Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for June 2020

Jolie Fit

Sorry I have been MIA, but my life got crazy fast. My son got a call from his football coach in Nevada and was told to report on Friday so we were scrambling to get him packed and all of the things he needs for his new house! Wow, that was crazy and he left yesterday. I have been under the weather all week, no Covid symptoms really, more like fluish symptoms. I have no shortness of breath, no cough or anything like that, I have a low grade fever, I was nauseous, and light headed, runny nose and tired. My mom has the same thing too. I feel like I have a cold so I am FORCING myself to take some time off from working out. I have to go into the hospital to get an X Ray of my foot, there is a large bump on it that is painful, but I don't want to go in since i am not feeling well and the people that may have Covid in there too. I will probably go Monday since I have a call with an Orthopedic Doctor on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the X Ray.

Way to go everyone with your workouts this week. I have walked everyday with my dog and did 2 weight training workouts for the week. Tomorrow my husband and I will take a long walk along the ocean.

Roselyn, I hope your daughter feels better soon.

Have a wonderful weekend.
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Today I did Raw Cardio Overload #2 with 4# vest, 35 minutes, 198 calories, heart rate 131/168, 3,453 steps. I also did Lindsey Samper Yoga Therapy neck and shoulder pain strength and flexibility and #8, 46 minutes, heart rate 77/99, 53 calories,153 steps.

Doreen, learning the skills would take a lot of focus even if it is not necessarily exercise.

Debbie, thanks for the heads up on the step count from the Fitbit community.

Jolie, get well and get some rest so you can recover. I wouldn't want to go to any doctor if I was under the weather to begin with. I hope your the bump on your


Hi everyone,

Yesterday 2 years ago I had to put Brawler to sleep:( I can't believe it's been 2 years already.
This morning I did a full body pilates class. I also did Fit Split Mixed Impact cardio only. I finished with Jane Adams 6. Complete Standing Practice.

Jolie - sorry you are not feeling well. Take good care of yourself. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Debbie - if you contact FitBit their customer service by phone they very helpful. I had to call them a few times, lol. Glad you found the answer on the site.

Diane - great job as well. I like Jane Adams the workouts are very controlled. She doesn't do a lot of down dogs in this series. My body likes those workouts as well.

Roselyn - how is your daughter doing?

Doreen - are these live classes or online? Sounds interesting.

That's it for me today. Have a great Saturday.
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Hi everyone,

2 mile Outdoor walk + Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga for Balance, Flexibility and Mobility, Relaxation and Stretching - Flow 3 - Hips and Knees = 22 min.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me.

Have a great Sunday everyone.
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No workout today. I stayed up late making files and organizing papers to put in a fireproof file box that my husband bought for me. I woke up at the last minute for church.


Good morning,

L4 Week 7 D1 Chest and Back Circuit plus SBF Barre 2 is done.

Have a great workout and day everyone. BBL!
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Today I did RAW Day 4: Total Body Strength and had a really good workout. THis is a good workout to heavy with. I did as heavy as I thought I could handle without hurting myself. Sad that we have to worry about that. Oh well, really felt it.

3 rounds of 10 reps. So this is circuit style:

Pullover: 20#
Bicep Curls: 15's/20's/20's
Squat/Alt Reverse Lunges: 15's (love these)
Bench Press: 25's
Weighted Dips: 30#
Alternate Front Lunges: 15's
Upright Rows: 15's

I was going to do one more round but thought I better not. I wanted to walk on my TM and then do a stretch.

Workout was 32 minutes, burned 212 calories (used the "weights" mode), went 930 steps and HR was 130/159.

Treadmill walk was 21 minutes, burned 136 calories, went 1 mile and did 2490 steps. HR was 117/135.

Also did Lindsey's Episode 11. I need to do a different one next time, getting tired of this one but it really is good. I want to do the ones Belinda is doing so I will try one of those tomorrow.

Diane - I will have to try Amped up Cardio, I'm assuming that is on RAW, right? I know it's from a DVD but if it's up on RAW I can do it, I don't think I have that DVD. Sounds like fun, I'll try it tomorrow. My right elbow still hurts, but I will be careful with the kickboxing part. I might have to try the Amazing Grass tablets, I'm not sure about the NUUN from Amazon. Sometimes I feel like they are a knock off and not really NUUN's. I hope MFP is working, I haven't tried it since Friday. How do you do an update and then screw things up so bad? Unreal.

Jolie - Sounds like some craziness at your household this past week. Hope you are feeling better today, looking forward to seeing your workouts this week. Wow on your son having to pick up and leave like that.

Belinda - So sorry about the anniversary of Brawler. I think we had Bear put to sleep around Christmas of that same year so it will be 2 years for us also. I still miss that little guy. :( The problem isn't with Fitbit, it's with Myfitnesspal. Hopefully they will get it working soon. You are on week 7, holy crap! The weeks are flying by.

Hope everyone else is doing well. Be back later to see what everyone does today!!
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Jolie Fit

Good morning my friends!!!! I feel fantastic today :) Yesterday I forgot to post my workout, my husband and I took a long walk on the bike trail along the beach, 4 miles 1 hour 15 minutes and burned 556 calories. I got my dog a used baby jogger on line and took him with us, he loved it! I pushed it the whole way and that must have increased my calorie burn a little right? Today I did Cathe Live # 276 All in upper Body and had a fantastic workout. I lifted the same weights as I did the last time I did it 2 weeks ago. Workout was 1 hour with a few pauses to get set up and burned 402 calories. Heart rate was 122/164. I am dripping wet today, it is RAINING and humid. It never rains in Southern California in June!

Debbie, great workout today! Did you see that Cathe's Live workout from 2 weeks ago is slow and really heavy? I am going to do that one soon, it looks great. I might go back to doing total body circuits like the one you did today, I did these last year some time and put them together myself. I love to lift that way because I find there is no dread factor at all. Now, I typically don't burn as many calories but my body likes those types of workouts. Maybe I will do one on Wed of this week. Also, it is a good way for me to get ABS and Legs in each workout. ( Read below what I wrote to Diane )

Belinda, killing it with the rotation girl! I haven't heard you talk about your knee pain lately so you must be doing a lot better with these workouts. Nice job with the walk yesterday, I really enjoyed mine and the fresh air was amazing!

Diane Sue, I took that survey/quiz on Body Builder.com and I came out with the results that I am all three body types and should do workouts with moderate weights with NO rest periods. Also, I might want to consider doing less cardio and lift more weights. I am also starting intermitted fasting to get my hormones under control naturally as well as my insulin resistance. I have done a lot of research so I am excited to see what happens. It should really help with hot flashes and the excess body fat from Menopause. In this quiz that I took it says my body likes bigger meals and less of them, instead of what I have been doing eating a lot of little meals. I will try anything that is healthy, it cant hurt.

Roselyn and Doreen, I will BBL to read your posts. I hope you have a great workout today.

I am off to get an X Ray of my foot, I have a call with and Orthopedic tomorrow so I have to get it done.

Happy Monday.


Today I did Raw Cardio Crush #2 that Kelly just put up, 34 minutes, (32 actual), heart rate 113/146(not accurate as I kept looking at my Fitbit and after the first time through all 10 moves my heart rate was 99 so I stopped a couple of time adjusting and finally tightening and then it moved up some) 152 calories (health mate app with my scale said 181), 2.652 steps. I will see how it comes out next time and hopefully it goes better. I then did Raw Power Up 45 minutes, heart rate 108/149, 146 calories, 936 steps and finished with Lindsey Samper neck and shoulder therapy yoga #11, 27 minutes, 28 calories, 47 step. Total time was 326 calories, 1 hour 46 minutes, 3,635 steps.

Coffeyfit Raw POWER UP
5 rounds and active rests which are Kettlebell swings or other activity
44:18 length Kelly uses around 32# barbell and 20# Kettlebell
I did round 1 with a 35# barbell and dropped to 32 # barbell and used a 20# kettlebell
Rnd 1 high pull 10 reps, hang pull 10 reps, clean from the hip 10 reps, bench squat 10 reps then quicker pace 10 reps, clean from the hip 10 reps, power clean from the floor 10 reps
25 kettlebell swings
Rnd 2 high pull 10 reps, hang pull 10 reps, clean from the hip 10 reps, bench squat 10 and 10 reps, power clean from the floor 10 reps
Kettlebell swings alternating 26 reps
Rnd 3 high pull 10 reps, hang pull 10 reps, clean from the hip 10 reps, bench squat 10 and 10 reps, power clean from the floor 10 reps
Kettlebell figure 8’s 26 reps (Kelly gives the option of stopping here at 23 minutes)
Rnd 4 Kelly takes out all high pulls
Clean from the hips 10 reps, squat sit and stand 10 and 10 reps squat, then sit and knee ups 10 reps, then 20 squats sitting on the bench and up, power cleans 10 reps
Kettlebell swings alternating 26 reps
Rnd 5 Clean from the hip 10 reps, squat sit and stand, 20 reps with knee ups, 20 squats quick paced, power clean 10 reps
Kettlebell figure 8’s 26 reps
At 35 minutes abs
Sit ups feet under bar, sit ups with kettlebell 20#, reverse crunch feet over barbell, obliques waistline alternating side crunches, reverse crunch
Repeat for second set
Stretch at 42 minutes

RAW CARDIO CRUSH 2 32:7 minutes no equipment and it is done outside
10 moves done twice with a couple of moves added at the end of the second set. Done 45 seconds each 25 seconds rest
jack front kick
4 jabs 2 upper cut (Kelly calls it something else as it punches over shoulder)
heel click/side squat/curtsy
jab/ cross/ turn
skater x2/lunge split switch
step/4 knees alternating
batter up
squat thrust/plank jacks/knee in right and left
round 2 same and adds
jogging single single double
box and turn jacks
knee pulls

Belinda, nice work today and yesterday with your workouts.

Debbie, Raw Day 4 surprised me as I expected it to be lighter after the other 3 days of weights. It is a nice one to heavy up and not really long either. You should check out Amazon Prime Julia Marie 30 day yoga for weight loss episode 18 reducing neck and shoulder pain for something different. I am trying to keep up with a couple of days of Lindsey episode 7 or at least do some of the moves on my own during the week. I migrate to the safe stretches or that shorter floor one , but using pillows since they are not as time consuming. I understand getting tired of them. I did nothing yesterday, and man was I sore this morning. It is frustrating. I have some of those saved that Belinda mentioned.
I don't know what is up with me and Fitbit and my heart rate and calorie burns. I used weights for the weight workout. I just use workout for the cardio. I see Fitbit has the steps back on MFP. I got the Nunn tablets from Sprouts and they were having 1.00 off rebates with Ibotta. It is not there now. Sometimes they do that with the Amazing Grass effervescent tablets as well. I don't like the Amazing Grass detox ones as they give me stomach cramps, but the rest are good for putting in my water during my workout.

Jolie, nice work on the walk this weekend and today's workout. Good idea with the baby jogger. Funny that it never rains in California in June. It has been exceptionally windy here the last few days which is nice when it is in the 90's. We generally do not have wind this time of year. Just hot and still being the norm. The winds are usually in March. The only thing is the allergies were doing pretty well till the winds started blowing stuff around. I would like to not take the allergy meds as it makes me kind of dizzy and fatigued all day even though I take it at bed time. It looks like you have a good plan for workouts and eating. I pretty much fast, other than coffee and my drink for workouts, till 1 or 2 o'clock. I make up for the fast though ;)
I bought some Thorne trace mineral complex to take for awhile. Hoping to find something to make me feel better. I am wondering if I am missing enough zinc in my diet and some minerals in my diet. I don't eat a lot of meat or the foods that have zinc other than some fruit and nuts. I don't want to over due it though. To much of minerals can be bad. There is a max safe amount. I am just going to take 1 capsule a day. It says 1 to 3 as physician suggests/
Good luck with your goals.


Good morning,

L4 D2 Legs Lift 50/50 plus Jane Adams Core Strength and More is done. Yesterday I started SBF Total Barre 2020 challenge. I also did Day 2 TB Tone 8.

Jolie - glad your dog enjoyed the baby jogger. Your walk sounds lovely. I wouldn't mind walking on the beach. As long as I keep everything low impact, keep stretching knees are doing ok.Thanks for asking.

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I did Yvette STep and Kettlebell this morning. The kettlebell is used mostly for cardio effect - not strength.

I was hoping Cathe would do a July 4th sale to pick up some downloads of Cathe Live - but nothing announced in the newsletter this week that I saw.
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I worked out early but checking in a bit late because I went outside to do some yard work before it gets butt ugly hot here. My DH is taking next week off and is planning on finishing our siding on our house. It's going to be the hottest days of the summer so far. I wish he would have done it in May like I suggested, but then it rained alot in May this year. I told him today he might want to wait until September. Not sure why he waits until the hottest time of the year here. :rolleyes: I just hope he will be ok, I will have plenty of water for him ready to go.

This morning I tried Amped Up Cardio #1 that Diane suggested and that was really fun. I enjoyed it and will probably do #2 on Thursday. I like how it was live, that was cool. She is such a good instructor and I just love her workouts.

Workout was 31 minutes, burned 235 calories, did 3303 steps and HR was 137/160.

Then I got on my Max Training and did Max Endurance 10 with an instructor named Jeni. She is sort of annoying, she talks about some hard hike she took and she wore Converse tennis shoes. Really? The worst tennis shoes for anything other than walking short distances and she wore them to hike in. OMG. At least the story was entertaining. LOL!

That workout was 14 minutes, burned 69 calories (MT said 103), went .35 miles and did 893 steps. HR was 106/145.

Jolie - No, I haven't even logged into CL lately, I need to do that. Maybe I'll check it out for tomorrow, thanks for the heads up. I am loving the circuit workouts, not sure why as I've never liked that type of training before. I guess my body likes it better than constant lifting now. Interesting on your body type and facts. I probably should take that test again and see if I'm still a mesomorph. I don't think body type can change, though.

Diane - I will definitely look up Julia Marie, thanks for the recommendation. I need something different. How old is Power Up? I don't remember seeing that one. Looks fun. I really liked Amped Up but modified some of the plank moves. Had a great workout, though. The Hip Swings must be in the 2nd workout. :) My FB didn't seem to log right today either, at least the MT workout could not have been right. 69 calories? Is it even worth doing for that? LOL! I used the Elliptical mode which is what I usually use. I wish there was just a Cardio mode to use, strange that there isn't. Yea, FB and MFP seem to be syncing again.

Belinda - Great job with your workout this morning! :)

Doreen - I check out that Yvette workout, she scares me. LOL!! Great job with that!

Roselyn - Hope all is good with you, you must be busy or on vacation.

Roxie - Hope you are doing well also, check in when you can.

Have a great day everyone! I'm going to my foot doctor today, my feet hurt all the time even though I'm wearing my orthodics. At the end of the day I can hardly walk anymore, they burn so bad. Hope she can help me.

Jolie Fit

Today was a walk outside by the ocean, 1 hour. 3 miles and I burned 429 calories. I got NO sleep last night, there was a field mouse in our house and my dog worked all night trying to kill it, but he didn't get it LOL. He was so busy and loud, he kept all of us up and I am so tired today. Tomorrow I am going to do a workout that I am putting together myself to incorporate the entire body and with rowing in between each lifting set. I want to do more rowing and total body workouts so this might just do the trick. I am just not sure if I want to do a circuit like workout or where I go down the list like Cathe does in All in upper Body, where she never repeats an exercise. I think I may do more of a circuit styles so each workout is different exercises and it wont get boring.

My son just called me from college, one kid this morning just tested positive for covid and he did a workout with him just yesterday. If more than five boys get tested positive, I think they have to cancel the season! I thought I might have it last week, but I went to the doctor yesterday and they said I didn't, even without testing me because I have no temp. or symptoms. I feel really good today so I am sure they are right.

Debbie, nice workout today and great job getting on the Max Trainer, I know that is a tough piece of equipment. Awesome that your hubby is going to put siding on your house, that will make it looks so fresh and new. It is cool here, overcast skies and calm wind. I think the temp is 68 degrees today.

Belinda, nice workout today! I am going to incorporate legs into my daily workouts but only doing one or two exercises per workout, that way my knees will be able to take the workout.

Diane Sue, Wow on yesterdays workout! Nice job.

BBL to read your posts, I am off to look at another house for sale.
Hi everyone!!

Spent the weekend TRYING to get my MIL house unhoarded. SO MUCH STUFF I found a box with about 100 boxes of brand new jewelry!! 5 loads to good will and still not done.

My daughter is still recovering from Covid it will be 2 weeks tomorrow she has to have 3 good days in a row before going anywhere.

Today I worked legs.

I was looking at Beach Body there is a new program coming by Megan Davis I think. I saw on FB some people really like it. Have any of you heard about it?

Great workouts everyone


Today I did Step Sync full workout and added the bonus first combo and finished product. I had to stop and mess with my Fitbit multiple times as it kept dropping out and losing the heart rate. I wanted over 300 calories so added the extra to the main workout. This took 73 minutes with pauses to adjust, 352 calories, heart rate 118/153, 7,364 steps. I then did Lindsey Samper Safe Stretches, 19 minutes, 18 calories, 26 steps. I really needed a stretch. I woke up sore all over from yesterday's workout. Total time was 92 minutes, 370 calories, 7,390 steps.
I needed to get some things done before my husband woke up and we went to vote. Because of social distancing we had to stand outside in over 100 degree heat waiting to go inside. My husband had them take an elderly couple behind us in ahead of us so they could get where it was cool inside. Glad we got to go vote though instead of the silly idea of mail in voting. Then we went to two different banks to move some money to a car payment. The bank that we took the money to was closed in the lobby, My husband knows them and they said they had 3 covid cases. I told my husband to wash his hands well when we got home even if they were wearing gloves. I do carry sanitizer everywhere with me though. Anyway, I got my 10,00 plus steps in and still need to clean house and shopping tomorrow. I am not going to buy nut butter at Walmart again. I think they are storing it somewhere hot. The last jar of almond butter seemed dried out or something. Really weird, you couldn't spread it. I kept trying to nuke it and stir honey into it. So, next time I bought a jar of Nutzo power nut and seed butter and it tasted weird. Some of the oil had seeped from the seal. Not sure how though and it smelled like the plastic jar. I ended up taking it out of that container. Maybe it is just my store.

Belinda, nice work today and getting in the Jane Adams core. There is a core one in the series I have. I have only done it once as it is over half an hour. I found a couple of those others you mentioned and put them in my watch list. One was for the shoulder area, Merge Shoulder Heaven I also saved the yoga for posture one. But, they are almost all over an hour. The one for the shoulder area said over an hour, but mentioned two workouts and had two instructors names. Maybe it is one I can split.

Doreen, that looks like a fun workout. I need to watch for when Cathe sells live downloads. How do you watch them though? Do you have to have them on an external drive?

Debbie, good idea to get outside to do yard work while it is cooler. I went out to water the back yard a bit and plants and my dog whined at me because I was not going inside to feed her first thing. I think that it is the second workout that she does the hip swings in. I think she might have done a little in the stretch at the end of workout 1, but more is done during the workout on #2. I love that one because she is just having fun herself. If you had the dvd you could do a premix of both without the drills. They are not that long though and not all of them are that tough. Modifications can be done. Or just do something else on the ones you do not want to do. LOL on the converse tennis shoes and hiking. Ouch!! My husband thought it would be nice to have some PF flyers like he wore as a kid. We got them and they went right back to Amazon after he put them on his feet. Funny how those things are not what we remember. Get your husband some water with electrolytes and keep giving him lots. I think it will be over a hundred here tomorrow. The electric company sent out a critical alert on our smart hours and it was over 81 so I over rode the thermostat and turned it down when we went to vote. I came back and thought it was really hot and it turned itself back to 82 as the temp setting. So, I over rode it again. I think their thermostats are off anyway. I tried to tell them it doesn't work right and just talking to me over the phone, they said it was my heat and air unit. They wouldn't check it out. Power up is a 2020 workout. I started putting the year and dates on those, because there are so many I sometimes am not if they are new or something older I have done before. The reason I chose that one is it does not have overhead presses. Like usual with clean and presses overhead. I was really sore this morning though. Had to work out some of the tightness when I got up. You don't have to use the kettlebell and do swings. She says you can ride the bike or something else on the breaks.

Jolie, you did well with hardly any sleep. Sorry your dog didn't get the field mouse. Maybe it would have been quiet, or like mine, brought you a present. Oh no on the covid. I don't know what to think of their testing. My granddaughter's friends boyfriend tested positive after he was around another friend that tested positive. None of them had symptoms or were sick. My granddaughter was tested and was negative. Although those covid people harassed her after that. Wanted to know everyone she had been around and she tested negative. Then, my daughter's friend was home with a high temp for over two weeks and had been tested and they said no to flu or covid. Then she tested again sure that after it was over she might have antibodies and no she didn't. Her husband is a doctor and she is a doctor that works part time. So, I don't think everything is sure in this virus. Only the obvious that people with health issues are the ones at the real risk.

Roselyn, I hope your daughter gets over the covid soon. My Dad had so much stuff and old things he had saved over the years. His garage was a mass of antique tools and things. My brothers got to deal with most of it. I brought home a few things of the things since we are not in Nebraska.

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