Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for January 2022!!


Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope you all had a great start into the new year. I am glad 2021 is over. I hope the new year is going to be a better one. I didn't made any New Years resolutions. DH and I stayed home last night, it was a quiet evening. Sadie and I fell asleep early last night:D I got plenty of sleep. I will do Susanne Bowen Fitness (SBF) D27 Hip Opener and Active/Relax Stretch.

I will go for a walk with Sadie shortly.

Diane and Debbie - hope you both resting and feeling better.

Cam - I am so sorry your mom is so out of it. Hopefully with lots of love from you and rest she will feel better soon. SBF stands for Susanne Bowen Fitness Barre workouts.

I will be back later. Need to walk Sadie.
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Jolie Fit

Happy New Year. I went to bed at 8:30pm last night and slept 10 hours so I feel amazing today. I do this every New Year's Eve because I couldn't imagine starting out my new year feeling lousy. Today I did KCM RAW Upper Body Weights with Sammy. I liked it except for the fact that she skipped Biceps, so I added them in at the end. This workout is 1 minute on and a quick 10 second rest and on to the next exercise. You do 4 sets for each body part, and I used 8# DB's and 12# DB's except for lateral raises I dropped to 5's because the pull behind my shoulder blade is still bothering me. Workout was 34 minutes since I added the Biceps. I really like these shorter workouts. I feel that at my age Cathe's longer workouts might be too much for me anymore, however I like her express workouts that are about 40 minutes long. I wrote out all of my goals for this year and I hope I have a great year just like last year.

Belinda, nice job on the workout and walk today, it is actually sunny here today and we have it forecasted for the next 10 days so I should be able to get some good walks in next week.

Happy 2022!


Today I did Michelle Briehler 55 min. No Repeat Full Body Strength & Cardio Low Impact #23. This workout was awesome! It was challenging but doable. My arms are fatigued. I needed that today. One of the reasons I picked this is that it is outdoors and looked like a beautiful day. Since we are getting a snow storm today I appreciated the summer scenery. Well she's working out in a parking lot with a building behind her, but still good. Her music is really good too. I am hesitant to say that my neck feels great and I haven't had any aches and pains in over a month, so I am hoping it's a good sign, but I am always afraid of a setback. I have amped up my workouts but also mindful of good form.

Since my daughter walks my dog, I am really missing my outdoor walks in addition to my indoor workouts and it's supposed to get really cold this week. Below 20. I may still try to walk as long as it's not icey. Got the long underwear ready!

I enjoyed a quiet New Year's Eve also. We have the movie Goodfellas and I finally watched it for the 1st time. I never stay up till midnight on new year's.

Jolie, good workout, but doesn't KCM punching drills bother your shoulder more?

Belinda, what state do you live in? Hope your weather is nicer than mine.

Enjoying a lazy afternoon. I have a so much to do around the house, but really don't feel like it. Reading and tv watching is all that's on my agenda today.

Have a good day!
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Jolie - great job on your workout today. Weird she left out the biceps? I still enjoy Cathe's workouts, I go at a much slower pace. Works for me. It wasn't cold but drizzling and cloudy. The weather is suppose to get cold next week.

Cam - how is your mom doing? I live in WV ( not my choice, lol). After my husband retired from the military we moved here 10 years ago. Eventually we will move to a warmer state. Below 20 is cold. I do walk when it's cold. Since we have Sadie we haven't walked when it's really cold outside (she goes everywhere we go). I do layer when I walk when it's cold outside.
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I decided to do Heather Robertson new 12 week workout program 40 MIN Upper Body Push Workout // DAY 1 HR12WEEK 2.0. It was 4 Circuit total (40s work + 20s rest x2 rounds). Of course, I jumped right into the workout, didn't realize/read there was a 20s rest in between sets as she was showing the second round. I was sweating my butt off just keeping up, lol. Oh well, great workout. DH joined the workout, he also liked it especially since we both now know their is a rest in-between sets, lol.

Diane - thinking about you!

I will try to be back later.


Today took a 2 mile walk. It was sunny and calm out. I always like walking after a fresh snowfall. It's pretty. Then I did CDorner Int-Adv Step. I think it was #154. Wow! She has a lot of step workouts. I like the choreography, challenging without being boring. Took down Christmas decorations and the tree today. Glad that's done.

Belinda, my mom is doing pretty good. I had a good conversation with her today. Lacking oxygen and being sleep deprived took a toll on her. She said it feels good to be able to breathe. Hopefully she will stay healthy for awhile. I will visit her tomorrow. Sounds like Heather's was tough. I haven't viewed it yet. I like many of her strength workouts.

Tomorrow is a holiday for me, so looking forward to getting out and doing some things, even though it's going to be extremely cold.
STS legs today

My mom moved into an independent senior living community today, she was with me almost 3 months but she has gotten so much stronger. It was hard to see her go but she is very close in fact right up the road from me and I work in the salon there LOL so i will see her
Happy New Year everyone!! Hope you are all doing well. I'm still trying to kick whatever it is I have out of my body. I'm at work and doing way better, but I feel like I'm in slow motion. I had a bad cough for three days and now it's about gone. I bet I only got about 2000 steps a day since Friday. Yikes. Just had no energy. It was nice to have the time to just be lazy all weekend.

This morning I really had to push myself to get into my workout room, but I decided last night I'd walk for a while just to get moving and try to get my energy back. I did ok, walked at a 3% incline which was nothing but at least my blood got pumping.

Walked for 40 minutes, burned 165 calories (TM said 253!), went 2.27 miles and did somewhere in the vicinity of 4525 steps. HR was 90/121.

Felt good to move again and I'm feeling ok here at work, just a little fuzzy in the head. I am not sure if I had Covid, I did have a slight fever but it was mostly just chest congestion and coughing. Something I've had several times in the past and it didn't feel any different. Never lost my sense of taste or smell and I've been eating good.

Great job to those of you who worked out recently. I don't have time for personals. Have a great day!!
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I did a short bike ride on IFit this morning and then took the pup out for a walk. He has a hot spot between his toes (2nd and he's only 1 yr old!) so we're limiting his walks and have to keep it covered so he won't lick it. He hates us messing with it so its tough to keep him from licking. So over the weekend when it was really cold we just skipped walks and play lots of fetch and tug in the house with him.

Happy New Year and great workouts everyone. Debbie - glad you are feeling better, Diane - hope your recovery is coming along. Roselyn- hope that transition for your mom goes smoothly. Cam - hope your mom contines to get better.
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Good morning,

I did Heather Abs & Glutes Workout // Day 2 HR12WEEK 2.0 this morning.
Warm Up
Ab Circuit (40s work + 10s rest x2 rounds)
Basic Crunch
Reverse Crunch + Kick Out
Frog Crunch
Side Bridge (R)
Side Bridge (L)
Plank Rocker
Rocking Chair
Single Leg Bicycle (R)
Single Leg Bicycle (L)
Bicycle Crunch

Glutes Circuit (40s work + 10s rest x2 rounds)
Rear Kick (R)
Rear Pulse (R)
Fire Hydrant (R)
Hydrant Pulse (R)
Rear Kick (L)
Rear Pulse (L)
Fire Hydrant (L)
Hydrant Pulse (L)
Glute Bridge weighted
Bridge Pulses
Cool Down & Stretch

Debbie - glad you starting to feel better. I thought I had a sinus infection when I had covid. I didn't lose my taste/small when I got tested. Unless you get tested you never know if you had covid or not. Hopefully you didn't had covid.I really didn't believe I had it either, lol. Feel better and get lots of rest.

Diane - hope you feeling better too. How are you doing?

Roselyn - glad your mom is just down the road and you can visit/check on her often.

Have a great workout and day if you check in after me. It's snowing here. My appointment got canceled.
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Did Tracy Steen 40 min. No Repeat Upper Body Strength & Cardio. Always like that she adds cardio with weight work. Liked this one. She thoroughly worked all muscle groups.

Debbie, hope you feel better. A lot of weird stuff going around.

Off to run a lot of errands.

Good workouts everyone!
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Today was short cardio

Debbie my son has the same his roommate tested positive and I told him he probably has it Crazy crazy Here in St. Louis County we reached our highest ever today

I was looking at Caroline Girvan she has a new epic out
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I had a bad night. I thought i was doing better and just used the ibuprofen. Today was my first day of Pt and it hurt. He told me I would want to go home and ice. I liked this pt and I was the only patient. The next one came in as I was getting ready to leave. He did all of the stuff the surgeon had on the prescription. I think this is going to take some time.

Doreen, it is so hard to keep a dog from licking their sore spots.

Debbie it could have been covid. My daughter just had it and she had the vaccines. She is back to work , but wearing her mask. Her husband also has it and some of the rest of the family. She was worried she had exposed us when she brought over food after my surgery. It has been 11 days and I am okay. i felt kind of fuzzy for awhile after covid when I had it. My daughter had some test kits at home as she was monitoring her son who has some respiratory issues and she did not want to send him to school with it.
I hope that you are feeling better.

Belinda that looks like a good workout. I am having some ups and downs with pain. Hoping as we progress the pain lessons.

Cam, cardio and strength together always makes me feel good about the time that i spent. I hope you enjoyed your holiday getting thins done.

Roselyn, those tests are not that accurate. I bet a lot of people have had it without realizing it.
Feeling better today, hopefully this thing is on the way out. I agree with you all, I may have Covid but I'm not sure. I won't get tested. I am more clear headed today, my cough isn't too bad and I have some energy back. I hope this keeps up. It seems to be up and down, like one minute I feel back to normal and then an hour later I get tired again. Weird.

Walked on my treadmill again just to get my blood moving, It helped clear the sinuses in my head so that is a good thing. I walked for 40 minutes and stats were about the same as yesterday.

Diane - I kind of thought PT would cause you pain. I hope the pain is at least different than what you had before and it will subside a little bit each day.

Doreen - Do you need Apple devices to use the iFit or can any device interact with it? Just curious.

Belinda - Nice job with your workout yesterday. I thought you might start Epic Endgame. I saw it started with legs and rolled my eyes. She loves working her glutes and legs. LOL!!

Cam - Good job on your workout!

Roselyn - You're right, crazy stuff going around right now. We are also at our highest cases since Covid started here in Ohio. Will it ever end? I'll be keeping an eye on Caroline's new Epic Endgame workouts.

Jolie - Hope you are doing well.

Have a great day everyone!


Debbie - I have a Samsung tablet with the app on it that works. I guess if you have one of their "sponsored" equipment (Nordictrack or Proform) with a bluetooth link the workout changes your equipment settings to match the workout. I just adjust on my own with the instructors instructions.

this morning I did an IFIT strength workout - lower body focused. 34 mintues - solid, controlled lower body moves. Nothing fancy. Not sure what I think about their studio setting - all black with lighting just on the instructor. I guess it works. The App on ROKU doesn't play music so I have to play my own which is kind of a bummer. the Android or IOS app has a music mixer feature. You can choose your genre of music and the adjust the instructor and music volumes to suit your preference. I went ahead and signed up for a year since they have a deal out for the new year. I'll probably regret that but oh well!! I've been searching craigslist and FB Marketplace to try to find a bike that will connect to the app.

Jolie Fit

Yesterday was my rest day; I had a roofer come first thing in the morning to fix a leak and I just did not want to work out with them here. Today I went for a long hard walk outside, walk was 1 hour 35 minutes, traveled 5.2 miles and burned 801 calories. It was 50 degrees out when I left and I was dripping by the time I got back, those hill climbs kill me in a good way! Heart rate average was 100 bpm, and I went up 58 floors. My husband and I worked all day re doing my gym room in the garage on Sunday. We moved everything out and he let me have the space in the garage with the window now, so I do not feel like I was in a cave. Now I have bright shining light, new carpet and some new mats on the floor for cardio and it is perfect. I also got a new smart TV so I can do my workouts on a big tv vs my laptop. I hung some pictures and have a floor to ceiling mirror which is awesome. So excited to use it tomorrow. I got an infrared heater too, so maybe I can warm it up a bit during the winter months.

Debbie, glad to see that you are feeling better. When I was sick, I started back with just walking to and it was good to get the blood pumping and getting back into the groove of working out.

Diane Sue, I am happy that your PT went well, you are on your way to recovery!

Doreen, great job on the workout today. Sorry your puppy has a hot spot, not a great place to get one.

Roselyn, I happy that your mom has moved to a place that you can see her often. I am sure she will like the socializing and help if needed. Also, you can do her hair!

Belinda, great job on the workouts the past few days. I cannot believe you have lived in WV for 10 years! I used to read your posts when you lived overseas, right? Where did you live prior to WV?

Cam, nice job on the workout!

Make it a great day.


Hi everyone,

Today is a rest day from Heather's R. rotations. I did Susanne Bowen Fitness Barre D30 Christmas UB and Barre Amped DVD UB. I plan on going for a walk shortly. It's in the 20's. maybe I will rethink it, lol.

Debbie - I decided to do Epic after I am done with this rotations. Sorry you are not feeling well. Fell better soon.

Diane - glad your Pt went well. Fell better soon.

Jolie - your garage gym sounds amazing. I lived in Grafenwoehr Germany before we moved to WV. I am from Nuernberg Germany. Time flies!

Cam - I saw that Tracey is also doing a new year challenge. So many great challenges. Another one I will do after Heather, Caroline G, lol. Great job!

I have an ENT appointment early tomorrow morning.

Have a great day and workout


Got a call from my sister earlier, my BIL uncle in the coma passed away today :( I was praying for him ever since he was hospitalized.I feel horrible for my BIL, sister and everyone.
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Today I did Tracy 47 min. Legs & Booty Burner. Good lower body work.

Diane, glad you like your PT. It's only been a couple weeks, but PT will help you. Are you able to move around a little more? Hang in there! There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Debbie, glad you are feeling better. I wouldn't get tested either. What's the point. I see the lines of people waiting to get tested, just to get tested. People are crazy. I am so tired of it all. The media makes it worse.

Jolie, awesome on the new workout space! I love having my own workout room. You will love having a smart tv too. I cannot workout with my tablet. It's to hard too see.

Doreen, I have a Samsung tablet too. I will consult you if I have tech questions. Glad you discovered something new you like.

Roselyn, enjoy end game! My mom loved her senior apartment. She made alot of friends and joined card clubs. She was always doing something. So happy. I wish she could have stayed. Actually, I wish she would have moved there sooner.

Belinda, I subscribed to more YT channels. Ugh... I don't know why I keep doing this. I had so many notifications this morning. Like I am going to do all of the workouts. It's the feeling of missing out on something, but it all starts to look the same anyway.

Good workouts everyone!
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