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Hannah, I've heard of Lowell because growing up I had family in Massachusetts. I'm sure I've seen it on a highway sign. It's usually a very nice part of the country :) We got a quick 2-3 inches of snow here today, but it was light and fluffy and easy to shovel.

Cendrine, my garden is an overgrown mess from years of neglect. With my back, there is no way I can clear it out, so I'm thinking of making it into a "lasagna garden" and/or making a container garden. I used to pickle cucumbers all the time. It was fun, but I made way too many!

Today was STS disc 14. Yesterday I did Basic Step. My quads and glutes were pretty sore, so I didn't want to try anything too long and demanding. It was a perfect fit!
Amy, what is a lasagna garden? We are having a bit of a challenge keeping our yard looking well, but when we all go out together it's more doable. Usually the kids do the stuff that bothers my back, like picking up yard waste and some weeding. Dh does lots of the heavier stuff, ds likes to trim bushes and mow the lan and does a pretty good job at it. We get a little better and more efficient every year. The people who owned this place before us were big gardeners and planted annuals every year. To me that's too much, so our plan has been to get as many perennials planted and taking as possible, and we are having to kind of find out by trial and error what likes what location , but the plan is to plant so thickly with perennials that the weeds are mostly choked out and weeding will be minimal. But honestly, I prefer just enjoying the yard, if the gardeners weren't so crazy expensive, I would be happy to delegate that...

I did premises from RWH lift it hit it from both upper body dvds and added on abs two.
Cendrine, a lasagna garden is where you lay cardboard or newspaper right over the existing grass or weeds, then you cover that with compost and some other stuff (I think). I don't know much about it yet, but I like the idea of just covering the existing weeds with cardboard or paper to kill them off. I've never been a fan of annuals. I don't want to plant something more than once. I am on the same page with you about the perennials and weeds. I want to add some more flowering bushes to try to choke out the weeds. Since my back had been so bad the past few years, and I was so out of shape I would get winded within a few minutes, I ended up having to hire someone to mow my lawn. I think I am recovered enough now to do it myself. I'm actually really excited to be able to mow my lawn. That excitement will probably fade away after the first time I do it, LOL. I have a grabber, so I might use that to pick up debris. Maybe I can get my daughter to help some too.

Today I did Step Moves again.
That sounds interesting, Amy, I'm going to look into this!

I kind of shocked myself this morning with my workout, I did the entire tabatasice disk plus core 1 all in one go. I've never done the entire disk before. So I'm kind of in awe at myself... Lol! Granted, I modified and certainly didn't go as deep or as high as Cathe, but for my body, I still felt worked to the max...
Wow, that's great Cendrine! Congratulations! Today I did the Cathe Live workout from earlier today (Steptastic Live - loved it!) and Stability Ball Abs (from Ab Circuits). My ball kept getting away from me, so I ended up just doing a bunch of crunches on the ball at the end, LOL!
That ab workout is great, one of my favorites even if I still can't to one legged pikes...

I did cardio and weights today.
I could maybe have done a two-legged pike, if my ball hadn't taken off across the room :) That's pretty much when I decided that, for safety's sake, I should just stick with crunches for the rest of the workout.

Today I did STS disc 13, and I tried out X10 Low Impact. It reminded me a little of RWH Low Impact.

Have a great weekend!
Hi ladies, sorry I haven't posted all week. I am still struggling with my knees, I have a baker's cyst and the swelling just won't go down. Being active is not easy at the moment which is very depressing. I am going to start swimming on tues at a near by club, not my favorite activity but probably my only choice to stay active. I am hoping to still do cathe's UB w/o's and abs if I can. I went to an antigravity class on thurs, my knees did ok but my back was very unhappy. I think the pain in my knees is making me walk different which is now affecting my back. Getting old really does suck!! I will post at the end of the week and let you know how I do with swimming.
Have a good weekend.
Katie, I'm so sorry to hear about your pain! I feel with you! Sure hope swimming will help you get better and that this is just a flare up that will subside so you can resume doing what you love!

Workout for me was lower body blast. It really worked me today...
I did my first swim class today, a deep water class. It consisted of treading water (with a waist belt on), jogging in the water etc.. and using pool wts for resistance. It wasn't real hard but I think I got a good w/o, not as good as a cathe w/o!! My knees definitely felt it, but they don't actually hurt. I guess I'll see how they are tonight. I think if I do cathe's wt w/o's for upper body, and do the swimming 2-3 times a week i will maintain my fitness.
Katie, it's great that you have a plan to stay active. I had plantar fasciitis several years ago and did not have a plan to stay active, and that started a downward spiral.

I've been trying out several cardio videos over the past few days. I decided to try something new with MMA Kickbox and Rockout Knockout (today's w/o). I'm really liking these videos. Yesterday was STS disc 15. I haven't had any DOMS from STS this week, so that's nice.
Amy, I really like the MMA boxing w/o, I also like hard strikes from the xtrain series. I have rockout knockout but I didn't like this one as much. I hope that I can try these again soon. It is great you haven't had any DOMS from STS this week, you must be getting stronger!
I am trying to keep active, not sure how my knees will do but I refuse to lose all that I achieved over the years.
I took the last three days off from working out, I felt really burned out and tired, so I decided to listen and take it easy. I know I have had stressed adrenals for a while but never really had taken measures to support them more. I took the time to read a book and make some diet adjustments and I will work on adjusting my workout rotations this weekend as well. Hopefully that will help me do tinge to improve.

Workout today was circuit blast and weights and plates abs.

Katie, your workout plan sounds like a good one, how are your knees feeling now?

Amy, I can't get myself to like kickboxing and any variation of it. I am glad you liked them, because they are good for cross training! It's great to hear how well you are doing in sts! Keep up the good work!
Today was STS disc 16 and the Higher-Intensity Cardio from 4-Day Split. I also did Total Body Stretching because my DVD player remote broke in the middle of STS, and I couldn't get the extended stretch to play without it. I've been wondering if I want to continue buying DVDs or download new videos I want to buy, and this adventure with my DVD player is making me lean more toward downloading in the future.

Cendrine, I also did weights and plates abs yesterday (along with Party Rockin' Step 1). I'll be curious to hear how the adjustments to your diet and rotations are coming along.
So I decided to skip water aerobics today since it is -15 degrees here, I decided to try xtrain ride.. My knees felt pretty good, but I didn't set the resistance real high. I feel like I got a good w/o which is nice, hopefully my knees won't hurt later in the day. If I can swim and do biking a few times a week hopefully I can keep my sanity!
Enjoy your weekend
Katie, I almost forgot about biking as an option. That sounds like a great idea!

Today I did STS disc 17 (my DVD remote is working now, yay!), and I briefly tested out the new Cathe OnDemand Roku channel. I am really excited to be able to have Cathe videos on Roku now.
Lisa, Biking and swimming are 2 w/o's I really dread, lol. I guess I better start enjoying them since that is about all I can do. My knees were ok later in the day, I iced them for awhile which helped. I guess since it has been a month since they first started bothering me they are not going to get any better. How exciting to do cathe on demand, keep up the good work.
Hi Cendrine, how are you feeling after the weekend?
Have a nice monday.
We had a gorgeous weekend here, so we spent some time in the yard, weeds ar already happy... Weeding is always a bit of a challenge for my back, so I need to watch it, but it felt good to keep cleaning up the yard for spring. Last fall we had our deck taken out, it was rotting and we decided to not replace the deck, we can have the area landscaped for half the cost of a new deck and it allows for more space to grow veggies. The guys are starting today. I'm excited to see our field of mud be turned into something pretty, at last! LOL!
Frogs have returned too, I hear them croaking, so fun!
Workout was low impact lower body trisets. I'm going to try slightly shorter workouts, as that is supposed to help the adrenals recover, as opposed to longer workouts. I can't quite befriend the thought of twenty minute workouts after having worked out an hour for years, but I can do some shorter premises...
Katie, I don't particularly like indoor biking workouts either... And swimming takes more time since you have to go there, then change, and all that... Plus the chlorine is terrible. I really wish our pool used salt water to minimize chemical exposure... Maybe they'll catch on soon... How would you do with Pilates workouts?

Amy, I'm glad the on demand thing works for you! It's a great option! I haven't looked into it myself yet, but I like the idea of it.
Cendrine, I am so jealous you can be outside!! We are expecting more snow tonight, with frigid temps for the next 2 weeks.
Weeding and yard work really bothers my back as well. Shorter w/o's would be better for me also, but mentally it is hard to stop what we've been used to doing!
I wish the pools around here used salt water, I don't see that happening any time soon. I am going to try pilates in the pool, I used to really enjoy pilates so hopefully I will like aquatic pilates.
Katie, I haven't ever seen programs that do Pilates in the pool! That would be very interesting! Our classes are very limited here, mostly for seniors. I guess a health club might have more offerings, but membership just keeps me away from those... And the travel...

My kids would be jealous to hear of all the snow youre getting lol!

Workout was intensity step and low impact hiit premix.

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