10's

Giant Set 4
Standing Overhead Extensions:
Kickbacks: 10's
Dips: 24 reps

Giant Set 5
Dumbbell Curls:
Hammer w/Twist: 15's
W Curls: 10's

Abs - 3 sets
Monster Walks
Side/Center/Side Lying Leg Lifts:
Planks w/Knee In

Was going to skip the abs because this one killed my low back but I thought I'd give it a shot and just do it mindfully. Great ab workout. Workout was 53 minutes, burned 367 calories (last time it says I burned 501!!!! BIG DIFFERENCE!!) and HR was 134/187.

Also walked on my treadmill for a mile and burned another 133 calories.

I think I'm taking next week off as a rest week. I might do stretching workouts because I know I need to do that. I just need a break, I haven't taken time off in a while. Plus I go back to work for the week and then I'm done for summer break. Yay!!!

Jolie - We all seem to be having issues with our FB's. Everyone should boycott them until they give us a product worth the money they are charging us for! Great job with your workouts this weekend.

Belinda - Ouch on the knees! I hope they are feeling better today. Nice job with your workout this morning.

Doreen - Wow, that bike ride you took with your son sounded like a really tough workout. Nice job on that!!! I hate bike riding unless it's my motorcycle! LOL!

Roxie - I, for some reason thought you guys already did buy a house there. Hope you can find a decent one in your range of cost soon. Houses are expensive again. I tried doing a chat and I still couldn't log in. They don't let you chat with anyone on BB until you login. Not sure what is going on with that site. I give up so they lose my business. Great job on your workouts!

Diane - I haven't had time to check out the FB forums yet, I need to do that. So frustrating. It is nice starting to interact with people again. Saturday we had a late birthday party for me and my brother's birthday is Thursday so we combined them and had a cookout. Mine was missed because of the shutdown. It was great being around family and we stayed outside so we didn't get too close to mom. We had a great time and my mom enjoyed it as well. Nice job with your workouts. I want to do Box & Tone again. Maybe this week.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!! It was cold here this morning, 42 degrees!! Now it's warming up. Supposed to be 74 by the middle of the day. Perfect!!
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Jolie Fit

Yesterday Antifa bused in hundreds if not thousands of people to our beach community to protest and to destroy our town. Well, this is a very Pro Trump community and also it is home to a lot of surfers, and I mean hard core surfers. With that said, none of us let them destroy our community. All the citizens went into town to support our business, helped them board up the stores and sat in beach chairs all the way down the town and threatened to kick their asses if they tried anything. There were so many motor cycle cops and police on horseback that they didn't have a chance. The surfers fight really dirty and took some out into the ocean to drowned them, of coarse they didn't, but the Antifa activists thought they were going to die! Also, people were on top of their business with shot guns ready to shoot anyone who dared destroy their livelihood. Wow, it was a wild night but we won the fight! Our Mayor was ready and got the community involved to fight for what was theirs. I think that is what we need to do. In the end they just left our they would have been really hurt physically.

Today we put an offer in on a house we found yesterday, I am very excited but there are multiple offers right now. The house needs a lot of work to move in, All new floors, baseboards and a new kitchen. All the other stuff can wait. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I really like the bones of the house and the lot is awesome too!

Today I had a fantastic workout, CL # 284 Arms and ABs, one of my favorite workouts. Cathe goes really slow so you can lift heavier and I love it. Workout was one hour, I paused a few times and I burned 410 calories. Heart rate was 114/161. My core is killing me right now :) Sequence of body parts is, Biceps, Shoulders, Chest, Triceps, Back and then ABS.

Debbie, sorry to hear about your riots, this is ridiculous what people are doing to their own communities. Our protest and riots, the people were bused in from other places to destroy the white mans community is how they put it on Twitter. I have never seen anything like this before in my life. Great job on your workout today, I love that one too! Try the one I did today, I know you will like it and use the bench instead of the ball if need be so you don't pull anything.

Belinda, way to go on the workout today! How are your knees?

BBL to read other posts.

Make it a great day and pray for America! God Bless Donald Trump and all of the big decisions he has to make at this time. Thank God he is our President! He will rebuild our nation, he knows how to do it!


Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Cardio Overload 2, 37 minutes, heart rate 113/151,163 calories 3,160 steps. I wore an 8# vest this time and the 6 inch step. Last time I did this I did it without a step and wore 4# vest. I had to fight with my watch to get a decent reading today. It kept dropping out for longer than usual periods and when I was doing squat thrusts with knee ins I looked and my HR was 98!! I then did Cathe Lite Metabolic Blast 41 minutes, heart rate 104/147, 127 calories (more than 100 calories less than last time I did this) 1,661 steps. I finished off with Yoga therapy for neck with Lindsey Samper episode 7 which is a 14 minutes than can be added to other workouts. I think the longest yoga she has on this series is around 30 minutes. This took me 16 minutes for some reason, probably because I added a couple of stretches at the end, 13 calories, heart rate 77/93 heart rate. Total time spent was 95 minutes, 303 calories, 4,821 steps.
Praying for president Trump and handling this awful thing that is being taken against people. Loved him standing in front of Saint Johns holding his Bible. Just made me feel good.

Debbie, I am having a hard time getting decent calorie burns out of my Fitbit. I guess I am not getting fat or anything, but I hate when the apps tell me I am over in calories and I know I am not. I keep thinking I need to check the FB forums again. Most complaints seem to go on forever before someone is able to offer help.
I feel so sorry for these businesses and they are just beginning to be able to open. It makes me angry. These groups that are doing this come in with the peaceful protesters and wreak havoc as it gets dark. They broke the windows and stuff of some businesses here too, including a bale bonds office that advertises all of the time. Not sure what they would have gotten out of there. Saturday and Sunday night were rough here. Yesterday the news showed the crowds and the ones in their black and with their signs, masks, backpacks and shields leading the crowd and coming in in bikes as well. Roads were blocked by the police and barricades along with tape as they were told if they cross they will be arrested. I heard on the news earlier there was a shot. The police had to use tear gas. I am so upset with this. They had a curfew set last night. I think that most think that Antifa is involved.
I used to check in on Beach Body and look at recipes and things there, but after they quit selling dvds that all seemed to change. I can't find a place to log in anymore.
I don't know how we boycott Fitbit without finding another watch. I would think that since Google is taking over they can surely afford to come up with a great product.
I thought that I read that Kelly was putting up a new weight workout yesterday, but I only saw that she had filmed the new dvds with some pictures. I checked again this morning. She had posted about posting a the new weight workout after she said filming was done.

Jolie, good for your community. I can't believe they would head for your beach community. They seem to be hitting a lot of downtown areas and police and government areas. Good idea to board up the store fronts ahead of time. I hope that you get the house. That would be wonderful. The thing is we had an organized peaceful protest, then some of this group started moving to the downtown area as this happened those same people from the night before (news recognized them) started mingling with them. The news caster was saying that they were drawing in an all young crowd with them and suggested on the news that if parents had any children down there for the protests they should call them to come home and protect them from involvement in what might be happening. The crowd did get somewhat smaller by the time they walked to the next spot. I think it was a 5 mile walk is what the news said as they followed with the crowd from overhead.

Roselyn, nice work. Hope work is going well for you.

Belinda, I hope that your knees are feeling better. Nice work on the upper body today.


Belinda, I would not have wanted that guy drinking while painting either. What a bad experience that was. I wouldn't want to paint our living room. The ceiling is two stories high and requires a tall ladder to get to the top to paint. When my husband added a wall up there to make a room and do away with the full loft area it scared me having him up there with scaffolding that was not tall enough and ladder on top of that. I sat with my cellphone to call emergency if he fell. My son helped with some of it and I would pass things up that he needed. We have the round wall all the way up the stairs too. The painters had to use a ladder that was not the usual A shape sitting it on the stairs. I was worried they would get hurt painting up there.
Today I did RAW Heavy Bag 2 - for some reason I thought this one had cardio bursts between each boxing segment? I must be mistaking this workout for a different one. Weird. Love this workout, though, had a good sweaty one.

Workout was 40 minutes, burned 203 calories (last time I burned 247 calories), went 2809 steps and HR was 106/166.

Also did Max Climb 10 w/Marc - he is annoying but the workout is good. It was 15 minutes total and get this - my MT said I burned 101 calories and my FB said I burned 102 calories. Miracles do happen! I went .36 miles, did 921 steps and HR was 92/131. The only explanation I have is my HR was up already from the boxing workout so that is why I had a good calorie burn with this.

My kitty was really sick last night, scared the crap out of me. He threw up like 6 times. About 15 minutes after he ate his dinner he just threw it all up and then kept throwing up clear mucus. He seems ok today, he ate this morning and has held it down. I think I will make an appointment to get him checked out this week. Poor little guy. :(

Jolie - WOW! That is awesome that your town stuck together like that. I think Cleveland was blind sided, we had no idea that was going to happen. We knew we'd have protests, but nothing like what happened. The city of Cleveland is still locked down with curfews and no one aloud to go in or out until tomorrow. There was only one small business that was armed and funny thing, the thugs didn't bother that place. I wish the others were armed, sort of shocked they weren't. Hope you get the house you put an offer on. Are you sure you want something you have to work on? We did that and I regret it every day. We've been in it 23 years and we still have some work to finish on it. I will never buy a fixer upper again. I've done Arms & Abs before, it is a good workout I might do it again tomorrow. And yes, God Bless President Trump. I can't fathom all the crap he's put up with since he's been in office.

Roselyn - Great job with your arm workout. Are you doing Beast again?

Diane - Great job on your workout. The FB is driving me crazy too. I'd really like to look around and see what else is on the market that might be better, but who knows, they will probably be about the same. I heard this morning that supposedly the bishop of the church Trump stood in front of with the bible was very pissed about him doing that. Why? Because it's Donald Trump? I'm so sick of the media and people going against him at all angles all of the time. His speech yesterday was awesome and very presidential. God bless him. That's what happened here, we had some nice peaceful protests and then these thugs came into town with backpacks, weapons and an attitude. So ridiculous. It took everyone by surprise, we haven't seen anything like this in Cleveland ever. Such a shame. I'm not impressed with Beachbody anymore, it will be a long time before they get any of my money again. I didn't even check this morning to see if Kelly posted a new workout. I think she is filming new DVD's, though.

Belinda - Hope you have a great day and an awesome workout!

Doreen - Ditto what I said to Belinda!

Roxie - Ditto ditto what I said to Belinda and Doreen. :)

Have a great day everyone!!


Good morning,

L4 W3 D2 Back & Biceps is done.

Debbie - lol, no need to be sorry my friend. I understand it's not for everyone to do a paper workout. I enjoy playing my own music. Fantastic job on your workout yesterday.

Jolie - thanks for asking. No pain in my knees just a little swelling. Hopefully in the next few day's that will go away too.

Diane - the painter was a trip :) I wouldn't mind paying that much if he would done a decent job. Just spot painting didn't fly with me, lol. I am so used too when we move into a new house that the walls are freshly painted. I think it makes everything feel clean. The wall were not bad too begin with, I guess he should I wouldn't noticed or to stupid to see it. It all turned out great. DH and I got every good doing it ourselves. In our foyer we rented a scaffolding otherwise we couldn't had done it. I was scared DH would fall off that thing. He hardly could walk at that time. I was brining him and handing him everything that he wouldn't have to go up/down that scaffolding. Painting our foyer I would hire a painter, never again. That was scary.

I will be back later to catch up on more personals. My DD is staying with us. She has been very lonely by herself since March.
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Yesterday I did a 30 minute HIIT by Anja - so tough. Then I rode my bike to work and back. Getting to work isn't bad - its all downhill. Getting back is tough!! All uphill.

Today I just wanted something to get me moving a bit but not too hard - so I did LITE Metabolic. And it started raining on me because I was working out outside! It didn't last long or I would have had to stop so my tablet wouldn't get wet!
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Jolie Fit

Happy Birthday to me! I got the best birthday present ever last night, the school called me and told me that my son is graduating on time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy and I feel the stress going away. This has been the hardest 6 years of my life, getting this child through school Well, I persevered and I couldn't be happier,. He just got a full time job with my ex brother in law who owns a contracting business and he is going to teach him the trade. What an opportunity and I feel like I can now concentrate on myself. I cant believe that I am 54 years young today, times just flies by... I do feel better than I did in my 30's because I take care of myself so much better and don't travel 5 days a week on an airplane like I was doing back then for my job. Today was cardio and I got on the TM, 60 minutes, 6.0 to 7.5 incline, 3.1 to 3.3 speed, traveled 3.3 miles and burned 573 calories. Heart rate was 124/168. It was hard today because it is very humid and I am dripping wet.

BTW, we didn't get the house but I am sure I will find another one soon.

Debbie, great job on the workout today. I was supposed to do CL some sort of kickboxing today but my shoulders and arms were so sore from yesterday's workout I just couldn't do it. My son just came back from Reno and brought 8 guns with him and a ton of ammo. Nevada guns are legal so he uses all of his money he gets for paying football on either motorcycles or guns! My dog just went through the same thing but is feeling much better. I think it was his food, I changed it to canned chicken with peas and carrots and some rice and it is easier on his stomach. He is much better today.

Belinda, nice back and biceps workout today!

Doreen, that is great that you can ride your bike to work! Way to go finishing your workout even though it rained on you :)

Diane Sue, I hope you have a great workout today!

Roselyn, how is work going?

Have a wonderful day, my boys are taking me out to lunch today.
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Today I did Ice Rev'd up and Rumble, 43 minutes, heart rate 110/162,181 calories, 3,782 steps. I spent most of my time trying to move my watch around to find a decent heart rate. End of the warm up I was in the 80's. I finally ended up wearing it over the back of my wrist. Isn't that where we take our pulse anyway? It got somewhat better there, but I did this near the end. I then did Kelly Coffey Strong and Lean Kickboxing, 33 minutes, 165 calories, 3,211 steps, heart rate 121/160 . I finished off with Yoga neck therapy #1 Lindsey Samper, 22 minutes, 20 calories. That was much needed as I crawled in a cabinet to saw a bigger hole to fit a plug bar and I really hurt my neck. I woke up with such a headache. I took some Excedrin and did some stretches before my workout. It feels much better this afternoon and the headache went away. Funny how just lying on the floor for this therapy session and doing those moves can be so effective. I was moving through the stretches and when I was pulling my arm across with my hand I felt a pop and felt it release up my neck. Really worked. I get that every once in awhile :)
Total time was 98 minutes, 366 calories, 6,993 steps.


Debbie, I just went and looked and Kelly just put up a Raw Kettlebells with Kaitlin workout. I am going to preview it. It looks like Kelly and Kaitlin in her garage. I remember her posting a pic awhile ago. It looks like they use 1 kettlebell. I may do it tomorrow. It is a 39 minute workout. I also checked the Heavy bag workouts. I bet it was the other one that just says heavy bag and it says there are active rests. Also there is 1&1 heavy bag where she works Noelle, Ripped and Ride May 2019 with boxing. I was checking out the other heavy bag workouts :) That workout is so tough on the arms with no break that you did today.
I don't remember us ever having the thugs come in like that. We have had other protests that are generally around the capitol and are peaceful. Then people have to get out their guns to protect themselves which a lot of people would like to have taken away. Then we would have even more of this with no way to protect our families and stuff. It makes me so angry. You know, the Bible says that when we are doing right in serving God that we will be hated. They sure hate Trump and for no good reason. Remember Jesus was hated by those evil people. It is hard to understand the hatred and I try to remember they do not have Christ. They might say they believe in God, but there is a difference. Many believe there is a God of some sort, but really accepting is a whole different thing. Satan is real too and hence comes the hate and evil. Oh, well, enough of my thoughts.
It is so hard when our pets get sick. Gertie did that a couple of months ago and I had to put her on some rice and water and give her some medicine to settle her stomach. She hadn't done that in so long. I read on Amazon that the food I was feeding her was making some peoples dogs sick. It was high end dog food. I ended up ordering the Vet diet dog food the vet suggested for weight control and since it is prescription I just went to the vet and picked it up. She has been fine on this food and no more upsets. All of my calorie burns have been under what they were in the past. I ran the Health Mate app using boxing and it gave me 213 calories instead of the 181 that Fitbit gave. I forgot to start it for the Kelly workout though.

Belinda, I bet you and your husband did a perfect job on the painting. It is so much work. I painted my workout room myself because I wanted to do one wall at a time so I could still workout and not wait for the painters to get it all done. It sounds like you had the height issue too. It is worrisome to me. I get dizzy in high places.

Doreen, Lite Metabolic would be perfect for outside since it does not require really heavy weights or a lot of sets. Sorry it started raining on you. Our weather is getting pretty warm. Supposed to be 90s this week.

Jolie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. That is great news that your son has graduated and gets to work and learn a contracting trade. My grandson that just turned 20 is working and learning maintenance for a large company. He gets insurance, vacations, and training in different trades this way. They have nice apartment living as well as resort areas in other states. He was able to work part time through the quarantine and is back to full time now. He is getting his different licenses as he is learning. He started college and It just was not working as he was trying to work two jobs at the same time. Sometimes college is not needed, although I would like to see them all have college though. Having a trade is a great option.
Have a wonderful birthday. Hope another home comes up quickly for you.
My kitty is doing better today, he didn't throw up at all yesterday. I called the vets and they don't have an opening until June 20! WTF? So since he is better I made the appointment for then so he can get his annual checkup. They gave me his prescription for a steroid that he usually takes because he is allergic to everything. I think that is why he's been puking so much, I haven't given him the steroid in months. Worries me to keep him on it all the time.

Today I did Real RAW 3 and had a great workout. I went heavier than last time and concentrated more on reps than the 30 seconds of time. I went too heavy in some instances to go all 30 seconds. Really was a good workout, I like this one way better than her original Real RAW workout.

This was tabata style, 30 seconds on 10 seconds off. Kelly adds legs in with some exercises for balancing but I didn't do that. I just concentrated on the specific exercise. And I can't believe she doesn't like working biceps. She was funny about that in this workout.

One Arm Rows: 25#
3 sets
Cardio Drill
One Arm Chest Press:
3 sets
Cardio Drill
One Arm Dumbbell Curl:
2 sets
Double Arm Lateral Raise: 10's
3 sets
Squats/1 Legged Squats: Body weight
One Legged Squats: 15's
Side to Side One Legged Squats: 15's
Double Arm Kickbacks (I did Lying Extensions): 10's
3 sets
Jump over Bench (I don't have a bench anymore so I did boxing drills)
3 sets

Run Rows
: 8's
Standing Front Flies (For Chest): 8's
Run Hammers: 8's
Alternate Front Raise: 8's
Overhead Extension: 8's
Run Rows: 8's
Peck Deck: 8's
Run Hammers: 8's
Overhead Extension: 8's
Butterfly Lifts: 5's

Workout was 42 minutes, burned 268 calories and HR was 124/184.

Walked on my treadmill for 23 minutes, burned 169 calories, went 1.11 miles, did 2747 steps and HR was 132/152.

Belinda - I used to love doing my own workouts with my music blaring. For some reason I just couldn't get into those. Nice job on your Liift workout yesterday!! Glad you are enjoying them.

Jolie - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you had a great day! So glad to hear your son graduated, that is great news. And also great news that he is working. That is wonderful!! I am also 54, it's hard to believe. Where does the time go? My cat is better, he didn't puke yesterday and so far not today either. Hope he is good now. We tried to give him the foods that are good but neither of my cats will look at it. So Fancy Feast it is.

Diane - I will need to do those stretching workouts you are doing next week when I'm on my rest week. They sound amazing. Sorry you messed your neck up again, it is so easy to do it seems. I agree, the Heavy Bag 2 workout I did yesterday is tough. I am surprised my shoulders aren't sore today. Other than that stupid knot that is still in my upper left shoulder area, I have been great. Wish this knot would go away already. I think most of the problem in this day and age is no one has God in their life anymore. We do, our age group does, but not the younger generation. It's sad really. I sometimes wonder what kids in families that don't go to church think Easter is about? A bunny rabbit and candy? Probably. So sad.

Doreen - Nice workout yesterday. You are lucky you can ride your bike to work. I'd be afraid of getting killed!

Have a great day everyone!!
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I did Anja's HIIT 10x10 45 minute premix this morning on Sweat Factor. It was filmed as a series of 10 minute HIIT workouts so this was 4 of those put together. A couple new fun moves but also a LOT of burpee or burpee variations.

Jolie - great news for your son and HAPPY BIRTHDAY belated!!
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Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Kettlebells with Kaitlin, which she put up yesterday. This was 41 minutes (38:52)
heart rate 96/144(battled the Fitbit again and gave up) 95 calories,986 steps. My healthmate app gave me 201 calories for this. I followed this with Lindsey Spamper Yoga Therapy #4 Safe stretches which felt great as my shoulders really needed this. I had not done it yet. Some types of things I did in PT. Not really yoga, but just stretches, 19 minutes, 20 calories. Health Mate had it at 60 calories, I used the yoga setting for this. The Kettlebells I used other setting on Health Mate. Just seeing the difference in stats. I really think that I should be somewhere between the two. The Kettlebell workout was good, but I changed up some moves because the front of my shoulders started bothering me. Kelly changed which new workout she was going to put up and said she would put up the strenght workout next week.

Raw Kettlebells with Kaitlin
38:53 They used 15# Kettlebells and I used the same except for overhead shoulder work which I used 10# and also the Turkish sit up
short warm up
double swings
figure 8's
1 arm supination curls 10 reps right 10 reps left 15#
1 arm overhead press (like an arnold press) 15# 10 right 10 left
goblet squat 15# 10 reps and 10 reps singles
curl and press 10# 10 right 10 left
double swings
alternating swings
1 arm row 15# 10 reps Right 10 overhead triceps extensions 10 reps Left
reverse lunge pass under
1 arm Row 15# and 1 arm Row flick back (I dropped out of the Flick backs second time and just did rows)10 each alternating
double swings
figure 8
double swings
alternating swings
Mat -- Turkish sit ups I used 10 # first 10 each side then just picked up the 15# and did sit ups
holding horns of kettlebell 15# Russian Twist
Sit up knee pulls with a twist 15# kettle bell 10 reps
Stretch (Kelly uses a towel)

Jolie Fit

Today I had an ok workout, not because of the workout I choose, but I had to get up at 1am and go out and put the umbrellas down and move plants and cushions, the winds came up so strong it was blowing everything all over the deck! It was hard to go back to sleep so I am a little tired today but ok. I did Cathe Live # 276 all in upper body, workout was 50 minutes and I burned 428 calories, I did the warm up 2 times because I am sore from my other workout. Next I tried about 10 minutes of Cathe Live Athletic Conditioning, with a step, to see if I could do it. I don't know a lot of step moves but I was just trying it out. Boy was that difficult, very hard to breath and I got dizzy. Maybe I am just too tired? I am going to keep trying step so I can get through a whole workout. I ended on my rowing machine rowing on the high resistance for 100 reps. Total workout time was 1 hour 10 minutes and I burned 538 calories.

Debbie, i am so glad your kitty is doing better today. Nice job on the RAW workout, that was some nice weights you were lifting today. Can you believe we are 54 years old? Amazing!

Roselyn, great job getting in your workout and I am glad work is going well for you even though you have to wear masks. I get my hair done next Tuesday and I am so excited!

Doreen, You come up with workouts that I have never seen before, great job!

Belinda, I hope you have a great workout today or a day off whatever you choose to do!

Diane Sue, I cant believe you worked out before me today! Nice workout you choose to do, it looks like your body is feeling much better and you can really do the workouts full force again.

I hope you all have a great day and thanks for all of the birthday wishes. I had a great day.


Hi everyone,

I went with DD to her doctors appointment in DC. I stayed in the car. Than we stopped at Whole Foods. We don't have a Whole Foods in WV. They were fully stocked expect hand sanitizers (go figure) and I didn't see any TB. Stocked up on fresh vegetables, they always have a great selection on fresh produce.

I did Barre Amped TB barre. Lots of core and stretching in that one. That one was a newer one I haven't done. Really liked it.

Jolie - Happy birthday. I hope you had an amazing and fun day. I am so happy for you and your son.

Debbie - glad your kiddy is doing better today. Sometimes I like following an instructor/dvd and sometimes I like just doing my own thing. I will change my mind once that is over, lol. Great job!

Diane - we are doing a great job on the painting. I would rather hire someone to do if it wouldn't be so expensive. Paint is cheap. Yeah, we having high issue too.

I will try to be back later.


Debbie, I really like Real Raw 3 a lot. I understand liking it better than the first. I am curious what she will have for the next strength workout. I have heard other instructors mention not working biceps as they are worked doing other exercises. Rachel Cosgrove was one. When they skip them I tend to add some on. My last dog had allergies and every spring we would have to take her to the vet and they would give her ear drops and a steroid injection. The vet said dogs tend to get grass seed stuck in between their paws and they scratch. She used to lay down and rub both paws over her ears when they were bothering her. She was also a huge whiner when I put the dreaded drops in her ears. I don't blame you for wanting to avoid giving your kitty a steroid all of the time. Glad he is doing better.
I went through a time when I would play the music and use the Bowflex and do Hula Hooping etc, but I lost interest. That was kind of a problem for me when I tried doing the Fitness Blender workouts that had no music. I just couldn't find music that I really found encouraged me. I much prefer following someone and having them have decent motivating music. I do like this series of stretches. She seems to work on the neck and shoulders as well as upper back in most of these. Eventually I will get through all of them. I just seem to keep having to hurry. Maybe another one this evening. Right now that knot is not in my upper back on the left. I sort of felt something getting tight last night and stretched it out and worked it and it went away. It is my left neck and front of my shoulders. I keep working on it because I do not want that pain up my arm and through my neck that I had before. I couldn't sleep without Advil.
That is the problem. Many parents are too busy and children grow up on media, someone else watching them, and no church in their lives. Part is the parents in my opinion. They put God on the back burner for things. It is not only that, they are not taught respect and often feel entitled.

Roselyn, nice job on keeping up the workouts. Hopefully you do not have to wear the mask too long. Most stores and stuff here still have employees wearing masks. I suppose it depends on when the state decides it is okay to go without. They really are lax in that here in fast food places and the dollar store here. It doesn't bother me that they aren't wearing them. The lady in Walmart that checked me out had just her mouth covered. I can't imagine trying to breath through one of those things while working all day. Mine makes me itch and I always seem to get hair stuck in my nose or on my lips when I wear it.

Doreen, nice work on that. I don't think I would care for all of the burpees. I know I have a workout around here that is like that. I think it is a BB workout. I just remember it was a series where the leaders were seeing who could do the most of those burpees and jumps and they increased reps as you kept going. A few is okay, but not so many that they just keep going on and on.

Jolie, having to get up and do all of that in the middle of the night would definitely curtail falling back to sleep. It wouldn't account for a restful sleep for sure. I think once you learn some of Cathe's Step it makes it much easier to get into all of the workouts. She is not terribly hard for most. I have done much more complicated step. Some from other instructors I gave up on. I would think the ones that are intervals of cardio and step might be a bit easier to learn.
I didn't want to get up this morning as it was 1 when I went to bed, but I needed to get out and return my new spice rack that is too big for our counter and a stop at Sprouts. Needed to get back to be sure dh woke so he could take his car to the shop. Hopefully to bed earlier tonight. I got a couple of things done while he was at the shop with the car. It is ridiculous when you buy a new car and it keeps leaking oil. He took it in once months ago and the said they couldn't find a leak. This time he took it to a different Ford dealership to get it's maintenance done and check on that leak.


Belinda, whole Foods does have good produce. When I had home delivery the produce was perfect. Nice that you were able to go with your daughter. Maybe they had some spray sanitizers. I got spray sanitizer at Sprouts. They had wipes as well and some big bottles of witch hazel all stacked together. I still need to get paint and paint our sunroom. My husband wanted to wait because he wanted to remodel in there, but discussing some of the work with them, we haven't done it. The paint does not match the rest of the house.
Nice work getting in the Total Body Barre workout in.
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