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I did plyo hiit 1 and legs today. I had to modify some of the jumping passes since a few of the moves bothered my knees. The leg w/o is similar to CLB from xtrain. It is a wt move followed by a cardio move. I won't be working out over the weekend since my son and girlfriend are coming to town for a wedding.
Have a great weekend.
I got my low impact RWH DVD a day later than the tracking information online said it would be delivered, but I'm happy to have gotten it today. Since today was STS disc 4, I figured I'd wait until tomorrow to try one of the new workouts. I hope you have a great time with your son and girlfriend this weekend Katie!
I tried RWH low impact 1 and bonus abs 1 yesterday. Oh boy do I have a lot to work up to with those workouts! Today it was warm enough outside to go for a walk, so I walked over 2 miles. I also did STS disc 5.
I tried low impact hiit one today, I modified some of the moves but overall a good heart pumping workout! I decided to try and work in upper body work to see if my tendinitis gets worse or not, so I also did the lift it hit it chest, triceps and shoulders, but with much lighter weights, since I'm coming in from a long break. I enjoyed both workouts!
I did plyo Hiit 1 & 2 today, I doubt I will do either of these w/o very often. There is a lot of jumping and it is very stressful on my back. I am really enjoying the new ab w/o's.
I don't know that I could handle two plyo hits back to back, Katie, hats off to you for doing both!
Amy, I'm glad you got to try the low impact hiit. I always find room for improvement. Today for instance I did ripped with hiit circuit lower body, I had real burning pain going on with the narrow plié jacks, boy I need to work on going deeper for more reps! This whole workoutis one hard session! I did not have it in me to add on anything afterwards (I like to spend an hour on workouts, so when they are shorter I try to usually add some abs or pt or something, but not today).
I did RWH UB circuit today. The plyo moves are all familiar from the plyo hiit dvd's. I did the premix with the added ab moves in between circuits, it reminded me of bootcamp. It was a pretty good w/o. I think I prefer x10 over these plyo dvd's.
I had to modify some of the moves in low impact HiiT 1 as well, Cendrine. It was still quite a challenge!

I've been trying to research as to whether I will ever be able to do any plyo moves. I'm not planning to try any until at least mesocycle 3 in STS. I'll have to ask my PT beforehand, but since I'm doing the 6-month rotation, hopefully I'll be ready for it by then.

Today I did STS disc 6. I plan to try low impact HiiT 2 and bonus abs 2 on Thursday.
I have modified the plyo in sts legs before when I couldn't do as much high impact. What I did is I basically took notes from all the low impact hiit moves Cathe has concocted and put those in instead. It was a good compromise at the time, but I'm enjoying being able to do more high impact again too.

Workout today was low impact hiit 2 and hit it lift it biceps and back. Good workouts.
I enjoyed the lower body circuit too. Today was upper body circuit. It was very fast paced and I also think doing hiit all week was taking its toll on me, I'll need to space them out in the future so I don't tucker out. It's tempting to want to do them all the time because I do well and then suddenly I hit a wall...
Next week I'll probably only work out two times due to holiday travel and all, so that will be a good break.
Do you guys have any workout rotation plans for the new year? I haven't given it much thought yet.
I agree that doing all the new w/o's back to back is taking a toll, especially on my lower back. I will definitely need to only do these 2-3 times a week, non consecutive days. I won't be exercising most of next week and the following due to travel, kids visiting etc.., it hopefully will be a much needed break.
I have never done a rotation except STS. I decide what to do that day based on my energy levels. I may try the RWH and LIS rotation in Jan since this rotation looks like something I would enjoy. I really like the LIS series, and I am having fun trying the new w/o's. I will probably skip the "ride" and "LIC" dvd's since these w/o's bother my knees.
Have a nice weekend.
I just finished RWH, chest, shoulders, triceps. I am not sure if it was that hard, or if I was just really weak from having a colonoscopy yesterday. My triceps are still shaking!! I did abs 2 and my triceps were shaking so much I fell down. I need to try this w/o again on a day where I am stronger.
Well, I was shaking too and for at least an hour afterwards was feeling shaky when I did that one, if that helps any...
I still haven't tried the other low impact RWH workout. I was going to do it yesterday, but I ended up taking a nap and messing up my plans for the day. Oh well, I needed the sleep, and I can do the workout tomorrow. Today was STS disc 4 again. I'm getting a little better with all of the pushups. I decided to take a break from dieting for the rest of the year, and I'm hoping that will give me more energy for workouts.
Wow are my triceps and chest sore today!!! My plan was to clean the house today for the holidays, it won't be easy! It may be a good excuse not to do it, lol. Cendrine, I do feel better knowing you felt this w/o as well!
Amy, the pushups do get easier but are never enjoyable!! I wouldn't rush the RWH w/o's, enjoy STS for awhile.
It would be fun to do the STS and RWH rotation at some point. I would think it would be a really good, but exhausting rotation. If either of you decide to do a rotation let me know and we can do a daily check in.
Cendrine, I usually try to keep my calories 750-1000 below maintenance calories, and I use Fitbit and My Fitness Pal to figure out and keep track of my calories. I try to keep my protein over 100g/day (to conserve muscle mass), soluble fiber above 10g/day, and saturated fat to under 7% of my calories (because of my cholesterol levels). I try to avoid red meat (because of saturated fat), usually eat oatmeal for breakfast (for soluble fiber), and sometimes supplement with protein powder. I just changed my calorie goal to maintenance calories for the rest of the year, but the rest of the goals (protein, fiber, etc.) still apply.

I did low impact RWH 2 today. I feel like the moves were a little easier for me than low impact RWH 1. I paused the DVD about 2 times because I needed a slightly longer breather. I also did bonus abs 2. I'll have to work up to some of the moves - like I had to substitute crunches for sit-ups. Overall I really liked both workouts.
Today I did RWH, back, bi's and shoulders. This wasn't as bad as chest and tri's for me. I lowered my wts considerably in comparison to cathe esp on the rear delt flies, how does she do 12 pounds on that move!! I then did low impact 2, definitely exhausted now!

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