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Yesterdays w/o was RWH, LB circuit. If you haven't tried this yet it is really good. I always do the premix with abs so it gives you a bit of a break before the cardio.
Cendrine, the medication prescribed for Raynauds is something that will allow the blood vessels to dilate, and increase circulation . My Dr. is a little nervous about giving me the normal medication because my BP is very low and these meds would lower it more, which could cause lightheadedness. The side effects of so many meds are worse than the cure!! I read an article that said niacin, fish oil, and ginko have helped some people. My dr said her prescription would be to move south, I think I like that idea, lol.
Today's workout was STS disc 10. I'm in the last set of workouts for the first mesocycle and am getting excited for the next mesocycle!
Cendrine, Thanks for the info., I am not a bath person so the first two probably wouldn't be something I would use. The neuropathy oil may be useful whenever an "attack" occurs. I went to my health food store and purchased niacin and ginko, I'll see if that helps.

I plan of taking today off to rest, tomorrow I am taking an "indoor" yoga, paddle boarding class. I have never paddle boarded before so it should be interesting.
Have a nice weekend.
How was the paddle board class, Katie? How do they do it? Sounds like fun!

I did step moves and low impact lower body trisets. It felt very hard today... Glad it's done. Wonder if I'm going to be sore tomorrow...
The indoor paddle board class was really fun, it was definitely challenging to keep the board still while doing poses. I was feeling good until I lost my balance and fell into the person next to me, thank goodness it was a friend of mine. It is on a board that looks just like a paddle board, it rocks side to side, and the goal is to use your core to keep it from tipping, a lot easier said than done!! My friend who paddle boards frequently said it is much harder in class than out on the water. The instructor does outdoor classes on the water in the summer months. I might try that if I get good at keeping my balance.
I think I am going to take this week off, my knees and hips are feeling sore from all the plyo work last week.
Sounds like a really great workout! I can't imagine doing it on the water! Wow! The workout for me would consist of getting back on numerous times, I'm sure...lol!

Workout for me today was Intensity with low impact Hiit and boot camp. Unfortunately the tendinitis is flaring up pretty badly, I think something about the Candida program is stirring up stuff because of all the pathogens getting kicked out, so it seems to me it's somehow causing a flare up. Hope it calms down soon.
Today I did STS disc 12.

I'm glad you enjoyed the paddle board class Katie. It sounds really interesting.

My knees have been a little sore since I started STS. I'm thinking I might be doing the pigeon pose wrong in the extended stretch, and maybe that's why. I'm going to make some adjustments and see if that works. I hope all of us feel better soon!
Workout was hiit 30/30 and upper body muscle max.

Feeling a little bit better today, I saw my acupuncturist yesterday and he agreed the flare up was due to die-off from detoxing, and he targeted a lot of detox pathway points in my session, which seems to have really helped, since I'm better today.

Amy,it will be ingeresting to see if the pose was the culprit for your knee pain. Let us know.
Pigeon pose can cause knee issues if not executed properly. The key to doing this pose correctly is not letting your hips sway to the side, keep them upright and aligned with your hips, even if that means not going down on your elbows. I hope that makes sense to you. I can always feel my knees if I do this incorrectly.
Today I did cardio supersets, I wasn't going to workout this week but needed a "mental pick-me-up", I think it really helped!
I am happy you are feeling better Cendrine.
Amy, keep up the good work with STS, I am sure you will enjoy meso 2.
Hi Hannah, we would love for you to join the group. I have never joined a group on this forum before, it is so nice to have someone who understands our "exercise mentality" and working through problems together. I suffer from arthritis and it is really wrecking havoc on my body. I worry about being crippled from it, so I exercise hoping it doesn't get worse. Unfortunately it seems like I am having one issue after another. My knees started to hurt, now it is in my hips, I have carpel tunnel syndrome which seems to be getting worse, and now an autoimmune disease. I really am starting to wonder if exercise is the culprit in all of these issues! I think I need to back off a lot!! Maybe I will stick to doing yoga only for the next few weeks.
Katie, I just did cardio supersets today! I also added on the Pilates abs, boy I haven't given my abs the attention they need, I was hurting!

Welcome Hannah, of course you can join us! Tell us a little about yourself!
Hello Cendrine and Katie! :)

Thank you.

My name is Hannah Phan. I'm 35 years old. Still single. Lol! I found out about Cathe through a friend. Right away I was hook.

I was getting migraine everyday plus I also have Hasimoto. So working out is a challenge.

I did high step training today. Being on a rather low carb program for Candida is starting to affect my performance I think. I have one more week of no grains, and then I can add in some small amounts. I hope it will help me get more oomph working out... Of course I might just be more tired because of all the cleansing and detoxing that is happening, too.

Hannah, I'm married and have a boy,11 and a girl, 8, both of them I homeschool. I have found Cathe about eleven years ago and been hooked ever since!

I'm dealing with migraines too, leaky gut/food sensitivities and intolerances, chronic tendinitis and herniated lower back disc. All my health issues have propelled me to learn a lot about addressing and treating things holistically, so I may seem a bit like a health nut in my comments... Please ignore if it doesn't resonate ☺️
Good Morning and Happy Saturday.

Cendrine: Great job with step training. Too bad I don't like doing step workouts. It is just not for me.

I enjoy reading about your health related comments. I learn a lot from it.

You homeschool? That us so awesome. If you don't mind, what us your name? Is it really Cendrine?

Hello Katie! How are you.

Ok so this morning workout is AB. Oh boy....I will be walking funny fir a few day. I only did the premix. Lol!!!

Have a great one.
Hannah, AB is such a good one! I don't think its in my rotation this month...

My name really is Cendrine. I know it's unusual. I was born and raised in Switzerland, it's a French name but even there I was the only one with that name I my area. My parents prided themselves in giving their kids rare names...
Morning Cendrine!

Wow! It really is a cool name. What are your plans for the weekend?

My plan is to organize my dvds and donate the ones I'm not using. Plus I need to plan my meals. Lol!! Of course it is the hardest. I'll try.

Have a great day.
Hi everyone,
Hannah, I just went through my old tapes as well, I have so many old VHS tapes! I am not sure how many people have VCR's anymore so I don't know what to do with them.
Afterburn always causes the DOMS in my buttocks, I like the w/o but also dread it!
Cendrine, I am always interested in the "holistic" treatments you learn about so feel free to post away, lol. If you find anything about carpal tunnel let me know. My hand is going numb a lot more often than it should, I really don't want surgery.
I did athletic training yesterday, it was fun to re-visit this DVD.
Have a great weekend.

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