Exerciers with physical health challenges new check in

Today was STS disc 10 again. I was supposed to do it yesterday, but I have been very tired the past couple of days (despite getting enough sleep). The sun hasn't been out for a couple of days, so maybe that's my problem. I really had to force myself to do it today. I've pushed the whole last week of meso 1 back one day to make up for it. Next week is my week off.

I haven't done pigeon pose for a bit because I've been trying out some different flexibility videos, and my knees seem to be feeling better.

Hi Hannah! It's great to have you here!
Good Morning All!

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Woke with a bad migraine this morning. Throwing up all all. Will do my workout if the head any better.

What are your plans for today?
Have a great workouts and good day.
I went to the "yoga paddle board" class last night, as much as I enjoy this class I realize my knees do not!! The instability is just too much for them, I would love to continue but worry it is causing more harm than good. I am going to get a massage today for all my "aches and pains", I hope it helps.
Hannah, I am sorry to hear about your migraines, I hope you feel better soon.
Hannah, I have done the sorting through DVDs and videos before, too. I still have too many but am not ready to part with them due to how much I spent getting them in the first place... Silly me.

Workout was body max 2 cardio and lower body high reps premix.

Katie, sorry to hear about the carpal tunnel! I haven't researched it much but I know wearing a splint to keep the area immobile can help. We have loved using birch essential oil for anything inflammatory. It kind of works like a natural cortisone without the side effects on the hormones. If I were having the issue I would probably rub a few drops on the area three times a day for a week and see what happens. Searching my favorite essential oils site came up with the following for carpal tunnel http://heritageessentialoils.com/search.php. If you click on the individual oil product it gives you some guide lines and testimonials of how others have used it, which has helped me In the past figure out dosages and such.

Also, I have been drinking this ginger turmeric lemonade as part of the program I'm on, it is supposed to cut down inflammation in the body. I have had about four cups daily and I can tell a difference in how the area around my herniated disc feels. But be warned, the lemoade tastes very spicy because of the ginger, dh can't handle it at all. I have gotten used to it, treated it like medicine and now I actually like it.
Here's the recipe http://thewholejourney.com/turmeric-and-ginger-tea
I make a triple batch to last me a while in the fridge.

No real workout. I only went for a short walk. It helped with the headache. Then I was off running errands with family.

Cendrine: Great job with your WO. Thank you for the ginger turmeric sounds awesome.

Katie: Your yoga class sounds interesting.

Hello to Amy!

Happy MLK Day!

I did LIC cardio premix. I was supposed to add on weights and plates abs, but started my workout late, so am going to try to add it on another day.

I hope you guys are all feeling better today!
Today I did RWH, LI 2 and as 2. The massage I had yesterday really helped, she said I definitely have some issues on my left side which may be causing the carpal tunnel flair-up.
Cendrine, thanks for the info on essential oils. I am going to get the ingredients to make the lemonade and see if it helps.
I hope you are feeling better today Hannah.
Hello Ladies,

Felt better today. I did CSS 1-4.
Just the right amount! Felt great.

Thanks Katie and Cendrine! I'm much better today.

Hi to Amy.

Have a great day and WO.
Today I did Low Max (intervals 1-4 premix), and yesterday was STS disc 11.

It sounds like everyone is feeling better today. That's great! I haven't been as tired since those couple of days last week.
Katie, let me know how you like the lemonade, and how it works for you. I am on my fourth week already of drinking it daily, it's almost something I think I will continue after the program, I've gotten so used to it.

Workout was premix 1 of imax2 and high reps upper body.

Have a great day,everybody!
Cendrine, I will keep you posted on the lemonade. I need to still get the ingredients, hopefully soon
Todya's w/o was afterburn and the ab section of LLA.
Have a good day.
I am not doing a w/o today, need to do some painting. I am on my last room of my house, have painted 13 rooms in total. I will be ok if I never paint again, haha!! It has made such a change in the overall appearance of my house, now all I have to do is get rid of tons of things!! I really hope to be able to put it on the market in spring and downsize.
Cendrine, I made the tea last night, before I drink it let me ask you if it stains your teeth yellow. I was surprised to see how much yellow was in my pot after straining it. I hate bleaching my teeth because they are so sensitive, this tea looks like it can cause a lot of staining.
Katie, I haven't noticed any staining on my teeth, I have been drinking it for a month. However, the program also has me oil pulling, a detox thing, where you 'pull' oil through your teeth, which helps draw out toxins, and a side benefit is better dental health and is supposed to whiten teeth, which I wasn't buying, but maybe the whitening comes from less plaque settling on the teeth. I have squeaky clean enamel...

I have never even painted one room by myself! You are amazing!

Workout yesterday was low impact challenge and the weight section of weights and plates abs. Today was flex train.
Cendrine, I have read about "oil pulling", do you really think it helps you? How long do you keep the oil in your mouth? Do you use a certain type of oil?
No w/o yesterday, I went to see my son in Hershey and help him move out of his apt.
I am going to an Antigravity workshop today, it is a 2 hour workshop teaching "tricks and flips", it sounds like it will be fun.
Have a nice weekend
Hello and Happy Saturday!

No workout to report this few days.
Migraine is killing me. Pain plus dizziness not a good combination. :(

Today is the first snow storm this winter. Yippee!!! I love snow. Too sad I'm in so much pain to really enjoy it.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

I am so sorry to hear about your migraines, have you been to the Dr? Have they done an MRI to see if there is a reason for them? I used to get headaches all the time (not really mgraines) but haven't had one since going off of wheat products. Wheat causes me a lot of issues, headaches, intense itching, GI distress etc.. It may not help but worth a try. I hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy the snow.
My anti gravity class was crazy, we learned how to do all kinds of inversions and flips. She broke everything down and then spotted everyone the first time doing it, I really enjoyed it. Inversions really help "decompress" the spine and it seems to help my back issues.
I hoe you all have a nice weekend.
I'm taking my week off of STS.

Hannah, I've been doing some of the fitin15 workouts too. I like that they are shorter so they are nice to do during the work day when I need to get up and get some movement in. I work from home at a desk job, so I really need those movement breaks during the day. I hope you feel better soon.

Katie, that's a lot of painting! I haven't had to do that in many years, but I will definitely have to before I try to sell my house. That's probably a few years away as I'm waiting for my daughter to finish college first.

Has anyone tried Cathe OnDemand? I'm thinking of signing up for it for the rest of the winter (at least) so I can try out all of her workouts (well, I won't be trying the weight lifting ones while I'm doing STS, but I can still preview them). I think this would be a good way to decide which videos I'd like to own and give me lots of options throughout the rest of the winter.
Hi Amy, I have been thinking of signing up for cathe on demand but I don't have a portable laptop or smart tv in my exercise room. I have all of cathe's w/o so I would only use it for her "live" shows. If you get it please let me know how you like it, I think it would fun to have a new w/o every week.
Looks like no w/o, will be shoveling A LOT!!!! We are supposed to get 6-12", at least it isn't 3 feet like Boston!
Have a great day.
Katie, that class sounds a lot of fun and how great that it's helping you feel better too! It's hard to tell how effective oil pulling is, as it is a gentle and slow kind of detox. It is supposed to turn on detoxification in other parts of your body, for best results they said to do it once or twice a year for a month straight. I'm just finishing up my first month ever. Since there are other things for detoxification in this program, I am not sure which is responsible for what symptoms, but I can tell that my body is definitely detoxing, and I just figure it all assists one way or another. I use sesame oil, but coconut is supposed to be good too. I 'pull for approx 20 min first thing in the morning. It is recommended that people who have trouble going to sleep do it before bed.

Hannah, I also have been able to cut migraines by cutting out food. For me it wasn't just wheat. I did a specific test through my naturopath and as long as I avoided the reactive foods I was migraine free. Never would have thought it was food, especially because they are healthy foods. How are you feeling today?

Amy, I haven't done the on demand thing, but for your purposes it sounds like a great idea! Enjoy your recovery week! Are you doing anything light for active recovery or taking the week off completely?

Workout for me was great glutes. Doms on the horizon for me, I'm thinking hamstrings and Glutes...

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