Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Feb 2024


Good morning,

Dance workout is done. Didn‘t sleep well last night.

I will be back to catch up on personals.
Wow, it's been exactly 1 year since my knee surgery. Where does the time go?

This morning I did RAW Strength 1 - Cardio Acceleration and added some of TBTS Sculpt Box & Tone. I had an excellent workout. I went up in weight in all the excises listed below from the last time I did this in early January.

12 reps each exercise for lifting/30 seconds for cardio bursts

One Arm Row: 30#
Cardio: Squat/Knee

Squats: 20's
Cardio: Jogging

Dumbbell Press: 20's
Cardio: Pump Ups

Supination Curls: 20's
Cardio: Alternating Insoles

Deadlifts: 20's
Cardio: Jacks

Lateral Raise: 10's/12's
Cardio: Skaters

Skull Crushers: 12's
Cardio: (Abs) Knee-ins on step

I used my egg weights with Box & Tone. I love that workout, it is really fun, wish I could have done it all, I ran out of time.

Total workout time was 47 minutes, burned 337 calories, did 403 steps and HR was 119/148.

Belinda - Sorry you didn't sleep well last night. Good job getting a workout in!

Diane - I hate those kinds of moves where you are in plank position, that hurts my wrists and my upper back if done long enough. Elbow planks are mostly what I do. My traps are tight again, probably from those stupid squat thrusts and mountain climbers from yesterday. Yes, we can't worry about this world, we cannot control it. I hope you follow that bible passage. :)

Roxie - Cool about Charlotte, I'll be looking forward to it! Great treadmill walk yesterday!

Roselyn - Good job with your workout. Did you join Caroline's app?

Cam - Great workout yesterday!

Have a great day everyone!
Yesterday's workout was a 1 hour walk with the pup, 3.2 miles and I burned 466 calories. Today I had a fantastic workout, I did 2 KCM RAW workouts and loved them both. I started with RAW Burn Out Upper Body, 43 minutes and I used the same weights as Kelly except I had to drop on the Bicep Curls at the end. I cannot believe that I am curling 20#'s again, and it does not even bother my collarbone. I added a few extra exercises at the end of the workout because I wanted to do a little more lifting. Then, I ended the workout with RAW Boxing finisher that I have done serveral times with the 1.5# egg weights, I love this finisher. Total workout time was 1 hour 11 minutes and I burned 566 calories.

3 sets of each Super Set, 40 seconds on with a 15 second rest period

Bicep Curls with a twist- 20's - 3 sets of the super set
Bicep Curls with a hold- 15's

1 Arm Rows- 25# - 3 sets

Seated Overhead Press- 15's - Could have gone heavier
Lateral Raise- 10's

Close Grip Chest Press- 20's - 3 sets
Pullovers- 12's Could have gone heavier.

Lying Triceps Ext.- 12's - 3 sets
Seated Overhead Ext.- 12's

Added on these exercises-
W Curls- 15's
Wide Grip Cable Pull Downs- 60#
Narrow Grip Cable Pull Downs- 60#
Upright Rows- 12's
Chest Press- 20's
Lying Cross Body Ext- 12's

Debbie, I am so thankful for you pushing me to join these workouts, I am fired up that I actually did it and love them! Something new has gotten me excited to workout again and I love the variety in the workouts. I also love that I am getting cardio in with the weights, anything is better than walking since I get so much of that as it is. Great job on the workout today. I will have to try that boxing one if I can find it.

Belinda, I hope you sleep better tonight but good job getting in a workout, I probably would have not done anything.

Diane Sue, I have had to not watch the news or anything about news online because it is so depressing what this President has done to the entire world. Such chaos and destruction makes me sick. Trump 2024 or we are screwed. I hope you got in a good workout today and you slept better.

Roselyn, did you join Caroline's new APP? I am curious what you thing about it,

We have a lot of rain and high winds today. Yuck.
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Today I did Raw Real Raw #3, 46 minutes, 155 calories, heart rate 104/136, 1,832 steps. I then did Raw boxing Finisher 16 minutes 91 calories, heart rate 134/160, 661 steps. I finished off with Raw Stretch Flow, 19 minutes, 32 calories, Total time was 81 minutes, 278 calories. I always liked the Real Raw workouts. I did skip doing the butt kickers over the step and just did speed skaters and other moves for the one cardio segment between the weights. That would have been too much for knees and wrists right now.

Coffey Fit Raw Real Raw #3

38 minutes 15,12,10# dumbbells used and a bench 8# for finisher
Unilateral moves and balance mixed in
“fun music” moves are done for 30 seconds work

Warm up

Back- 1 arm rows 20# db rt/lt

1 arm row bent over step 20# db rt/lt

1 arm row balance leg extended 15# db rt/lt


Chest-1 arm bench press 15# db rt/lt

1 arm bench press with 1 leg drop 15# rt/lt

1 arm bench press with double leg drop 15# db


Biceps- 1 arm biceps curl 15# db rt/lt

1 arm biceps curl balance 15# db 1 leg rt/lt

Shoulders: lateral raise 10# dbs (both arms)

Lateral raise 10# dbs balance rt/lt leg

Squats-single leg focus squat no weight rt/lt

Squats single leg 15# dbs rt/lt

Squat side to side 15# db held at chest

Triceps: 10# dbl arm kickbacks

Dbl arm kickbacks balance rt 10# lt 10# (next page)


Bench butt kicks hop over bench

Bench hops over step landing 1 leg

Finisher: 2 times 8# dbs

Run rows

Chest standing butterfly lift by clavicle/switches second set to peck deck

Running biceps curls /switches to hammer curls second set

Front raise alternating/second set butterfly raise

Overhead triceps extensions weights together

Bench butt kicks hop over bench

Bench hops over step landing 1 leg

Finisher: 2 times 8# dbs

Run rows

Chest standing butterfly lift by clavicle/switches second set to peck deck

Running biceps curls /switches to hammer curls second set

Front raise alternating/second set butterfly raise

Overhead triceps extensions weights together
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Debbie - I think my new meds are messing with my sleep. Great job on your workout.

Diane - what helped me getting rid of clothes, if they are a no for any reason…it will get donated. I only keep what I love and wear. Good for you for getting rid of things that have no use and take up value space. I already filled up 2 more summer clothes bags. I already went through all my winter clothes. Good job yesterday and today.
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Happy February!

Tonight I did Penny 30 min Barbell Workout for Weight Loss. I used dumbbells. It was a compound workout. She always makes those shorter workouts a good calorie burn. A walk with the dog after dinner. Nice out for February!
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This morning I walked on my treadmill and that's about it. I need to stop doing planks, stupid squat thrusts and mountain climbers. I just need to say NO!! My upper traps and back are all in knots again to the point of being painful. I just can't believe how these exercises triggers that pain. Plus I've been typing a lot at work and I know that isn't helping.


Workout was 37 minutes, burned 394 calories, went 1.8 miles, did 4226 steps and HR was 156/186. My HR seemed high but it certainly didn't feel that high. Weird.

I also did a stretch from one of CDorner's 30 day stretch challenge. I think I did Day 5. It was for neck and shoulders.

I don't have time for personals, I am crazy busy at work. I hope to catch up with you all later!! Have a great weekend!!
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Today I did CL# 459 Strong & Fit: Legs and shoulder.

Debbie - one wrong move will do it. Sorry, you going though this pain again. Hope you feel better.

Great job everyone on your workouts.
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Good Evening,

I did Shadow Boxing 1 but used the heavy bag for most of it. I really like this one it has always been my go to. We are supposed to go watch our GS play basketball but he was tested for strep today it was negative but he is on antibiotics so we might go see youngest DD and her kids.
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This morning I did Penny 1hr. Strength & Conditioning. One of my faves. Another fun sweatfest workout.

Enjoy your weekend!
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Yesterday I walked the pup 2.4 miles, got caught in pouring down rain and basically got home soak and cold. Today I had another excellent workout. I did RAW Upper Body Blast, RAW Box and K-Bell 2 and finished with RAW Boxing Finisher. I used my1.5# egg weights for all of the boxing segments. Total workout time was 1 hour 22 minutes and I burned 689 calories. The weight workout was 4 sets for 30 seconds of work and only a 10 second rest period.

Chest Press- 20's
Seated Overhead Press- 12's

Chest Flys- 12's
Lateral Raises- 8's

Bicep curls with a curtsy lunge- 8's
Squat to a bicep curl- 10's

2 Arm Rows- 15's
Lying Triceps Ext.- 10's

Rear Flys- 10's
Seated Overhead Triceps Ext.- 10's

Next, was the boxing and leg workouts.

I should be dead tomorrow.

Debbie, I never do those types of exercises anymore, they would kill me too! I have to get 2# egg weights, the 1.5# are getting to light weight for the shorter workouts. They will be great for the longer boxing workouts.

Diane Sue, that workout you did yesterday looks great! I wrote it down; I will be doing it soon. I really like the 15 minute boxing finisher workout, it burns some good calories and it will chisel my shoulders :)

Cam, great job on the Penny strength and conditioning workout this morning!!!

Roselyn, way to go on getting back and biceps done today!

Roxie, nice job on the shadow boxing workout last night.

Make it a great day. We have a ton of rain coming in tomorrow, and I have a leak in my roof in the garage!!! I will try to do something about that today, of course my husband is at work and cannot do it. Super Mom here!
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I did a short workout yesterday as my husband and I had to go out and run errands. I did Raw Step Boxing 29 minutes, 154 calories, heart rate 130/152. 1.280 steps. I also did TBTS Abs, 16 minutes, 42 calories, 42 calories with 10#. Total time 45 minutes, 196 calories. Today I went to my granddaughter's baby shower this morning so no workout today either. I probably will not get one in till Monday.

Belinda, nice work on CL# 459 Strong & Fit Legs and shoulders. It always feels good when my closet is cleaned out and not cluttered with stuff that is in the way.

Debbie, good job on the treadmill even though you were not feeling it. I hope you can get those knots loosened up. I am generally okay with planks unless my wrists are acting up. The one felt better today till I used my hand crank coffee grinder for some decaf coffee and it started hurting and stinging again. I am not a fan of squat thrusts, they just are uncomfortable over all for my arthritis. Doing them with my hands on the step is a bit better, but still I have to be careful of the wrists. Sitting at the computer for a long time bothers more than anything else. I like the stretch # 5 and #12 for the neck and shoulders. She has another near the end of the 30 days, but it did not stand out as one I wanted to go back to like #5 and # 12.

Roxie, nice work on Shadow Boxing #1.

Cam, good work on Penny Penny1 hr strength and conditioning. The weather feels like spring weather right now. It rained hard last night and cleared off this morning and up to the 60's.

Rosalyn, nice work on back and biceps.

Jolie, great workout. You are rockin the Raw workouts. The workout I did yesterday is one from near the start of the Raw workouts. I went back to look for the original Real Raw one that I like. It is great too, but she just did it and filmed it winging it. No instruction. I don't remember a Real Raw 2 though and thought it odd when she came up with Real Raw 3.
Checking in with Michelle Briehler 40 min Yoga HIIT Cardio. She makes these workouts so fun and challenging. I sure work my body in different ways.

I have a busy week ahead with work and other stuff, so not sure what my workouts will look like or if I get them in. Every day has been a new adventure lately. But you roll with the punches.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.
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I took a long walk outside today.

Diane - i agree with you how it makes you feel.

Have a great weekend.
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This morning I did RAW Strength #3 - CardioAcceleration. I really love these workouts, they are fun and tough.

45 seconds on/15 rest - 2 sets of each circuit

Push/Press: 15's
Upright Rows/Scap Squeeze: 15's
Knee Pulls

Gorilla Rows: 20's
One Arm Row/Push Press: 15's (tough)
Jog in place

Goblet Squats w/Band: 20#
Deadlifts: 20's
Split Switch

Bicep Curl/Wide Curl: 15's
Clean from the Hips: 15's

Overhead Triceps Extension: 20#
Kickbacks: 8#

Knee Push-Ups
Wide Bench Press/Pull In: 20's (tough!)
Seated Abs (Russian Twist w/8# med ball)

Workout was 50 minutes, burned 354 calories and HR was 122/157.

Jolie - This workout is right under RAW Workouts Complete Library and is the 3rd one over. I think you should try it this week, these are fun workouts.

No time for personals but great job on your workouts this weekend!! You all did a great job!! Have a wonderful day!
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Yesterday was a well deserved rest day, I did a lot of workouts last week and just needed to nothing for a change. Today, we have a lot of rain so there is more time than normal to workout. I did RAW Box & Pump, 50 minutes and used 1.5# egg weights as well as DB's for the weight portion. I forgot to write the weights and exercises down, I was so into the groove I just spaced. Next, I did RAW Shoulders and loved this workout. I went a tad lighter because I just did a big workout and I used my shoulders a lot so they are tired. This workout was 20 minutes in length. Total workout time was1 hour and 12 minutes and I burned 590 calories which included a short stretch.

Debbie, I will try the workout that you did today this week, I wrote it down. Great job on the weights!

Great job with the workouts yesterday to everyone that made it happen. Make it a great day.
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Today I did Raw-30 minute Box and Sculpt 29 minutes, 151 calories, heart rate `30/165, 1,125 steps. I then did Raw Slim Sculpt 23 minutes, 133 calories, 134/151, 1,175 steps. I finished with CDorner Day 10 morning spinal mobility, 18 minutes, 35 calories. Total time was 70 minutes, 319 calories, 2300 steps. I keep watching for Kelly's new workouts. I saw on Instagram that they were shipped out 5 days ago. Hopefully they are up soon. I had lots of pain up my spine and into my ribs this weekend and have not done weights for 3days till today. I went light today, but really need to keep the joints strong and moving.

Coffey Fit Raw Box and Sculpt
27 minutes
Alternates boxing with dumbbells of egg weights

Warm up
Squat/press/tricep extension right 8# dumbbell
Squat/Press/triceps extension 8# dumbbell left
Deadlift/reverse lunge/front lunge right 10#
Deadlift/reverse lunge/front lunge left 10#
Lunge/row/hammer curl 10# dumbbell right
Lunge/row/hammer curl 10# left
Swing/kickback/twist 10# dumbbell right
Swing/kickback/twist left10# dumbbell

Raw Slim Sculpt (cardio and weights)24 minutes
uses a step bench with 2 risers for lower light weighs and heavy 45 sec each move

row/curl 12# dbs
step: right knee up/reverse lunge
light dbs 5# dbs overhead press/rt upper cut
step: left knee up/reverse lunge
light dbs 5# dbs overhead press/left upper cut
heavy chop diagonal 10# db alternating
step: right power up 3/heel
light swing/kickback/cross right 5#
step: left power up 3/heel
light swing/kickback/cross left 5#
heavy db pass or toss over head hand to hand 10# db
step: side kick/front kick left right
light curl and cross punch 5# dbs right
step: side kick/front kick left
light curl and cross punch 5# dbs left
curl/monkey row 10# dbs
curtsy lunge off step right
light pec dec/scap squeeze/punch 5# dbs rt
curtsy lunge off step left
light pec dec/scap squeeze/punch lft

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