Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for January 2022!!


Wow Cam - that is cold! We're supposed to get snow tonight but its not supposed to get crazy cold.

This morning I did a 35 mintue bike ride in Pemberton Canada on Ifit. I enjoyed but my internet was cutting in and out a bit so that was frustrating since the ride kept pausing.
This morning I did RAW High/Low Cardio 2 and I really really love this workout. It is tough but doable. There are two plank moves, but I modify and can do them fine.

This workout has 9 drills and you do them through 3 times. By the third time you are sweating like crazy. Each drill is 1 minute long:

Caterpillar Pushups
2 Jacks/Knee & Kick alternating sides
Boxing Drill - I used 1# sand weights
Jog back and hop/2 squat jumps forward
Squat Out Right and Leg/4 Jacks using bands (tough!)
3 Pendulum/3 Knees alternating sides
Plank/Tuck Jump/Side Star (I just stepped forward, did mot do the tuck jump)
Boxing Drill - I used 1# sand weights
4 Circle Jumps/4 Side Steps using bands
Repeat 2 more times
Standing Ab work at the end

Great workout and I wanted to do some abs today so I'm glad she added this. Workout was 47 minutes, burned 350 calories (holy moses), HR was 139/168 and did about 4093 steps.

My right knee feels like its swelled up, I need to ice it later. Not sure what's going on with it.

I'm sorry everyone, no time for personals. I have a meeting in a few minutes and need to get ready for that. It's cold here, too, it's supposed to get down to 4 below tonight. It's been snowing a lot too.

Have a great day everyone!

Jolie Fit

Today I did Illaria's Athletica and boy oh boy did I get a great workout. I used to subscribe to her workouts, and I was in the best shape of my life. I may sign back up again; I love her weightlifting workouts as well as her kickboxing workouts. This is a really great way to lift and burn major calories at the same time. Workout was 1 hour, and it included a great stretch at the end, and I burned 467 calories. Keep in mind, I used lighter weights than I usually do because I have to work up to heavier weights with this workout, it is a killer. She does a lot of exercises that you do not usually do, and your body has to adapt to them before lifting heavier. I doubt I will be able to walk tomorrow, I haven't done legs in so long and there were a ton of squat variations. Also, almost every exercise included the core and that I am lacking in as well.

Cam, wow that is cold where you live! I am sitting here typing in shorts and a tank top! Great job on the workout yesterday.

Debbie, nice job on the workout today. I am glad that you liked it. My knee seems to bother me all of the time in terms of pain but no swelling ever. I put Voltaran gel on it and the pain tends to go away so I am thinking it is Arthritis. I tend to have way more pain in the winter than in the summer when it is dryer and hotter outside. These damp cold winters really hurt my joints.

Doreen, great job on the bike workout today. I was having issues with my internet cutting out last week too.

I hope you all have great workouts today. BBL to read the other posts for the day.



Today was leg day for me. I am sorry I don't have time to post my workout.

See you all tomorrow. Great job everyone.
Today I did RAW 4 Day Split Bi's and Tri's and had an excellent workout. It was followed with a Heavy Bag Finisher which I did as well. I really love these workouts. My left knee (I think I said right yesterday, I meant left) was swollen when I got home. It almost felt like I twisted it but I don't remember doing that. I iced it last night and after my workout this morning and took some Aleve. It is better today but I'm afraid it will swell again by the end of the day.

This workout was 1 minute for each exercise/10 second rest. This was a great, intense workout.

Supinated Curls
: 15's/12's
W Curl to Rotate to Front: 12's
Hammer Curls: 15's (slow 4 counts up and down)
Bicep burnout w/Tube - Alternate Curls

Overhead Extension
: 15#
Kickbacks: 8's
Kickbacks w/Tubing
(burnout set)

Workout was 39 minutes, burned 282 calories (my FB said I only burned 187 last time I did this), HR was 136/170. My HR was up there the whole time, I was shocked.

Jolie - I don't think I have ever done a weight workout by Illaria. I've done some of her kickboxing workouts, but not weight lifting. Sounds great. Can you post her website or tell me where you are finding her workouts? I'm always looking and liking to try something new, but I find I always go back to Kelly. LOL! Nice job on the workout!

Roselyn - Are you over Covid already? When I was sick I had no desire to workout at all, it was all I could do to get on my treadmill. Nice job with your workouts!! Hope you are feeling better.

Belinda - Nice job with leg day!!

Doreen - Those iFit workouts you are doing sound amazing. Nice job!!

Diane - I hope you are getting better and better! How are you feeling this week?

Cam - Hope you are doing well!

Have a great day everyone! The high tonight here in Ohio is 10 below 0. Brrrrr!!!


This morning I did the RAW that Kelly put on the Power Splits DVD (well I did one side of the ladder) then I did the Power Splits upper Body routine. Then I took the doggo out for a quick walk around the block but boy it was cold!!

I think I'm over COVID - but still feel a little run down when working out - like lifting is harder than it is supposed to be and I get out of breath quicker than normal on cardio.


Hi everyone,

No workout to report today. Taking it easy today. I got the vaccine today. Feeling pretty good.

I will be back tomorrow to catch up on personals.


Debbie - I been wanting to ask you. Did you find any cat food? If you want I can look in DC, VA, WV if they have the brand you're cats like.


I took a rest day yesterday. But today I made up for it. I had a great, fun workout. I did ICE Bootcamp + Blizzard Blast followed by LITE PHA, one round each. This is my 2nd time doing ICE Boot Camp. This is perfect for me. Love the exercises.

Gotta finish an e-book from the library that's due tomorrow. It's really good so shouldn't be a problem. But first, I have to take my dog out in the freezing cold. Brrr. The crazy girl loves the cold weather. Not even phased by 0 degrees.

Good workouts Debbie and Doreen!

Good night!
This morning I did RAW 4Day Split Shoulders & Legs but skipped the Legs. My knee is much better but still is a bit swollen. So weird. I had a great shoulder workout and although the exercises are done twice through, I added a third time. Really felt it.

1 minute each exercise/10 seconds of rest

Shoulder Press: 10's
Lateral Raise: 10's
Front Raise: 8's
Bent Over Lateral Raise: 8's/10's/10's - this was only for 30 seconds
Repeated 2 more times

I also did RAW Ab Finisher but only did the floor work, I skipped the standing work. Used my 8# med ball and really felt it. Wow, love this ab workout. She plays her sons song three times through and although I didn't like it back when I first did this workout, it has grown on me and I don't mind it anymore.

Workout was 35 minutes, burned 256 calories (woo hoo!!!), HR was 136/163. This Garmin does a lot better with my weight workouts and heart rate. I was in the 140's every time I looked at it. Even doing the laying ab work.

Doreen - Nice job with the RAW workout and glad you are feeling much better!!

Belinda - Hope all goes well with your vaccination and that you get no side effects. Hope you are doing ok today. I have found some of the flavors they like and I pick it up when I find it. It's crazy here. Thanks for the offer, if I get desperate, I'll certainly ask you to get me some! Hugs!!

Cam - What book are you reading? I just purchased book #9 from the Outlander series but since it's been 7 years since book 8 was released, I am reading book 8 again first. I love that series, so good!!!

Jolie - Hope you had a good rest day!

Roselyn - Hope you are still doing good, sometimes Covid comes back when you think it's gone.

Diane - Thinking about you! Hope you are getting better and better.

Have a great day everyone!!

Jolie Fit

I did not have time to post yesterday but I did walk 2 miles on my TM, my legs are so sore I just had to stretch them out LOL! I haven't been this sore since STS came out about 15 years ago!!! Today I am even more sore, so I am taking the day off. I am just going to put on a stretch workout and give it a go. Hopefully, I will feel good enough to workout tomorrow.

Debbie, great job on the Shoulder workout today! I have Illaria's workouts on dvd but I may subscribe to her workouts for 1 month, it is very expensive, but I may just love it. It is $39 per month which is spendy, but I just won't go out for dinner one time in the month, and it will pay for it, right! She is one of the top instructors at the Equinox gym in New York and she has a huge following. I love her domineer, she is very pleasant and a great instructor. I am going on ebay to see if I can get some used dvds for cheap.

Cam, I am reading the Seabreeze series by Jan Moran and am just finishing book 2. I love that it is easy reading, and it is all about me. Don't you just love when you find and author that you just can't put the book down! I have gotten through the first 2 books in 3 days sitting in the sun a few hours trying to get a tan :)

Great workouts yesterday everyone, I will check back in later to read your posts for the day.



Arm Toning Workout // Day18 HR12WEEK 2.0 is done. Had to modify some of the exercises.

Warm Up
Circuit 1 (40s work + 20s rest x2 rounds)
Single Arm Tricep Extension (R) - 10#
Single Arm Tricep Extension (L) - 10#
Tricep Press - 15#
Push Back Push Up
Alternating Lifts - 5's
Shadow Box

Circuit 2 (40s work + 20s rest x2 rounds)
Bicep Rotation - 8's
Negative Curls - 8's
Bicep Burn Out - 5's
Prayer Pulses - BW
Squat + Front Raise - 5's
Walking Plank

Circuit 3 (40s work + 20s rest x2 rounds)
Laying Tricep Press (R) - 10's
Laying Tricep Press (L) - 10's
Tricep Push Up - I did lying crossbody ext. w/10's
Overhead Press Combo - 8's
Crab Dance - I did triceps kickbacks- 8's
Inchworm + Hop
Cool Down & Stretch

Diane - I hope you doing a lot better.

Debbie - you are welcome! I been talking to my team about the vaccine since last year. Thank you. The lady that give me the shot answered all my questions. So far, so good. My arm hurts a little today. Other than that I am fine. Great job this morning.

I will be back later to catch up on more personals.


Today I did Cathe RWH Low Impact Hiit 1 & 2. This is my favorite low impact Hiit. I am always a sweaty mess after this one.

Debbie & Jolie, I just finished The Jailhouse Lawyer. It's James Patterson and some other author. I didn't realize it was 2 books in one. Awesome book. I tend to read mystery & suspense. I've been reading Michael Connelly, John Grisham and Harlan Coben these days. Do you watch Yellowstone? I just finished season one and just got season 2 from the library. I don't know what I think of it. It's good, but having trouble finding the characters likable. Well, I was intrigued enough to get the 2nd season.

Good workouts everyone!
This morning I did a RAW workout that I didn't even realize was out there. Well, I saw it, but thought it was an older workout. It's called RAW: Heavy Bag/Shadow Boxing and it has Kelly's son, Zach, in it and they are both working out together. It was so cute and they were funny together! I thought this was the workout she does with her brother but that is a really old RAW workout. I did the Shadow Boxing because I really didn't feel like hitting my bag today. It was a fun workout and I really loved the music. It wasn't 80's, but whatever it was I liked a lot. Had a great workout, I used my 2# dumbbells. My knee is much better today. It tends to swell when I'm sitting in my chair at work. I have it propped up a bit but by the end of the day yesterday, it was pretty swollen. This morning it felt almost normal again. There is some awesome ab work in this workout as well. My abs are quite sore from yesterday's workout but I did the ab work anyways.

Workout was 40 minutes, burned 312 calories (I cannot believe that!! Yay!), did about 3342 steps and HR was 141/174. What a difference from my FB. This wasn't even much of a moving workout, just punches mostly.

Jolie - Yea, that's a bit steep for her workout subscription. Let me know if you think it's worth it if you do subscribe. Hey, what supplement is a person missing if they continually keep breaking blood vessels? I break blood vessels in my hands, my eyes and now under my big toe. What would be causing this? I'm lacking something but I don't know what.

Belinda - I'm glad you have been careful about getting the vaccination. I hope itt goes well for you. I still don't want it, but that's my decision. I was sick and I'm fine now, so if I had it, it didn't kick my @ss. :) I understand why you would want to get it, though. Nice job with your workout yesterday!!

Cam - Nice job with the workout. I mostly read psychological thrillers, I love the authors Karin Slaughter, Jennifer McMahon, Mary Kubica and Gilly Macmillan. My mom and I have also read every Diane Chamberlain book that has ever been written. Lover her. She is more of a mystery writer sort of. Love her books. Did I say that already? LOL! I am not familiar with Yellowstone. I've tried reading books by James Patterson but can't get into his type of books. I also love Dean Koontz.

Doreen and Roselyn - Hope you are both feeling better!!!

Diane - Hope you are ok. Haven't heard from you in a while. Hugs...

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!


I did a new to me Youtube trainer Vera LaRoe workout this morning. (I think Jolie recommended her). I really enjoyed her workout! Good format (tri-sets, total body) good on-screen visuals and timers, good moves - some new variations with single legged squat work. I will be looking into doing more of her workouts for sure! I really enjoy the "no talking" workouts. At first they felt weird but now I like them .

Last night (because I had missed my workout in the morning to try to help my daughter get some pictures for her photography class) I did a 30 minute power hills workout on Ifit in Whistler Canada. It was fun becuase the trainer actually grew up there and was telling stories about her training for the Olympics with the Mountain biking.


Hi everyone,

NO REPEATS WORKOUT: Cardio, Abs & Booty // Day 19 HR12WEEK 2.0 is done.

Warm Up
Circuit 1 (45s work + 15s rest x1 round)
Bear Knee Taps
Plank Leg Lifts
Plank Jacks
Glute Bridge
Glute March
Side Leg Lift (R)
Side Butt Kick (R)
Side Leg Lift (L)
Side Butt Kick (L)
Squat + Hop
Plank Rocker
Oblique Crunch (R)
Oblique Crunch (L)
Bicycle Crunch
Cross Over + Hop
High Knee Twist

Circuit 2 (45s work + 15s rest x1 round)
Curtsey Lunge + Kick (R)
Curtsey Lunge + Kick (L)
Touch Downs
Hold Squat J
ump Squat
Basic Crunch
Frog Crunch
Reverse Crunch + Kick Out
Rocking Chair
Single Leg Bridge (R)
Single Leg Bridge (L)
Bridge Pulses
Knees + Toes
Station Sprints
Speed Skater
Leap Frog
Cool Down & Stretch

Debbie - my arm hurt a little and I was a little nauseous after the shot. I am fine. I took my time to get the vaccine, been asking lots of questions. When I had it, it kick my @ss for month. My immune system is weak, it can't fight infections. I understand why you don't want to get vaccinated. Great job this morning.


Jolie Fit

Today I did Vera Laro's 45-minute Upper Body workout at home with DB's No Repeat and had an excellent workout. I did this one last week and I really enjoy it. I love the no talking workouts, that is why I do not stick with a lot of trainers, they drive me crazy with all of their talking. I did not wear my FitBit so I have no calorie burn to report. However, I was working hard because I upped my weights on some of the exercises from last week. I like the music in these workouts more than the music in Caroline Girvan's workouts, but I think they are both great trainers.

Debbie, when you start getting broken blood vessels you really need to up your Grape Seed extract and very high doses of Vitamin C. These two are called "the Immortal Twins" because they work together to support veins and capillaries against plaque, and they also strengthen the walls of them as well. I buy Swanson's Grape Seed Extract Antioxidant Support Standardized 50 mg per capsule and I take at least two per day along with Ester C. This will also improve your eyes, skin, nails and so much more. I take them every single day of my life along with so many other supplements. Nice job on the workout today, that one looks really fun. Also, MSM is great for this issue as well.

Belinda, way to go with the workout today! Your knees are doing much better if you can do the workouts that you have been doing for lower body lately.

Doreen, I like Vera's workouts a lot, I am glad you tried one. Great job today!

Cam, great job on the workout! I only like fiction and it has to be something fun, easy to read, and transports me to somewhere else to get away from my everyday life. I love stories based in Nantucket, Italy, Spain and anything at the beach. I love books about places that I want to visit one day, things like that are my favorite types of books. Never a thriller, I do not like those at all. I have way too much stress in my life to be stressed out reading a book :)

Diane Sue, I wish you would check in with us and give us all an update on your recovery.

Roselyn, I hope you are feeling better today.

Make it a great Friday. Tomorrow I am going to visit my parents so no workout because it takes the whole day to go there and back.


Julie - I keep everything low impact (no jumping) Heather does a great job in modification. My doctor showed me modifications without hurting my knees. Great job on your workout, girl!

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