Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Feb 2024

Today I did Raw Balance Strength and Core, 39 minutes, hert rate 104/134, 123 calories, 621 steps. I then did Raw TBTS Strength Pull, 16 minutes, 76 calories, heart rate 121/144. Total time was 55 minutes, 199 calories. I wasted some time because I was going to switch from 15# dumbbells to the Bowflex 17.5 # weights and I guess a grandchildren messed with them because one of the dumbbells was locked out. They are such a pain to fix and I have them on the stand. I just did it later today. I wanted to do more and original plan was to do a step and weight workout with CDorner along with stretch after the balance workout, but my groceries came and I am waiting for my husband to get ready to go pick up his truck that we had paint repair on because someone decided to scratch down the hoot of his new truck:mad:. People that do that sort of thing are probably miserable people. Still want to get in some stretching if possible.

Raw Balance and Strength 35 minutes 30 sec each move
10 and 15# dumbbells used and fabric loop

squat with loop band pressing out medium loop
squat pulse with loop band press out medium loop
repeat 2 more times

curl/press opposite knee up right 12# db (tried 15 for 4 reps)
curl/press opposite knee up left 12# db
repeat 2 more times

front/back lunge right holding 15# dumbbell on shoulder
front/back lunge left holding 15# dumbbell on shoulder
repeat 2 more times

single arm overhead extension leg out to the side balance 10# dumbbell right
single arm overhead extension leg out to the side balance 10# dumbbell left
repeat 2 more times

bird dog row with a dumbbell right 15# db (drag from in front to row)
bird dog row with dumbbell left 15# db
repeat 2 more times

single arm lying fly/press bridge hold right 10# db
single arm lying fly/ press left 10# db
repeat 2 more times

finishes with balance no weight
single leg dead lift reach leg extended right
single leg dead lift reach leg extended left

standing arms extended, knee up rotate in and out right
standing arms extended knee up rotate in and out left

figure 4 standing stretch right
figure 4 standing stretch left
Coffey Fit Timesaver Pull workout 16:51 minutes
2 sets of each move 8 reps

Pull day 16 minutes
warm up 5# dumbbells curls, scap squeeze, curl turn reverse curl, run row, overhead pull down
Hammer curls 15# dbs 8 reps 2 sets ( I did 5 reps 20# 2nd set and dropped to 15)
reverse fly 12# dbs 8 reps
reverse fly 12 # 8 reps
zottman curls 15# dbs 8 reps
zottman curls 15# dbs 8 reps
bentover rows palms facing front 20# dbs 8 reps
bentover rows 8 palms back 8 20# dbs 8 reps
pullover modified lying on bench 20# db 8 rep
pullover modified lying on bench 20# db 8 reps
brief stretch
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I had to leave but came back to read posts.

Roxie, sorry that you got covid. I hope that you are feeling better.

Belinda, nice work getting in the dance yesterday and today's Cathe Live # 214 Giant sets 2. I remember a lot of people sitting up tables outside. It might be handy when cooking outside, but I would rather eat inside to avoid the bugs. I hope that you are feeling better today.

Debbie, great job on Raw Burn Out Upper Body today and the impressive weights. Yesterday was very busy and then when I made dinner, I accidentally hit a bottle of soy sauce on the edge of the counter and the bottom broke. I had the whole thing on my shoes and running down my white cabinets all over the floor. It was a real mess. So, dinner was postponed while I cleaned up. It just seemed like one thing after another. Then when husband left for work, I steam mopped as my dog kept sniffing and licking the floor. I kind of got tired of chicken. The main way I eat it is if it is in soup. I like beef if it is good quality. I only buy grassfed. I make Siete grain free tacos and put avocado and Siete traditional sauce in them with a little ground beef. Paleo taco soup is good.

Jolie, nice jog on Raw weights 2 and Raw Metabolic (6&6). I always have to lighten up doing compound moves. Good idea to just do the two moves separately. Protein really does make the difference when lifting weights.
This morning I did RAW Sculpt Cardio and had a great workout. There are no weights in this, so not sure why it's called sculpt cardio. Anyways, I did that and then got on my treadmill until I had to stop. I had a great workout and man am I sore from yesterday's workout! Holy moly. Every muscle in my body is screaming at me today.

Workout was 45 minutes, burned 457 calories (!!!), did 4854 steps and hr was 151/192. My HR did not get up that high, this seems to happen after I charge my watch. I leave it on the charger all night so it seems to forget how my HR goes. So not really sure how accurate it was.

Diane - I do that ALL THE TIME! Knocking stuff off my counter and making a mess. It's so frustrating. My latest one was when I was making my vegan Ranch dressing. I had the jar on my island and not sure what I did but I knocked the stupid thing to the floor and it broke to pieces. Ranch dressing everywhere, glass everywhere. OMG. I had a truck driver voice and language that day. Great job on your workout yesterday. I can't believe someone did that to your husband's truck. People are crazy anymore. I wish I could bring myself to eat beef. I hate steaks and anything like that because I hate the way the meat looks and smells when its raw. I do use ground beef on occasion for tacos and such, but it is always organic and grass fed.

Belinda - Great job with your workout yesterday!

Jolie - Great job with your workout yesterday!

Have a great weekend everyone. I have my Solo & Ensemble tomorrow so I have been very busy getting ready for that. I'm taking Monday off because I'm working all day Saturday.
Today I did CDorner Cardio Kickboxing Rock Music, 39 minutes, 200 calories, heart rate 131/158, 3404 steps. I then did Raw Push Day 16 minutes, 63 calories, heart rate 109/132. I finished with CDorner day 12 upper body stretch and day 25 invigorating flow/stretch 27 minutes, 53 calories. Total time was 82 minutes, 316 calories, 3,850 steps.

Coffey Fit Raw
Push Day Timesaver 16 minutes
seated shoulder press 12# dbs 8 reps
seated shoulder press 12# dbs 8 reps
seated lateral raise 12# dbs 8 reps
seated lateral raise 12# dbs 8 reps
seated overhead triceps extension 20# db 8 reps
seated overhead triceps extension 20# db 8 reps
skull crusher 15# dbs 8 reps
skull crusher 12# dbs 8 reps
connected bench press 15# dbs 8 reps;
connected bench press 15# dbs 8 reps
straight bench press 15# dbs 8 reps
straight bench press 15# dbs 8 reps
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Dance practice for me today. am practicing with the veil. I like using the veil a lot, just get caught in my hair..

Diane - I agree with the bugs and eating outside. I rather eat inside unless there are no bugs.

Debbie - great job on your workout.

Good night.
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Yesterday was my rest day for the week. Today I had an excellent workout, I did Caroline Girvan's Dead Arms and Shoulders and finished with her AB weighted workout. The first workout was 53 minutes, 40 seconds on and a 20 second rest. I lifted heavy weights this time and go in a great workout. Total workout time today was 1 hour 5 minutes and I burned 426 calories. My knee has been hurting really bad lately, probably from the squats and or the rowing machine. No swelling, just a lot of pain under the knee cap. I was rolling out my quad and found a small cyst like ball connected to the quad muscle above the knee. I bet this is causing the problem. It seems to be a meniscal cyst, which fills up with synovial fluid, I have a doctor's appointment at the end of April to have it looked at. It does not feel like I have a tear because there is no swelling, and it does not feel weak. Who knows, just another issue to deal with. I may start using my max trainer instead of the rowing machine because it does not hurt my knee. I really have to bend my knee to row the machine and it did not bother me much before I started rowing and doing leg workouts. I tell you, it is always something!

Great job on the workouts yesterday to everyone who got on in. We are all doing really well with the workouts lately, I am proud up us!

Make it a great Saturday.

I walked outside today.

Jolie - sorry about your knee. I hope you get some relieve soon.

Have a great day and workout everyone
So I had my Solo & Ensemble this past Saturday and I did over 18,000 steps on Friday setting the school up for the event and then I did another 19,500 during the day on Saturday. I had 8,000 by 11 a.m. I was exhausted by the end of the day and my whole body just ached. I was still very sore and in some spots, in pain, and I really don't ever remember feeling like this after that event. I've done it for 11 years now and it seems like it gets harder and harder each year. My ankles hurt so bad yesterday I could barely walk.

I decided to just do a long stretch this morning so I did RAW Stretch. This is 28 minutes and it felt great. Then I did CDorner's Ankle and Foot stretch and that was awesome. My ankles are still sore but feel better. Hopefully tomorrow I can do a decent workout.

I took today off but working some from home. I need the break. I have to get my tax stuff to my tax lady so I will do personals later or tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone!!
Good morning,

Today I did my last CL workout. I did CL # 483 Glute Glute Hooray. Tomorrow morning am getting the infusion. I hope I get a workout in somehow. We shall see.

Debbie - wow, you got some steps in this weekend. No wonder you exhausted. I hope the stretching will help with your sore legs and pain. Take it easy the next few day‘s.

I will be back later.
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Today I had an excellent workout, my knees feel better and that is a plus! I think it may be the rowing machine that hurts my knees. When you row you really have to bend your knees when you go back in and maybe it is just too deep for these old knees of mine. There are a lot of squats in today's workout, but I only did rapid squats where I did not go deep, I just went at a faster pace. Let's see how they feel tomorrow. Today's workout was RAW Heavy Bag and Arms (59 minutes) and RAW Chest (24 minutes) but I skipped the warmup and only did 2 sets since I ran out of time. Total calories burned today was 508. I used the 2# egg weights for the first workout and also used 12's for the weight work. I do not have time to write it out today, but it was a good workout. A little slow at the beginning with talking but other than that I liked it. I like long workouts!

Debbie, wow on the walking over Friday and Saturday! It was a good idea to stretch and take a break. Your ankles are sore from your shoes I would imagine. I just ordered two new running shoes, I think it is my shoes that irritate my knee most of the time. Did you wear running shoes to school or were you in some sort of dress shoe?

Belinda, good job on the CL workout today and good luck tomorrow with your procedure.

I hope you all have great workouts today.
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I also went for a nice long walk. I hope I get a workout in tomorrow.

Where is Diane?

Jolie - thank you so much. Not looking forward to it :( I can‘t bent my knees, I haven‘t used my rower in years. Be carful. Glad you had a great workout.
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No workouts Saturday and Sunday. I had a busy weekend. I went to my Granddaughter's 16th birthday party on Saturday which takes me an hour one way. Then after I got home my son came over and helped clean out the dryer vent which was clogged and goes out through the roof. Our roof is kind of steep. Yesterday my husband and I did lots of shrub trimming. So I was just busy and did not feel up to a workout.
Today I did CDorner workout from 11 days ago No Repeat Step and Weights, 33 minutes, 173 calories, heart rate 130/159, 1,941 steps. She uses 10# dumbbells for most of this other than shoulders she dropped to 8's. It alternated strength with a cardio segment. Then I did Raw Arms, 20 minutes, 116 calories, heart rate 137/152. I finished off with CDorner Day 12 Upper Body Stretch, 10 minutes, 20 calories.

Raw Arms 20 minutes
Biceps and Triceps of 4 exercises 10 reps each done in 4 rounds and then a finisher round at the end
Kelly forgets the triceps kickbacks so does one set beginning of rnd 3 and one set at end of rnd 3

Front curls 15# dbs x 10r/ 15# dbs x 10 reps/ 15# dbs x 10 reps/ 15# dbs x 10 rep
Overhead triceps extensions 10# dbs x 10 r/ 10# dbs x 10r/ 10# dbs x 10r/ 10# dbs 10r
Hammer Curls 17.5# dbs x 10reps/ 17.5# x 10reps/17.5# dbs x 10 r/ 15# dbs x10r
Kickbacks 10# dbs x10/ 10# dbs x10r/ 10# dbs x10r/ 10# dbs x10r
Finisher round was curl/triceps press back wide 10# dbs

CDorner Step and strength
wide squat/curl 1 minute 10# dbs
squat press10# dbs 1 minute
bentover row 10# dbs 1 minute
front raise/lateral raise 8# dbs 1 minute
squat/ curtsy 10# dbs 1 minute
reverse lunge/curl alternating 10# dbs 1 minute
kickbacks 10# dbs 1 minute
plank/knee cross 1 minute
russian twist with feet elevated 10# db 1 minute
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Belinda, nice work finishing CL #483 Glute Glute Hooray. I hope the infusion goes well and helps. Sorry I have not been on here. There just was not much free time.

Jolie, nice work on Raw Heavy Bag and Arms and 2 sets of Raw Chest. I bet using the rower less will help your knee. I hope the pain lets up. Does the rower make you lock out your knees. Good idea to not squat too low.

Debbie, wow on the steps. You were really on your feet a lot. I like those area specific short stretches that Chris did. I have used that one and it helped my achy arthritic feet when the joints were hurting.
This morning I still didn't feel like doing much, my body is still very sore all over. What is that all about? Anyways, I decided to do something to get my muscles working again and I'm glad I did. First I started with RAW Sculpt Intervals. I used 5# weights for this where the sculpting part was. Love this workout, it's fun. I then did RAW Box & Tone and used my 1.5# egg weights. I love that workout, too. I also did a bit of a stretch on my own.

Total time was 40 minutes, burned 334 calories, did 2476 steps and HR was 130/167.

I am way behind because I took yesterday off so I don't have time for personals. Great job on all your workouts! Have a great day!
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Today I did CDorner Cardo Step Taylor Swift #363, 34 minutes, 154 calories, heart rate 118/130, 3,181 steps. This was a fun not complicated step workout. Loved the music as well. I followed this with CDorner Intense Mobility Flow, 30 minutes, 63 calories, heart rate 86/105. This one was a lot of movement. I then did CDorner day 18 from her challenge chest and shoulders mobility/stretch, 13 minutes, 20 calories. Total time was 77 minutes, 237 calories. Chris messes up on the Intense Mobility as she forgets to switch sides and had to talk her way through it. I tried not to look at her as she was throwing me off, but once I got righted I kept moving. I am hoping to get a weight workout in tomorrow. I have an errand to run though.

Debbie, nice work getting in raw sculpt intervals and box and tone today.

Roxie, nice job on Raw shadowboxing today.

Belinda, I hope the infusion went well.
Good morning,

The infusion went well yesterday. It took almost 4 hours. The slower the infusion the less side effects I will experience. The nurse gave me a nice mix of meds before the infusion. Not sure, it that knocked me out or the infusion? I slept over 4 hours afterwards. I never nap. I couldn‘t stay wake. I am still very tired today. I have another infusion scheduled in 2 weeks. They call this loading. I guess, so your body gets used to the meds. After that it should be every 4 or 6 weeks. The nurse will confirm with my Rheum.

My plan is to get a nice walk in today and maybe get a workout in.

Diane - thank you. Great job.

I will be back later.
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This morning I did RAW Megamix 1. It's been a while since I've done this one. It's tough. When you look at the list of exercises you think it's not that big of a deal, but it is. This workout is a burner.

I was really careful because it was either this workout or Megamix 2 that put me in pain and it's because of the band work. Once I started feeling a burn in my upper back I stopped. I did a lot of stretching as well.

This wasn't timed, it went on forever for most of the drills.

Round 1
Boxing Drill: 1.5# Eggweights
Loop Band: Side to Side steps
Tubing: Bicep Curls
Kettlebells: Double Arm Swings - 15#

Round 2
Boxing Drill: 1.5# Eggweights
Loop Band: Leg Back Lifts
Tubing: Scap Squeeze/Kickbacks (this really burned, had to stop early)
Kettlebell: Alternate Swings - 15#

Round 3
Boxing Drill: 1.5 Eggweights
Loop Band: Side Leg Raises (killer)
Tubing: Pec Deck/Alternate Press/Flies/Alternat Press (done standing, these burned like crazy)
Kettlbells: Figure 8 - 15#

Workout was 47 mintues, bured 394 calories, did 2848 steps, HR was 138/158.

Jolie - I'm actually really sure my shoes were what caused my ankles to hurt so much. I wore stupid high boots. Next year I will wear black pants and buy a pair of black sneakers. I just can't wear dress shoes for that long anymore. It killed me. I feel a lot better today.

Roxie - Love Shadow Boxing 1!! That is a great workout. Good job and glad you are feeling better.

Diane - Great job with your workout yesterday. I would love any workout with Taylor Swift music in it. LOL!

Rosely - Great job with your workout again!

Belinda - I hope your body responds well to the infusion. I am praying that it does. Glad you are trying it.

Have a great day everyone!!

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