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Here is a picture of Cathe, Jenn A, and Brenda enjoying a hamstring stretch in the “Total Body Stretch” recovery workout. Stretching is a wonderful compliment to (and just as important as) your weight-lifting workouts. It decreases muscle stiffness and increases range of motion. Stretching also reduces muscular aches and pains while releasing endorphins into the body. Stretching is so good for you and even better if you can do a little every day.

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I have a love /hate relationship with that stretch ;)
I'm not very flexible and I learned the hard way about overstretching/forcing a stretch when I used to do Pure Barre workouts. Just because the people on TV are doing it, don't force yourself to do it too.

My foot is improving daily and I'm being very cautious with my knee. I've worn my knee support twice while doing cardio and I think its helping. I just started back with Chalean Extreme because I think the compound moves will help up the calorie burn and make up for the fact that I'm not quite ready to jump back in to cardio and weight circuit workouts which I absolutely I love. I did a Turbo Jam workout this morning and so far, my knee isn't giving me any problems. I'm hoping that eventually, I can get back to some stepping, even if the step is on 1 set of risers or just the platform. Its funny how when all of a sudden modifications look really good when you're faced with the possibility of not being able to do certain workouts!

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