Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for January 2022!!

Well - I finally tried to workout this morning - 30 minutes on the bike. I thought I was going to die - my throat hurt so bad at first but then I think I warmed up and turned out feeling pretty good. Getting back after sick is hard. And my test today come back positive for Covid. What?!!? My husband who gave this to me has been sick since last Friday and his test was "inconclusive". Now my daughter is sick - she started feeling bad yesterday and stayed home from school today. We went and got her tested today as well so if she is negative I think mine is wrong!!
Doreen - sorry you tested positive for covid. Please, don't workout while you have covid. I thought my test was wrong too. Did you all get the PCR test? Hope you all feel better soon. Get lots of rest. I never heard a test being unconscious. Did your husband get another test? Will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.
We got about 3 inches of snow last night and boy was it pretty outside. It was tuck to all the trees and it just beautiful. I wish I had time to take a picture. At least the roads were good, I don't mind snow when the roads are good.

Today I did RAW Cardio Crush and had a really good workout. I love this one, it is so fun and goes by extremely fast. The only thing I don't like is she does do some plank work with jacks but it's doable for me. When my shoulders start to burn I stop. She does boxing drills and floor drills and all of it is fun. Good music, too - not 80's music but tolerable. LOL!

Workout was 39 minutes, burned 250 calories, did 3286 steps and HR was 131/180. Fun stuff!! I miss doing Kelly's workout. I like Heather, though, so I will continue with her rotation.

Diane - Hope your PT went well yesterday. This food shortage is ridiculous, I feel like we are back in the depression.

Roselyn - I also lost my taste and smell. My taste is back but still can't smell much. Weird. Hope you recover soon.

Jolie - Awww about your dog. Happy Birthday to him!! Our furry friends are the best. I sent $50 to our APL for the Betty White Challenge and so far they have made $26,000!!! Holy moly!! Yes, let me know how you like that workout you do today.

Cam - Agreed on the music. I know most newer workouts are geared towards the younger crowd, so I understand it. But it still doesn't make it good for me. Music is what motivates me to work hard.

Doreen - I don't know how you have the energy to workout. I had to just walk on my treadmill for 2 weeks because I was so drained. Be careful, I think you should just rest and do something easy. Take care and I hope you get better soon.

Belinda - Hope you have a great workout today!!

Have a great day everyone and a great weekend! So glad it's Friday!!!
Hi everyone,

Core Strength & Booty BW Workout // Day 14 HR12WEEK 2.0 is done. She does a lot of kneeling in this one. I did them standing. SBF does these exercises kneeling and standing. Any exercise Heather does kneeling I will find a modification. My knees are both swollen. Can't handle it.

Warm Up
Circuit 1 (40s work + 10s rest x2 rounds)
Side Leg Lift (R)
Side Butt Kick (R)
Rear Lift (R)
Hamstring Curl (R)
Rainbow Kick (R)
Side Leg Lift (L)
Side Butt Kick (L)
Rear Lift (L)
Hamstring Curl (L)
Rainbow Kick (L)

Circuit 2 (40s work + 10s rest x2 rounds)
Dead Bug
Reverse Crunch + Kick Out
Pilates 100's
Plank Rocker
Side Bridge (R)
Side Bridge (L)
Single Leg Bicycle (R)
Single Leg Bicycle (L)
Bicycle Crunch

Cool Down & Stretch

Debbie - I copy your workouts too when we do the same workouts. It does save a lot of time. I am not a fan of her music. I always pay my own music/or open another page on YT with good music. You can find all kinds of free music on YT :) We got hammered with snow a few day's ago. now it's freezing cold. Can't wait for the weather to get warmer. I do agree, it does look pretty when it snows.

Roselyn, Diane - thinking about you.

Cam - you are getting a nice mix of workouts in this week. I love it when I see a workouts with nice scenery.

Jolie - happy birthday to your dog. That is so sweet of you.

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Doreen, there are so many false positive Covid tests that no one really knows the truth. Get better soon, the flu is going around gang busters this year, so it probably is that not Covid. If other people in your house are negative, the odds that you are too! Great Britain got it right with getting rid of all the Covid restrictions, this is just the flu at this point. This variant is mild compared to 2 years ago. I had very little energy when I was sick and came back to working out, it took me two weeks to get back to where I was because I barely ate anything during the time I was out.

Today is a rest day. I have so much to do, and the weather is going to be spectacular this weekend, so I am opting to workout then instead. Also, I was up half the night because some wild animals were killing other things and the screaming and growling drove me out of my mind. I got up, got my high-powered pellet gun and shot at the issue off my balcony. I think I solved the issue because it scared them away. I am sure someone lost a pet and that makes me so sad.

Debbie, great job on the RAW workout today. I will do the workout tomorrow so make sure you read my post on how I like it. I love my dog as much as any family member, I mean he is family especially after 15 years!

Belinda, great job on the workout.

Cam, nice workout!

Diane Sue, I hope you are feeling better.

Roselyn, how are you feeling?

Make it a great day!
I did a Strength training with Gideon Akande this morning. Very straightforward lower body, upper body circuit. He talks alot and gives too many pointers before starting the exercises.
I did an ifit ride this morning in Whistler CA. I like these - just 30 minutes and the resistance and incline changes automaticly. I'll have to fire up my treadmill and try some of their walking workouts soon too. Just a bit of lingering headache, body ache from COVID.
Today I had a great workout, I did Vera Laro's 45-minute Upper Body workout at home with DB's/Superset/Strong day and wow! What a straightforward upper body workout that hits all the muscles really good. I will definitely be doing this workout again in the near future. I did not wear my FB, so I am not sure what the calorie burn was for the workout. However, I was wearing my back brace for my lower back, and I was soaking wet under it, so I was working for it, that is for sure. She uses 10# DB's and 25# DB's for the workout. I had to modify two exercises, but it turned out just fine.

Doreen, you are doing great with the workouts even though you have been sick!

BBL to read the posts for the day! I hope you all have a great Saturday.

I just finished 45MIN No Equipment HIIT Cardio Workout // Day 15 HR12WEEK 2.0. Had a great workout.

Warm Up
Circuit 1 (45s work + 15s rest x2 rounds)
Butt Kicks
Station Sprints
Speed Skater
Jump Squats
Scissor Squat Hops
High Knees
Squat Knee Taps
Jumping Jacks
Plank Jacks

Circuit 2 (45s work + 15s rest x2 rounds)
Leap + Shuffle (R)
Leap + Shuffle (L)
Push Back Push Up
Touch Downs
Knees + Toes
Plank Tap Combo
Crab Dance
Pop Squats
Burpee Jacks
Cool Down & Stretch

No time for personals. I will try to catch up tomorrow.
This morning I did a Heather 45 min. Intense Full Body Strength. I liked this one. Each circuit consisted of 2 strength exercises and 1 cardio drill repeated 3x for 40 sec each. It was pretty tough. I used 10's - 15's and a 20 for squats. I remember when I first subscribed to Heather (along with Sydney Cummings and Yvette Bachmann) about 5 years ago and mainly did her cardio. Her workouts were shorter and not very challenging. She sure has upped her game. I am really impressed with her these days.

Good workouts everyone! Time for football!
Today I did Tracy Steen 45 min No Repeat Low Impact Cardio & Core. A fave of mine.

Glad everyone is feeling better.

I am so sad Patricia Moreno has passed away. Rest in peace.She was so young. Prayers to her family. In her honor I pulled out Powerstrike Millenium Series #3.

Gad everyone is feeling better.

Good night.
I'm already tired of Heather's workouts. I think it's just the fact that there is no talking, it's all music and I just don't feel like I get a great workout. I miss doing Kelly's workouts so I decided to go back to her. This morning I did RAW 4 Day Split Chest and Back and had a great workout, I went heavier than in the past and really felt it. This is only 22 minutes, but its short and sweet and hard. Love it.

This was 1 minute per exercise going slow and controlled.

Lat Pulldown
: 12's/10's (this was done standing and was really hard to do)
Reverse Pec Deck or Scap Squeeze: 10's (this was also hard)
Lawn Mower: 25#

Moderated Pullover/Close Grip Press
: 15's
W Bench Press: 12's (this is tough)
Dumbbell Flies: 17.5's

This was about 25 minutes

Then I did the Boxing Finisher and used my 2# hand weights. This was 14 minutes. Love this finisher, it really burns out the muscles you already worked.

Both workouts equaled 40 minutes, burned 215 calories and HR was 116/167. I was really working hard with the boxing finisher, my arms were burning. Love it!!!

Belinda - Who is Patricia Moreno?

Have a great day everyone! No time for personals.
Debbie - Patrica was know as the co-instructor on the original Powerstrike videos with Ilaria Montagnani. She also was in a lot of gaiam workout dvd's. Great job this morning.

I will post my workout later.
I forgot to check in yesterday! I went for a 4 mile walk at the beach, mostly in the sand or on the trail. Walk was 1 hour 22 minutes and I burned 729 calories. My legs and calves are so sore today, walking in soft sand is tuff stuff :) Today is a rest day for me since I worked out both days over the weekend. It was such a beautiful day down by the ocean yesterday, 75 degrees in January!!! I love this weather!

Debbie, great job on the Kelly workouts today! I know what you mean about finding an instructor who you can listen to, day after day, it is a tough thing to find.

Belinda, wow, I did not hear that she had passed. I love Illaria's workouts, I bet she is devastated.

Roselyn, glad to hear that you are feeling better!

Cam, great job on the workout on Saturday! I watched some football too.

Diane Sue, how are you feeling?

Doreen, have a great workout today.

Make it a lovely day!
Here is the workout I did today. DH wanted to do a ab workout. We did Heathers standing ab.

Super BACK SCULPT Strength Workout // Day 16 HR12WEEK 2.0 Week 4.

Warm Up
Circuit 1 (40s work + 10s rest x2 rounds)
Alternating Scap Squeeze - 5's
Scapular Squeeze - 5's
Single Arm Flys - 8's
Underhand Row - 10's
Renegade Row - 10's
Plank Stroke - BW
Super Human - BW
Alternating Pull Overs - 10's
Pull Overs - 16#
Rear Pull Jacks - Rebounder

Circuit 2 (40s work + 10s rest x2 rounds)
Single Arm Row (R) - 15's
Single Arm Row (L) - 15's
Wide Row - 10's
T,I,Y's - BW
Super V-Squeeze - BW
Star Fish - BW
Single Arm Rear Fly (R) - 5's, I still can't do anything lateral.
Single Arm Rear Fly (L) - 5's
Bent Over Row - 10's
Bent Arm Jacks - Rebounder
Cool Down & Stretch

Jolie - she passed on Saturday. Please sent some of your weather my way. It's so cold here. Great job!

Diane - Hope you doing well.
I did an Ifit strength workout this morning. I actually started one with Gideon but it turned into a bootcamp with cardio and heavy bag boxing and I didn't want to do cardio. So I switched to another instructor for a 22 minute total body strength. I'm not too impressed with IFit's strenght workouts yet - but most are in a series and I think if I do the first one it may be more beginner and hopefully gets more later. And I'm slightly irked that all they yoga and pilates are classified under strength and sifting through all that is difficult.

I've decided to try to clean up/pair down my workout equipment. I'm looking around at stuff I hardly use -I think for a while it was the trend to use tons of equipment but recently that seems not to be the case.
I did Penny Barnshaw 40 min Full Body EMOM with Dumbbells. It was ok. I like the format but wasn't crazy about some of the strength exercises so I subbed some moves to make it more complete strength training. I am tired of the squat to overhead snatch and so much shoulder work lately.

Jolie, glad you are enjoying your weather, its freaking cold here. The high tomorrow is 10 degrees and its supposed to be below 0 most of the week. Definitely no outdoor walks this week.

Good workouts everyone!

Diane, hope you are doing well!

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