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I did sign up for Cathe OnDemand. I really like how all of the videos are available. I have a Roku and was hoping I could get the OnDemand from my computer to my TV via the Roku, but I can't figure out how to do that. I can get the videos from my tablet to the Roku though, so I have been doing that. I am excited to try some of the live videos, but I decided to start with some of the ones I might buy DVDs of. Yesterday I tried Party Rockin' Step #1 (loved it!), and the day before I tried Cardio Core Circuit (I needed to make a lot of modifications, but it was still a great workout). I'm just taking the week off from lifting weights Cendrine.

Shoveling that much snow is definitely enough of a workout Katie!
How much snow are you all getting? My kids so want some but no luck here...

Workout was step blast, it's such a fun one, Amy, you might enjoy doing this one on demand . I love party rockin step, too!

Have a great day, everyone!
Cendrine, I tried the ginger, turmeric lemonade yesterday. Not horrible, but I can not imagine wanting to drink this! I think I can handle one glass a day if it helps with inflammation. When you say you drink it 4 times a day how many ounces would that be? I also tried the oil pulling with coconut oil, not as bad as I thought it would be. I can see doing this daily esp if it helps with oral hygiene and teeth whitening. Have you read any good books on this? I have read a lot on the internet but would like to know if there are other good resources.

We really lucked out and only got 2" of snow, yeah!! I ended up doing HSC yesterday, one of my favorite w/o's. I like that it is a little of everything and no dread factor.
Thanks Ladies!

I will set an appointment with my doctor. She probably has to up my meds.

Yesterday was CSS 5-8. Love it.
Today was SnowMax. Yes, we got hit pretty hard with the winter storm. About 2 feet of snow.

Have a great evening.
Thanks Ladies!

I will set an appointment with my doctor. She probably has to up my meds.

Yesterday was CSS 5-8. Love it.
Today was SnowMax. Yes, we got hit pretty hard with the winter storm. About 2 feet of snow.

Have a great evening.
Thanks for the suggestion Cendrine. I put Step Blast on my calendar for tomorrow. Today's workout was Party Rockin' Step 2, and yesterday I did Step Moves. Both were great!

I love the name SnowMax Hannah! That sounds like a good description. No snow for me other than a dusting here and there the past week. It's actually been somewhat warm here, so the snow keeps melting off. There's still plenty left from earlier in the season though.
Amy, another of my favorite cardio workouts you might like to try is rhythmic step. How did you like step blast?

Hannah, I had to chuckle about the snow max too! Good workout!

Katie, it took me some time getting used to the lemonade, I found that if I add a bit more stevia it's better, and now I actually enjoy it... I don't drink four cups any more, just two, one mid morning, one mid afternoon. You could try just one and evaluate after two weeks or start with two until you notice a difference and then go to one maintenance...

PWHUB circuit and abs 1 today.
Today's w/o was xtrain ch,back and sh, my knees are really bothering me so I won't be doing any cadio or legs for awhile. I am hoping that this is just a flare-up and that goes away soon. I really want to avoid getting cortisone shots or doing a knee replacement.
Cendrine, I tried the tea again today but I don't think it is something I can drink.
Amy, If you find a few w/o that you really like let me know before you buy them, I have a lot that I cannot do anymore.
Katie, I'm so sorry to hear about your knees acting up! Also, just so you know, my husband could not befriend the ginger turmeric lemonade either... But you could get ginger and curcumin (the anti inflammatory stuff in turmeric) tablets and take those three times a day and see if it helps lower your inflammation.
Cendrine, Step Blast was great! I followed it up with Stretch Max. I already had Rhythmic Step on my calendar for tomorrow, so I will definitely be trying that one. Then I'm back to STS on Friday.

Katie, I hope resting helps your knees get better soon. I am keeping a list of the workouts I really like. So far out of all the workouts I've tried this week, the only one I don't love is Cardio Core Circuit. But that's because I'm not a big fan of circuit workouts in general. I need to work on warming up to them.
Cendrine, I may try the tablet forms of turmeric, I really need something to tame the inflammation in my entire body!!
Amy, I wasn't a fan of CCC either. I love circuit w/o's but this one had a huge "dread" factor for me.
No w/o today, if my knees are ok I might go the anti gravity class tonight.
Amy, I'm so glad you liked step blast! I haven't done cardio core circuit more than once or twice, it bothers my back and is just too fast paced for my back issues.

Workout today was LIC cardio premix and then I added on the four blast add on premix because I felt up for it and had always wanted to try it...
Today's workout was Rhythmic Step. That was fun!

Katie, did you end up going to the anti-gravity class?

Cendrine, I had to modify all of the core exercises in Cardio Core Circuit. I did not even dare to attempt some of those moves due to my back. I mostly just did crunches instead.
Hello! I'm back.

I am so done with the snow. We got 33 inches. And are due for more this Monday! We have no place to put them.

Today workout is Jessica Smith Fitin15. Workout 1 and 2. Loving it so far.

This is it for today. Back later for more.

Take care!
Amy, I'm glad you loved rhythmic step! And yes, when you have back problems, abs exercises get somewhat limited.

Katie, how are your knees today?

Hannah, we would love to take some of that snow! Lol! Or I should say, my kids would love to...

I did the weights only portion of body max 2. I really love this workout and am going to plan in doing all the cardio in this next month's rotation, because it is so much fun!
Hannah, 33" of snow, wow! Where do you live? I cannot imagine having to shovel or snow blow that much snow. How are your migraines? I hope you are feeling better.
Amy, I did go to the anti gravity class. My knee was ok I guess, I definitely felt it with certain moves. I am starting to worry that I may not be able to exercise for much longer due to joint damage. I am going to stop doing cathe's w/o for the time being and focus on yoga and restorative exercises.
Have a happy friday and a good weekend.
Workout was RWH lift it hiit it legs and bonus abs 1. Good way to start the week! Lol!

It's been so warm here we have crocuses and tulips shooting up already. There was a break in the weather in the afternoon so we spent some time pruning hydrangeas and other bushes. Was good to be outside.
I've been back to STS over the weekend. Friday was disc 13 and yesterday was disc 14. I've been sore! Probably due to the week off. I also tried out Athletic Step and another Stretch Max routine.
Katie, I hope you got to rest your knees over the weekend and they are feeling a little better.
Hannah, I hope you don't get much more snow! That system was just south of me yesterday morning, so I only got a dusting.
Cendrine, I was thinking about gardening over the weekend. I am jealous of your weather! It will be a few more months before I can actually do anything outside, but now is a good time for me to start planning a garden. I haven't done any gardening in years because of my back, but I think I might try again this year. It would be nice to grow some vegetables.
Hello and Good Afternoon All!
Hope you had a restful night. :)

Here we go again. Snow is coming down pretty heavy. We are due for another 10" to 15".

Ohhh. I live in Lowell Massachusetts.

Sorry no workout to report. Just busy working.

Cendrine: Your garden sounds awesome.

Hello Amy and Katie!

Have a great day. Off to more snow.

Take Care
Hannah, I can't remember a time of as much snow as you are getting since when I was a kid in Switzerland... So much! Do they give snow days at school when it snows like this? We never got any, you just deal with it... Lol!

Amy, we are amateur gardeners, experimenting and learning a little every year... This year we are trying kale as a new veggie. Tomatoes have done great in our flower beds but never in our designed for it grow boxes... Sugar snaps grow like weeds. We are going to do pickling cucumbers so we can try our hand at pickling as well. We have had some nice figs from our baby fig trees last fall. Wish we could grow avocados here!

Workout was rhythmic step. I don't think I'll ever grow tired of it! Lol!

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