Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Feb 2024

Today I did CDorner "Taylor Swift & Usher" Super Bowl Workout. 58 minutes, 283 calories, heart rate 131/163, 5,039 steps. This had fun music, and was different as they had brief breaks changing outfits and different guests for segments. It had Hiit, Tabata, hi/lo cardio segments ending with some abs. I then did CDorner Day 18 Chest & Shoulders mobility stretch and day 16 standing legs stretch, 23 minutes, 46 calories. Total time was 81 minutes, 329 calories. I see the new Raw work outs are up tonight. I probably will not get to one till Thursday.

Debbie, nice work on Raw Upper Body Blast, that one is tough with very little rest. I have had my Garmin do that, but I just figured I pushed something. I recently had it happen and added the workout part together in my notes, but on the app I changed the rest of it 2nd half or something like that. Yes, it did snow. Most of it melted during the day since the sun came out. Hopefully the roads are good tomorrow as I have my valentine get together with the ladies group and games in the morning.

Jolie, great job on Raw Burn Out Upper Body and boxing finisher. You really put a lot into it adding the Rower on to it. I do not think I have done Raw Heavy Weight Bootcamp. I pulled it up and have been looking at it. 3 sets of each weight segment at 8 reps. When she says boot camp I automatically think there will be some squat thrusts or something, but it does not look like it has that. It does look like there are some active segments using weights in between with more reps though. It looks interesting. I checked my notebook and could not find a print up of it like I usually make the first time I do one. The part I just watched where she does a side lunge putting the weight down, stepping over it and pick it up looks tiring.
Yes, it snowed. The yard was covered in white when I got up, but it warmed up and the sun came out so it has been melting off all day. I use my Garmin for multiple things so I would miss it if I did not have it. I know when someone is at the door and get calendar reminders with it. It also helps me track calories in and out as I have it synced with My Fitness Pal. I like it, but it is not for everyone. They are just a guide anyway.

Belinda, nice work on CL #471 Metabolic Mania today. It always feel colder to me when it is damp outside. It was nice seeing the sun shining this morning.
This morning I did RAW Heavy Bag/Shadow Boxing with Kelly and her son, Zach. My most favorite boxing workout, love this one!! I used my 1.5# egg weights. I skipped the ab work she does with Zach and did TBTS Strength Abs instead. Love that one!!

Workout was 50 minutes, burned 404 calories, went 2962 steps and HR was 139/179. My HR was up there this morning, not sure why?

Jolie - I love Burn Out Upper Body, I think that was the one I wanted to do yesterday but did Upper Body Blast instead by accident. Oh well, both are great workouts. I think you need to try the Heavy Bag/Shadow Boxing workout I did this morning, it is my FAVORITE!! Are you using the Roku app for this? If so, you can find this workout under the Cardio section about 7 rows down. You'll see Kelly and her son Zach in the picture of the video, he's standing by the heavy bag. This is a great workout and it's slow and controlled. My abs always burn doing this one. I know what you mean about obsessing with the watches, I don't anymore but I used to. I love seeing how many calories I'm burning each morning.

Belinda - Great job with your workout yesterday! Hope you are doing better!

Diane - I saw the new RAW ones out there as well, can't wait to try them. She has one called Butts and Guts. LOL!! We haven't had snow in a while and I hope it stays that way. It's been mild here and last week it was in the 60's. This week we are back down in the 30's. Great job on your workout yesterday, that looked like a good one!!

Have a great day everyone!
No workout today. I went to my ladies game day and came home with lots of chocolate! I had to go out and fill a hole my dog decided to dig last night before she bought in mud right after I had mopped and cleaned up. Tomorrow I see my pulmonologist so probably no workout unless I get up really early. The sun is out today which is nice. I hope some of this dries up soon.

Debbie, Great Job on Heavy bag and boxing and TBTS abs. I checked out some of the new workouts. I gather Butts and Guts does not use dumbbells, but a fabric loop band for some of it is optional.
Good Afternoon,

I did Bodi Sure Thing WK1 D1 Endurance Strength. These workouts are 8 weeks which will take me to our first vacation in April.

Debbie-if you haven’t seen the new workouts are up.
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I had to get up very early to pick up my passport. We got so much snow, we had to turn around to go a different route to DC. Which took us an additional 50 min. I did a dance workout today before I was heading back to DC to meet my son and DIL for dinner. Lots of driving. At least the snow is almost gone.

I have to retake the blood tests tomorrow. Hopefully my # are in the normal range.

Debbie - great job on heavy bag and boxing plus abs. Got some sleep last night, feeling much better today.

Diane - I am going to have to check out the workout you did yesterday. I am always cold when it‘s damp outside for some reason. Sorry you had to clean up the mess from your dog. Good luck with your pulmonologist tomorrow.

Jolie, Roxie and Rosely - great job on your workouts.

Good night.
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This morning I did RAW Burn Out Lower Body and had a great workout. This is a tough workout but a fun one.

This is in superset fashion, each done in 45 second increments with a 15 second rest.

Squats: 20's
BW Squat to Calf Raise
x 3

Reverse Lunges: 20's with 1st set/15's with the rest
BW Lunges w/Pulses
x 3

Plies: 25#
BW Plie Pops

Front/Side Lunges (I did Deadlifts): 20's
Side to Side BW Lunges (I did Cross Back Lunges)

Bridge - I used my green cloth band and just did 4 sets using both legs (Kelly alternates legs for 3 sets each leg)

Workout was 49 minutes, burned 283 calories, HR was 111/163.

Jolie - The workout I did today goes with the one you did on Monday, you should do it this week if you can. :)

Diane - Hope you had fun at your ladies group. Good luck at your doctor's appointment today. I was going to do TBTS Lower Body and then the Butts and Gutts one but wanted a longer workout so chose the one I did today. I'll get the B&G soon.

Roxie - I received an Ulta magazine yesterday introducing Charolotte. Very cool!! I wonder if that line will still be available at Sephora? I did see that the new workouts were up, I will check them out soon.

Belinda - Sorry about the snow, that sucks. We have been lucky so far this year, not much snow but it's been this way for a few years now. There are two systems coming by us but not affecting us so I'm glad about that!!

Have a great day everyone!!
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Yesterday I was short on time, I had a Chiropractor appointment, I just walked the pup. We walked for 1 hour, traveled 3.1 miles and burned 411 calories. Today, I walked again because my Chiro wanted me to take a day off so my body could settle down from my adjustment. She muscle tested me and I am low in trace minerals, so I got some Mineral Magic and started taking it right away. Also, she put some stem cell patches on my low back and boy did that take the pain away after she put my discs back in place. I feel fantastic today! Today was another 1 hour walk with the pup, same as yesterday on all the stats since I did the exact same walk. I got on my Max Trainer and did a 4 minute workout, I was dying by the end. This machine gives me the same type of workout as an Assault Bike, high calorie burns and quad burns too! Tomorrow I will be back to the weights and boxing workouts. My arms are getting definition from these boxing workouts, they have always been my favorite type of workouts.

Debbie, great job on the workout yesterday and today. I think I may do the Heavy Bag Shadow Boxing tomorrow, the one with Kelly's son that you suggested. Way to go on getting in some longer workouts lately!!!

Diane Sue, drive safe to your doctor's appointment if you are going today. I hope you enjoy your ladies day too!

Belinda, be safe driving to DC in the snow, I saw on the news there is quite a bit of it on the East Coast. Also, I hope you blood tests come out good!

Roxie, nice job on the workout.

Make it a great day.
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Good Morning,

I did Sure Thing WK1 D2 Cardio Conditioning I forgot how much I hate the cardio in these workouts so I will substitute Kelly tor them.

Debbie-I don’t think she renewed her contract with Sephora but not sure about that an so far Ulta doesn’t have the full line
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Love Leg Day #475 is done.

Diane - I hope your appointment went well today.

Debbie - we had so much snow yesterday, today nothing. It‘s very cold here. Glad the new systems are not coming your way. I had it with this weather. Great job on your workout today.

Jolie - great job with your workout today. glad you enjoy KCM workouts. No snow today, it was crazy yesterday. I hope it will pass the east coast. We are picking up the RV upstate NY on Monday. We are not driving in this weather.

Roselyn - praying for Kansas City. Great job on your cardio.

Roxie - nicely done.

Good night.
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This morning I had a really fun workout! I planned to do two TBTS workouts but decided a change up after I did the first one. So I started with RAW TBTS Sculpt Intervals and then added RAW Kickboxing NRG. OMG what a fun workout!! I absolutely loved it. Great alternating with boxing moves that were really fun and then a lower body blast sort of. It was good and I enjoyed every move she did in this one. No egg weights because the moves were fast but you probably could use them if you wanted to. There were 45 second intervals with 15 seconds rest.

RAW TBTS Sculpt Intervals - 45 seconds on/15 off

Done on a step, I used 2 risers
Step: Alt. Knees/Triple Knees
Step: Jog on/Hop Hold Leg Out
Alternate Triple Press: 5's
Lateral Raise/Cuff Rotation: 5's
Step: Triple Insoles
Step: Jump Shoot
Cross/Down: 5's
Scap Squeeze/Pec Deck: 5's
Step: Reverse Lunges, Split 2
March Side/Hop Center
Kickbacks/Squat Row: 5's
Rolling Curls: 5's

Loved these workouts, very fun. Workout was 52 minutes, burned 468 calories (WOW!), did 4727 steps and HR was 142/170.

Jolie - Good job with your workouts, sorry to hear you are having issues with your low back again. Hope you are feeling good today. You have to try the Kickbox NRG workout on RAW when you get a chance. I think you should do the Heavy Bag/Shadow Boxing with Zach first, then try the NRG one. Both are so fun!! I had a great workout this morning mixing the two workouts that I did. I haven't been on my Max Trainer in a while again. I need to get on that thing but I have a love/hate relationship with it. LOL!!

Roxie - Great job on your workout! Interesting about Tilbury going to Ulta, that kind of surprises me. Good for Ulta, though. I wish Huda Beauty would go to Ulta as well.

Roselyn - Yes, terrible about KC. I can't believe these things keep happening for no reason. It's sickening. Hopefully they put those two in jail for life and after!

Belinda - Great job on you workouts, sounds like a fun one.

Hope you all have a great day and workouts!! I feel awesome today!
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Today I had an excellent cardio day, I was in the mood to sweat. I started with RAW Heavy Bag and Shadow Boxing that Debbie recommended, I loved it. I used my 2# egg weights and that was "tuff stuff" as Cathe would say! Next, I did RAW Box and Pump #6 and used the 2# egg weights as well. I added in the rowing machine when she did reverse lunges because my low back and knees cannot do that right now. I had to end with a good stretch, I have tight hips lately. Total workout time was 1 hour and 6 minutes and I burned 591 calories!!! Wow! I have to walk the pup tomorrow so I will try to add in a short weight workout afterwards if I can.

Debbie, great job on the two workouts today! I am writing all of the workouts down that you suggest so I can do them after you do them. I did not write the ones down today because I was not in the mood to stop and write it all out. I know we can reference the workout and it will say what it is about but not the exercises. Next time I will take the time to do that for you but I think you have done them all already!

Roxie, are you talking about Charlotte Tilbury makeup? If so, I get mine at Nordstroms. Great job on the workout!

Belinda, I hope you love your new motorhome when you pick it on Monday! Yeah, that should be really fun for you and your husband, and Sadie!

Roselyn, yes, that is very unfortunate what happened at the parade. No consequences for anything so this is what happens.

Diane Sue, I hope you have a great workout today.

Make it a great day.
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I did a live dance workout this morning. Started cleaning my gym/basement with DH‘s help. I am still decluttering. I am getting my first infusion on the 27th. I am a little nerves.

Jolie - we are excited to pick up the RV next week.

Debbie - great job as well on your workout today.

Diane - are you ok?

Roselyn - great job on your cardio.

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Good Evening,

No workout today headed to a school program for GS. We talked about going to that KC parade but decided not to glad we did.

Jolie-yes Charolette Tilbury is available at Ulta now.

Debbie-huda and rare beauty would make the place complete
Today I had to go out again on an errand, but managed to get in a workout after I got home. I did Raw Heavy Up and Move, 34 minutes, 137 calories, heart rate 112/145. I watched the workouts last night to get an idea what I was in for. I then did Raw Lean Physique Kickboxing NRG and really liked it, 31 minutes, 155 calories, heart rate 127/148. I finished with CDorner Day 8 Total Body Stretch along with 5 minutes of yesterday's mobility that had too much time on my hands doing bear and down dog. This was 20 minutes, 35 calories. Total time was 86 minutes, 327 calories, 2,756 steps. I had a nice time with my ladies group Tuesday. The pulmonologist gave me a different inhaler and another med to try. She felt bad about the huge cost of the last inhaler. She said to call her if something costs like that. I checked the pharmacy this time to check the price before I went to pick up. I will probably not get workouts in this weekend. Probably just tomorrow morning. Lots scheduled for this weekend.

Raw Heavy Up & Move 32 minutes
suggests 15,20,and 30# dumbbells 2 sets of each move group with cardio acceleration

warm up
lawnmower/squat/press/set s right 15# db left 15#
cardio knee pull cross tap foot
repeat (2nd set I dropped to 12# to protect shoulder)

overhead triceps extension 15# dumbbell
kickstand deadlift 20# dbs
cardio side step hamstring twist

one arm row in squat position right 30#db left 30# db
cardio step back triple knee

clean from hips/squat touch down to floor 15# dbs (one set I did 3 reps 20 and decided to lighten)
side to side lung flow toss dumbbell hand to hand 20# db
cardio knee twist


Belinda, good job on the live dance today. You are getting a lot of extra cleaning done. I bet you are excited about getting your new RV picked up. I hope the weather is good for you. My appointment went well I guess. We discussed things and she gave me a different inhaler and another med. Hopefully this helps. I understand your apprehension about the infusion. I will keep you in my prayers that it works for you with no problems. Sorry I have not checked in. I am also working on trying to get things done and to bed earlier. Eventually I will get things balanced out.

Debbie, nice workout today. I liked the Kickboxing NRG too. You burned some major calories. I think I need to do the heavy and move again now that I have a feel for it. I knew the first move was not going to be easy. Kelly was using 20# and that is just not working for me for overhead press coming off the lawnmower. My shoulders have been very sore for days and finally are just starting to feel normal. The soreness was not mild soreness, it hurt and was waking me up.

Jolie, great job on Raw Heavy Bag and Boxing and Box and Pump #6. Good idea using the rower when she did the reverse lunges.

Roxie, I am sure that you enjoyed your grandson's program. You are lucky you did not go to that parade. How scary.
Wow, I know I will be sore tomorrow. Actually, I've been sore all week, I haven't felt like this in years. The only tightness I usually feel are knots and pain, this is a great heavy lifting sore feeling. Love it!!

This morning I started with RAW Heavy Up & Move workout and really liked it. I liked most of the moves although sometimes I wish she wouldn't do the compound moves. I'd rather concentrate on a specific exercise but this was fun and a great workout. I was sweating bullets!! She does some weight moves and then throws cardio in there. She called this a CardioAcceleration workout so this is similar to those.

45 seconds on/15 off

Lawn Mower/Clean Press: 15#

Overhead Triceps Extension: 15#
Kickstand Deadlifts: 20's (killer)
Alt. Hamstring/Twist

One Arm Row: 25#/30#
Alternate Triple Knee

Clean from Hip: 15's/20's
Side to Side Low Lunge: 20#
Knee Twist-Twist

This didn't have any chest so I added:

RAW 1 Body Part - Chest and is 4 sets of 10 reps and is in circuit fashion. I did 3 sets and that was enough plus time ran out.

Incline Flies: 15's
Flat Connected Press: 20's for 2 sets/15's for last
Flat Bench Press: 20's
Did 3 sets/10 reps

Total workout time was 49 minutes, burned 307 calories, did 1116 steps and HR was 117/153.

Jolie - So glad you did the Heavy Bag/Shadow Boxing workout, I knew you'd love it. I love the music in it, especially when she starts the hooks, that Celtic music is so cool. Box & Pump 6 is good too, although I don't think I've done that one too much. I'll have to check it out again.

Belinda - Glad you are trying the infusion, I really do think it will make a huge difference for you. At least I pray that it does. My cousin has had excellent results with it.

Roxie - Yep, Rare Beauty, too. Love that line.

Roselyn - Great job with legs yesterday!!

Diane - I know what you mean about that first move in heavy up. I can't believe Kelly used 20# for that. I think it's dangerous but she has the strength and probably no injuries. I think I could have used 20# with my right arm, but definitely not my left. My traps and shoulders have been tight and I've been using my heated bean bag and it has helped a lot. Maybe try that if you have one?

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off Monday so YAY!!!
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Today I am sore and tired from yesterday's workout, but in a good way. Today was a 1 hour walk with the pup, traveled 3.2 miles through the hills and burned 427 calories. I will be taking tomorrow off for my rest day, I am meeting my parents for breakfast. Sunday, I plan on doing a good weight workout, not sure which one yet but I will look for a good one or two of them to do today. I like to preview the workout, I am ready to go with the weighs and exercises when I am doing them and it just flows better for me.

Debbie, great job on the workout today. I feel the same way, tired and sore but in a good way. I have been sleeping well too, my body is tired from changing up my workouts.

Diane Sue, way to go on all of the workouts you did yesterday! I will write those down to do in the future.

Belinda, good luck getting the infusion, I it has a successful outcome for you.

Make it a great day.

I think we lost Cam and Doreen on the thread!

Roselyn, great job with the leg workout and the walk.
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No workout to report today. I been doing lots of decluttering/organizing my closet.

Looks like we are not picking up the RV on Monday. Someone at Tiffin decided to make some changes to the RV, we are not happy. I will explain more tomorrow. The RV dealer are working on it to get fixed before we head out there.

Diane - glad your appointment went well. I hope the different inhaler and another med will help you feel better. I hear you on blanching things out.

Debbie - thank you. I try anything for this disease to attack my body. I am glad to hear it helped your cousin. Is she still on it?

Jolie - thank you. I hope it works.

Good night.
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