Get Ready for Summer, May 2007

Someone suggested that I redo the first Get Ready for Summer rotation I did using the newer workouts. So I did. Hope you all enjoy it! Kick Butt!!!

Day 1: BM2 Double Upper Body premix (72 min.) (includes abs)
Day 2: KM Low Impact Kick Box premix (58 min.)
Day 3: Butts & Gutts Overall Legs premix (65 min.)
Day 4: MM Upper Body premix; Abs from MM (55 min.)
Day 5: Step Blast (55 min.)
Day 6: Low Impact Circuit (includes abs) (75 min.
Day 7: Rest (24 hrs.)

Day 1: ME Upper Body Split + Arm Drills from CK (55 min.)
Day 2: Kick, Punch & Crunch (68 min.) (includes abs)
Day 3: Gym Style Legs to Calf work; B&G Floor work (60 min.)
Day 4: PP Upper Body premix (3 sets) (65 min.)
Day 5: IMAX 2 + abs from ME (67 min.)
Day 6: Drill Max (72 min.)
Day 7: Rest (24 hrs.!)

Day 1: PUB (includes abs) (57 min.)
Day 2: LIC Cardio Blast timesaver + LIC Blast Off add on (58 min.)
Day 3: PLB + BM2 abs (57 min.)
Day 4: SS Upper Body Blast premix (59 min.)
Day 5: Kick Max (70 min.) includes abs
Day 6: HSC (Hardcore series) (68 min.)
Day 7: Rest (24 hrs.)

Day 1: CTX Upper Body Split; abs from B&G (w/ankle weights) (65 min.)
Day 2: Low Max
Day 3: B&G Leg Blast premix + Floor work from L&G (60 min.)
Day 4: Push ups from GS Chest & Tri’s; LIC Upper Body Sculpt 2 x’s through; Abs from KP&C (70 min.)
Day 5: IMAX 3 (60 min.)
Day 6: Step, Jump & Pump (73 min.)
Day 7: Rest (24 hrs.)

Enjoy! :)


WOW Debbie, I can't believe how generous you are with your time to make these up! Thank you, it looks GREAT!!!!


fit fanatic

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Debbie, I want to thank you for all you do. I really think that you are really talented at what you do. I was trying to figure out what I was going to do for my next rotation and saw this and IT'S PERFECT.

Thank you again.:)


Thanks, Debbie. I am in the middle of your original get ready for summer and love it. Will probably do this one next!


Thanks, Debbie,
I am doing your original Get Ready for Summer rotation but will switch over to this new one as I have 2 more weeks to go.



I must be tired but I can't think of what these few abbreviations are. I think MM is Muscle Max and SS is Super Sets but what is PP upper body and HSC from the Hardcore series?



PP = Push/Pull (From Body Blast Series)
HSC = High Step Challenge (From Hardcore Series)



Thanks! I should have gotten those! This looks like a fun rotation and I might start it too. I'm waiting to see what Cathe comes up with for May.



Thanks Debbie. I think I'll give this a whirl. I hardly ever use the premixes and think this will be a great intro to them.


Thanks Debbie!

I really appreciate you including the times. I don't have all of the workouts in this rotation, but having the times will let me substitute.

This will be the first rotation I have ever attempted. I am really nervous that there is not both cardio and strength training every day, but I am going to have faith.

I'll let you know if I am ready for summer at the end of May! :)



Thanks so much for the rotation. I have never done any of your rotations so I gave this a whirl this morning. What a burner!! You can really feel the upper body working doing the doubles. This may be a dumb question, and it may be obvious to others, but is this a shaping/toning rotation or a fat burner or both? I definitely need to get ready for summer and want to cover all my bases..

Thanks for all you do!



sounds like a great rotation but I am unable to do it because
1. I don't have that many Cathe workouts and
2. the times are way too long for me. I only have no more than 50 minutes to workout before getting ready for work.

Evening workouts don't work for me anymore since I just don't have the get up and move in me when I get home. If I do anything, it usually is a yoga workout or some walking outside.

Good luck to those who do this one. I may go look at the old one.



I can't thank you enough for this rotation. I love how you included all the time frames for each workout.....that was incredibly helpful. I am really looking forward to this.
Thanks Debbie, My goal is to end up with a toned upper body. I think I will need to do several of your rotations to end up looking as toned as you.:)



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I really am liking the looks of this May rotation -vs- the Pre-Mix listing.

Thanks so much for putting your time and effort into these forums! I am ready to sweat!


Very cool!:) I started yesterday, and boy those doubles killed me, I can barely lift my arms today!
Thanks for the awesome rotation, appreciate the time and effort you put into it.
I never really do any premixes so this is a refreshing change. Great minds must think alike because Cathe's May rotation is all premixes too!

But I am doing yours first!:)


Debbie, this rotation looks AWESOME :) Once again; you've saved me from the hassle of putting another rotation together. I just mentioned too the X-ers, that I wanted to get my arms ready for summer (in a short time) and here you go with this kick butt rotation. You truly are something else's, always thinking of others, thank you and have a wonderful weekend my friend ;)


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